The Fake Alien Invasion Theories – A Genuine Concern Or Nothing But Nonsense?

Marcus Lowth
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January 14, 2024
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January 15, 2024
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Without a doubt one of the most thought-provoking and divisive suggestions around the UFO and alien question is that discreet, dark government agencies – ones that transcend their respective countries and work across borders and ideology – are using UFO encounters, even staging many of them, in order to set up a “fake alien invasion”. And the reason for this, essentially, is to establish an iron global grip over humanity.

Needless to say, it is a suggestion that most, even in the UFO community, widely dismiss, and perhaps rightly so. The suggestions, though, are certainly intriguing. And while there is perhaps little accuracy to them, it is easy to see why such theories are formed – and believed.

As we might imagine, such theories branch off into several different suggestions, ranging from offerings that this speculative dark elite organization is behind all UFO sightings to suggestions that the aliens themselves are working alongside this agency in order bring about an end-of-times scenario. And while we should treat each of these suggestions with a healthy pinch of salt, we should also ensure we understand each of these suggestions, if only so we can dismiss them with confidence.

What Is The Fake Alien Invasion Theory? The Basics!

While there could be an entire volume on the Fake Alien Invasion Theory, with all of its branch-offs and differing takes on the suggestion, what we will do here is simply go over the very basics of the idea.

The general crux of the conspiracy is that a discreet cabal of international elites are looking to unleash a fake alien invasion upon the planet in order to bring humanity to its knees and then assume control of the entire planet – either discreet for themselves under the guise of extraterrestrial overlords, or genuinely for an alien presence that is already here on Earth. Some researchers even suggest that along with this alien invasion, a fake “second coming” and end of the world scenario will be played out.

Not only have we been primed for this by the many, many UFO sightings over the years, according to the general theories, but also through Hollywood movies such as Independence Day, or television shows like The X-Files. So much so, that should such a scenario unfold, fake or not, the general population will most likely quickly succumb to their new alien masters.

This fake invasion will be played out using highly advanced technology, including holographic technology, and perhaps even technology that is completely unknown to the wider public. Perhaps one thing that is up for debate is whether or not this “invasion” of Earth would be a bloodless coup, or whether many people around the world will genuinely lose their lives. That is, of course, if there is any truth to the conspiracy.

Speculative Suggestions Of Authenticity

Although most people reject the idea of an orchestrated alien invasion, there are many cases since the start of the Modern UFO era, if leaked documents and whistleblower testimony is to be believed, where it would appear that intelligence agencies and not extraterrestrials have been behind apparent encounters with beings from another world.

Perhaps one of the best examples is apparent alien abduction of Antonio Villas Boas, who claimed he was not only abducted by extraterrestrials in Brazil in 1957 but that he was forced to father a child with a female alien entity. As bizarre as Boas’ claims were, he stuck to his story for decades until his death. However, in more recent times, information came to light through the research of veteran author, Nick Redfern, who detailed the information in his book, Top Secret Alien Abduction Files.

According to Redfern’s account, he received information from fellow researcher, Rich Reynolds, who, in turn, was relaying details given to him by whistleblower, Bosco Nedelcovic. The information in question asserted that Boas, rather than being abducted by aliens, was part of an MK Ultra-style experiment at the hands of the CIA. According to the apparent leaked information, it wasn’t a UFO that swooped down that evening while he worked on his farm, but an unmarked black helicopter. However, because of the chemicals that had been sprayed over the land where Boas was working, he perceived the helicopter as a “flying saucer”.

Then, he was approached by CIA agents who he perceived as agents, before being taken to a room where further drugs were administered, essentially, making him believe that he was onboard a spaceship. Furthermore, the female alien who he believed he had conceived a child with, at least according to Nedelcovic, was, in fact, a local prostitute who had been hired by the agency (something they are known to have done many times when trying to capture compromising footage of political enemies).

The apparent reasons for this was simply to carry on the mind control experiments of MK Ultra into the field. If there is any accuracy to these claims, then we might ask how many other cases of alien abduction and other close encounter incidents are also bizarre experiments of the intelligence services?

The short video below examines the Antonio Villas Boas case a little further.

Many Other Reasons Such Bizarre Notions Could Be True

There are also many other reasons to believe that at least some UFO and alien abduction encounters are the result of top-secret intelligence experiments. And if such encounters have been orchestrated and faked over the decades, then it is certainly possible that larger scale scenarios could be put into play.

