Utah’s “Other” Supernatural Hotspot: Strange Goings-On At Blind Frog Ranch

Marcus Lowth
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April 25, 2024
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It is perhaps a safe bet that the vast majority of people will have heard of Skinwalker Ranch in Utah in the United States. However, in the very same state, indeed, just a short distance away, is the lesser-known Blind Frog Ranch. While it might not be on many people’s radar, it is a location that is equally as mysterious, with an abundance of paranormal activity and encounters, ranging from strange lights and unknown objects to ghostly entities and beastly creatures to discoveries of ancient relics and bizarre energy vortexes.

Blind Frog Ranch, though not as widely known, has piqued the interest of paranormal researchers and investigators for its uncanny phenomena. What’s more, there’s a tantalizing possibility of a link between this ranch and its more renowned counterpart, Skinwalker Ranch. By delving into the mysteries of both locations, we could potentially unlock a deeper understanding of the paranormal world, a prospect that surely ignites curiosity.

Indeed, Blind Frog Ranch is a truly extraordinary location, one so ominous and even menacing that many who venture onto it are subjected to otherworldly energies and entities.

A Lesser-Known But Equally Strange Location

Located in the east of Utah near the city of Vernal is Blind Frog Ranch. [1] Like its more famous neighbor, Skinwalker Ranch, the land Blind Frog Ranch resides on has a long and storied history, with many local legends attached to it. Indeed, going right back to the earliest known settlements of the area, many truly strange and anomalous activities have been documented. It is claimed, for example, that the land is sacred and that the spirits of those who once called it home now reside there.

Many Native American legends of the region even allude to the existence of gateways or portals to the spirit world, a realm of existence that we might perhaps suggest are other dimensions. Furthermore, these legends stretch back thousands of years and have remarkably similar details to the legends of other Native tribes, not only around the United States but around the world.

Blind Frog Ranch isn’t just a fascination for paranormal enthusiasts. It’s also a site of genuine scientific and archaeological interest. The land is dotted with underground locations that bear evidence of ancient civilizations, and there are rumors of equally ancient tunnel networks. Moreover, the area has recorded numerous anomalous energy readings, hinting at a natural yet unknown phenomenon that could contribute to the strange events at Blind Frog Ranch.

Many Spine-Tingling Accounts On Record

As we might imagine, for all the legends and myths swirling around the ranch and surrounding land, there are many claims of encounters with extraordinary phenomena on record from our modern era. Perhaps one of the most intriguing tales is that of an unnamed caretaker of the ranch who, one evening, witnessed several bizarre lights hovering low over one of the fields where the cattle were grazing. At the same time, he could hear ominous, haunting sounds coming from the field.

Following the disappearance of the lights, the caretaker plucked up enough courage to venture out to the field to inspect the cattle. To his utter shock, when he arrived there, their entire herd was nowhere to be seen. It was as if they had vanished into thin air. Furthermore, not one of the herd was ever seen again.

The incident is certainly not the only one. Many people have reported strange lights hovering over the ranch over the years, with some even reporting solid, nuts-and-bolts futuristic objects—ultimately, UFOs. In fact, there have been so many reports of UFOs and other aerial anomalies over Blind Frog Ranch over the years that some people have even referred to it as “the new Area 51”.

There are, though, but some of the many paranormal encounters and events witnessed at this most mysterious ranch.

Strange Orbs And Metallic Spheres

As well as the strange lights and objects, many people have reported curious orbs appearing out of nowhere. These orbs are said to “hover” or “dance” over the land around the ranch before disappearing as suddenly as they appeared. Some people have even reported seeing these orbs hovering over the ranch before shooting straight upwards and vanishing into the distance.

It isn’t just strange, otherworldly orbs that people witness at Blind Frog Ranch, however. One particular evening, a group of hikers were making their way across the woodland around the ranch when they happened upon a mysterious metallic sphere, about the size of a basketball, in a clearing in the woods. They further claimed that a strange “low-humming” sound was coming from the sphere, which glowed a brilliant bright white.

