The Bone-Chilling Alien Abduction Revelations Of Mabel White

Marcus Lowth
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February 29, 2024
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What makes the claims of Mabel White stand out somewhat is that she is not only claiming to have been abducted by aliens but also claims she was informed of a “hybridization” program, the goal of which was to create a “hybrid race” that would seemingly one day take over the Earth. And while this might sound outrageous and preposterous to many, the same conclusions have been arrived at by several people, including academics, who have studied the alien abduction phenomena.

Perhaps of more concern are Mabel’s claims that these entities are “too far advanced for us to defend ourselves” against them and that human beings, indeed all of humanity, are simply pawns in a bigger picture that is seemingly beyond our control.

Mabel would give her testimony to Eyes On Cinema, and if there is any truth to it, if only in part, then it could be a cause for concern for all of us. And although there are only a few specific details were given as to the background of the abductions, or the abductions themselves, Mabel spoke in-depth about the reasons behind these harrowing incidents.

“It’s Real To Me!”

At least one of Mabel’s alien abductions happened while she was driving her car when she spotted something strange overhead. She recalls stepping out of the car onto the pavement to take a look at the strange aerial anomaly before her mind goes blank. The next thing she realized, she was back in the car. However, when she looked down at herself, there was dirt all over her, as if she had been walking through some very muddy terrain.

She later stated that this was why she knew that something very real had happened and that something was “physical”. She offered, “If I just stepped out of the car and looked up (at the object), because we were on pavement, there’s no way that I could have gotten that much dirt on me”. Following this, she began to realize that she was experiencing these strange events on a regular basis.

Further to that, despite a “knot” in her mind that was simply telling her that something was not right, she would discover bruises all over her body in the days following the incident. She offered that “nobody is beating me up in my sleep, because if anybody hit me that hard (to cause bruising) I would wake up”. She would continue that “the places where I have the bruises, I couldn’t give them to myself”, and further still, if she had “bumped into something that hard I would certainly remember it”.

Ultimately, she would state, “It’s real to me!”

“They Want Bodies, And They Want Minds!”

Mabel continued that these encounters were “not really a frightening experience”, elaborating that “it just happens”. She would state, though, that one aspect that did scare her was that she was “not consciously aware of what had happened”. What’s more, because of the sheer bizarre nature and surrealness of the events, she struggles to articulate it in her mind, stating that she had no point of reference, and, to begin with at least, she had no idea why these events were happening in the first place.

She also offered that when she finally discovered the truth about these strange events that were leaving very physical evidence of their unfolding, she felt “at peace”, adding that “knowing that there’s nothing that I can do about it” made it easier somehow.

Perhaps more ominously, though, she also stated that “nobody can stop them from doing what they want to do – nobody on this earth, because they are too far advanced, mentally and technologically”, meaning that “we don’t have a defense at all”.

At this point, the interviewer offers that “it’s like they do magic”, to which Mabel agrees. This comparison to magic is an interesting one – especially when we imagine that if an advanced race had come across indigenous people in ancient times, they also would have seen any form of advancement as “magic” – so much so, that they would have thought of these visitors as gods. It is certainly an interesting thought.

Mabel continued that “they could come here today and take over if that was their desire”. She didn’t, however, they wished to “take over through violence”. She stated that they had also had no desire for “government control. Instead, “they want bodies, and they want minds that are going to do what they want the masses to do”. And that, Mabel claims, “is where we come in!”

A Race That Can Breathe Our Atmosphere And Their Atmosphere

Mabel would claim it was not only her belief that a hybridization program was in place, but that she was told this by her extraterrestrial abductors. She stated that these alien entities were “gathering (human) eggs” for the sole purpose of creating a “hybrid race”. However, although she asked the reasons for this of her abductors, they “never gave an inkling” as to what the main goals might be, including “what this hybrid race would be doing” or “where it would be”.

They did say, however, at least according to Mabel, that they were attempting to create a “race of people that could live in our atmosphere and in their atmosphere”. Furthermore, it appeared that their attempts to achieve this had so far failed. Indeed, it would be interesting to know not only how these apparent hybrids are created, but also what tests and experiments are being carried out after the fact.

Another detail of interest offered by Mabel is that on one particular occasion, she recalled “being shown a baby” during one of her abduction encounters. As soon as she saw the young child, she immediately knew she was looking at her grandson. She recalled that although he looked completely human, she could see he had a shape to his eyes very similar to the aliens, although not as big.

Upon this realization, she asked if she could take the child with her but was informed that this was not possible because it would “not be able to live in this atmosphere”.

What is interesting about this is that many other repeat female abductees have made remarkably similar claims of, in the mothers’ cases, losing pregnancies, and then being shown a young child that they immediately knew was theirs but that was also seemingly an alien-human hybrid. The general conclusion of these cases is that these women were implanted with an alien-human embryo during one abduction, and then, several months later, during a subsequent abduction, the fetus was removed and then brought to term artificially under extraterrestrial supervision.

Was this the case here, although the mother – essentially a human incubator – was not Mabel but her daughter? This is another intriguing detail, as we will examine shortly, as it appears that alien abduction could be something that runs in Mabel’s family, something else that has been noticed with other repeat abductees.

