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You don't have to be a "believer" to read the articles here - you may even turn from skeptic to believer once you jump down the rabbit hole and discover a lot more about these topics.

Of course, some UFO encounters go a lot closer than a mere sighting. From apparently friendly encounters with humanoid occupants of “flying saucers” to the terrifying ordeals of alien abduction, the accounts are in abundance. More so, in fact, than some people might think.

Whatever does lie beyond the UFO question, extraterrestrial entities from another world is certainly one of the main options. However, what might “aliens” be?

For some researchers, and as you will find in some of the articles here to which we direct your attention to their work, what we understand as aliens may be something completely different to what even the most open-minded person might be able to imagine…


Ted Owens – A Modern Miracle Worker Created By “Super Intelligences”

First Published: June 16, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes 1 comment

The psychic abilities of Ted Owens, including the ability to predict future events with extreme accuracy, are perhaps some of the best examples of such a gift on record. However, for various reasons these bizarre achievements are little-known outside of paranormal and conspiracy circles. Even in the UFO community, which should perhaps have an interest in the case, Ted Owens’ experiences are not as well-known as we might think…

The Disturbing Alien Abduction Encounter Of Gerry Anderson

First Published: June 10, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 5 minutes 4 comments

It would be around a quarter of a century before Gerry Anderson recalled an alien abduction encounter, he suffered when he was only 12-years old in the summer of 1953. He would relive the incident through hypnotic regression, and what was revealed was fascinating and disturbing…

The Flatwoods Monster UFO Incident

First Published: May 30, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 21 minutes

For a long time, the Flatwoods Monster incident was thought – even by most in the UFO community – to be a case of a meteor sightings that coincided with a bizarre misidentification of a common barn owl. However, in the early 2000s, a new body of research would enter the public domain, and would cast a slight element of doubt as to how credible, or indeed accurate such accepted explanations were…

The First World War UFO Battle Of Baron Manfred von Richthofen

First Published: May 8, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 8 minutes

Baron von Richthofen was largely considered to be the most-feared fighter pilot of his era. He is also the person at the center of a controversial UFO claim made by his wingman 80 years after the pair allegedly encountered a disc-like object while performing standard morning patrol duty over the skies of war-torn Europe…

The Dogon Sirius Mystery

First Published: April 25, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 14 minutes 1 comment

For decades the Sirius mystery – named after the book of the same name by Robert Temple – appeared to offer definitive proof of extraterrestrial visitation and intervention in human affairs thousands of years ago. Essentially, if offered proof of the ancient astronaut theory. However, since then a mountain of counterclaims of surfaced which casts doubt on at least part of the claims of alien visitors from the Sirius star system…

A Case Of Alien Abduction That Became A Witch Trial

First Published: April 21, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 5 minutes

A case of occultism and witchcraft from the late 17th century – one that resulted in the execution of a brother and sister in Scotland – could very well have been a case of alien abduction – and repeat alien abduction incidents spanning several decades at that. Might Major Thomas Weir and his sister, Jean, have been such unfortunate victims at a time when what was not understood was by default the work of the Devil…?

The Alien Occupant Encounters Of Mary Starr And Suzanne Knight

First Published: March 31, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes 2 comments

Two occupant sightings of the 1950s share almost identical details, despite taking place five years apart. This would suggest that the same intelligence was behind these brief but intriguing close encounters. And there are almost certainly other accounts on record that share at least some of the details also. That each account took place during UFO waves is perhaps also of interest…

The Other Side Of “Alternative” Research – UFOs, History, And Covert Agendas!

First Published: March 27, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes 1 comment

The idea of disinformation is one that those of us in UFO and conspiracy circles accept as standard procedure. And as frustrating as it is, most of accept that we simply have to sift through such half-truths and outright lies to get to the heart, and ultimately, the truth of our research. However, what many of us perhaps do not contemplate as often, including ourselves, is that there are plenty within alternative fields that also have their own agendas…

The River Weaver UFO Humanoid Incident

First Published: March 19, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 6 minutes

A little-known UFO encounter in January 1978 in Cheshire in England is an intriguing encounter for several reasons – not least as it might have been an incident of cattle mutilation. The incident had four separate witnesses, however, all wished to remain anonymous, mostly as they were illegally poaching at the time events unfolded…

The A70 Incident – Alien Abduction On A Scottish Road

First Published: March 15, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 17 minutes 1 comment

A UFO and alien abduction incident that took place on the A70 just outside of Edinburgh during the summer of 1992 is perhaps one of Scotland’s most well-known and famous UFO cases. Not least as many of the details surface in other UFO accounts from across the world and over the many decades of time…

The Tragic Death Of An Alien Humanoid In 1955 Sweden?

First Published: February 28, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 9 minutes 2 comments

A bizarre incident from Sweden in 1955 would remain untold for over three decades after it happened. And even then, was told to one person only by the anonymous witness who then disappeared as promptly as he appeared. If there is any truth to the incident, it would not only corroborate many other similar incidents on record, but would also lend a big deal of support to such notions as the ancient astronaut theory…

The Ontario, Trout Lake “Grey Alien” Picture – Authentic? Or Hoax?

First Published: February 24, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes

When two adult sisters vacationed together at Trout Lake in Ontario, Canada, the last thing they expected to see was a UFO. Furthermore, when they developed photographs from their time away several months later, they would notice what appeared to be a “grey alien” in one of them in the background. Just what did occur that July evening in 2005 in their cabin by the lake...?

The Humanoid Encounter Of Lech Chacinski

First Published: February 11, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 5 minutes

A truck driver, while on his way to work in the early hours of a summer morning in August 2003 would happen upon three strange humanoid figures in the road. After a telepathic exchange with these apparently benevolent beings, they would disappear into their waiting disc-shaped craft. Amazingly, where the seemingly otherworldly vehicle had been were now several crop circle-like indentions…

The Villa Santina Extraterrestrial Encounter – More Evidence Of Alien Reconnaissance Missions?

First Published: February 3, 2020 - Last Updated: September 3, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes 2 comments

An encounter with the apparent occupants of a disc-shaped craft in the Villa Santina area of Italy in the summer of 1947 is one that remains open to debate as far as the authenticity of the account. It is, though, an account only weeks after the Roswell incident and the Kenneth Arnold sighting, that features some intriguing details that would show up repeatedly in other accounts in the coming decades…

The Asum Extraterrestrial Incident – Alien Encounter In Denmark?

First Published: January 31, 2020 - Last Updated: September 4, 2020 - Reading Time: 7 minutes

While the encounter in Asum in Denmark in the summer of 1981 is perhaps easily forgotten – which would explain why it is little-known outside of the UFO community – it is another sighting that fits in a little too nicely with multiple other similar accounts on record across the decades all over the world to ignore…