The Kukagami Lake Road Incident: The Art Larabie UFO Encounter

Marcus Lowth
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April 20, 2024
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One evening in 1973, in Ontario, Canada, Art Larabie was dragged from his sleep in the middle of the night and found himself in the middle of an otherworldly encounter that would leave him with much to contemplate. Not only did he witness a craft seemingly from another world, but he also witnessed some bizarre extraction of power directly from powerlines directly below this futuristic vehicle.

Furthermore, as we shall see, the incident was not the first close encounter witnessed by a member of the Larabie family, with Art’s mother also having her own sighting when Art was only a young boy. Of course, whether there is any kind of connection here is perhaps open to debate.

The incident is little-known, even in UFO circles, which perhaps isn’t a surprise considering it unfolded during one of the busiest UFO waves in history. However, this account raises even more questions about the true nature of the UFO and alien mystery.

Urgent Knocking On The Door In The Middle Of The Night

Although the exact date is unknown, one evening in 1973, Art Larabie returned home on Kukagami Lake Road after visiting his wife in the hospital. Having spent the day at work before that, he was more than tired by this time and decided to get straight into bed, even though it was not yet past 10 pm.

His fatigue must have been overwhelming, for he fell into a deep slumber as soon as his head touched the pillow. The tranquility of the night was abruptly shattered when his neighbor, in a state of panic, began pounding on his door shortly after midnight. Their desperate attempts to rouse him were so forceful that Larabie recalled they “nearly knocked the door down”.

He dragged himself from his bed and went to the front door. Upon opening it, he could see his neighbor in a clear state of excitement and panic, urging him to “come outside and see” what he was looking at, hovering over the powerlines.

He began to protest, now a little annoyed at having been woken up, and began to brush off his neighbor’s concerns, insisting that whatever he was looking at it would “be the moon”. His neighbor, however, insisted, and Art eventually relented. And as soon as he stepped outside, he completely understood his neighbor’s agitation.

Something Strange Hovering Over The Powerlines

There, overhead in the night sky, was “this big, humongous” object, as “bright as a light bulb” and stretching the width of the three powerline poles. Even stranger, a “wire was leading” from the object and connecting to the powerlines around 40 feet below, and it appeared as though it was “taking power” from them. He estimated that he was around 500 to 1000 feet from where the object was hovering.

The two men remained where they were, simply staring at the bizarre events unfolding around them. Art estimated they stood there for around 20 to 25 minutes, not saying a single word to each other. Then, out of nowhere, the object “took off” and disappeared. This exit was so fast that the two witnesses “didn’t even see it leave”.

When they turned their attention back to the powerlines below where the object had been hovering, they could see that the lines themselves were “all lit up”, making their surroundings appear “even brighter than the daytime”.

Larabie would later state that he was unable to see the actual craft itself but could see the “glow” of it, calling it “one of the most spectacular scenes” he had ever seen, and one that he would “never forget”.

A Third (Partial) Corroborative Witness

The following morning, Art went to see his other neighbor to ask if she had also seen the bizarre aerial display the previous evening. She stated that she hadn’t, although she was awoken at the time of the sighting due to the intense light lighting up her bedroom. However, because she was still groggy, she reasoned the light was likely because “the kids had left the lights on”, and she simply went back to sleep.

In fact, she wouldn’t have thought anything more of it if it hadn’t been for Art’s questions. Only now did she realize that what little she had seen of the strange events during the night was the consequence of an otherworldly vehicle right outside her house. Art apologized for not waking her, but there was simply “so much excitement” that he hadn’t thought to do so.

He further informed his neighbor of what they had seen, including the connecting wire from the craft to the powerlines below. Although he couldn’t make out the details, he could tell that the glow was coming from a behemoth-like craft, potentially from another world.

The Previous Encounter Of Art’s Mother

It would also come to light that Art’s mother had also witnessed a very similar object, this one “many, many years” previously, an object she always called a “flying saucer”. She even produced a drawing of the object she had seen for her son, an object that was indeed disc-shaped and “had little windows all around it”.

At the time of the sighting, she was outside with Art and his sibling (who were very young children at the time). Upon seeing the object hovering over the trees, after recovering from the surreal nature of the events, she grabbed the children and rushed inside, scared that harm would come to them. Art recalled that his mother told him she was “terrified” during the incident.

Of course, whether Art’s mother also having witnessed a UFO is purely coincidental or whether there is a deeper, unknown connection is perhaps a possibility to contemplate (although we should note this is purely speculation on our part).

Ultimately, it was because of his mother’s previous sighting that, as bizarre and exciting as the events were that evening in 1973, he didn’t consider it “life-changing”. From his point of view, he had “always been aware” of such possibilities due to his mother’s statements. He did say, though, that while he had always been open to these possibilities, “after seeing it” for himself, he was now a “true believer”.

A Moment Of (Speculation) Contemplation

If we return to the notion that there could be deeper connections between Art’s seemingly one-off sighting one evening in 1973 and the sighting of his mother decades earlier, we might ask if the fact that Art seemingly accepted such possibilities was not merely due to his mother’s descriptions. Taking that a stage further, might the focus of his mother’s encounter have been Art himself? We might recall that his mother focused on getting her children inside and away from the strange craft (although this is a perfectly rational reaction given the strange circumstances).

Admittedly, while it is a tentative connection, many cases of repeat alien abduction occur across generations, with the respective abductees not only seeing signs that their children are also being abducted but finding out that their parents have also undergone almost identical experiences years previously.

It is unlikely that further information will come to light regarding the sighting of Art Larabie, barring some sudden revelation. The reason for that could be that there are no more revelations to come and that the sighting was a one-off random and coincidental one. We should, though, keep the possibility in the back of our minds.

An Intriguing If Less Dramatic Encounter

Art Larabie’s encounter is perhaps not one of the most dramatic UFO encounters on record. It is, though, an intriguing encounter for several reasons, not least the detail that the object appeared to be drawing power from the powerlines below. The fact is, there are many more encounters that feature such details than many of us might think.

There have been, for example, many almost identical cases of people witnessing apparently otherworldly craft hovering over powerlines. Others, on the other hand, have reported seeing these strange objects hovering over power and energy plants, including nuclear ones. There have even been many UFOs reported hovering over water towers. What connects these types of sightings is the fact that the respective witnesses have almost always reported seeing an extracting of energy (or water) during the encounters.

Could it really be that these potentially otherworldly objects are using our power systems to their own ends? And if that is the case, could it really be possible that these apparent futuristic vehicles have more in common with our own technology than we might think? Or, at the very least, they require our energy while navigating our planet.

The sighting of Art Larabie and the many similar ones add yet another layer of intrigue and mystery to the already complex picture of the UFO and alien question.

The short video below features Art Larabie speaking of the encounter in more detail.

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