The Killeen Disappearing Infant Case

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November 18, 2019
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An apparent case of alien abduction from October 1994 in Killeen, Texas is as intriguing as it is mysterious. Perhaps even more so when we factor in several other reports of strange aerial sightings and at least one other abduction claim in the Lone Star State during the same window of time.

The incident itself not only suggests the brief alien abduction of a young baby but also of the mother. An abduction she couldn’t recall but had all the signs of. What is also interesting off the back of this detail is the notion that alien abductions are a lot of the times, although not always, something that runs in families and occurs through several generations.

An image of a grey alien over a dark bedroom

Just what happened in Kileen, Texas in October 1994?

This notion is a little sobering if only as it hints at the sheer enormity of whatever experiment or project connects to these most often terrifying encounters. As well as what the end goal might be? And how long remains before the end phase of these mysterious experiments begins. Are they for the benefit of humanity? Or might they truly represent a collective fate so monstrous most are happy to never contemplate such a scenario?

What is also strange, as we will examine shortly, is that several other sightings are on record during the same time as the apparent alien abduction. With at least two sharing very similar details to the Killeen case. It should perhaps make us wonder, how many others might have experienced, and are still experiencing similar incidents, only they are not at all aware of it. At least not consciously.

The report appears to have entered the public domain through “Cristina C.” which is most likely the name of the witness. However, due to uncertainty on this, we will progress with the witness as anonymous.

Awakened To Find Baby Missing!

Late one October evening in 1994, an unnamed woman would suddenly feel the need to leave her bed and walk over to her 6-month old son who was asleep in his crib by the window. Only when she looked down into his small bed, it was completely empty.

It was at that moment, with the sense of fear and panic regarding the location of her young son running through her, that she also realized she had no actual recollection of going to bed that evening. Before she could give it any more thought, the sound of her son crying would ring out. At the same time, a bright light announced itself from outside, seeping through the closed window blinds.

An image of an aliens face with the planet Earth in its eye

The witness claimed an alien took her baby

She would attempt to wake her husband who, despite the commotion of the situation, remained fast asleep throughout. This is an interesting detail and one that discreetly shows up in other accounts of alien abduction. That one person – the abductee – remains fully conscious and aware of the bizarre events, while anyone else in the room remains asleep, but unnaturally so. As if under some kind of advanced and unknown (to us) technology. This would, then, suggest the purposeful targeting of a specific person over others.

She would attempt to turn on the bedroom light but try as she might, the power would not come on and the room remained in darkness.

Then, another flash of light filled the room immediately followed by the cries of her baby son. When her eyes refocused from the sudden light, her son was there in front of her in his crib.

A Huge, Black, Triangular Craft Hovering Over The House!

She reached out to him immediately and scooped him from his bed doing her best to soothe his obviously distressed state.

After assuring herself that he was safe and unharmed, she reached for the blind at the window and pulled it open. As she peered outside, she could clearly see a triangular-shaped UFO hovering over the house. She would recall:

It was very low, and larger than the house. If I had been on the roof, I could have touched it! It was astonishing! I could not believe my eyes! (Also) It made no sound! [1]

As she watched the bizarre scene play out, she quickly scanned the other houses on the street. She could clearly see that all of the lights were out. Unless anyone happened to be looking out of their window in the dark, it was most likely that she was the only person witnessing this most surreal event.

An artist's impression of a grey alien

The witness also claimed that a huge black triangle was hovering over their house

As the enormity of such a situation fully dawned on her, she let the blinds fall back into place and backed away from the bedroom window. A moment later, the light from outside went out. She remained where she was, stood in the middle of the room with her young son in her arms.

After an unknown amount of time, she slowly walked over to the window once again. She peered outside and was relieved to find the bizarre object was no longer there. Not wanting to have her son out of her sight, however, she returned to bed with the young baby in between herself and her husband. In what was a surprisingly short time, she fell asleep.

A Strange Delay In Recall!

Quite bizarrely, upon waking the following morning, although her son was safe and awake in between herself and her husband, she couldn’t recall why he was there. Nor could she recall any details of the night before. It would take several hours for her to fully recall what had taken place in the middle of the previous night.

Upon the recollection flooding back to her she immediately made her way to her son to check him for any wounds or markings. She wouldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. When she checked herself, however, she would discover a strange mark on her leg. What’s more, when she pressed her finger on the mark it felt as though there was something hard, like a pea or small pellet underneath the skin.

Although she would tell her mother of the discovery, she would keep the encounter from everyone else. And would wait for over a decade before reporting the incident via an online reporting platform.

The mark on her leg would remain, and at the time of the report (around 2007), it was still very visible. The item under the skin, however, has “either gone or (is) buried on the muscle now”.

