UFO Repairs On The Hillside: The 1964 Berlin, Connecticut UFO Landing

Marcus Lowth
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April 30, 2024
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In late November 1964, in a small town just outside Berlin, Connecticut, a woman, along with her mother-in-law, witnessed a UFO land a short distance from her in-laws’ rural home. Not only that, over the course of several hours, the witness watched what appeared to be some kind of emergency repairs to his seemingly otherworldly craft, one carried out by the occupants of the apparently crippled vehicle and the occupants of a second mysterious object that arrived a short time later. Indeed, the events of that November night are, without a doubt, some of the most intriguing ever reported.

On the night in question, Mary was staying at her in-laws’ house with her mother-in-law as her husband and father-in-law were on a night hunting trip. However, as we shall examine, in the days that followed, the witness’s husband saw for himself evidence of the potentially otherworldly craft when he accompanied his wife to the area where it had landed.

What’s more, as bizarre as it might sound that an advanced object from another world might be forced to make such an emergency landing in order to carry out repairs, there are many more reported encounters of a similar nature than we might think, which, as we shall see, leads us to further questions in the already nuanced and complex world of the UFO and alien mystery.

A Curious Descending Object

At a little after midnight on November 25th, 1964, in New Berlin, Connecticut, Mary Merryweather (a pseudonym) awoke and was unable to get back to sleep. [1] In fact, she was so wide awake that she got out of bed and turned on the television. She stared at the screen for a moment or two, realizing a movie she had seen several times previously was playing. She switched the set back off and made her way to the kitchen in order to pour a glass of ginger ale.

After doing so, she decided to go outside into the yard. However, due to the particularly cold night, she briefly returned inside in order to get her coat. When she ventured back outside, she immediately noticed what looked like a “falling star” quickly followed by another one. However, this second object moved straight down as opposed to traveling in an arc, as one might expect a falling star to do. Even stranger, this second object eventually “leveled off” as if under intelligent control.

She continued to watch, noting that the object had a particular brightness to it, certainly brighter than anything usually witnessed in the night sky (the moon aside). At the same time, she could hear a “low humming sound” that Mary later compared to a running “water pump”. She also noticed that the object was seemingly heading in her direction. Several moments later, Mary noticed her mother-in-law walking through the living room on her way to the bathroom, so she called out to her, telling her to come outside.

A Feeling Of Being “Observed!”

A moment after Mary called out to her mother-in-law, she noticed a car approaching along the road that ran outside the property. This was followed by a second vehicle, which pulled to the side of the road a minute or so later. As the car came to a stop, so did the object. It hovered in place for a moment and then began in Mary’s direction once more. Although she wasn’t sure, it appeared that the second vehicle’s driver likely stopped to view the strange object as a moment after it began moving again, the car took off “at high speed”.

By this point, Mary’s mother-in-law had appeared at the front door. She was about to step outside, but as soon as she noticed the object, she stopped and then urged Mary to return inside. She slowly backed up from her position in the yard but stopped on the porch, all the while keeping her attention on the approaching object.

A moment later, the object stopped, only several hundred feet away from the house. Of more intrigue, not to mention a little concern, Mary got the distinct feeling that she was being “observed”. She turned to the doorway and noticed their English Springer Spaniel standing by her mother-in-law, clearly spooked by what was taking place. Mary recalled that this was particularly strange as the dog would almost always run outside at every opportunity.

Then, Mary noticed another car heading up the road in their direction. And even stranger, the object now appeared to be following this vehicle.

Strange Tall Figures Beneath The Object

As the vehicle passed by, Mary could see clearly inside. She could not only see that the occupants of the vehicle were aware of the object following them, but she could also clearly see how frightened they were by its presence.

After several moments, the object appeared to break off its apparent pursuit and head toward a nearby mountain, eventually settling near the ridge of a hill, still only several thousand feet from where Mary was standing. Although she could still see the object, at this distance, she could no longer hear it.

At this point, Mary’s mother-in-law urged Mary to come inside once more. Instead of doing so, though, she Mary asked her to hand her the pair of binoculars, which she duly did before quickly stepping back inside. Once more, she urged Mary to come inside, stating that she could get a better view of the object from the dining room window at the corner of the property. Given that she was now starting to feel the cold of the night air, she turned around and went back inside the house and to the window in question.

