Interdimensional Beings Of Pure Light And Energy – The Potential Truth Behind The Alien Mysteries

Marcus Lowth
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March 19, 2024
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It is perhaps a safe bet that most of us – even skeptics – think of aliens as flesh-and-blood entities, or at the very least, some kind of physically present artificial intelligence. There are, though, other theories that suggest that these entities are not flesh-and-blood beings, but entities made of energy and light that reside in the plasma-based gateways that permeate the Universe and might not be aliens at all, at least not how we currently understand them.

Of further interest, these beings appear to have been with us not only since the start of the modern UFO era that began in the mid-1940s but also since ancient times and beyond to pre-history. Indeed, these light beings could quite possibly be what we collectively identify as a human soul, and could indeed be the eternal existence that some people believe each of us have and will experience.

Making these considerations even more thought-provoking and intriguing is that these light beings could not only account for what we perceive as extraterrestrials but also creatures and manifestations from right across the paranormal spectrum. And how much do our own subconscious minds and how we perceive reality and the world around us factor into all of this?

Beings That Can Travel As “Pure Light” Through Space And Time

Just one researcher who has put forward the idea that extraterrestrials – as we understand them – could, in fact, be “light beings” from another dimension is Andrew Collins, who wrote about it extensively in his book Origins of the Gods.

Ultimately, and in its most very basic form, it is suggested that these entities – what we would call, aliens – could possibly travel as pure light through space and even time. And of course, we know – at least to the best of our collective knowledge – that nothing travels faster than light. This would, not only throw what we think we know about aliens and UFOs on its head but would also, in theory, solve the mystery as to how these apparent aliens have traveled the vast distances of space.

The theory, however, was pushed further, when it was suggested that these “light beings” most likely communicated with human beings by somehow tapping into a person’s consciousness. Once more, this might explain the apparent telepathic communication that has been reported by people who have claimed to have interacted with alien entities, as well as those who claim to have been abducted by them.

Collins claimed that it could very well be the case that many, if not all, paranormal episodes and phenomena, both in our modern world and dating back to antiquity spawned many myths and legends, including, not least, extraterrestrial gods of the ancient world, could have been “human interaction with exotic Earth-generated energy”.

While these claims are certainly intriguing, they are also a little mind-bending, perhaps too much for some. The fact is, though, science, at least in theory, suggests they are potentially closer to the truth than we might think.

An Explanation To Be Found In Scientific Research

Recent achievements and progress in modern sciences such as quantum and theoretical physics would appear to offer an indirect endorsement to Collins’ claims, specifically, a greater understanding of light and plasma. Plasma is now known to exist almost everywhere in the Universe (in fact, it makes up approximately 99 percent of the Universe), and what’s more, recent studies suggest that light often interacts with this plasma, which has proto-intelligence.

Once more, in its most basic definition, plasma is formed from the splitting of atoms resulting in the sudden release of photons of light, which is, essentially, the sudden release of energy. With this in mind, it is perhaps interesting to note that many people believe it was our nuclear capabilities that first attracted extraterrestrials to Earth in the 1940s. Could it be, though, that the creation of plasma due to such achievements created doorways directly into our world for these plasma-based entities to enter and manifest into what we would recognize today as aliens?

We might also recall the connection between these light beings and their ability to “tap into” human consciousness – what we might call telepathic communication. In terms of these recent scientific studies, perhaps quantum entanglement would explain this – where this plasma substance somehow links two particles (or consciousnesses), allowing thoughts to pass between the two.

Furthermore, some theories suggest that plasma has the ability to exist across dimensions, perhaps even offering a doorway or portal between them, and that within these gateways, intelligently aware beings comprised of plasma-based energy (or light) exist. And if these energy-based entities exist within these plasma gateways, they most likely have the ability to pass through them.

Indeed, it could very well be the case that these light beings are what we would also understand as souls. And taking that a stage further perhaps each and every one of us has been, and will be, in this state of existence. And if that was the case, then we would have to ask just what the soul actually is, and how it might relate to human existence.

Clues To Be Found In The Legends Of The Djinn?

It is perhaps also worth our time at this point to remind ourselves of the legends of the Jinn, specifically, the suggestion that Djinn could be plasma-based living entities, as researched and documented by Rosemary Ellen Guiley in the book The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling The Hidden Agenda. In it, she would offer that not only were the Djinn quite possibly responsible for many of the strange entities that permeate our world, including aliens, but that “the evidence points to them being a significant part of our interactions with parallel dimensions and otherworldly realities that intrude into ours”.

She also highlights how, according to legends of the Djinn, they are said to appear out of a form of “smokeless fire”, which she then highlights “is a lot like plasma, the fourth state of matter”. She continues that:

…plasma is an ionized gas into which sufficient energy is provided, freeing electrons from atoms or molecules and allowing charged atoms and electrons to exist. This strange fourth state of matter is actually the most common in the universe – our sun is made of plasma, as is lightning. A plasmic creature, then, would require very little physical space to exist!