What’s more, although she wouldn’t elaborate, the witness would claim that this “is just one of many strange experiences” she had encountered.

Experiments Across Generations (And With A Military Presence?)

As we touched on previously, there is a real hint that whoever took her son also inserted the item into her leg. And most likely did so during an abduction where she herself was the victim. More specifically, it is likely that these incidents have been taking place since the witness was a young girl. And certainly possible that her parents, and possibly their parents were subject to the same strange happenings.

Perhaps also interesting that the witness mentions, almost in passing, the fact she has lived most of her life “since the age of 9” in close proximity to “the largest military base in the United States”.

A depiction of a UFO with a light beam coming from underneath

Might the military be involved in these strange cases?

Might this mean that if there is an extraterrestrial connection to this most mysterious incident, that there might also be a discreet military one too? It is no secret that there are claims upon claims of some type of military involvement – if only from a discreet and specialized department – in alien abduction experiences.

Might this be the case here also? Not only should we perhaps take the location of the abductee in relation to Fort Hood, but also the fact that she witnessed a large, black triangular craft. One that many believe is a United States’ top-secret aircraft, the TR-3B. Possibly built using reverse-engineered alien technology.

Perhaps we should even ask if the black, triangular crafts are indeed the product of black budget projects, might it be that these apparent cases of alien abduction, at least some of them, are actually the result of a bizarre and possibly ominous shadow government experiment? A chilling thought, no doubt.

Another Potential Abduction Incident?

It is also worth noting another claim of alien abduction in Texas at (roughly) the same time, in the town of Vidor just before midnight on the evening of 11th October 1994. Once more, according to the report, the witness believes the incident happened “directly in front” of their home. Similarly, the incident was also reported in 2007. [2]

The report claims that the witness, a young boy at the time, was walking home when a “sudden bright light” appeared out of nowhere. It “hit” the witness and caused him to “freeze”.

A blended picture of an oil drill with a grey alien

Did other abductions happen in Texas around the same time?

Then, bizarrely, the next thing he realized he was running down the street as fast as he could. What’s more, he had a feeling of absolute terror running through him, although he wasn’t sure why. As he continued to run, he also realized he was suddenly quite a lot further away than he was when he had seen the strange light. As if it had transported him back to an earlier spot.

When he finally did arrive home, his extremely distressed mother informed him he was two hours late, with the time now just after 1 am. He would go to bed, confused. He would, though, keep the experience to himself.

When he was in the shower, however, he would discover three strange dots in a triangular formation under his arm. What’s more, he would begin to suffer strange and bizarre nightmares of laying a “bright, cold room” with strange figures of “tall and petite” sizes standing around him.

The incident remains unexplained. It isn’t known if this incident was a one-off event or part of a recurring abduction experience.

Strange Sightings All Over Texas, Fall/Winter 1994

The state of Texas would experience a discreet wave of sightings in the fall and into the opening weeks of winter 1994.

On the afternoon of 10th October, for example, at around 3 pm in Mercedes, a witness would claim to have seen an F-16 fighter jet pursuing an anomalous craft for several minutes. Even stranger, although it only appeared once, amateur footage appeared on the local news station. Whether of consequence or not, that footage has not surfaced since.

The following day in San Antonio, at a little after 7 am, a witness would report a “grey ball floating in the sky” overhead. The witness would describe the object as “perfectly round” with a “thick band…like a belt” across the middle. The object was visible for around 30 seconds.

Two UFOs superimposed over a picture of downtown Dallas

The were many UFO sightings around Texas during the Fall of 1994

Four days later in the Marshall region of the state, a college student would witness an “orange fiery disc” hovering just above the trees at around 11 pm. The witness would recall it moved across the sky extremely fast and was “larger than a car” in terms of size. Although it wasn’t a sound typical of a terrestrial aircraft, a strange “rushing” noise was audible while the disc was in sight.

A sighting on the 25th October is also worth mentioning. At around 1:30 am back in the San Antonio area of Texas, near Randolph Air Force Base, an unnamed witness would report an “amorphous, floating ink-spot” in the sky overhead. What’s more, no sound was audible throughout the sighting, which lasted for around a minute. Strangely, in the minutes after it disappeared from sight, whether coincidentally or not, a strange wind went through the area.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing incidents in Texas during this time occurred in the opening weeks of 1995 several months later.

Triangular Object Hovers Silently Over Cleburne

Although it was around two months after the Killeen case, an incident that took place in January 1995 is also worth examining here. Not least as it is another report in Texas of a large, black, triangular-shaped craft.

