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The Organism 46B Conspiracy And The “Aliens” Of Lake Vostok

First Published: December 20, 2018 - Last Updated: July 18, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes

Rumors of aliens residing within the inner Earth, accessed through a secret location on the continent of Antarctica, are persistent, inside and outside of the conspiracy community. So, when world leaders descended there in late-2016 more than a few eyebrows were raised. Those suspicions of secretive activity grew even more when an apparent whistleblower made claims of a captured “alien octopus” from deep below the Antarctic ice, an entity whose DNA shadowy authorities were now looking to “weaponize” …

The Barroso Incident – A Most Harrowing UFO Encounter

First Published: December 13, 2018 - Last Updated: July 18, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes 3 comments

Following the UFO encounter of Luis Barroso Fernandez in April 1976, his health and mental awareness would deteriorate rapidly. So much so, the only person left to tell the tale was his son, Francisco, who experienced first hand the effects the incident had on his father. The Barroso Incident remains one of South America’s most well-known, and widely believed to be authentic UFO cases on record…

The Potential Dark Side Of The UFO And Alien Question

First Published: December 12, 2018 - Last Updated: July 16, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes

Those who study UFO sightings and encounters, whether for research or investigative purposes, or indeed both, it will be no surprise to find oneself in a field of interest completely different from the UFO and alien question. These can be conspiracy, for example, or even the supernatural. On occasion, however, those other areas of interest are themselves very blurred. And perhaps more importantly sometimes lead to a very dark and at times, deadly destination…

The Cheshire “Silver-Suited” Man! An Encounter With The Nordics?

First Published: December 5, 2018 - Last Updated: July 18, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes 1 comment

Was a bizarre encounter in Cheshire, England in the summer of 1976 with a “silver-suited” man really an encounter with an alien race known by some as, The Nordics? It is a little-known incident, but one that shares details with many other similar cases throughout UFO history, particularly those of the 1950s. Perhaps, if we accept the case to be authentic, it would go a way to proving that not just one alien race are visiting the Earth, but several.

Aliens, The Occult, And The Third Reich

First Published: November 25, 2018 - Last Updated: July 19, 2020 - Reading Time: 22 minutes 1 comment

There are a whirlwind of conspiracies and accusations of cover-up surrounding the Nazis before we begin to look at such things as the Occult, aliens and UFOs. However, the fact is that there was such an intense interest in these things at the highest levels of the Third Reich that many researchers have questioned just how much of this interest was ramblings of a distorted mind, and how much might have been access to knowledge and wisdom that most don’t know exists…

The Allagash Alien Abduction Incident

First Published: November 17, 2018 - Last Updated: July 18, 2020 - Reading Time: 10 minutes 1 comment

The apparent alien abduction of four young men – two of whom were twin brothers – on the Allagash Waterway in Maine is perhaps one of the most well-known cases on record. Which is quite remarkable, and perhaps a testament to its authenticity, as it wouldn’t be reported until over a decade after the incident, and only following a chance hospital visit by one of the witnesses…

The Betty And Barney Hill Abduction

First Published: November 11, 2018 - Last Updated: July 19, 2020 - Reading Time: 21 minutes 1 comment

The alleged alien abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in September 1961 is arguably the first such incident that would captivate not only the United States, but the entire world. It was also one of the first of the apparent “grey alien” abductions that would unfold, seemingly increasingly over the decades that followed. All indications are the Hill’s were telling the truth and were each credible witnesses…

The Serpent Gods – A Connection Between Dinosaurs And Aliens?

First Published: October 27, 2018 - Last Updated: July 18, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes

Whenever the terms “Serpent Gods” is used in alien and ancient astronaut circles, most would think of shapeshifting reptilian aliens who came to Earth as “gods” and ruled over mankind. However, given how little we know about the existence, is it possible that such terms might be a link to the dinosaurs that once roamed the Earth as opposed to gods from another world…?

Project Sigma And Conspiracies Of The Greys

First Published: October 24, 2018 - Last Updated: July 16, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes 3 comments

When most of us think of aliens, chances are the first image that will enter into most of our minds would picture “The Greys” – the small-bodied grey-skinned beings with over-sized heads and large, penetrative black eyes. Perhaps that is a result of the pop-culture environment that has engrained such an image in the subconscious of most of our minds. Or perhaps the reasons are much darker and even invasive…

The 1977 Close Encounters Of Tucson, Arizona

First Published: October 17, 2018 - Last Updated: July 18, 2020 - Reading Time: 8 minutes 1 comment

It is not known if there is a connection or not, but three separate close encounter incidents in early-1977 in Tucson, Arizona, are too close together to ignore without examination. The state of Arizona is perhaps one in America that has more than its fair share of UFO encounters. Just what might the reason be for this? And were the alien encounters of 1977 all part of the same overall UFO picture…?

The Travis Walton Abduction

First Published: October 14, 2018 - Last Updated: July 19, 2020 - Reading Time: 21 minutes 1 comment

The alleged alien abduction of Travis Walton in November 1975 is one of the most well-known abduction encounters. It is also one of the most credible. Walton, as well as several of the other witnesses would pass several lie detector tests over the course of an investigation into his strange disappearance. It is a case that is still debated today, and one that still offers a potential insight to why these mysterious and chilling incidents are taking place…

Human Origins On Earth And The “Prison Planet” Theory

First Published: October 10, 2018 - Last Updated: July 18, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes 2 comments

There are many theories and off-shoot thoughts that come from examining UFO and alien incidents. Perhaps one of the more outlandish is the claim that humans themselves are not indigenous to the Earth – that we ourselves are an alien species, perhaps brought here long ago from another world? Possibly as prisoners. And what’s more, the evidence behind such claims makes more sense than you might think…

The 1968 Alien Abduction At Buff Ledge

First Published: September 22, 2018 - Last Updated: July 18, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes 1 comment

A summer camp for girls in Vermont during the summer of 1968 was the scene of one of the most intense cases of alien abduction on record. At least according to the report made by one of the witnesses a decade later. It is a case that still divides opinion in the UFO community, and one that most likely will continue to do so for some time to come…

The Gundiah Mackay Incident – The Abduction Of Amy Rylance

First Published: September 19, 2018 - Last Updated: July 19, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes 1 comment

The alleged alien abduction of Amy Rylance in October 2001 is one that the UFO community remains divided upon. Many believe the incident to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax designed to make money. Others, however, insist it is a case that sheds light on some of the more complex details of the UFO and alien question…

The Vilvoorde Humanoid Encounter

First Published: September 17, 2018 - Last Updated: July 18, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes

A close encounter of a strange humanoid entity incident from Vilvoorde in Belgium in December 1973 is most certainly one of the most bizarre and outlandish on record. However, perhaps in its favor, it would unfold during a time when humanoid sightings were being reported right around the world. Just what the witness, known only as “Mr. V” experienced that evening is open to debate. It is perhaps a sighting with secrets yet to be revealed…