Many people who have made claims of being abducted by aliens, for example, have later had memories of standing beside what they thought was a huge alien craft, only for memories unlocked through hypnotic regression, or just through a sudden recall, reveals to them that this futuristic aerial vehicle is nothing more than a heavy duty military truck.

Could this also be the reason why almost all abductees never recall physically entering these apparently otherworldly vehicles? They can recall approaching them and then waking apparently inside of them, but not of actually entering them. Could it be that during this time, the abductee is somewhere incapacitated so as to keep the illusion and mind control in place?

Other people who recall the abduction itself also attest to some kind of high-ranking human government officials being present, dressed similarly, incidentally, to the Men In Black. Indeed, perhaps we might find that the Men In Black themselves, whoever they might be and whoever they answer to, also have a part to play in the eventual fake alien invasion.

Just How Likely Is It?

So how likely is it that dark government agencies would look to “fake” an alien invasion? Well, UFO history is littered with fake claims and disinformation, particularly during the Cold War.

Although they didn’t plan to fake an alien invasion – at least as far as most people know – it is pretty well established, for example, that the Soviet Union almost certainly released fake UFO sightings into the public domain in order to shape the belief among American citizens that unknown forces were in their skies and their military could seemingly do little about it, as well as taking up the time and resources of the intelligence agencies themselves.

At this point, it is probably very much worth reminding ourselves about the alleged Boshich space wreckage, [1] an event that it would appear was designed to draw the United States and other allies into a race for a crippled spacecraft that was never there.

According to the reports, which first arrived in the public arena via the British tabloid newspaper, Reveille in the summer of 1979, Soviet astrophysicist, Professor Sergei Boshich, claimed he had discovered “the wreck of a spaceship from another planet” – and what’s more, this crippled otherworldly vehicle was orbiting the Earth. Perhaps most startingly of all, however, were the claims that this wrecked space vehicle “could contain the bodies of alien beings”.

Boshich claimed that after tracking the movements of several mammoth objects, he was able to work out that they all came from one, large object – and that object had clearly exploded. He even gave the date – December 18th, 1955. He also let it be known of his desire for a “rescue mission” to take place so as to bring the wreckage down to earth and explore it, and its contents.

Both the American and British governments expressed a significant interest in the findings, and publicly declared they were open to a joint salvage mission should the Soviet Union “approach” them, no action was taken on the findings on either side of the Iron Curtain.

Was this an attempt to lure the West into taking action on something that simply wasn’t there? And while this certainly doesn’t amount to a “fake alien invasion”, it does show how UFOs and the possibility of alien life visiting Earth can be twisted for disinformation and propaganda purposes.

The short video below looks at the Boshich space wreckage conspiracy a little further.

Unlikely But Not Impossible?

While the idea of a dark group of elite government agents and officials planning to orchestrate an alien invasion in order to obtain absolute control over the whole of humanity is almost certainly wide of the mark, as we have seen, there have been leaks of information in several encounters that make such suggestions a little more believable. Ultimately, because of this doubt, albeit a very marginal doubt, it is perhaps a suggestion that we should all remain alert to.

It could be, for example, that while there are no plans in place for such an extreme course of action right now, some unknown cabal in the future might seize upon such an idea – especially if they are aware that many people around the world already believe this to be the case and so would potentially fall for such trickery. In that sense, the more we know of these theories – however outlandish they might be – the easier they will be to spot and unravel down the line, speculatively, of course.

As most of us know, there is much disinformation in the UFO community and has been since the start of the Modern UFO Era, and most of us accept this is the case. There are also many people and organizations who look to twist UFO narratives to suit their own agendas. The fact is, it could very well be the case that the truth of apparent fake alien invasions lies somewhere in between those two factors. And even if such a scenario were to play out, that wouldn’t necessarily mean that at least some UFO encounters on record are not genuine cases of alien visitation.

One thing is certain, perhaps by design, the notion adds another layer of mystery around the subject of UFOs, as well as making the already cloudy waters even murkier.

The short video below explores the Fake Alien Invasion theories a little further.


1 The Boshich Space Wreckage – A Floating Alien Tomb Or Purposeful Disinformation?, Marcus Lowth, Me Time For The Mind

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