At around 10 pm on the night in question, in the Cleburne region of Texas, the witness and two friends were driving home from an ice hockey game they had attended. As they did so, all three of them noticed a bizarre object in the skies overhead. As the road was quiet and they were in an “undisturbed” area, they would pull the car over and exit the vehicle in order to get a better look at the strange craft.

A superimposed UFO over an oil plant at night

The UFO sightings continued into the following year

Whatever it was, the object appeared to have a black exterior as it was difficult to pick out the triangular shape against the night sky. However, what they all could clearly see was “three bright lights in a triangular pattern”.

They at first thought it might be a surveillance plane from the local military base. However, when they realized it was hovering as opposed to moving across the sky they quickly dismissed this. Furthermore, despite it being barely 500 feet from the ground, none of the trio could hear a sound. It was as if it was completely silent.

Then, with all three of the friends looking up in awe and disbelief, the craft suddenly vanished into the distance at breakneck speed. It would remain completely silent as it did so. Indeed, if they hadn’t have been looking up, they would have had no indication anything strange was overhead and would likely have continued home as usual.

The Eerily Similar Case Of “George And Amanda”

Although it happened over a decade earlier on the other side of the Atlantic in Cleveland in the United Kingdom, the encounter of “George and Amanda” (not their real names) has some striking and chilling similarities. The incident, which occurred in the summer of 1982, was documented in the book Without Consent by Carl Nagaitis and Philip Mantle. And it is one that smacks of alien abduction.

According to their account, at around 1 am on the 30th of August when George and Amanda were preparing to go to be for the night. They switched off the television and began upstairs to bed. However, shortly after, a sudden piercing and unnerving scream came from their baby daughter Sarah’s bedroom.

A depiction of an alien entering a forest through a portal

Why are so many accounts so similar?

Each of the parents automatically left the bed and began in the direction of their daughter’s room, realizing from the sheer desperation in the scream that something was terribly wrong. They burst through the door and went straight to the cot where she slept. George reached down to pick Sarah up with Amanda taking her into her arms, looking for any signs of injury. Eventually satisfied that no harm had come to her, the two parents began to contemplate just what had caused her to call out with such intensity.

It was around this time that they noticed a bright light illuminating the room which appeared to be coming from their garden. When George peered outside, a strangely shaped oval object appeared to be at the back of the garden. What’s more, there appeared to be a strange figure stood next to it. George called out to Amanda who came to the window to see the strange object for herself.

As she was looking out of the window, something made George leave the room and step out on to the landing. Upon doing so, though, he noticed two more of the strange figures. Of more urgency was that these creatures were climbing the stairs to the landing upon which George now stood. Then, everything went blank.

A Lack Of Recollection Of A Truly Disturbing Experience

George would state that not only did he not have any recollection of the night before after noticing the strange creatures, but that he couldn’t even recall waking up the following morning. In fact, the very first memory he had after the encounter was of walking into the kitchen and informing Amanda that he had had a “funny dream” the previous evening. When she replied that she had also had a bizarre dream and began relaying it to her husband, they quickly began to realize that they either had the same “dream”, or that it wasn’t a dream at all, but a very disturbing experience.

Despite the feeling each had that something strange and possibly out of this world had taken place in their home the previous night, neither could fully recall the events of that evening. One thing of interest that did come to Amanda, however, was that she had stepped on to the landing shortly after her husband. When she did, though, there was no sign of him at all. And an examination of their daughter’s room did little to dislodge their memories.

A depiction of a spaceship over two children

Alien abductions happen all over the world

They would ultimately agree to under hypnotic regression in order to unlock them. And much like the conscious memories, Amanda was able to recall much more than George. And if we assume that his disappearance was part of an abduction event, then this would suggest that some kind of memory blocker might have been utilized.

Upon realizing that she was alone with her baby daughter, she called out her husband’s name several times but there was no response. She stood for several more moments listening for any signs of her husband. Then, things took an even more drastic turn. A noise from down the stairs caused her to turn her attention in that direction. When she did so she noticed that there was something “terrible” on the stairs.

More Creatures On The Stairs

According to the account in Without Consent, Amanda would claim while under hypnosis that the figure was “small” and its “skin was funny”. What’s more, it was “very pale” with a “long face” that appeared to contain no nose or ears. The ghastly looking figure remained in one spot on the stairs, seemingly observing Amanda. As it was doing so, she noticed that there was a second creature stood a little way behind it.

Then, things turned even stranger.

Although she couldn’t recall doing so of her own accord, she began to move down the stairs. The next thing she knew she was outside. She couldn’t, though, give an accurate description of exactly where she was. She only knew that she was outside. What’s more, she appeared to be alone. She still had no idea where her husband was. Furthermore, Sarah was no longer in her arms. She claimed she felt “frightened” at this stage.

