Hidden Memories And Strange Metal Devices: The Tim Cullen Alien Abduction Case

Marcus Lowth
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October 8, 2023
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The alien abduction case of Tim Cullen in Yuma, Colorado, is intriguing not only due to the alleged abduction itself, but the apparent recovery of an alien implant. Furthermore, in the run-up to the strange events, Tim appeared to predict the encounter through several strange dreams. After initially forgetting about the events that summer’s evening in 1978, a change injury and subsequent discovery of a strange piece of metal in Tim’s thumb suddenly brought forth the full details of that evening, as well as other memories that had remained locked away in his subconscious for two decades.

While we should indeed take the encounters with a little pinch of salt, the apparent repeated alien abduction of Tim Cullen is one that thrust both himself and the subject of alien abduction and alien implants into the national and international spotlight. Just what might have happened to Tim during his adult life, and if he has received multiple visits from alien entities from elsewhere, remains unknown. It is certainly an interesting case, though. And one very much worth an examination over four decades later.

Before we turn our attention to the abduction encounters and the eventual discovery of the alien implant, we will turn our attention to just under two months before the incident, and a strange and intense dream Tim experienced.

A Bizarre Dreams And Tragic Events

Tim Cullen’s story begins with a bizarre and unsettling dream he had during the night of April 2nd, 1978, in which he was involved in a horrific traffic accident. [1] Despite the very intense nature of the dream, Cullen didn’t think too much about it.

A week later, however, on April 9th, he was driving along the highway with his friend, Ken Ruberg, and the dream suddenly surged back into his mind. Only seconds later, the car rolled over multiple times. Ultimately, the crash resulted in Tim suffering a broken neck.

Ruberg, who had come out of the accident largely unhurt, managed to free his friend from the vehicle before waving down a passing motorist who took the pair to the hospital. These events, incidentally, were exactly as Tim’s dream had played out.

It was while he was recovering in hospital that he had a second intense and strange dream, this time of an encounter with a UFO. He was soon released from the hospital, although had to return regularly for medical check-ups. It was as he was returning home from one of these check-ups, at around 11 pm on May 30th, 1978, with his wife, Janet, who was five months pregnant at the time, that things would take an even stranger twist.

A Strange Encounter On Highway 59

As the pair were driving on Highway 59 Tim noticed a strange, slightly glowing object that passed directly in front of their vehicle a short distance away. The object disappeared temporarily behind a hill before appearing once more a moment later.

The object continued on its way as Tim brought the car to a stop. Then, it headed toward them, eventually changing their direction, traveling “under the power and telephone lines and hovered over a pasture”. He estimated it was around 100 feet in length, 10 feet tall, and approximately 20 feet wide.

He would later state that the object “didn’t make any noise” and that there were “two diffused lights that shone at the back” of it, one of which was yellow, and the other was red. He and Janet remained where they were and simply “stared” at the bizarre aerial object until it disappeared into the distance. After taking a moment to gather themselves, the couple went on with their journey.

Tim would state two decades later he didn’t think to look at the clock at the time, meaning that it is uncertain if there was any missing time during the encounter, although both witnesses had no sense of missing time. Nor did they have any type of memory of being in a strange room or craft. That said, Tim also offered that the more he thought about it, the more he recalled that he did “have an odd feeling” at the time he and Janet decided to go on with their journey, it “didn’t really register” with him and he put it out of his mind.

In fact, 20 years after the encounter, many more details came flooding back to Tim.

A Sudden Recall Of Memory

At some time during 1998, Tim hit his thumb with a hammer while he was at work, eventually going to see a doctor as he suspected he had dislocated it. He visited Dr. Mark Hubner at the Yuma Clinic, who proceeded to take an x-ray of the injured digit. When he examined the X-rays, though, the doctor asked Tim about the piece of metal in his arm. At that very moment, a rush of details and realizations came to him.

Firstly, he had a realization that the object was a solid vehicle, potentially from another world. Furthermore, he was now certain that they had experienced missing time, which was the reason the conversation about deciding to go on with their journey following the sighting was so disjointed. Even more remarkable, he had sudden memories of further encounters that occurred years later.