Evidence Of Generational Alien Abduction

Mabel also spoke of the encounters of her grandmother, who told her of several bizarre experiences she had in the 1930s. According to Mabel’s grandmother’s account, she would typically sit on the outside porch with her husband (Mabel’s grandfather), and would often see strange lights that seemed to hover over the nearby oil wells.

Even stranger, on many occasions, they would see what appeared to be “little children dressed in white running around the oil wells”. What’s more, they would also often see these children-like entities dressed in white during the day at the same location.

Sketch of what Mabel’s Grandma witnessed

So enthralled and curious about them were they, that they sometimes attempted to get nearer to them for a closer look. However, whenever they did try to sneak up on these children in order to find out who they were and just what they were doing there, they always disappeared, as if into thin air.

While there are no suggestions of alien abduction in this particular account, we know that many people who experience repeat alien abduction also discover that their parents and often their grandparents experience it. And the fact that Mabel’s grandparents saw these UFOs, and their apparent occupants, regularly suggests that their reasons for being here were more than just to be seen from afar.

The Same Conclusions Arrived At By Other Researchers

As we mentioned in our opening, several researchers, including several academics respected in their fields, have arrived at the same conclusion – that the goal or agenda of alien abductions is to create some kind of hybrid race, with some going further, and claiming the ultimate goal of this program is for this hybrid race to take over the planet completely undetected.

Such people as Dr David Jacobs, for example, or Professor John Mack – both of whom made such startling revelations based on their respective in-depth and independent studies. Respected UFO researcher, Timothy Good has also made similar claims based on his own extensive research into the subject.

Sketch of the strange beings Mabel’s grandma witnessed

We have to ask, when such serious-minded researchers, several have put their professional careers and reputations on the line, perhaps particularly so with John Mack, why would they do so if they didn’t genuinely believe in their assertions? The answer is, surely, they wouldn’t.

If these claims of a hybridization program are accurate, then it is likely this program has been in place since at least the 1960s, if not long before that, especially when we consider the sightings from Mabel’s grandmother, which occurred in the 1930s.

Either way, for well over half a century, this speculative race of otherworldly beings has been attempting to perfect human-alien hybrids. And while Mabel was certain that they had not been successful in creating a hybrid that could breathe both the atmosphere of Earth and the atmosphere of their presumed home planet, perhaps they had managed to create a hybrid that could breathe the atmosphere on Earth.

Are Authorities Aware?

Of course, we should also consider that the world’s governments, or more specifically, certain dark departments of them, may very well be aware of such a program. We might remind ourselves of the alleged deal made between President Eisenhower in February 1954 and an apparent race of grey aliens. In its most basic form, this deal essentially would see the transferring of advanced technology exclusively to the United States, with the American authorities allowing citizens to be abducted by this grey alien race for their own research, after which they would be returned, unharmed and with no memory of the experience.

Is it purely coincidence that advancements seemed to skyrocket from the mid-1950s onwards and America began its journey to the superpower it would become over the following decades? Is it also a coincidence that alien abductions – particularly ones involving the typical grey-type aliens with details of what would become the typical grey alien abduction – began in the years following this alleged deal, picking up pace as the 1960s unfolded and seemingly reaching a peak in the seventies, eighties and early nineties.

Mabel White

And while abductions are still reported today and have been throughout the 2000s, they do appear, at least at a brief glance, to be down somewhat compared to previous decades. Does this mean that this apparent alien race and its hybridization program have reached another stage or progressed to the next level? And if so, what does that mean for us?

It is claimed that around 20 years after this deal was struck, however, this grey alien race began to be very liberal with their interpretation of the deal, abducting more people than was agreed, and seemingly performing experiments and tests that were not part of the original agreement. Was this the plan all along? And if this is the case, do the authorities themselves realize the perilous position we are in? And if this deal for access to the American population is accurate, how are alleged abductions from other countries around the world explained? Have other governments made their own arrangements, or is this alien race simply relying on their American “partners” to keep a lid on this rogue activity?

Plenty Of Speculative Thinking

Ultimately, whether Mabel White’s recollections are accurate or not remains to be seen. However, with everything we have discussed here in mind, her account, and many others like it, can’t be simply dismissed without further consideration and investigation.

The idea of alien-human hybrids taking over the world might be outrageous to some, but when we consider it, if just for the sake of argument, we perhaps begin to realize how open to infiltration we actually would be through such an invasion. Indeed, if, as some researchers have suggested, this hybridization program is much more advanced than we might think, how do we know there aren’t quite literally, aliens, albeit hybrid aliens, walking among us right now? How do we know they are not already in positions of influence and power?

While this, of course, is just speculation, depending on this alleged alien agenda and its ultimate goal, it makes for unpleasant thinking for humanity. Might a serious-minded study of these claims and the entities behind them one day reveal a weakness in their armor? Or could it be that the fate of humanity resides in the hands of an intelligence not of this world?

We might also contemplate how many other women around the planet this might be happening to who are completely unaware of it. Perhaps they would prefer it that way, especially if, as Mabel claims, all efforts to resist are futile.

You can see Mabel White speaking in the video below.

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