Truly Bizarre And Obscure Encounters With Mysterious Humanoid Entities

Marcus Lowth
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February 6, 2024
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The fact is, there are thousands of accounts of strange encounters with equally strange humanoid entities on record. And these incidents stretch back to the start of the Modern UFO Era and beyond. And many of these encounters are little known, even for some people in the UFO community. That people around the world have had experiences with strange beings for decades, if not centuries, is beyond doubt.

Many of these encounters feature similar details – the descriptions of the figures, their attire, and, on occasion, the otherworldly crafts they commanded. There are, though, some that remain unique, with details that are not so widely seen in other incidents. Indeed, the sheer volume of these accounts should alert us to the fact that something genuine and real has been unfolding on our planet for a long time. Are these humanoids extraterrestrial in nature? Or might they be part of some secret international government-type mission or experiment?

Clearly to document each and every humanoid encounter, even since the start of the Modern UFO Era, would take up multiple volumes. What follows are just some of those incidents on record that while not enjoying huge publicity, are still intriguing and thought-provoking.

Alien Humanoid Photographed In Alaska In 1930

Perhaps one of the earliest encounters with a humanoid entity – certainly one that offers photographic evidence of the incident – occurred in Alaska at some point in 1930. [1] The alleged encounter came to light in August 2003, when an anonymous person sent the picture in question to a UFO website, claiming that it had been “taken by my grandfather in the early 1930s”. And although there is little detailed information, it remains an intriguing case.

The person who sent the photograph claimed that he believed his grandfather’s version of events (that he took the photograph, and it was genuine), and that, to them, the figure looked “like an alien or a Bigfoot”. He claimed his grandfather had been making his to a nearby lake when he first noticed the creature. The creature turned and ran, with the witness’s grandfather immediately giving chase. Eventually, he got close enough to be able to reach for his camera and take a photograph.

In a bizarre, if coincidental twist, the witness’s grandfather passed away the day after he told his grandson of the encounter and gave him the photograph, meaning there is unlikely to be any further information surface on the encounter.

It is certainly an intriguing report, though. And if we examine the photograph, the figure appears very much like the grey alien entities that would begin to be reported in the decades that would follow the Roswell incident of the late 1940s, suggesting that these alien entities had some kind of presence on Earth almost two decades before, at least, than the start of the Modern UFO Era.

The William Squyres Encounter

At around 5:30 am on August 25th, 1952, William Squyres was driving to work at the KOAM Radio station, traveling from Frontenac to Pittsburg in Kansas when his journey took a life-changing turn. [2] As he drove along the highway he noticed a strange, oval-shaped object hovering low in the sky just above the trees of nearby woodland.

He later recalled that the “hair rose straight up on the back of my head” as he noted several windows running alongside the dull aluminum-colored metallic object that looked like “two turtle shells, or two oval meat platters (that had been) placed edge to edge”. He further recalled seeing “a series of small propellers…projecting outward at close intervals all the way around the object” which were “revolving at high speed”.

He estimated the object was around 75 feet in length, around 45 feet wide, and approximately 25 feet in height. As it hovered, Squyres was also able to make out a “rocking” motion. Of more intrigue, he could see a “bluish light fluctuating from dark to light” through the rectangular windows. Furthermore, he could see “considerable activity” through the windows. Even though it was partially covered as though a “window shade (had been) pulled down”, he could still make out “figures behind it”.

Sketch of what the witness saw

He could also make out a second window that was forward of the others. And through this one, he could see the head and shoulders of a person, facing forward as if engaged in some unseen activity. He would state later that he “definitely saw a human being through the window”.

At this point, he turned the engine of his car off and exited the vehicle in order to take a closer look. As he did so, he became aware of a humming or “throbbing sound” that appeared to get stronger the closer he got to the strange object. When he was around 100 feet away, the object suddenly ascended straight up into the air. Within a few seconds, it had completely disappeared from sight, accompanied by a sound that was similar to a “covey of a hundred quail taking off”.

It is interesting to note that rather than the object being an alien craft, Squyres maintained that the occupants he had seen were most definitely human and “not some men from Mars”.