A depiction of a futuristic being

Is there a hybridization program behind alien abductions?

Then, with no memory of how she had gotten there, she would wake up in her bed. Her mind then zipped forward once more, with her next memory being discussing the strange “dreams” with George the following morning.

One more point of interest occurred several months later when George suddenly became unwell. So ill, in fact, that he would spend around three months in the hospital. Doctors would eventually determine that he had suddenly developed a disease of the blood cells which were being attacked by his own immune system. He would ultimately recover after a course of steroids.

Whether the sudden illness has a connection to the apparent alien abduction encounter or not is open to debate. However, we should note that many people who claim such close encounters also develop various health problems in the weeks and months that follow. Whether these bouts of illness (some of which are very serious) are an intentional infliction or an unfortunate coincidence remains open to debate.

Is There A Truly Dark Motive Behind Such Alien Abductions?

Just what did occur with George and Amanda that evening in the late summer of 1982? And are the similarities with the Killeen case merely coincidence or might the strange creatures be behind both incidents?

If that is the case, it forces us to ask just how long these apparent aliens have had a presence on Earth? As well as what purpose such incidents serve. Who was the target that evening in north England? Might it have been Sarah, the young child? Or were all of the family abducted that evening?

If, as some researchers suggest, there is a program in place to overtake the Earth through some kind of hybridization colonizing mission, then it might make sense that infants would be targeted? Might these abductions, for example, be the first of many throughout the lives of these young children, who are unwittingly part of some kind of intergalactic program?

Perhaps we should remind ourselves of the account of Jason Andrews, who would declare to his parents as a teenager that he had received visits from “strange beings” during the night since he was a young child. Each time, he was taken from his bed into a strange room where several strange beings performed bizarre experiments on him. These accounts began when he was four years old after a very strange incident on his fourth birthday. During what was a bright, sunny, day, a vicious thunderstorm suddenly broke out, with bizarre and intense lightning cutting the now darkened sky.

A picture of an alien approaching a child

Are aliens targeting children around the world?

Of more concern to Jason’s parents, though, were the strange numbers Jason was saying in an unnerving catatonic tone. When these numbers were examined later by investigators, they were found to be extremely complex equations. When the young boy said as a matter of fact to his parents that “they are waiting for me, I have to go!” it was all they could do to stop their son from leaving the house and stepping outside into the downpour. When the storm stopped, Jason appeared to come out of the controlled state. The incident was forgotten about until Jason’s revelation almost a decade later.

Is the account of the Andrews family a consequence of the same strange beings we have examined in the cases above? Just how far-reaching are such accounts and what does that mean for the UFO and alien question?

Of course, while there are many accounts provided by children of apparent alien abduction on record, many of which we have examined before. However, there are many who take accounts from those so young with a pinch of salt at best. After all, studies have shown that children can very much create “false memories” – perhaps particularly so with such outlandish subjects.

However, the cases we have examined here were relayed by adults from who most people would be more willing to accept such wild tales. It would certainly appear that something very strange is taking place. Might it be, though, that the location is also of importance? It is to that thought we will turn our attention to next.

A Bizarre Phenomenon Crucial To Understanding The Human Existence!

As we have examined on several occasions, like other states such as California, Pennsylvania, or Washington, the state of Texas has a long history of UFO sightings and claims of extraterrestrial encounters.

Perhaps the fact that such hot spots of UFO sightings develop should lend a degree of credibility, in theory, to the claims that hail from these areas. We surely can’t put such incidents in these highly active areas down to people seeing things and misidentified “rational” aerial objects.

If that was the case then such sightings would surely be relatively constant and similar to each other, in frequency and number of reports, right across the United States. However, this isn’t the case, leading us to identify another matching variable.

Perhaps the location of military bases within these hot spot areas would explain such activity, although once more such facilities are littered across the country.

Whatever the reasons might one day prove to be, that something strange is taking place in these hot spot areas, of which Texas is very much one, is increasingly obvious. And as we asked in the opening, just how widespread are these bizarre experiences? How many others might have memories locked away, whether subconsciously or not, of similar encounters?

Ultimately, just how widespread are such cases of alien abduction, both in terms of distance and time? And what might that mean for us in terms of both our collective past and future? It is a notion that is too outlandish for consideration to many, but something that has been with us since the beginning of our time on Earth. One can’t help but feel that an understanding of such an admittedly bizarre phenomenon will be crucial to our fuller contemplation of the human existence.

Check out the video below looking at such matters.


1 Infant Disappears in Killeen, Texas, 1994, UFO Casebook
2 Texas UFO Reports, National UFO Reporting Center

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