Another writer, Jesse Emspak, offered that “plasma has no fixed shape or volume”, and that because they are made up of atoms in which “some or all of the electrons have been stripped away and positively charged nuclei, called ions, roam freely”. Could it be that these descriptions of plasma are indeed the energy which, on occasion, take form in our world as Djinn, or aliens, or all manner of strange manifestations? And might that, in turn, offer proof that these strange entities, whatever they might be or however we perceive them, are interdimensional in nature.

The Zeitoun Church Of Saint Mary Apparitions

At this point, it is worth examining an incident highlighted by the previously mentioned Andrew Collins in the same book that occurred in Zeitoun, a small town to the north of Cairo in Egypt, which took place over the course of several years between 1968 and 1970 when several strange “apparitions” appeared at the Church of Saint Mary. [1] Furthermore, according to legend, the location of the church – which was built in 1924 – was said to have been a place that the real-life Biblical “Mary and Joseph” visited. Even more fascinating, further according to local legend, it was an appearance of Mary at the location telling Khalil Pasha Ibrahim to “build a church after Her name in this place”. Even more remarkable, given the events we are about to examine, she allegedly promised to appear in the same location 50 years later.

These fascinating events began on the evening of April 2nd, 1968, two mechanics were working at a garage opposite the church when one of them suddenly noticed what appeared to be a woman dressed all in white and standing atop the dome on the church’s rooftop. Both men immediately thought they were seeing a woman about to commit suicide, and immediately ran to get assistance. By the time they arrived back, however, the woman was no longer there, nor was any body discovered on the ground. The figure, whoever she was, had completely disappeared.

It wasn’t long before the two men, and the priest who one of them had gone to for help after spotting the woman, contemplated whether what they had seen was an apparition – and an apparition of Mary, albeit a little over 50 years after she had seemingly stated she would appear there. As we might imagine, news of the alleged apparition soon spread around the town, and the church quickly became the main focus of the locals. What’s more, the figures began appearing there on a regular basis.

A Constant Flow Of Apparitions

It wasn’t long before news of the sightings spread across Egypt, and then across the world, with newspapers ranging from the Egyptian Gazette to the New York Times running stories on them. Furthermore, it wasn’t just locals who kept nightly watch, with hundreds of thousands of people traveling to the church between April 1968 and mid-1970, when the apparitions began to slow down, and then cease altogether. These sightings were so persistent and taken so seriously, that even the Egyptian government released several official statements about them.

Some of the recurring details were soon documented. For example, these bizarre manifestations would start with “brilliant flashes of light appearing on the church’s domes”. What’s more, these lights were so bright that witnesses could not look at them for long and certainly had any finer details obscured from them. After around a quarter of an hour, these lights would give shape to “more solid forms”. These forms were two separate figures more often than not – a woman wearing a ”flowing white dress” and a veil, holding the second figure – an infant.

On one particular evening – June 8th, 1968 – the figure appeared at 9 pm and remained visible, moving around on the rooftop until around 4:30 pm. During the course of these appearances, multiple photographs were taken by those there to witness the phenomena, as well as several videos. Then, midway through 1970, the appearances began to slow down before stopping completely. They had captivated not only a nation but the entire world.

You can see footage of this remarkable event below.

The Intriguing Encounters Of Paul Sinclair

Although we have examined them in-depth before, it is worth reminding ourselves of the thought-provoking encounters of author and researcher, Paul Sinclair, who seemingly had an encounter with very similar light beings in the early 1990s. At the time, he had just purchased a property on the coast in Yorkshire, England, and was spending the weekend there with his daughter in order to prepare it for the family moving in. During the evening, however, Sinclair suddenly found himself wide awake and staring at a strange, tall figure in the corner of the room who was seemingly looking at him intently. The figure was particularly tall with oversized heads and large eyes.

After several moments, he noticed a bizarre glow coming from outside the room. He peered out into the landing and could see that the light was coming from the stairs, as if something was climbing them. Sure enough, several moments later, three strange entities that he described as being made from “pure light” were standing on the landing looking at him. He further stated that these three glowing figures appeared to “shimmer” a fantastic mx of gold and blue in what was an otherwise brilliant white. He further stated that the being appeared “Biblical”, almost like angels.

This was one of only many strange and bizarre encounters experienced by Sinclair, but his description of beings made of “pure light” are certainly very similar to the assertions of Collins, as are the descriptions of them appearing Biblical and angel-like.

Evidence In Biblical Writings

Sinclair’s statement that these strange entities reminded him of “angels” is an interesting one, especially when we examine some of the Biblical writings, not only of angels but of other seemingly “holy” people, as well as the notion in such writings that “God” is often depicted as a bright flame or otherworldly light source, the Burning Bush, for example. Perhaps an even better example, though, and one that could suggest an otherworldly or advanced technology, would be the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, where God was said to appear in the form of a blinding light.

Indeed, some people, as bizarre as it sounds, have highlighted the line in the Indian Jones film about the Ark being a phone line to God – perhaps it was, in a way, and served as a way of manifesting otherworldly energies. Similarly, the account of the Exodus and Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt is noteworthy when we recall that they followed a bright pillar of light during the day and a glowing beacon in the sky at night. Was this the manifestation of an intelligent being guiding Moses and his people? Perhaps even a UFO? After all, it is worth keeping in mind that many researchers of the modern age have contemplated if UFOs could indeed be plasma-based.

