The 1939 Extraterrestrial Encounter Of Vicente Lucindo

Marcus Lowth
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January 3, 2024
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Without a doubt, one of the most intriguing and thought-provoking UFO and alien encounters occurred in Brazil almost a decade before the start of the Modern UFO era in the late 1930s, not least as rather than being a mere sighting of strange lights in the sky, it was a sighting of a craft nearby that quickly progressed to one of the earliest alien abductions on record.

What is of further interest, rather than being an encounter that would leave the witness disturbed and anxious about the events, these apparent alien visitors would relay information to the abductee that would result in him being financially rewarded. Indeed, while it is tempting to say this abduction encounter was a precursor to the activities of the grey alien race that would sweep the planet several decades later, it begs the question if these extraterrestrials – if indeed that is what they were – were an entirely different alien race altogether.

While the incident is perhaps lesser-known outside of Brazil, it is without a doubt an incident that should not be dismissed without further investigation.

A Strange Hissing Sound Out Of The Night

According to the account, which first appeared in the wider public domain in the 1982 book by Abilio C. Coelho, The History of Occultism [1] the encounter unfolded in July 1939, several months before the outbreak of the Second World War, in the town of Serra do Gordo in Minas Gerais, where the Lucindo family were looking to mine deposits of mica for export.

This mining family was made up of Joao Lucindo, his three sons, and his son-in-law, and despite several attempts to locate the precious ore, they had so far been unsuccessful. On the evening in question, with the family’s tent pitched halfway up the mountainside where they were working, Lucindo’s youngest son, Vincente, who was acting as the group’s cook, had to venture down to the bottom of the mountain to obtain water ready to cook breakfast the following day.

By the time he had set off, carrying an empty bucket for the water and a rifle, the sky was already beginning to darken and the moon was beginning to rise.  Little did he know, this usually laborious and monotonous journey would be unlike any other he had previously undertaken.

It was as he was approaching the water that he could hear a strange and “prolonged hiss” – so strange that he couldn’t begin to contemplate just what could be making it. He began to scan his surroundings in an attempt to discover a source for the noise but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He eventually came to the edge of the spring and stopped, placing the empty bucket down on the ground.

By this time, it was much darker than it was when he had set off a short time earlier. There was, though, enough light from the moon from over the treetops to allow him to see adequately. Despite his continued search of his immediate vicinity, however, he was unable to locate where this unsettling hissing sound was coming from, or what it might be. Realizing the others would be waiting for him, he gave up his search and reached for the bucket.

Caught In The “Center Of The Light!”

As he began to scoop water from the spring, another light suddenly lit up the area – and this one had a strange and unnatural quality to it. Vicente immediately dropped the bucket back to the ground and reached for his shotgun.

He spun around, his rifle now ready to be fired should there be a danger behind him, perhaps, given that the light appeared to be artificially powered, by other, more ruthless miners. He quickly established, however, that there was no one behind him and that he was alone. He did realize, though, that no matter where he moved, he always appeared to be “in the center of the circle of light”, which he later estimated to be approximately 15 feet across.

He experimented with this notion, moving a little way to the left and then the right. Each time, he remained exactly in the middle of the strange light, as if, whatever it was, it was tracking him. Then things turned even stranger.

As he continued to walk one way and then the other, he began to find it increasingly difficult to move his legs, as if his “feet were glued to the floor”. This continued until he was essentially frozen to the spot.

Then, he noticed two figures approaching him out of the darkness.

Inside The Spaceship

Still unable to move, he looked on as the two figures – each around six feet tall and wearing a “metallic mesh from their feet to their necks – continued toward him. Although he couldn’t see any details of their faces due to the brightness of the light, they appeared to be normal, human faces.

It was at this point that he realized the figures were gesturing to him. Although he didn’t understand why, he had a sudden urge to look up. There above him, approximately 150 feet above him, an object shaped like an “enormous plate” was hovering. It appeared to be rotating and Vicente suddenly realized that this object was the source of both the light and the hissing sound.