The group stopped and stared at the object for several moments, uncertain of what to do. Each was almost mesmerized by its high strangeness. Then, each of the hikers suddenly felt strange feelings of fear and anxiety, quickly followed by physical discomfort that quickly turned painful. Realizing these ominous feelings were almost certainly connected to the strange metallic object, the hikers turned and left the clearing as quickly as they could.

A Home To Many Bizarre Creatures

There have also been regular reports of beastly creatures, some of which are almost certainly some kind of Bigfoot-like creature. Reports of these wild figures often state that they have exceptionally long, strong arms, as well as glowing red eyes – both details that are often found in Bigfoot reports.

In addition to Bigfoot, there have also been numerous sightings of creatures similar to the Chupacabra, often witnessed in various countries in South America, Mexico, and the United States.

Perhaps even stranger, and indeed thought-provoking, are the many reports of dinosaur-like birds that are said to fly over the ranch. Of course, whether this, or these, creatures are some undiscovered bird, or even a leftover from the dinosaur age, or some supernatural creature is perhaps open to debate. If the former were true, then this creature would surely be of interest to scientists.

These creatures have been reported all over the ranch. And what’s more, they seem to appear and then disappear just as quickly, perhaps suggesting there is indeed a supernatural element to them.

Ghostly Figures And A Controlling Presence

In addition to sightings of objects potentially from another world, strange orbs floating around Blind Frog Ranch, and beastly creatures, there have been many reports of strange ghost-like entities appearing out of nowhere and disappearing just as quickly. One visitor to the ranch, for example, claimed to have witnessed an unsettling figure seemingly appear out of thin air and walk right past him. He watched the figure for several seconds before it simply disappeared.

On another occasion, a paranormal investigative team saw the appearance of a woman dressed in old-fashioned clothing appear before them – an entity they recorded as a “full-bodied apparition”. The woman remained in front of them for several moments before fading away.

Another paranormal organization not only witnessed similar disturbing appearances during their investigation of the ranch but managed to record a “shadowy figure” walking through one of the outbuildings. Once more, the figure was dressed in old-fashioned attire, perhaps suggesting that they once lived or worked on the land the ranch resides on hundreds of years before.

As well as the ghostly apparitions there have been many reports of terrifying screams seemingly coming from the woods, while others report hearing whispers close to them, even though there is nobody there. Many people also report experiencing sudden feelings of dread or great sadness while on the ranch, with many further describing this as though something has entered their minds and taken control of it.

If that wasn’t unnerving enough, there have also been multiple reports from people of being prodded or pushed by unseen hands, and of feeling of someone standing directly behind the, breathing icy cold breath on the back of their necks.

As we can see, Blind Frog Ranch has a plethora of supernatural occurrences. It has, though, many other apparent secrets to reveal.

Remarkable Subterranean Discoveries

There have been several remarkable discoveries on the ranch that appear to come from vastly different periods in history. There have been, for example, many discoveries of various Native American pottery remains, as well as many other mysterious, unexplained artifacts from antiquity.

For example, a huge stone slab covered with intricate carvings and Ancient Egyptian-like hieroglyphic symbols was discovered within the confines of the ranch – and this slab was thought to be thousands of years old, at least. Furthermore, very similar symbols have been discovered elsewhere around the ranch, etched into what appears to be the ruins of ancient stone alters and small temples.

These discoveries have once more forced some researchers to question whether an unknown, ancient, advanced civilization once called the region home, perhaps many thousands of years ago. Perhaps it is even possible that the strange events witnessed today at Blind Frog Ranch have some connection to this speculative lost civilization. Of course, if there is any accuracy in these ponderings, then it would be truly history-altering.

As well as these remarkable, thought-provoking discoveries of various relics and ruins, many extensive caves and tunnel networks exist on the ranch. And these tunnel systems are not only intricate and almost certainly manmade, at least according to some researchers, they are also thousands of years old. Indeed, if these tunnels are not naturally occurring, then they would be evidence of advanced planning and engineering in antiquity, with many Native American tribes of the region offering that these tunnel networks connect several ancient, sacred sites.