Whether he was correct or not, when Squyres returned to the location the following day with officials from the radio station, they could all see the vegetation had been disturbed. What’s more, when Project Blue Book officials investigated the incident, they stated that Squyres was a “good witness” and the report appeared to be unexplained.

Multiple Witnesses See Object With Humanoid Occupants In Australia

Just short of two years later, a little over half an hour after midnight one evening in June 1954 in East Malvern and Carnegie, Australia, 18-year-old David Reese had a similar encounter. [3] He would offer in an article in the Daily Telegraph that he was “saying goodbye to friends” when he a sudden strange sound “like a dial tone in a telephone”. When he turned around in the direction of the noise, he saw “an oval-shaped object about the size of a railway carriage traveling in a curved arc from north to south”.

He continued that the object “traveled at a fantastic speed, yet (it) appeared to be moving slowly, as if time and speed had become distorted”. As it moved, it “gave out a weird orange light” and appeared as though it was “made of glass”. Even more intriguing, the lower it got in the sky, the more Reese could see “vague shapes that looked like human busts”. He elaborated that he could “see into” the object, “but not entirely through it”. He also recalled seeing “yellow vapor or flame” coming from the craft.

He estimated that he was around 150 feet from the object and that it was around 50 feet above the ground at its lowest point. He remained where he was, fascinated by the events unfolding around him. Suddenly, this strange, futuristic craft “accelerated and in another second or so, it disappeared”. He elaborated that “one moment it was there before me, and the next it was gone”, adding further that he had “seen our fastest fighter planes but this thing moved with indescribable speed”.

There were, of course, other witnesses to the event, one of whom likened the yellow flame from the back of the object to a “Buck Rogers rocket ship”, while further stating that there “seemed to be people vaguely shadowed in the strange light the machine emitted”. Another witness offered that the shape was “a cross between an egg and a plate”. Yet another witness, a police constable returning home from his shift described the object as being “oval-shaped” and they could see “shadows of some people” inside the object.

A Bizarre Encounter In The Italian Woodland

Just short of a decade later in San Casciano in Italy, Mario Zuccala was walking home through the woods when he saw a bizarre object moving overhead. [4] It was around 9 pm on April 10th, 1962, as he was approaching a crossroads in the woods when he felt a “sharp gust of wind” appear out of nowhere.

He looked upwards just in time to see an object that he later described as an “inverted bowl” moving overhead, descending towards the ground. It eventually hovered a short distance from the forest floor around 20 feet in front of him. He looked on in awe as a cylinder appeared on the underside from which came a white light. Then, two humanoid figures appeared in the light.

Sketch of what the witness saw

Each was around five feet tall and each wore a metallic suit with a helmet. The two figures approached Zuccala and grabbed him gently, one on each arm. They proceeded to lead him toward the craft, allowing him to see inside, although he was unable to make out any details due to the brightness of the light.

At this point, the two figures released his arm, and a voice that appeared to come from the inside of the object spoke to him in his native Italian. He couldn’t recall anything from the communication, apart from that the entities would return “at the fourth moon” with an important message for humanity.

The next thing he realized he was standing outside the front door of his house. His wife then opened the door, claiming he had knocked loudly on it – something that he had no memory of. Just what had happened remains unknown, but when Zuccala’s wife found him outside the door, he was shaking with fear and remained jumpy and edgy for the rest of the night.

Strange Object With Humanoid Occupants Passes Over Farmhouse

Somewhere between 1 and 2 am one evening in May 1966, 12-year-old Robert Carter was awakened by his brother in the bedroom they shared at the family farmhouse in Greenbush, Ohio, claiming he could hear and feel an “odd humming sensation”. [5] Robert immediately jumped out of bed, and he and his brother rushed toward their bedroom window. To their amazement, a “large, saucer-shaped craft” moved very slowly outside, approximately 15 to 20 feet from the ground and completely covering a 25-acre field.

They described the craft as “very bright (and) luminous” that was “silver/white in color” and approximately 100 to 150 feet from them. Even more amazing, they could each see “what appeared to be portals with creatures that appeared to be facing and staring” at them. As it passed over one field into the next one, it suddenly increased in speed, beginning to ascend slightly. From this angle, they could tell that it was “perfectly round”. It kept heading up into the sky, and within moments it was “no bigger than a bright star”. They continued to watch in amazement as the object “did a 150-degree reversal, then a 70-degree angle towards” the back fields of the boys’ home.

