The Intriguing Tall White Humanoid Encounter Of Paul Parada

Marcus Lowth
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October 30, 2023
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October 28, 2023
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The encounter of Paul Parada in September 2019 is an intriguing one as it offers us valuable insight into details of strange, pale-skinned humanoid entities that have seemingly been visiting Earth for decades, perhaps even centuries.

The incident not only saw interaction between Parada and this apparent tall white alien entity, but Parada treated the figure for a severe wound he had sustained. It is an encounter that also contains details that resonate with other encounters on record, not just with tall white humanoid figures, but with other apparent alien creatures. Such details as telepathic communication and clothing that appears to be of an unknown material.

The account entered the wider public arena courtesy of veteran UFO and humanoid researcher, Albert Rosales, who has researched and documented multiple encounters with all kinds of humanoid creatures. We recommend you check out his work in full.

A Strange Figure Approaching Out Of The Darkness

The incident in question unfolded one evening in September 2019 in the Amazon region of Bolivia. Parada was a 30-year-old paramedic who had volunteered himself in the region to provide medical assistance to local firefighters injured by the wildfires that were ravaging the area at the time.

On the night in question, at around 11 pm, Parada was smoking a cigarette outside the medical tent where he was stationed. As he did so, however, he suddenly noticed a figure heading in his direction out of the darkness that surrounded them. He continued to watch the figure, making out details the closer it got.

Paul Parada

Paul Parada

He could immediately see that this figure was particularly tall and particularly white skin. It was dressed in a shiny one-piece blue suit with silver stripes or lines on it, and he had long, blond hair. It is clear to anyone who has studied UFOs and alien encounters for any amount of time, that this description sits very nicely with descriptions of humanoid entities that were encountered in the 1950s – entities that were often called (by witnesses and researchers), Nordic Aliens. Whether this figure Parada witnessed is indeed a Nordic Alien remains unclear, but it is certainly an interesting detail to note.

As the figure approached him, now only several feet away, Parada could see that he was holding a blanket or towel to his shoulder or upper torso. He called out and asked him if he needed any help. To his surprise, the figure replied in perfect Spanish that he did need help – he was injured. And with that, the strange, mysterious figure entered the medical tent, with Parada following behind.

Strange Blood Resistant Material And Telepathic Communication

As Parada entered the tent, he asked the figure what the problem was and where he was injured. Without speaking, the figure removed the towel he was holding to his upper torso and revealed a gaping wound in his side.

Parada immediately went to work treating it. As he did so, he could see that despite the severity of the wound and the amount of blood that was exiting it, none of it stained the figure’s clothing. It was almost as if, whatever material it was, it was resistant to the blood, almost like a piece of waterproof clothing.

Artist's impression of the humanoid figure witnessed by Paul Parada

Artist’s impression of the humanoid figure witnessed by Paul Parada

As he treated the wound, he asked the figure what had caused the injury. To his surprise, instead of speaking to him verbally, he used telepathy, speaking directly into his head. He offered that he had been hurt by a young puma in the forest.

Noting the look of shock and surprise on Parada’s face, the figure spoke to him again using telepathy, telling him that he shouldn’t be afraid and that no harm would come to him.

Parada continued to treat the wound successfully. Following this, though, the evening would take another surprising turn.

“Don’t Be Shocked At What You Are About To See!”

The figure thanked Parada for tending to the wound and offered that while he did feel weak, he was ready to go. He asked the young medic to go with him outside, to which he agreed. However, before they left, the figure told Parada that he “shouldn’t be shocked at what he was about to see”.

Upon leaving the medical tent, Parada was a little shocked to see a large, metallic, disc-shaped object hovering a short distance from the ground only a matter of feet away. Underneath the craft, were two more humanoid figures, although these were shorter than the humanoid he had just treated, and had pale green skin as opposed to white.

Much stranger, though, was the way in which these figures moved. Parada recalled that they moved in a manner that was very mechanical, almost like robots. Of course, whether they were machines or not is known, but there are many other encounters on record of apparent robotic aliens. Parada also recalled that when he looked at these shorter figures, a sense of dread rose up in him – a feeling that he couldn’t explain.

The figures approached the humanoid, who left to go with them. However, before he did so, he turned to Parada and addressed him using his name – something that Parada had not told him at any point during the encounter. Now, shocked and a little shaken by the whole affair, Parada returned inside the medical tent, not seeing the figure enter the craft or see it leave.

Possible DNA Evidence?

Although Parada would tell his brother of the encounter (who was also in the region in the same capacity) he would otherwise keep it to himself. Indeed, he would claim that he had trouble sleeping for several months after the incident, such was the surreal nature of it.

What is worth noting, though, is that Parada would claim to have retained a piece of bandage that he used to treat the humanoid figure, upon which was its blood. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, there has been no DNA testing undertaken on this bandage. However, if such testing should go ahead, the encounter could suddenly become one of the most important in history.

Just who the humanoid entity was, where he came from, and what his reason for being here in the first place all remain unknown. The account, though, is an intriguing one. And while there are certainly details of these tall white humanoid encounters in the 1950s, it is also worth our time exploring the notion that these humanoids could have been visiting our planet for much longer. Perhaps even for thousands of years.

A Possible Link To The Past?

It is perhaps worth our time here exploring the idea that these Tall White Humanoid entities have not only been visiting the Earth since the 1950s but perhaps since antiquity. Might we find, for example, that legends of angels in Biblical writings are, in fact, tales of tall white humanoid beings visiting humanity in the distant past?

Descriptions of these angels certainly hint at such a possibility. They are often described as having white skin that glowed or shined in an otherworldly way. They are often dressed in bright shiny clothing. And furthermore, they often appear – from a modern-day perspective – to have access to highly advanced technology. Perhaps a good example would be the account of the angels who visited Lot, who used some kind of device that blinded an angry mob that had surrounded Lot’s house where they were staying.

Could it be that these angels in the Bible are, in fact, extraterrestrials – Tall White Humanoid extraterrestrials?

There are many other legends from ancient times of strange visitors that glowed or shined, often described as being taller than humans and with pale, white skin. Perhaps we could take this a stage further and contemplate whether the Anunnaki were also tall white humanoid entities. If this is the case, then it would suggest that the Anunnaki never fully left and are still visiting the Earth today. And if there was any truth to that, it would alter the past, present, and future of humanity.

An Account With Important Details

As we can see then, the encounter of Paul Parada is interesting for several reasons. Perhaps one of the most important details is the fact that the humanoid was injured and required assistance. This tells us that these humanoids – whoever they are – are flesh and blood entities. And perhaps of more importance, they are very much fallible.

With this in mind, if some researchers are correct and the aliens visiting Earth have intentions in mind for humanity that are far from beneficial for us, then we know that we can fight back and that these humanoids can be hurt. And while that perhaps isn’t a pleasant thought, if such an attack be made on humanity, we would be glad to be aware of this.

That said, there is seemingly little evidence that these Tall White Humanoids do have desires to attack humanity. Indeed, encounters with them often revolve around the passing of information, and even attempts to raise spiritual awareness in those who encounter them. If this is the case, and these entities are trying to assist humanity in some way, then we have to ask, why would they do so, and what might they want in return?

Ultimately, the encounter of Paul Parada remains unexplained, as does the nature and intentions of these tall white humanoid entities. That such an encounter unfolded so recently, though, suggests that their presence remains, and it is likely that other encounters and interactions will happen again.

The short video below features Paul Parada speaking of the encounter. And while the conversation is in Spanish only with no subtitles, it is very much worth watching just to see Parada and his demeanor as he speaks of the incident.

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