She quickly checked her watch, noting that it was now 1 am. She lifted the binoculars to her eyes and focused on the object. She could see there was some kind of movement on the underside, which caused a glow below. Even more alarming, she could see what appeared to be strange figures moving around on the ground.

Some Kind Of Repair Operation

She described the figures as looking like “men” but who were between six and a half and eight feet tall. What’s more, by the way they moved, she could tell they were walking around the object, which appeared to be a distinctly round shape. She couldn’t tell if the object was hovering just above the ground or whether it was resting on three legs, but she could tell that the figures appeared to be crawling underneath the object. Furthermore, they appeared to be carrying out some kind of repairs or maintenance work.

She continued to watch, noting that some of these strange men appeared to be carrying large boxes – so large, it took two of them to carry them. She could further make out that these men wore something similar to a diver’s wet suit of a particularly dark material. In total there were five different figures performing various duties on or around the craft, at one point appearing to remove a part of the craft from beneath and laying it on the ground.

As Mary was watching these strange events, her mother-in-law suddenly spotted another, second object heading in their direction and alerted Mary to this. Mary removed the binoculars from her face and turned in the direction her mother-in-law was looking, immediately noticing the object heading toward the landed craft, eventually stopping just above it.

Using the binoculars again, Mary saw four figures emerge from this second object and head toward the first group of occupants carrying out their apparent repairs.

A Sudden Departure After Several Hours

Mary continued to watch the bizarre scene unfold, noting that several of the figures appeared to be concentrating on cutting some kind of cable, ensuring that each piece they cut was the exact same length. By this time it was 1:15 am and the events showed no sign of coming to an end. In fact, the activity was such that Mary’s mother-in-law also decided to stay awake, even though she didn’t wish to view the events through the binoculars. Furthermore, the family’s dog still appeared particularly unnerved and anxious.

The two women spoke about whether they should contact the authorities or even a representative of the government. However, they sensed no danger from the figures, with Mary suggesting a government agency might arrive with guns and attempt to apprehend them, and, ultimately, they decided to remain where they were and watch the bizarre scene.

They did so for several hours before, at 4:30 am, the men came together to life and replaced the part of the craft that they had removed and placed on the ground. As they watched this, Mary noticed that one of the men was issuing instructions to the rest, as if he was the leader. However, this procedure took them almost half an hour, with Mary noting that it was just before 5 am when it was seemingly fitted.

The men then began retrieving their equipment and boxes, with their goal clearly achieved. The two groups then went inside their respective craft before the craft that had arrived second shot straight up into the sky and disappeared. Around a minute later, the first object did likewise, disappearing into the distance in a second. With the objects now gone and the early morning quiet, the two women returned to bed.

Evidence Of Something Strange (And Real!)

The following day, Mary ventured out to the area where the object had landed or hovered so she could examine the area. And much to her surprise, she discovered three distinct cone-shaped impressions on the ground precisely where she believed the object had hovered. When she stepped back and viewed these impressions at a slight distance, she could see they were in a triangular formation, with the distance between each point being between 15 to 20 feet.

She would later recall that she could see just from looking at the impressions that something “very heavy” had made them, with their width being approximately 35 centimeters and their depth being around 45 centimeters. Moreover, when she turned her attention to where the second vehicle had been, she discovered almost identical impressions.

Even more intriguing, during a subsequent visit to the area – this time with her husband – she discovered what she believed to be a piece of cable that she witnessed the strange men cutting during their apparent repair operation. She described this cable as having an aluminum interior with an exterior that had a similar appearance and feel to brown paper toweling. She also noted that the inside of the cable could not be bent or folded, despite its relatively flimsy appearance, although the outer paper-like substance could be removed because of the cut made in it.

Many More Reports Of Repairs To Otherworldly Crafts

Although the idea of an advanced vehicle from another world landing on Earth for emergency repairs might sound preposterous to some, the fact is there are many similar encounters on record.

