Missing Time And Hybrid Beings: The Disturbing Alien Abduction Encounters Of Terry Matthews

Marcus Lowth
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March 13, 2024
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The alien abduction encounters of Terry Matthews are without a doubt some of the most unsettling, disturbing, and intriguing accounts on record, not least as they appear to suggest a definite goal and agenda to not only her own abductions but to many other abduction encounters from around the world – an alien-human hybridization program that has seemingly been unfolding for decades across multiple generations.

Like many people who eventually discover these apparent extraterrestrial creatures have abducted them, Terry only became aware of the encounters decades later, although she suspected for some time that something untoward was happening to her. Furthermore, she would soon discover that other members of her family had also been abducted on multiple occasions. Whatever was behind these disturbing encounters, it was a lot more organized and determined than just chance, random encounters.

One of the first strange incidents unfolded almost three decades before hypnotic regression revealed the abductions to her, an event that she didn’t connect to the later encounters at the time or after, but that would appear to have been a key moment in her life.

A Truly Strange Drive Home

Late one afternoon in 1970, in Paris, Illinois, 22-year-old Terry Matthews was driving home when the events that would change her life unfolded around her. She recalled decades later that “the sun was going down to my right” which made “everything red and green”, adding that “all the colors were extremely vibrant”. Then, things changed, seemingly in an instant.

Terry recalled that, the next thing she knew, it was dark, and she was “in the middle of a terrible rainstorm”. In fact, it was now so dark, and the rain was so strong, that Terry could no longer see what was in front of the car. At the same time, she could feel something “pulling” the car to the side of the road, forcing her to grip the steering wheel to maintain control of the vehicle.

Then, much like before, things changed again. A sudden flash appeared and then, all of a sudden, the rain appeared to be coming to a stop. Although she was confused, she was otherwise unhurt and so, after gathering her thoughts, she set off home once more.

She didn’t think to look at the time. However, by the time she arrived home, she realized something truly strange had taken place. Her husband, clearly worried, informed her it was almost 10 pm, meaning she was over two hours late. What’s more, she had no recollection of those two hours. Now beyond perplexed, Terry was uncertain of just what did take place on her journey home.

This was, though, just the first of many unsettling encounters that Terry would experience.

Many Documented Strange Events Over The Years

Over the months and years, Terry would keep a journal of any recollections she had of these strange events. These recollections and encounters ranged from intense nightmares – so intense that she almost believed them to be real – further episodes of missing time, and even the appearance of markings, bruises, and scars on her body for which she had no explanation. She also witnessed several UFOs during this time, and because of this, she began to suspect that she was a victim of alien abduction – and repeat alien abduction at that.

Terry Matthews

However, despite these bizarre and frightening experiences, it wasn’t until she sought the help of alien abduction investigator, David Jacobs, that she made the connection between that bizarre drive home in 1970, and the disturbing encounters she had been documenting for years. Jacobs agreed to help Terry attempt to recover some of these “lost” memories and immediately suspected the car journey home was the key place to start. He did, though, warn Terry that if she decided to delve into these seemingly repressed memories, it would change her life, and her perspective of the world around her.

Undeterred due to an absolute need to get to the truth of what had been happening to her, Terry agreed to undergo several hypnotic regression sessions with Jacobs. Eventually, she was regressed to that day in 1970 when she suddenly found herself caught up in the intense, “tornado-like” thunderstorm on the lonely Illinois road.

A Huge Craft Hovering Over Both Sides Of The Road

Terry could remember the weather had suddenly changed around her. She could also recall that the car was “being pulled off the road”, although she had no explanation for why this was happening, or indeed, what was dragging the car in the first place. However, under hypnosis, she could now recall that she had brought the car to a stop of her own volition. And when she looked out of the car window, she could see a “huge craft” just hovering over both sides of the road.

She recalled sitting in the car in shock “just watching” this object, which she described as a “blunt silver-grey” color. Of even more concern, she could see “six beings” that had seemingly emerged from the object heading towards her vehicle. She described these entities as grey-skinned, with large heads and large black eyes – essentially, typical grey aliens.

She recalled being stunned and beyond frightened, and instinctively, she got out of the car and began to run from the entities. She recalled wanting to scream in terror, but for reasons unknown to her, she was physically unable to do so. All she could recall thinking was that she “wanted to get away”.

Then, it appeared as though she was caught in a bright light that came from the object as her surroundings changed once again.