At this point, they ran to their parents’ bedroom, waking them up and blurting out what they had seen. Each parent, still half asleep, told the two boys to return to bed as they had to be up for school in the morning.

The following morning, however, there were multiple reports in newspapers, on the radio, and even on television, with one witness claiming it had dove towards them, breaking several branches from a tree as it changed direction at the last minute.

Three days later, a Project Blue Book investigator arrived at the Carter home asking to speak with Robert and his brother. Their parents, however, refused. During the conversation, the officer informed them that a neighbor of theirs had told them that the object had landed in one of their fields. When the officer had left, the entire family walked to the field in question and were more than shocked to see a “large, circular depression” that also “appeared to be slightly burnt”. Not only that, but several local residents had ventured to the field in order to take pictures of the markings.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing details about this encounter was highlighted by Robert himself when he made a report of the incident years later. He stated that he found it “odd” that they both simply went “back to bed and immediately went to sleep” following their sighting. Could something more have happened that evening that they simply can’t remember?

Strange Object Approaches Man On Highway

According to an article in the February 20th, 1978 edition of the San Antonio Evening News, an anonymous 48-year-old San Antonio man witnessed a bizarre object one evening in October 1975. [6] The sighting was investigated by MUFON investigator, Gary Graber, who relayed the incident to the newspaper.

On the night in question, at around 9 pm, the witness was driving to a nearby store in the south of the town. As he did so, he saw a “strange amber-colored object rise rapidly from a grove of trees”. He estimated the object was no further than 3000 feet from his vehicle. Then, without warning, the object headed toward the man’s truck “at a terrific rate of speed. As it moved, the light on the object changed from an amber color to a bright, cherry red. This is an interesting detail that once more suggests that the color of the object – or at least the color of the lights – is dependent on how fast the respective objects are moving.

Sketch of what the witness saw

Within seconds, the object was directly over the top of the man’s truck. At the same time, the “pick-up lights went completely out and the engine was dead”. Even as he went to get out of the vehicle, he still questioned if the strange object might be a helicopter. However, when he got a clear view of the object, he “knew it was no chopper”, immediately thinking that it had “to be a UFO”.

He described the object as “globular with a sort of shelf-like projection encircling the transparent upper section”. The underside, on the other hand, appeared to be made from a “highly polished metal” and contained the light that had changed colors as it moved.

Of more intrigue than the craft, though, were the two figures he could clearly see inside it. He described the two creatures as being around five feet tall, bald, with “long prominent ears and a long nose”. Furthermore, they had particularly tight skin that was grey in color and appeared similar to “sharkskin”, and eyes that “looked like slits”.

Although he couldn’t recall hearing any kind of “motor noise” coming from the object, he did recall a “whirring wind” sound that “was very loud” and “sounded like a cyclone”.  Then, the object “took off straight up”. As it did so, “there was a terrible thrust that buffeted” his vehicle before the object “vanished almost instantly”. The witness would further describe it as “like turning off a light bulb”. Furthermore, in the moments following the object’s disappearance, he could smell a “strong odor like burning copper or electrical wiring” which remained with him for several days.

The overall feeling the witness came away with was that the occupants of the craft “got a good look at me, and maybe got my picture or something”. Perhaps they did.

The Bizarre Encounter Of David D.

According to a report received by the Georgian Ufological Association, at around 9:30 pm on July 4th, 1989, “David D.” not only encounters strange humanoid entities but went aboard their craft. [7] What’s more, the events surrounding the encounter are equally mysterious.

David would state that on the night in question, he was driving a young lady he had spent the evening with to her home when he noticed that he needed to fill the car with water. He stopped at a restaurant and went inside to obtain the water. When he returned to the car, however, the woman was no longer there. Perplexed as he was, he topped up the water and then set out on his way.

Not long after, he saw a woman walking along the roadside attempting to wave down traffic. She appeared similar to the young lady he had taken out that night. He drove past, debating whether to stop the car or not. When he looked back in his rearview mirror, however, the woman had disappeared.