Even more interesting, and unsettling, is that when one investigative team ventured into one of these tunnel networks they were forced to turn back and leave. Despite having headed a considerable distance underground, there was no visible end in sight. Just where this tunnel might have led to is open to debate. Some researchers, however, have suggested that some kind of ancient Hall of Records might exist somewhere deep below the plains of Utah.

Geological Anomalies And Electromagnetic Energies

As we might imagine, with all of these fascinating and thought-provoking discoveries and tales of strange activity taking place on the ranch, there are many different theories and suggestions surrounding Blind Frog Ranch.

It has been noted, for example, that there are may geological anomalies around the ranch, and these oddities include mysterious energy vortexes, which some researchers suggest could open some kind of doorway to otherworldly dimensions, in turn, allowing entrance to our world to entities from another realm of existence.

What is further interesting about these apparent energy vortexes is that some people have put forward that electromagnetic energy from these vortexes could also directly affect a person’s mind, including altering their moods and emotions. It is worth recalling that many people who have ventured onto the ranch have reported feeling a sudden change in emotion, most often a negative change. Could this be down to some naturally occurring electromagnetic energy?

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the ranch is a particularly strong energy vortex—known locally as The Portal. People have reported changes in their moods at this location, as well as strange visions and even apparitions.

Potential To Understand Reality And The Human Mind?

It is worth sticking with naturally occurring phenomena a little longer regarding the strange activity witnessed and reported at Blind Frog Ranch. Some people, for example, have suggested that fault lines likely run through the region, perhaps even leylines that are said to connect many locations around the planet, including many ancient sites.

With all of this in mind, rather than these releases of energy causing hallucinations, could it be possible that they allow people to see into another dimension—an experience they mistake for a hallucination? Or perhaps, as we mentioned earlier, this energy allows entities from another dimension to be seen from our world—entities that many people mistake for ghosts or otherworldly beastly creatures.

If we take this a stage further, we might question just how much the human mind factors into the paranormal world, from the reality we see and how we perceive that reality. Indeed, does reality change depending on location or the presence of electromagnetic energies? Could it be, for example, that rather than causing hallucinations, these bursts of electromagnetic energy increase the scope of the human spectrum, allowing them to see entities and energies that would otherwise be invisible to them? We might remind ourselves that we see only a small percent of the visible spectrum.

Of course, we should also mention that many people with a more skeptical viewpoint suggest that the bizarre accounts could be down to nothing more than human mind’s susceptibility to the power of suggestion – that because they expect to see something strange, they perceive their environment in such a manner.

A Truly Profound Location

As we can see, then, while it is perhaps not as well known, Blind Frog Ranch is one of the strangest locations, not only in the United States but perhaps on the planet. And furthermore, while activity within the ranch’s boundaries are undoubtedly intense, there are many accounts of strange activity in the surrounding areas also. For example, another local ranch owner reported tending to his cattle one evening when he noticed a huge, hairy creature with glowing red eyes watching him. The next thing the ranch owner realized, the creature had vanished into thin air. Could this creature have arrived there from Blind Frog Ranch? It is certainly possible.

And should we also contemplate that the entire region, perhaps the entire state of Utah and beyond, was once home to an advanced civilization, one not recorded or known by mainstream history? While this is pure speculation, it is worthwhile speculation, as the stone ruins and relics attest.

It is also worth noting that the company that owns Blind Frog Ranch today is compiling a huge database of these paranormal encounters, ranging from witness reports to photographic and video evidence. Understanding the strange goings-on at Blind Frog Ranch could, in turn, help us understand various mysteries along the paranormal and supernatural spectrum.

The video below examines Blind Frog Ranch a little further.


1 The Unknown & Otherworldly Near Vernal, Utah, Visit Utah https://www.visitutah.com/articles/unknown-otherworldly-near-vernal

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