Another interesting detail about the Biblical Moses in light of what we are talking about here is descriptions of him stating that he “glowed” or had a “shine” about him. Might this be a reference to Moses being some kind of light-being manifestation? We might keep in mind that while we should take such Biblical writings with a pinch of salt, Moses and many other such people in the Bible lived extraordinarily long lives. Could this be due to the interdimensional origin?

Ultraterrestrial Beings From Antiquity

It isn’t just Biblical writings that speak of these strange entities in ancient times. Author, Brinsley Le Peer Trench what of a speculative ancient race that he labeled ultraterrestrials. He stated that these ultraterrestrials were a “temporary transmogrification of energy” that had to manifest into a physical vessel – or body – in order to exist in our realm of existence here on Earth. Indeed, we might wonder if this meant some kind of literal manifestation from one state of existence into another, or if this taking of a vessel was what we would understand as “demonic possession”? If this were the case, then it is yet another connection between different and seemingly unconnected areas of the paranormal.

We might recall the thoughts of Andrew Collins that many paranormal events and phenomena were “human interactions with exotic, Earth-generated energy”. Another researcher and author, Peter McCue, whose work we have also explored before, wrote of a notion he termed the Psychic Internet Theory – something that would appear to resonate with the other ideas we have been discussing here.

Ultimately, at its most basic, this theory proposes – in a similar way to Collins – that many paranormal phenomena and encounters could be physically real hallucinations that the unknown power of the collective subconscious mind has manifested.

A good example would be multiple UFO enthusiasts and general onlookers descending to a UFO hotspot, all of whom to varying degrees, would have, due to the previous reports, an increased expectation of seeing a UFO. Ultimately, these subconscious desires, all focused in one space and time – astrally connected much like a network of computers would be connected in the Internet – somehow then manifest this collective desire into existence – almost out of the energy of the Universe itself.

Answers In The Quantum World?

If we stay in the quantum world for a moment and other remarkable developments in quantum physics and quantum mechanics, it is worth exploring the idea of quantum particles – particles that don’t take on any state whatsoever until they are physically observed. Scientists have yet to understand or explain just why this, much less exactly how it works, but these suggestions resonate nicely with some of the ideas we have been exploring here.

We might recall, for example, that plasma is said to make up 99 percent of Universe and how it interacts with light – light allows us to see, and so in this respect, once we have light, allowing us to see, the plasma – or, in terms of scientific theory – quantum particles – now exists.

We might also consider a recent theory of Dr. Dirk K. F. Meijer, a professor at the University of Groningen, revolving around quantum entanglement, which is the relationship between different particles over vast distances. Ultimately, Meijer would suggest that the mind – essentially, the consciousness – existed in another dimension in the September 2017 edition of the peer-reviewed NeuroQuantolgy.

He would state that consciousness “resides in a field surrounding the brain” and that this field existed in a completely different realm of existence to ours. He would further state that the Earth’s magnetic field was utilized to “transmit wave information to the brain”, which explained, he suggested, the “computer-like” speed with which the human brain operates, a speed that, ultimately, still leaves modern science baffled.

What is further interesting about this is that renowned mystic, Edgar Cayce described the Akashic Record in very much the same way – a cosmic knowledge bank that existed in another realm of existence – one that a person would have to astral project – or leave their body – to reach.

With this in mind, meet such ideas as the Psychic Internet Theory, if only in part, offer further speculative evidence that many of the strange events that surround us, indeed, our very reality, is more complex, mysterious, and nuanced than any of us realize.

All There Is And Ever Has Been?

Could it really be, then, that what we currently recognize or perceive as extraterrestrials from another planet elsewhere in the universe could actually be from another realm of existence altogether? And what’s more, could this “extraterrestrial life” be truly alien to our way of thinking? Not an existence of flesh and blood but of light and energy – essentially, what we might collectively recognize as the soul. And might we ourselves go on to or have even come from such an existence, perhaps destined for such a plateau once more after death when we potentially become pure energy?

Indeed, might these suggestions go some way to explaining, albeit only partially, what we have always perceived as the “afterlife”? Could it be that our lives here on Earth are part of some kind of eternal existence that crosses dimensions and space-time and is played out in different states, some of which are unimaginable to us?

It just might be the case that if we can understand both the science of quantum physics combined with the surreal nature of the encounters we have examined here, we can gain a fuller comprehension of the world around us, as well as the very nature of human existence. Could it be that these light beings are all there is and ever has been? And that everything around us, including ourselves, are different manifestations of these interdimensional light beings?

It is perhaps fitting to end with the thoughts of Nikola Tesla, who offered that if a person which to understand the secrets of the Universe, they would need to understand “energy, frequency, and vibration”. It could well be that Tesla understood the Universe and how it worked much better than even he was given credit for.

The short video below explores this idea a little further.


1 Origins of the Gods: Qesem Cave, Skinwalkers, and Contact with Transdimensional Intelligences, Andrew Collins and Gregory Little, ISBN 9781591 434092 (page 183-194)

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