He continued on his way, still bemused at the last few minutes’ events. He saw a restaurant further down the road near Mtacminda Park that he knew a friend of his regularly frequented and decided to stop and go inside on the off chance he was there. He wasn’t, and shortly after, David returned to his vehicle and set off for home once more. However, after driving no more than 1500 feet, his car engine suddenly came to a stop.

Sketch of what the witness saw

He exited the vehicle and went to see what the problem might be. He recalled as soon as he did so, he could feel “some kind of invisible field” around him, almost guiding his movements. It was at this point that he witnessed a “flying saucer” with colored lights all along the underside standing on the ground on three legs. Even more shocking, around 700 feet ahead of him, were four humanoid figures, each standing around nine to 10 feet in height.

Despite the surreal situation, he didn’t feel any fear and contemplated whether he was under some kind of “hypnotic” trance. After several moments, one of the figures approached, speaking a “strange language” as it did so. Then, he suddenly started speaking to David in Russian, which he understood perfectly. The figure asked him several questions, as well as telling him that they were “not the first here” and that they would “come again when it is a necessity”.

During this strange conversation, David suddenly felt a warmth behind him. When he turned, he could see one of the figures was holding up a device that appeared to be measuring his height.

Eventually, the figures escorted him inside the nearby craft, which he described as having “TV-like apparatus” inside. They positioned him in some kind of X-ray machine, as he recalled seeing all of his body, including how his “heart worked, his stomach, and other organs”. This went on for several minutes before the figure told him that he could leave. He did so, returning to his car and watching the set of stairs that had been outstretched from the object retracting back inside.

The object then rose into the air, stopping at a low altitude before “turning on its side” and then disappearing into the night sky. When he went to start the car’s engine, to his surprise, it turned over straight away. Whether or not these strange figures contacted David D. again following this encounter is not known.

Husband And Wife Witness Strange Object With Humanoid Entity

In more recent times, at around 5:30 pm one afternoon in October 2003 in Westerville, Ohio, a husband and wife were sitting on their back porch when they noticed a “large, bright object” overhead. [8] The object in question was hovering silently and appeared to be made from a dark, metallic material. What’s more, when they viewed the craft through their binoculars, they could make out five rectangular windows along the side of the craft. Even stranger, the pair could see “a man” behind one of the windows.

Sketch of what the witness saw

They described the mysterious occupant as “wearing a white or light-colored one-piece suit from the neck down” that also “covered his two arms to his wrists”. They watched in amazement as the figure moved slightly to the left of the window. Although they couldn’t be certain, it appeared to them that the figure was communicating with another figure that was not visible to them. They continued to watch as the figure reached toward a piece of furniture – that appeared similar to a cabinet – although they couldn’t see what he did following this. They also recalled that a soft, yellow light shone forth from the window.

The following evening, the pair witnessed the same object, prompting them to contact a local television station to make a report. The station in question, however, didn’t run a news item on the sighting, and it is uncertain if there were any other witnesses.

Although the married couple were not at all certain as to what they had seen, they knew that it wasn’t an airplane or helicopter. Both of the witnesses are retired teachers and are considered reliable and credible.

Encounters With Humanoids Still Reported Today

It is clear, at least in most cases, that there is a definite connection between humanoid encounters and the UFO mystery. With that in mind, then, should we assume that these figures are extraterrestrials from elsewhere in the universe? Or might we consider, as some people have offered, that UFOs are not coming from outer space but from our own planet – under the oceans or perhaps in the alleged inner Earth – and these humanoid occupants are another indigenous species of our planet?

Whatever the truth, these encounters continue today as we move through the 2020s. In the opening days of 2024, for example, there were several different reports of 10-foot humanoids in both the North and South American continents. Only two months prior to that, another sighting of a tall humanoid entity was reported in America. And at the start of 2023, a Las Vegas family reported a 10-foot humanoid entity in their backyard, an account, incidentally, that received significant media attention at the time.

Are these reports and sightings of our contemporary era – if indeed only some of them are genuine – a continuation of the encounters of the previous decades? Or might they be indicative of a new, potentially alien presence here on Earth, with a new and different agenda? As always, there is plenty for us to contemplate as head towards piecing together a fuller picture of these humanoid encounters, and where they fit into the mysterious world in which we all live.

The short video below looks at some of the most intriguing alien humanoid encounters on record.


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