Inside The Spacecraft

She found herself inside a strange room with the strange entities, and she presumed she was now inside the futuristic vehicle she had been running from only moments earlier. She recalled being told to undress, and the feelings of embarrassment as she did so. She elaborated that she didn’t want to take her clothes off, but she felt as though she was powerless to disobey the orders. They also told her to remove her jewelry, including her wedding ring, which she also did. Then, the entities led her to some kind of table. It is here, where the memories became truly harrowing.

Terry recalled that her abductors informed her that she was pregnant. However, according to what she could recall under hypnosis, these entities removed the unborn baby from her womb and replaced it with another (it is not said what happened to the baby that was removed). We will return to the possible reasons for these actions shortly.

David Jacobs and Terry Matthews during a hypnotic regression session

As the regression sessions continued, Terry accessed more and more information about a number of unsettling abduction encounters. In fact, she became so disturbed by what she was uncovering, that she began to record herself sleeping, just in case further strange events occurred. In fact, she believed that her decision to record herself during the night hours prevented further potential abductions from taking place.

This is an interesting idea. We might imagine, given how advanced these potential abductors are, that, firstly, they would be aware of such recording devices and would be able to disable them, and secondly, we might imagine they would be unconcerned by them anyway. Suppose there is something to the fact that recording herself sleeping put a stop to the abduction encounters. In that case, it is something that could be important in stopping other abductees’ encounters.

Evidence Of Generational Abduction

Although the abductions might have ceased following her hypnotic regression therapy (if indeed they did), Terry would still make some remarkable and frightening revelations during the sessions themselves. For example, as well as being abducted herself, she recalled seeing all of her children, all on separate occasions, being abducted, memories she described as “exceedingly traumatic”.

David Jacobs

This detail of seeing her children also be abducted by these mysterious entities, as traumatic as it undoubtedly is for Terry, is something that should not come as a surprise. Many people who experience repeat alien abduction often discover that not only have their children also been abducted (and will likely continue to be so during their adult lives) but that their parents also have been victims of alien abduction. As David Jacobs states, these kinds of abductions are often “intergenerational”.

With this mind, Jacobs would regress Terry back to the event in Paris, Illinois in 1970 in the hope that she might recall any further details. And the details she recalled added a further twist not only to her own encounters, but to the truth of alien abductions, in general, and the agenda that drives them.

Further Signs Of A Hybridization Program

This second regression to the quiet road in Paris, Illinois took place around three years after Jacobs had first regressed Terry back to this particular event. This time, as well as the strange large-eyed, grey entities, she recalled seeing a woman present. Terry recalled, under hypnosis, that this woman “doesn’t look normal…her eyes are big”.

Terry went on to say that this woman was “a hybrid” and that she “looked strange and angry”. Even more bizarre, this woman was holding what appeared to be a human baby. At this point, Terry looked down and could see that she was also holding a baby, stating that the woman “must have put it in my arms”.

She recalled after the session that the baby appeared very much human, but it appeared very frail and thin, as if it “hadn’t eaten well”. Furthermore, although it had a “pink” human color, there was a definite grey to its skin, and while the face looked human, the eyes were decidedly different. Like the strange woman, its eyes were particularly large.

Sketch of the hybrid woman Terry witnessed

Even more interesting, Terry recalled that although the baby was only around one or two months old (it was handed to her wrapped in a blanket as one would expect any baby of that age), when she looked at the baby’s eyes, they appeared “wise”, certainly more aware and knowledgeable than a regular human baby. Terry elaborated further that babies, generally speaking, instinctively “curl in to be held”. This baby, however, didn’t, instead remaining rigid, self-aware, and simply “staring” back at Terry.

The next thing Terry could recall, she was feeding the baby before the woman approached her to take the baby from her arms, something she remembers not wanting them to do. She had been told by the entities that the baby was “hers”. And while she didn’t believe them, when the woman took the baby from her, she felt a loss that she could only describe any mother (or father) would feel if someone took away their child, adding that the “grief was so deep” inside her over the baby being taken from her.

Details That Resonate With Other Research

The idea of an alien-human hybridization program being at the heart of most alien abductions is something that has been voiced by several investigators and researchers, not least David Jacobs. According to Jacobs, the overriding agenda behind these alien abductions is to create an alien-human hybrid race – one that will, ultimately, take over the planet “by the backdoor” largely undetected.

Terry herself would offer her own thoughts on the alleged alien-human hybridization program, stating that it upsets her when she thinks of these “hybrid children” as “they are the true victims” of the alien abduction phenomenon. She elaborated that “what is being bred out of them, is what is in us – our ability for compassion, our ability to feel, to love. They have to relearn it through us”.

