Aliens: Reptilians

Although it is an aspect of alien encounters that many, even in the UFO community, shun and distance themselves from, claims of reptilian aliens are relatively rampant within the mountain of reports.

There are many reports throughout the modern UFO era of reptilian or lizard-like alien creatures during abduction incidents. Furthermore, there are many sightings of these strange creatures in the numerous tunnel systems around some of the strangest mountains on Earth – many of which, incidentally, are surrounded by claims of alien bases operating deep within them.

However, there could be a certain amount of sense to claims of an extraterrestrial entity being of a reptilian nature. After all, reptiles, generally speaking, can adapt superbly to their surroundings and environment, no matter are harsh it might be. Not only might this force us to ask what kind of home planet such reptilians might come from, but whether this trait allows them to adapt to any new worlds they might visit.

There are also multiple references to serpent gods and serpent people throughout the many ancient texts and writings. Many in the ancient astronaut community will offer that these references are most likely to reptilian extraterrestrial visitors deep in antiquity.

Indeed, as outlandish as the subject might be, claims of reptilian aliens and their presence on Earth are intriguing in the extreme, of that there is no doubt…


The Bizarre Invisible Reptilian Attack Of Clarita Villanueva

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When we hear the word reptilians, most of us think of the conspiracies that took a hold in the early twenty-first century of alien overlords, disguised as humans in positions of power and influence around the world. However, there have seemingly been encounters with these strange creatures going back decades, at least. One of the most intriguing, is that of Clarita Villanueva, who at the center of a truly disturbing encounter…

The Lacerta Reptilian Interview

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In December 1999, at least according to a mysterious set of documents named The Lacerta Files, a Swedish researcher known only as Ole K. would conduct an extensive interview with a female reptilian being who would go by the name of Lacerta. Of course, as we might imagine, there is considerable discrepancy as to the authenticity of the account. It is, though, intriguing nevertheless…

The Reptilians: Another Species On Our Planet?

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Reptilian aliens, lizard-people, and aliens in human form are all notions that, to the vast majority of people, even those that spend considerable amounts of time in alien and conspiracy circles, are ideas that belong in the pages of science-fiction rather than the serious study of strange phenomena and extraterrestrial life. The fact is, though, there is much more evidence to suggest a reptilian race is not only possible, it is probably very likely…

The Serpent Gods – A Connection Between Dinosaurs And Aliens?

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Whenever the terms “Serpent Gods” is used in alien and ancient astronaut circles, most would think of shapeshifting reptilian aliens who came to Earth as “gods” and ruled over mankind. However, given how little we know about the existence, is it possible that such terms might be a link to the dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth as opposed to gods from another world…?

Reptilian Abduction In The Superstition Mountains Of Arizona

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The Superstition Mountains in Arizona, as the name suggests, is an intriguing place with a long history of strange activity and encounters with equally mysterious creatures. One of these would occur early in 2000 and involve a local resident familiar with the mountain range, known only as “Angie”. What’s more, her abductor would appear to be a reptilian humanoid creature…

What Should We Make Of Claims Of Shapeshifting Reptilian Aliens Ruling The Earth?

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Perhaps one of the most outlandish, yet persistent, claims and conspiracies around the UFO and alien question is that of shapeshifting reptilian aliens who secretly rule the world from their positions of power and influence. Most people disregard these claims, but could there really be something to them? Might an alien presence not only have been on Earth for thousands of years, but might they have secret dominion over humanity…?