Guardians For Eternity And Reincarnation: The Bizarre Alien Encounters Of “Kim”

Marcus Lowth
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February 29, 2024
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Despite the many similar details that bind, each and every alien abduction case more often than not has something unique about it. And that is certainly the case with an abductee known only as “Kim”, who as well as being abducted on multiple occasions, has seemingly been the focus of all manner of paranormal activity since she was a young child. And when she attempted to get to the bottom of these bizarre happenings, a whole world of complex supernatural encounters was revealed.

The account of Kim is potentially very important, as it causes us to contemplate whether there is a connection between accounts and claims of alien abduction, and other aspects of the paranormal and supernatural world – aspects ranging from strange shadow-like people to claims of reincarnation, and even what we would understand as guardian angels.

While we should, as always, be cautious with such accounts and keep a pinch of salt at the ready, the claims of Kim could lead us collectively to a greater understanding of not only the alien abduction phenomenon, but also of how we perceive the world around us, and our place in the universe.

Seeing “People” That Others Couldn’t See

Kim’s bizarre encounters began when she was very young. She claimed to be able to see and hear “dead people”, or at least people that other people most definitely couldn’t see. Kim would often tell her mother of these strange and mysterious people who spoke to her, but eventually stopped doing so when she realized she was struggling to cope with the bizarre and surreal nature of it all. She simply let her mother believe the visits had stopped – but they most certainly hadn’t.

She recalled that most of these encounters were very uplifting and spiritual for her. And, at least to begin with, she never felt any fear or danger with these encounters. However, as they went on, she did begin to sense a dark side to them, and she did eventually begin to develop a sense of fear and trepidation about who, or what, might be behind these interactions.

Despite this sense of fear, she continued to keep the encounters to herself, not wanting to return her mother to the worried state she had been in previously. These encounters continued throughout her childhood, and into her adult life. And they would continue to be a mixture of enlightenment and fear. Perhaps, in part, because of these encounters, she would work with healing properties such as crystals and their energies as an adult, and it was during one of these sessions, that she experienced a truly strange incident.

Dark Forms And Figures

While working with crystals during a healing session with a client, Kim suddenly noticed an ominous “dark form” appear out of the wall of the room. This form proceeded toward Kim’s client and hovered directly over the top of them. Kim quickly glanced at her client to see if they could see the form above them. It was, though, clear from the look on their face that they couldn’t.

She continued with the session as best she could, aware that this form, whatever it was, appeared to be “observing” them. It remained there for several minutes before simply moving away from them, and then disappearing back into the way from which it had appeared. Although the incident was certainly something out of the norm – even for Kim and all of her bizarre encounters – she didn’t feel any fear or danger while the form hovered over them.

This wasn’t Kim’s only experience with strange, dark figures seemingly appearing out of nowhere, however. She would offer years later that she often awoke in the middle of the night to see “dark figures” standing near her bed as if watching her. These figures would eventually disappear, and while Kim stated that she felt no danger or ill-intent from them, the encounters often left her feeling a little unsettled.

We might note, especially when we explore further encounters shortly that hint very much at repeated alien abductions, that many repeat abductees, even before they realized they are abductees, report or recall seeing strange “shadow-like people”, much like the shadow people of the paranormal world.

Despite the many events she could recall, Kim had the increasing feeling that there were many other encounters in her life that she couldn’t. And following the death of her husband, this notion began to play on her mind more and more. So much so, that she eventually sought out hypnotic regression in an attempt to unlock these potential hidden memories.

Unlocked Memories And Revelations

These sessions did indeed appear to unlock suppressed memories, one of the earliest of which occurred when she was only six years old. And when she was regressed back to that day, she recalled it in great detail.

She was, she stated under hypnosis, standing in a field in relatively long grass. She was wearing a blue dress and brown shoes, and in front of her, was what looked like a small shed. Initially, she stated she was alone. Then, however, the realization came to her that there was a strange humanoid figure on each side of her.

She was instructed to look at these figures, which she did. She offered that they were both “long and thin” and had particularly “long heads” and appeared as though they were without clothes. When she was asked to describe them further, she stated that she wasn’t certain if they were brown, yellow, or even gold-colored. What she did recall, though, was that they appeared to be “illuminated from within”.

At this point, her memories became disjointed and blurry, with memories seemingly coming to her completely randomly and out of sequence. Almost as if, something had manipulated her mind to recall them in such a confused manner.

There was, for example, suddenly a dog running in front of her. However, while she could clearly see the dog, she knew, somehow, that it wasn’t a dog. To begin with, this dog was quite a way off in the distance. A moment later, however, it was almost next to her just slightly ahead. Then, in a flash, it was much further away again.

Her hazy memories continued. When she was asked to describe the dog and why she knew it wasn’t a dog, she responded that part of her mind could see “a seal with four legs and extremely large eyes”. But even with this description, Kim added that her mind was telling her there was “something not quite right” about it, or how she was perceiving it. We might imagine, the “seal description” was, in reality, a grey alien.

Light Beings Across Many Lives

The revelations continued, with Kim stating that whoever these strange entities were, she understood them completely. She would then go on to say something very specific – something she felt, even under hypnosis, that she had to clarify.

She stated that these entities had “been with her since her origin”, before elaborating that she didn’t mean since her “birth in this lifetime”, but since her real “true origin”. Also of interest, during this part of the hypnosis session, she would not refer to these strange entities as aliens or ghosts, but as “light beings”. And these light beings, she claimed, would remain with her across many future lives and appear to her in many different forms. She also stated her belief that there was a “multitude of endless beings” that watched over her.