He continued looking up at the round, dark object, noticing that a “hatch” of some kind was now open on the underside. He suddenly realized that one of the figures was next to him and had a hold of his arm. The next thing he knew, both of them were rising upward toward the strange craft, with Vicente recalling that he had a feeling that was “being sucked in”. Seconds later, he and the figure were inside the “mysterious ship”.

As he looked around, he saw what looked like an “immense laboratory that could be used for countless purposes”. Moments later, he felt a sudden “dullness” in his senses, as if he had been administered with some kind of sedative. The figures now began to remove his clothes and proceeded to undertake several tests and experiments.

Throughout all of this, although he didn’t understand how he knew, he had the realization that one of the figures had told him that he wouldn’t come to any harm. What’s more, he was informed that “they would provide me and my family with a great benefit”.

Then, his surroundings changed in an instant.

A Sudden Return

The next thing he realized, he was standing outside the family’s tent halfway up the mountainside. What’s more, he had with him the bucket and it was full of water, and his rifle was packed nearly away over his shoulder. Strangely, despite the apparent long climb from the spring to the tent, his legs felt no aches or tiredness.

He then noticed his father and his brothers, looking very much as if they were preparing to go out searching for him. He quickly decided, in the moment, to offer to them that he was late due to him “chasing a paca” instead of telling them what had really happened. He also recalled what the figure had said to him about providing him and his family with a great benefit. He decided that if this benefit manifested – whatever it was – he would tell them then what really happened.

Not long after he arrived back at the tent, the family decided to bed down for the night. Perhaps not surprisingly, Vicente had great trouble sleeping, the bizarre events going around and around his mind. He had a constant feeling that he was just about to remember details of the events inside the ship, but they continued to elude him.

It was sometime near dawn, when he was in a state between being half asleep and half awake, that one of those memories suddenly came back to him – the memory of the “great benefit” for his family.

A Recall Of Information

He suddenly recalled one of the figures telling him that he should “open a tunnel on the other side of the mountain” at exactly the same level as his family was working now and they would find an area that required little work. The figure continued that they should “follow the tunnel in a straight line towards the interior of the mountain”. Once they reached a depth of 30 meters, they would find “a lot of malacacheta ore”.

Vicente knew that although they called the ore malacacheta, he knew it was the same as the mica they were seeking. He suddenly sat upright, realizing he had to act on the information but uncertain of how to inform his family as to why he felt they should mine on the other side of the mountain. He decided to tell them that he had had a strange dream about the location and urged them to check to see if there was indeed an abundance of mica there.

To his surprise, his father agreed, and a short time later, at the exact location he was told to mine at, they discovered the tunnel. They began mining, and in a matter of weeks recovered an abundance of the valuable ore. At this point, Vicente revealed the truth to his family about his encounter with the strange figures, continuing that it was them who informed him of the location. However, as pleased as they were with their find, they simply dismissed his version of events, insisting that it must have been only a dream.

Vicente, however, knew better. And he would stick to his version of events until his death in 1970, a short time after he revealed the encounter to Abilio Coelho.

Proof Of An Alien Presence Before The Start Of The Modern UFO Era?

There is little doubt that the account of Vicente Lucindo is one of the most thought-provoking on record, not least because it happened over three-quarters of a century ago.

In fact, if there is any accuracy in the account of Vicente Lucindo then it demonstrates that these extraterrestrials – if we assume for one moment that that is what they are as we would generally understand the word – had a presence on our planet long before the Roswell event and the start of the Modern UFO era.

What is perhaps interesting about the encounter, although there appeared to be some kind of experiments or tests taking place that appeared to mirror the activities reported in the alien abduction encounters that began happening regularly from the 1960s onwards, the strange creatures offered Vicente information that would lead to him and his family being financially rewarded, almost as some bizarre form of compensation.

This is not something, generally speaking, that comes up in the abduction scenarios of the greys, for example, so we might contemplate just who the figures Vicente encountered were, where they came from, and what agenda were they working toward. These are all questions that remain unanswered.

The short video below looks at some of the most intriguing alien encounters on record.


1 The History of Occultism – 20th Century: Science and Futurology, Abilio C. Coelho

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