The Bayside Marketplace Incident – Another Alleged Encounter With 10-Foot-Tall Aliens?

Marcus Lowth
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January 25, 2024
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January 24, 2024
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Generally speaking, the opening years of the Modern UFO era aside, it was unusual to see UFO or alien encounters show up on mainstream media platforms. However, in recent years that has changed somewhat. And while some of these mainstream reports are still of a tongue-in-cheek nature, there is a much more serious contemplation and delivery. in January 2024, though, several such platforms reported on a truly bizarre encounter in Miami, Florida – one with “10-foot-tall aliens”.

Although an explanation was issued to the public from the Miami Police Department shortly after the incident, many people, as we might imagine, were suspicious of the statement, questioning why rumors of 10-foot extraterrestrials had surfaced in the first place, and if this was the real reason for such a heavy police presence at the mall on the night in question.

What is further interesting is that this report comes less than a year after a family in Las Vegas claimed to have witnessed 10-foot-tall aliens in the backyard of their property, again an incident that was reported on various mainstream platforms and elicited a response from Las Vegas police. And when we also examine other recent reports of apparent 10-foot-tall entities, possibly of extraterrestrial origin, then we have to ask why there is an apparent increase in such reports.

A Suspicious Response

On January 5th, 2024 in Miami, Florida, reports began to circulate online of a disturbance of sorts at the Bayside Marketplace. In fact, more than the disturbance itself, what had really got the interest of social media users and media platforms, was the huge police response to the alleged disturbance. [1]

Dozens of police cars were filmed speeding to the mall – footage that had been captured on New Year’s Day and which was quickly spreading around social media, not least as the general narrative was that 10-foot-tall aliens – which some people described as shadow-like – had been loose inside the mall.

A short time later, several videos had been uploaded to social media claiming to show the entities in question. One of these appeared to show a strange, tall creature standing near the entrance to the mall, while another claimed to show the creature walking around the outside perimeter of the mall.

Ultimately, as one online commentator stated, while he wasn’t sure if “the rumors about the aliens at the Miami Mall are real, but I do know I (have) never seen this many police in one place”. Just what exactly were they responding to?

The video below is just one that alleges to show the strange creature.

A Reasonable Explanation Or Suppressing Information?

For their part, the Miami Police Department would issue a statement regarding the incident – and, according to them, there were no aliens at the mall on the night in question. [2] They offered that all units had responded and made their way to the mall following a fight between two groups of teenagers. In fact, a video of the footage had been uploaded to local media platforms the following day (on January 2nd), and also showed panicked shoppers running for the exits inside the mall. [3] Further according to the police, some of the youths had set off fireworks which had not only made those in the mall think a mass shooting or gang battle was taking place but also alerted the police to the possibility of firearms being used.

Perhaps we should take a moment to consider this explanation from the relevant authorities. It is certainly not that much of a stretch of the imagination to think that fireworks, let off in a confined environment of a shopping mall, could easily have been mistaken for gunfire by shoppers. And with that in mind, it is certainly not that much of a stretch of the imagination to think that this would indeed cause a panic in the crowds that were there that evening. And furthermore, if the police did receive information that they were dealing with a mass shooting, we might consider their response that evening measured, appropriate, and correct.

You can see one of the many videos that circulated online below.

Another Sighting In Brazil?

While people were still discussing and analyzing the incident in Miami, around a week later, another intriguing video surfaced appearing to show another 10-foot-tall alien, this time in Brazil. [4] The video appeared three days after the Miami footage (and a week after the actual event), and was filmed on the island of Ilha do Mel. It appeared to show two tall, thin figures on a hillside in the distance.

At one point, one of the figures moves its arms around, as if gesturing, and it is clear that its arms are seemingly much too large and out of proportion to the rest of its body. Even stranger, the figure appeared to move with great speed, much faster than we might think their height would allow.

As we might imagine, many people had opinions on the footage, with many going as far as to say they were definitely “not human” and could very possibly be extraterrestrials. Of course, it wasn’t long before some people also began to contemplate if these tall humanoid figures were the same that had allegedly terrorized Miami residents the previous week.

You can see that video footage below.

A Suppressed Incident Or Something To Dismiss?

While we certainly shouldn’t dismiss the claims of alien entities at the Miami mall on New Year’s Day 2024 entirely, it is an incident that we should treat with caution and a healthy pinch of salt. It would appear that the news footage from the New Year’s Day incident had been used in an attempt to trick people into believing that alien entities had been in the mall that evening.

That said, the response did appear excessive, even with suspicions of firearms, at least until an assessment of the scene had taken place. Were units really sent there for other, unknown reasons, and were apparent reports of tall, thin aliens more accurate than we might think? We might remind ourselves once more that less than a year prior to the incident, remarkably similar creatures were reported by an entire family in Las Vegas. Might there be a connection between the two accounts?

The fact is, we might find as the weeks and the months go by that other reports of similar, 10-foot-tall alien figures surface, which may force us to look again at encounters that are claimed to have taken place at the mall in Miami.

The video below is just one of many news reports of the Bayside Marketplace incident.

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