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From distant aliens in a galaxy far, far away to aliens that have visited Earth - this topic covers them all.  In this category, we analyze, provide insight and discuss various topics that are most interesting and exciting.

You don't have to be a "believer" to read the articles here - you may even turn from skeptic to believer once you jump down the rabbit hole and discover a lot more about these topics.

Of course, some UFO encounters go a lot closer than a mere sighting. From apparently friendly encounters with humanoid occupants of “flying saucers” to the terrifying ordeals of alien abduction, the accounts are in abundance. More so, in fact, than some people might think.

Whatever does lie beyond the UFO question, extraterrestrial entities from another world is certainly one of the main options. However, what might “aliens” be?

For some researchers, and as you will find in some of the articles here to which we direct your attention to their work, what we understand as aliens may be something completely different to what even the most open-minded person might be able to imagine…

The Bizarre Alien Encounters Of Clayton And Donna Lee

December 2, 2019 5:29 pm

The claimed of repeated alien abduction from Clayton and Donna Lee are intriguing not only as they both were alleged victims, but both have been repeat abductees throughout their (at the time in 2005, 19-year marriage). While many treat their claims with a pinch of salt, the details are ones that are found in other less well-known encounters. And as outlandish as they might be to many, are very much worth examining and keeping on record…

Alien Abduction In Acapulco? The Strange Case Of Armando Zurbaran

November 29, 2019 4:48 pm

1954 was one of the busiest years in terms of UFO and alien encounters, including an often-forgotten account from just outside of Acapulco in Mexico in the opening weeks of the year. Not only did the witness concerned see a UFO up close, he would be taken onboard and into space with apparent friendly visitors from another part of the universe…

The 1947 Kazakhstan Alien Contact Case

November 11, 2019 8:28 pm

An encounter between a teenage herdsman in Soviet controlled Kazakhstan in June 1947 not only took place several weeks before Roswell but was one that featured contact and communication between the witness and this apparently mysterious race of cosmic entities. It is also one that would feature a second communication encounter several decades later…

The Heriberto Garza Alien Abduction Case

November 4, 2019 10:48 am

An apparent case of alien abduction, which would lead to further and repeated extraterrestrial encounters, as well as prolonged periods of telepathic communication, remains relatively little-known outside the most ardent and enthusiastic UFO circles, although it is without a doubt one of the most intriguing. And, when we consider how the investigation into the incident would end, one of the most disturbing…

The Alien Abduction Process – A General Overview

November 1, 2019 7:29 pm 2 comments

There are thousands of claims and cases of alien abduction from all over the planet. And while each abduction case is by and large unique to the abductee, there does appear to be a very basic pattern and procedure that takes place. Does this mean that one singular alien race is behind such incidents, or might there be many extraterrestrials coming here for their own agendas…?

The 1971 Portland Park UFO Incident – A Case Of Alien Abduction?

September 30, 2019 5:58 pm

A close proximity UFO sighting in the summer of 1971 would not be reported for several decades after it happened. What’s more, the signs are all there – including an hour of missing time – that the encounter was not just a mere sighting, but one of alien abduction. Further still, a very similar incident occurred a little over 30 years later in 2002 that could very well force UFO researchers to question the nature of UFO sightings and alien abductions…

The Monroe Alien Abduction Case

September 23, 2019 8:19 pm

An apparent case of alien abduction in North Carolina in March 1979 is a classic incident of missing time after seeing a bright light. And what’s more, the abduction occurred while the victim drove along a lonely highway. Even more concerning, several other very similar incidents occurred in the same (relative) window of time in the United States, perhaps suggesting a connection of these seemingly otherwise isolated incidents…

The Granada Hills Alien Abduction Case

September 6, 2019 8:02 pm 3 comments

The Granada Hills alien abduction case is another one that many UFO researchers – perhaps rightly – would advise to dismiss as unsubstantiated speculation, at best. However, the account features several intriguing, trivial, but potentially important details that surface in other cases of alien abduction. And while we should most definitely treat the case cautiously, to ignore it completely would be just as bad as blindly believing it…

The 1999 Washington State Elk Abduction Incident

August 9, 2019 4:10 pm

A case in late-February 1999 would not only have multiple witnesses – all of which were considered highly credible, not least due to their desire to keep out of the public eye – but would also feature an apparent case of animal abduction. Whatever did take place in the woodlands and mountain regions of Washington state, it is clear that “something” very much did…

The 1967 Close Encounters Of Carroll Watts

July 15, 2019 5:12 pm 1 comment

Texas farmer, Carroll Watts, had several encounters with UFOs and eventually their occupants throughout the spring and summer of 1967. Indeed, his accounts are some of the most intriguing on record. The case is also, however, one of those that divides opinion as to the authenticity of the encounter right down the middle. Did Carroll Watts go on board the otherworldly craft he claimed to have seen on several previous occasions? Or was the entire episode a hoax…?

The Carlos Diaz Close Encounter

June 14, 2019 9:59 pm

The encounter of Carlos Diaz is one of the most fascinating encounters on record, not least because of the persistent and repeated contact events. And the photographic and video evidence that he would provide to back up his claims. Despite this, opinion is split as to the authenticity of the claims. Just what happened to Carlos Diaz just outside of Mexico City...?

The 1971 Santa Lucia UFO Landing

May 27, 2019 9:04 pm 4 comments

The account of 15-year-old Delores Martinez Briones is one of the most outrageous on record of that there is no doubt. Like many seemingly absurd claims of journeys into outer space the details of Briones’ encounter resonate with them extremely well. So much so, that we have to begin to question just how real these apparently outlandish might actually be…

The 1968 Falcon Family Alien Abduction

May 24, 2019 6:31 pm

The apparent alien abduction of Celestian Falcon – only 4 years of age at the time of the ecounter – as well as his parents reads like a science-fiction account. Indeed, many UFO researchers find the account hard to believe. And while it is certainly not beyond the realms of sensible possibility that the account is nothing more than a fictitious hoax, there is also the chance that it may indeed be a genuine and credible account…

The New Mexico Occupant Encounter – The Claims Of Hilda McAfee

May 13, 2019 9:02 pm

The bizarre encounter of Hilda McAfee in the summer of 1972 – although it was seemingly viewed as a one-off event – is most likely part of a wider and much more encompassing picture. One that very few of us are even aware exists, and even less are privy to the complete inner workings of the UFO and alien question. Like most UFO cases – taken on their own they are easily dismissed. But viewed alongside the many other “one-off” cases, they begin to build a much more comprehensive picture…

The Dade County Alien Encounter

May 3, 2019 9:20 pm

The encounter that allegedly unfolded in the otherwise serene and picturesque environment that is the wilderness of southern Florida, just outside Miami in Dade County in May 1992 is outlandish and bizarre in equal measure – of that there is no doubt. However, the witness and the investigator who would bring it into the public arena in the late 1990s makes the case more than credible. As well as intriguing and potentially important to the overall UFO and alien question…