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Welcome to UFO Insight, the website where you will find in-depth articles discussing not only some of the most intriguing UFO sightings from history but alleged encounters with aliens and the conspiracies and cover-ups that apparently exist throughout the claimed secretive government departments who control the public perception of this most fascinating field of interest.

Both Sides of the Story

Are UFOs actually extraterrestrial visitors or are they the result of top-secret military aircraft?

We do our best to put both sides of the stories and accounts across. And while some of the claims are undoubtedly bizarre and, in some cases, bordering on the outlandish, they still deserve to be told and examined.

We can’t say we fit the mold of “believers” or “skeptics”, but merely an unbiased but extremely interested third party who desperately wishes to get to the truth of this enigmatic subject.

Covering all topics

Object over water.

As many other researchers into the weird and strange accounts that permeate our world have found, one field of interest usually leads to another. With that in mind, we also spend a considerable amount of time examining the world of the supernatural – the many accounts of ghosts and claims of hauntings, or the perception of our reality, and even if some of the tales of folklore might have certain truths buried within them.

We further find ourselves exploring the world of cryptozoology – the many accounts of strange beasts such as Bigfoot creatures, the Mothman, or some of the many sea monsters that some accounts state lurks deep under the surface of the planet’s oceans and lakes.

Tying all of these together is the world of conspiracy – whether those of the many apparent untoward goings-on of the governments of the modern world or the long-standing conspiracies of history, that should we learn the truths of, might change our perception of our contemporary era.

Sea monsters artwork

Might, as some researchers believe, all of these fields of interest and investigation be somehow connected?

Joining the dots

Why, for example, do areas known as UFO “hotspots” also often boast increased Bigfoot activity? Why do many people who claim they have been victims of alien abduction also report strange incidents that would be more at home with those who investigate ghostly activity and hauntings? Why are encounters with strange entities – possibly extraterrestrial – associated with suddenly heightened abilities such as telepathy or the ability to see the future?

If these seemingly separate and random incidents are, in fact, connected in some way, what is that connection, and what might it mean for our collective sense of reality? How might the secrecy of UFOs affect the future of mankind, for example? How might our understanding of apparent activity from “the other side” help us understand our own sense of self and purpose? And how might all of the strange and unexplained phenomena that surrounds all of us shape humanity’s future?

Going further

Men in Black.

With those last thoughts in mind, we also spend considerable time exploring the realities of space exploration, what it might take to establish a colony on another cosmic body, and what the actual chances might be of discovering alien life – or of alien life discovering us, and what might happen if it does.

The world in which we live is full of mysteries. And while many of these mysteries will undoubtedly one day have intricately detailed and proven explanations until those explanations arrive and are dissected, all possibilities are on the table, and all require our collective attention…

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