Perhaps one of the most bizarre occurred just over a decade after the New Berlin landing, in the summer of 1976 on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Leeds in England. We examine this case in detail in our book From Deep Within The Archives Of UFO Insight but it is certainly worth exploring very quickly here.

On the night in question, 57-year-old Jan Siedlecki was dragged from his bed by a suddenly appearing bright light outside his bedroom window. Fearing that there was a fire at his garage over the road a short distance away, he immediately jumped out of bed and made his way outside. To his shock, rather than a blazing inferno, he was confronted by a curious round or disc-shaped object that had landed right in the middle of the road. What’s more, rather than just viewing the scene from afar, he was invited onboard the craft by several occupants who emerged from it, during which time they explained they had been forced to land to carry out emergency repairs.

Two years later, on the evening of September 18th, 1978 in the Porto Nogaro district of Italy, a local resident witnessed a disc-shaped object with a domed top appear overhead. The witness recalled hearing a strange whistling sound as it moved through the night sky. They continued to watch as it descended and landed in a clearing near to where they were standing. Then, a humanoid figure emerged from the object and went about carrying out some kind of repair to the outside of the craft before returning inside. The object then rose into the air and vanished in an instant.

It isn’t just in the modern UFO era where we can find these apparent UFO repair encounters. In 1933, in the small town of Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada, several local residents reported seeing bizarre lights in the night sky circling over the town. These lights were eventually tracked to Tobin Lake, and one particular evening, two men and a woman made their way to where the lights seemed to originate from.

They eventually came to a clearing in the woodland around the lake, in which was a disc-shaped object that was resting on three legs on the ground. Of even more concern, beneath the curious craft, were several humanoid figures, each where silver uniforms and a helmet on their heads. The trio watched these figures as they appeared to be carrying out some kind of repair to the strange object. They watched the events unfold before them for around 30 minutes before leaving. When they returned to the spot several days later, although the object itself was no longer there, they did discover several impressions on the ground where the object had rested.

These are just three examples of many, many other UFO encounters involving the occupants of these speculative otherworldly craft carrying out what would appear to be emergency repairs.

Otherworldly Fallibility Or A Cover-Up Of Advanced Terrestrial Vehicles?

While it might be tempting to dismiss the sighting of Mary Merryweather – not least due to the apparent disappearance of the alien cable – the details offered by Mary, as we have seen, resonate very nicely with other similar cases. And the fact that – at least for many years – Mary wished for anonymity, we might suspect that she is more credible than many people might have us believe.

If we accept that Mary’s account, like many others, are at least partially accurate, what should we make of them? Are they really examples of visitors from another world? And if so, what should we make of the apparent fallibility of their supposedly advanced vehicles? Or could it be that at least some of these UFO repair encounters are actually repairs being carried out to futuristic but terrestrial aircraft – top-secret experimental military vehicles? And might those in charge of such delicate projects have chosen, opportunistically or not, to hide these projects among claims of encounters with vehicles from another world?

If the latter were true, however, how would that explain some of the peculiar descriptions of the occupants? We might recall, for example, that Mary described the occupants she encounters as being between six and a half feet and eight feet tall. Assuming not many, if any, military members are eight feet tall, was she mistaken in her estimations of their height? Or could it be that these human occupants wore attire that made them appear substantially taller? If that was the case, that would very much suggest forward planning in hiding such experimental test flights within UFO sightings – sightings, incidentally, that would then be viewed by many as nothing but “nonsense”.

Indeed, the UFO landing encounter in Berlin, Connecticut, leaves us with many questions, each with multiple possible answers.

The short video below examines some of the most interesting UFO cases from the United States.


1 Ball Of Fire Viewed By Many, Leonard J. Bongle, APRO Bulletin, Vol. 23, No. 6, April 1975

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    I am inclined to accept these accounts as valid. Everything is relative! Imagine the Wright brothers seeing an F18 Super Hornet whiz by them. They might be surprised these super duper aircraft can have maintenance problems. Being ex Navy I can honestly state that experimental military aircraft being tested are not flying around Berlin, CT or any other populated area as there are hundreds of thousands of square miles of wilderness out west that are where this occurs. To think otherwise is sheer insanity.

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