Sketch of the hybrid baby witnessed by Terry

Once more, this view resonates with other researchers, including Jacobs, who has investigated many alien abduction encounters where abductees are used as unwitting “teachers” of these hybrid children and even young adults. As well as the usual types of lessons we might expect any human child to learn as babies and toddlers, some abductees have found themselves in situations as mundane as teaching an adult alien-human hybrid how to shop, how to pay for goods, and how to interact appropriately with others.

Indeed, all things that come naturally to most of us are things these hybrid beings “have to relearn” if they wish to fully blend into human society. Of course, some researchers state that the true goal of the hybridization program is to, essentially, take over the planet undetected. And it is these behaviors, or lack thereof, that would appear to be preventing them from doing so.

Has This Hybridization Agenda Been Unfolding For Decades?

Although we won’t go over the details in full here, it is perhaps worth mentioning the alleged deal made between President Eisenhower and a grey alien race in February 1954. The basics of the suggestions are – according to whistleblower documents and testimony – is that Eisenhower, along with several other high-ranking representatives from dark, government agencies – met with representatives of a grey alien race at an aircraft hangar in California while the President was, officially, undergoing emergency dental treatment.

This grey alien race offered access to advanced technology in return for access to members of the population of the United States. Essentially, this alien race wished to take members of the population aboard their spacecraft for their own research purposes, after which, they would be returned, unharmed, and with no memory that anything had even taken place. It is said by some that Eisenhower agreed to this deal, in part, due to the assurance from the alien representatives that if he didn’t, they would make the same deal with the leaders of the Soviet Union – which would have tipped the balance of power in the Soviet’s favor.

It would appear that the greys stuck to the agreement, to begin with. However, as the decades progressed, not only did they begin abducting people that had not been “authorized”, but they were abducting far greater numbers than had been agreed. Furthermore, they had, if we believe the claims, begun abducting people in other countries around the world. Some researchers even claim that a “battle” of sorts took place at some point in the late 1970s regarding this breaking of the agreement at an underground location somewhere in the western United States.

Of course, we know that many alien abductions occurred after this in the 1980s and 1990s, perhaps more so than all of the previous decades. Perhaps we can take from that the grey aliens were victorious in that speculative conflict, or at the very least, a new deal was negotiated.

It is also not clear, if we accept the claims of such a deal to be accurate for one moment, if Eisenhower and his representatives were aware of the hybridization program or not, both at the time, or in the years that followed.

While it is easy to dismiss such claims as outrageous nonsense, it is clear that alien abduction at the hands of grey alien entities began in the years following this alleged meeting in 1954. What’s more, the technological revolution also began to gain momentum following that date, placing the United States on a plateau unrivaled by the rest of the world. Is this just a coincidence? Or might there be more to the claims of a secret deal that allowed these mysterious grey entities access to the human population?

A Potentially Ominous Scenario

If there is any truth to the claims of Terry Matthews, and the findings of researchers such as David Jacobs, then it should be a real cause of concern for all of us. And while many people scoff at such notions, even some people in the UFO community, to dismiss them unreservedly without any investigation into them could place humanity in a very precarious position.

The fact is, thousands, if not millions or people around the world and across the decades have claimed apparent alien entities have abducted them. What’s more, a very large proportion of those who recall these events – whether from their own recall or through hypnotic regression – state that they underwent bizarre and often disturbing medical procedures, several of which appeared to revolve around reproduction and reproductive systems.

Furthermore, although statistics vary, it is believed that a larger percentage of abductees, generally speaking, are female, and that these abductions tend to take place from childhood and then cease when the woman is in her late 40s or 50s – essentially, and once more, generally speaking, when she is no longer able to bear children. If these statistics are even partly accurate, then the idea of an alien-human hybridization program becomes even more believable.

Even the fact that a great many of these repeat abductees discover that their children and very often their own parents have also been abducted, could suggest that certain genes or blood groups are favorable to this alleged alien race. After all, as we mentioned in our opening, there would appear to be much more predetermined planning of these abductions, and perhaps even targeting of certain individuals, or types of individuals.

The fact that multiple researchers and investigators have arrived at such conclusions of an alien-human hybridization program, often independently of each other, combined with the many claims from abductees themselves from around the world, as well as the persistent conspiracies of secret deals between dark government agencies and grey alien entities regarding access to the human population in return for advanced technology, should cause us to at least look at this admittedly surreal claims further sooner rather than later. Otherwise, we might find that when we are ready to explore such matters, it might already be too late.

The short video below explores the fascinating accounts of Terry Matthews a little further.

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