Tim Cullen

Tim Cullen

In 1980, for example, around two years after the initial encounter, Tim, at almost the same location, would encounter an almost identical craft. He recalled that two “diffused yellow lights” appeared on the object that then started blinking. At the time, he could recall realizing that the same events that had happened in 1978 were about to unfold again.

The craft began to approach but instead of stopping over the top of him, it simply moved away, eventually disappearing behind a nearby hill. At this point, Tim scrambled back inside his car and returned home to Yuma as quickly as possible.

There was a further encounter a little over a decade later in 1994 when he, his wife, and their three daughters were traveling around 40 miles to the south of Yuma when they noticed a strange object in the distance with a strange “strobe light” coming from it.

Tim recalled that the object “hovered off the road” in front of them, as he eventually brought their car to a stop. All five of them watched the object for around five to 10 minutes before it finally started in motion and disappeared to the north.

The Work Of Dr. Roger Leir

Of course, as well as the memories and details that suddenly came forward in Tim’s mind, was the knowledge of what the strange piece of metal in his left forearm actually was – an object widely known as an alien implant. Of course, he didn’t reveal that to Dr. Hubner. Instead, he simply returned home and began researching as much as could on the subject on the Internet.

X-ray of the Tim Cullen implant

X-ray of the Tim Cullen implant

He eventually learned of Roger K. Leir and his apparent work with alien implants. After making contact with Leir, the two men communicated over the next 12 months before Tim finally traveled to Thousand Oaks in California. Leir would remove the alleged alien artifact on February 5th, 2000.

The object, which was encased in a strange, reddish-brown membrane and was the shape of a melon seed, was around 7 centimeters long and 4 centimeters wide. More ominously, around it were “several long preceptors” which Leir discovered had been connected to nerve endings in his arm. When Leir discovered a metal core to the object, he held a magnet to it. Almost immediately, it jumped from the table to the magnet that was around half an inch away.

Although it was not determined what the object was, given Tim’s encounters with UFOs, it was considered likely it could be of extraterrestrial origin.

A Potential “Medical Breakthrough” For Doctors Here On Earth!

Following the discovery and the reporting on it, Cullen began to receive a lot of attention from both the media and UFO organizations looking to explore his claims. And it was attention that Cullen appeared to be rather comfortable with. He was always happy to speak of his encounters, and, unlike many other abductees, was more than happy for his real name to be used in newspaper articles and news stories.

The implant was eventually sent to a company named Digital Instruments in California for further study. [2] However, the results of these studies were largely unclear, although there was little doubt that the implant was certainly very strange.

It was determined, however, that the membrane around the device when it was removed was also discovered on other alleged alien implants removed by Leir. Cullen would offer in subsequent interviews that this membrane could protect the otherworldly device from foreign object rejection by the body.

He would elaborate that understanding this membrane could be “a huge medical breakthrough for doctors who want to use biological, metal, or implants of other materials” which could, ultimately, “save many lives in the future”. If there is any truth or accuracy in these claims, Cullen could very well be correct.

“The Truth Needs To Come Out!”

There is much to contemplate with the Tim Cullen alien abduction case. If Cullen was a repeat abductee, and just how long did these abductions stretch back? Furthermore, although he recalled three separate incidents starting in 1978, could there be many more encounters that remain buried deep in Tim Cullen’s mind?

Perhaps most intriguing of all, what should we make of the strange metallic implant recovered from his left arm? Was this device really placed there by aliens? And if so, when, and for what purpose? Was this implant some kind of tracking device allowing these potential alien visitors to locate Tim whenever they needed to? Was it feeding some kind of data back to those who implanted it? Might it even have been able to control Tim’s thoughts and feelings, perhaps some kind of sleeping mind-control technology?

Cullen himself would offer that he was determined to speak as much as he could about his encounter as “someone has to put a face to the alien stories”, which would, hopefully, result in more people who have experienced such events coming forward. He would state further that “the more people we can find with implants, the more evidence we’re going to have” which would, eventually, “get rid of the stigma” surrounding such matters.

Ultimately, Tim Cullen would assert that “the truth needs to come out”.

The short video below looks at the subject of alien implants a little further.


1 The 9th Alleged ET Implant Removal, Don Robertson https://www.lightnet.co.uk/the-9th-alleged-et-implant-removal-by-dr-roger-leir-team/
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