Followed Home From The Lonely Roads: A Truly Terrifying Alien Encounter!

Marcus Lowth
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November 7, 2023
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October 29, 2023
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The UFO encounters of Grace Askew are perhaps some of the most little-known outside of Australia but are indeed ones that contain details found in many other UFO cases. The first incident unfolded while Grace was driving along a lonely road, the object appeared to follow them and eventually came extremely close and hovered over them, and a strange “non-human” creature was later seen as the object followed their vehicle once more.

Perhaps even stranger, as well as more unnerving, this apparent alien presence returned several weeks later, only this time it appeared to be in the family home. What’s more, only moments later, an identical-looking UFO was witnessed directly over their house. All of these things suggest something a little more predetermined than a simple random encounter along a country road.

Just what happened during that two-week period in the mid-1990s in the Victoria region of Australia remains, by and large, a mystery. It is, though, a case that remains of intrigue to UFO researchers and enthusiasts alike.

Something Following Them Over The Backroads

One evening in 1994, Grace Askew was driving along the road in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia, when she noticed a strange row of orange lights in the distance. She wasn’t sure what they were, but she quickly realized they were something out of the ordinary. She watched the lights for a few seconds and then continued down the road, eventually turning onto one of the backroads that would take her back to the main freeway. As she was doing so, however, one of the passengers in the car noticed a blue-white light that appeared to be moving of its own accord, away from the initial row.

Grace looked at the light for a moment or two, and heard the passenger suggest to her that it could be a UFO, a suggestion she initially dismissed as “ridiculous”. She continued on her way, immediately putting the strange events from her mind. However, after several moments, her daughters began to state that something was following them – something that appeared to be the headlights of a truck. When she looked into her rearview mirror, she could indeed see something extremely bright that appeared to be moving very fast.

She would later describe the object as looking “orange like a sunset” and that it spanned the entire road. Grace pressed down harder on the gas and kept the car at speed until they reached the nearest town a short distance away. They eventually pulled into the square and into a parking lot. By the time they had gotten out of the vehicle and looked behind them, they could clearly see what appeared to be a spacecraft hovering overhead. Grace would later describe the object as being “not from this world”.

A “Non-Human”, “Threatening” Figure

A moment later, the object moved, headed over the road, and settled into a position directly over the top of the two witnesses. As it did so, the witnesses could see the orange lights along its edges – which was what had first attracted Grace’s attention – as well as an array of bright, white lights underneath. They watched as it continued on again, going past them and into a nearby gulley.

To say the two women were frightened would be an understatement, with Grace even saying that for the first time in her life, she had the distinct feeling that she was going to die.

They eventually got back into the car and went to set out on their journey once more. However, as they approached the exit of the parking lot, they noticed several, strange blue-white lights moving in the sky. They continued on their way, but the lights remained in sight. In fact, at one point, they were so blinding that their eyes hurt even looking anywhere near it.

They took the decision to pull into the next driveway. However, when they did, Grace saw something which terrified her beyond belief. There, out of the blinding light, she could see a figure heading toward her.

She would describe a figure that would appear to be similar to a typical grey alien, adding that “it definitely wasn’t human, that’s sure”, and that she “definitely felt threatened by it”. At that moment, but more intensely than before, Grace began to question whether she would actually see her family again.

Ultimately, Grace came to her senses, put the car in motion, and headed away from the driveway. She eventually arrived home, but the feeling of being safe never quite returned.

A “Presence” In The Room!

It wasn’t just Grace who had to come to terms with this truly bizarre event. Her husband, Steve, would admit that he had trouble “coming to terms” with his wife’s claims. In fact, he would admit that he “didn’t believe it”, not least because he had never experienced anything like that himself and felt certain there must be another explanation. Despite this, at the time, he would keep these doubts to himself and fully supported his wife. However, around two weeks later, that doubt was removed.

While they were all at home one evening, Grace and Steve were awakened by the distressed cries of their teenage son. When they rushed to the boy’s room, he stated that there had been “some presence” in his room.

Even more intriguing, he repeatedly asked his parents if they could hear something while pointing up toward the ceiling. When they both focused for a moment, they could indeed hear a low, humming-type sound that appeared to be coming from above them. As soon as Grace heard it, she realized that she had heard the noise before – two weeks previously when she had witnessed the bizarre object while driving.

After having searched the room and calming their son, Grace and Steven returned to their bed. Grace, however, simply lay there, uncertain what to do. Did she simply wait and hope that whatever was above their house – and whoever had recently been in their son’s room – would simply go on their way? Or should she force herself to look outside, along with Steve, and see if what she already knew, was right?

Living With A Fear Of The Unknown

Grace and Steve went to the window and cautiously looked outside. There, in front of them, was exactly the same object that Grace had witnessed two weeks earlier. Steve would later recall his shock and disbelief as he watched the object move through the air right in front of them.

As Steven looked on, Grace told him several times, perhaps not quite being able to believe it herself, that that was the same object she had witnessed while she had been driving along the quiet backroads. Steven would later state that everything about the object, from its appearance to how it moved, suggested that it was not from Earth.

Grace Askew

Grace Askew

That said, particularly Steven, the pair were not at all certain of what they had seen and were by and large eager to move on with the rest of their lives. Steven claimed he was happy not to have an explanation for what he had seen. Grace, it should be said, appeared much less certain about simply moving on, stating that she felt a certain “fear” – both of what they had seen as it was “unknown” and if it might return.

We might also wonder if the “presence” her son had claimed had been in his room, was the same creature (or one like it) that she had witnessed in the driveway, and if so, why had they returned to their home?

A One-Off Random Encounter Or Something More Coordinated?

It is tempting to say that the UFO encounters of Grace Askew and her family are simply two sightings that happened to be just two weeks apart. However, the fact that we have the possibility that “something” was in their son’s bedroom on the night of the second sighting, as well as the fact that Grace herself witnessed the “strange creature” in the driveway during the first encounter, should perhaps suggest to us that these are more than mere sightings.

While there are no apparent signs of alien abduction (no missing time, markings, etc.) there does appear to be an interest in Grace, and her family. We know that many cases of alien abduction are not only often discovered to have taken place many times over several years, but members of the abductee’s family are also often taken by these seemingly otherworldly creatures. Has there been, for example, abductions and encounters that the public, and perhaps even Grace herself are not aware of, or that she simply wishes not to disclose?

It is certainly an intriguing case, however, and resonates very nicely with other strange encounters reported in Australia, and indeed around the world. Are these sightings random and of a one-off nature? Or are they more coordinated and pre-planned than we might think? The questions in such matters continue to stack up while the answers remain just that little bit out of reach.

The short video below features Askew speaking of the incident a little further.

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