This recollection is just one of many that Kim would unlock throughout the regression sessions, and her description of “light beings” being with her, essentially, throughout eternity and during different lifetimes is something we will come back to shortly.

First, however, we will examine the regression tapes further. Not so much the revelations that came from Kim during these sessions, but the apparent paranormal activity captured on them, even though she and the person who oversaw the sessions were unaware of it at the time.

Strange Sounds On The Audio

Following one session, Kim and the hypnotic regressor played the tapes back. To their shock and amazement, they could both hear at seemingly random intervals, the sounds of some kind of strange entities in the background – sounds that neither recalled hearing during the sessions themselves.

Kim would take copies of the regression tapes home, and the more she listened to them, the more strange sounds and noises she could hear in the background.

During one part of the session, while Kim was describing hiding from an unseen, mysterious entity, a bizarre “clicking” sound was audible. So audible, in fact, that Kim called the hypnotherapist to ensure the clicking sound wasn’t her clicking a pen as she listened. She would listen to that part of the tape herself, clearly hearing the clicking sound, but certain it wasn’t her making it, with a pen or with anything else.

As time went on, Kim began to play the session tapes increasingly more. And her discoveries of strange noises and sounds continued the more she did so. Perhaps one of the most unnerving was the sound of what appeared to be someone “heavy breathing”. The sound was so “close”, however, that it sounded as though a third person had been in the room with them during the session.

The more she listened, the more convinced she became that these strange sounds were, in fact, attempts by something to communicate with her. And she didn’t just suspect this, she fully believed that her subconscious mind was telling her this too, as if she could subconsciously understand the strange language that was often heard on the tapes, even suspecting that her subconscious mind heard things her ears didn’t.

In a bizarre twist, however, these realizations only came to her as she was listening to the tapes. Once she had stopped them and gone about her daily business, she could not recall anything she had just heard – at least consciously.

A “Seed-Planter” For A Change In Human Ideology

The more Kim learned, the more she began to form her own beliefs of what had happened to her, and perhaps more importantly, why. She would conclude, for example, that these repeated abductions were happening to “prepare” her to spread spiritual awareness and higher consciousness on Earth. It was sure not a coincidence that she had begun working in spiritual matters, was it? Ultimately, she would offer that her role on Earth was as a “seed-planter” of ideas into the wider public’s minds.

This is an idea that is, undoubtedly, a controversial one, although Kim is certainly not the first to have made such bold claims. Many similar claims, for example, were made in the early years of the Modern UFO era, in the 1950s and early 1960s. And there appeared to be another increase in such claims of “seed planters” and even “star children” in the late 1990s and into the 2000s.

Could it be that these waves of such claims are genuine and are part of prolonged and repeated missions of some extraterrestrial race we know little about? Could it be that Kim – and indeed many others like her around the world – have been selected and targeted for these cosmic missions to uplift the spiritual vibration of humanity? And do these entities – whatever they might be – guide certain individuals throughout their lives, perhaps even multiple lives?

Or could the reality be that such, at least to some, outlandish statements are simply the way the human mind copes with and even rationalizes such surreal encounters as alien abduction?

Could it be, though, that there are other possibilities?

A Clue Of The Human Mind

What is Kim, and others like her, was not so much targeted by these mysterious entities, but what if she was simply more open-minded to them, even as a child when this open-mindedness was subconscious, perhaps in the same way that some people claim to be able to see spirits from the other side (much like Kim in her early years). Perhaps there is, as many researchers are starting to conclude, that there is more of a connection between these seemingly different areas of interest in the paranormal world than many people might think.

And this perhaps leads us to another possibility – that the human mind might play more of a part in alien abductions than has previously been contemplated. Perhaps, for example, alien abduction, and many other aspects of the paranormal, are much more mental than physical, similar to an out-of-body experience or astral projection. Perhaps these abductions take place on the astral plane as opposed to the physical world.

Whatever the truth and however we understand it, it would very much appear that Kim has been someone at the center of repeated alien abduction experiences that go back decades, and could very well still be happening today.

Bizarre And Thought-Provoking Revelations

As we can see, then, the memories and accounts of Kim are certainly intriguing and thought-provoking in equal measure. And there is still one point of interest for us to examine.

We might recall the statement from Kim that these entities were “light beings” who had been with her since her origin and would be with her forever, through many different lives and in many different forms.

First of all, for example, might we question if these “aliens” (or light beings) were not actually aliens at all, but mysterious entities from another realm of existence. And what’s more, given the idea that they had been with Kim since her “origin” and would be forever more, might we consider that these entities are what many people might call guardian angels, at least as we collectively understand them?

Of even further interest is that Kim essentially offers that she has lived many different lives previous to this one, and fully expects – at least in her hypnotic state – to live many more. Ultimately, that reincarnation is very real and, even more mind-blowing, it is somehow connected to what we perceive as aliens and alien abduction.

We have explored this alleged connection before, noting the particularly mind-blowing research and offerings from author and abductee, Whitley Strieber, who, in its most basic summary, stated that alien abduction is, essentially, an operation revolved around the “recycling of souls” which eventually leads to reincarnation. Indeed, his suggestions certainly resonate well with the accounts unlocked by Kim.

The short video below looks at some of the most bizarre cases of alien abduction on record.

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  • Bart Harley Jarvis says:

    What’s interesting is that many of the components of her story align very well with the stories of people who have had near-death experiences (NDE’s).

    Listen to the NDE stories shared on Shaman Oaks YouTube channel, and I think you’ll agree. The recycling of souls, the “light beings” or watchers, the spiritual vibration.. a lot of the core elements from this story seem to agree with their stories, in my opinion.

    I enjoyed reading this one Marcus!

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