The Potential Dark Side Of The UFO And Alien Question

Marcus Lowth
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December 12, 2018
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September 5, 2020
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There is no doubt that the study of UFOs and strange phenomena is a serious business, with many researchers collectively, albeit loosely and not in any official capacity, moving ideas forward through their own research, claims, and theories –sometimes in an entirely different field of interest. There is, however, an apparent dark side to the UFO and alien question. One that suggests such dark experiments and projects of hybridization, human experimentation, and an overall program of control over every significant aspect of our lives.

A blend of an alien, a reptilian, and a strange man

Is there a dark side of the UFO

Indeed, while they are all conspiracies, claims, and speculative theories, if there is any truth to such claims, not only does it make the UFO and alien question one that might provide us with an uncomfortable answer, but one that seeking such an answer sooner rather than later might make the difference in which path humanity ultimately goes down. For example, might we be free of the dogmatic approach of the Church only to find ourselves, if we are not careful, on a similar path under a different guise? And in the same way, the “UFO and Alien Question” might be one that humanity has been asking itself repeatedly since the dawn of time, only in a variety of different ways.

To paraphrase Dr. David Jacobs, such claims will either go down in the footnotes of history as once-held and outlandish beliefs, or they could be some of the most important questions we as a collective could ever ask.

Demons, Hell, And Aliens!

We have examined previously the notion of Hell and descriptions thereof possibly being a physical planet as opposed to a dark and mystical realm. While the account we looked at is to be taken with a pinch of salt, there are other claims of a similar intertwining of such religious concepts as Hell with the UFO question. Indeed, particularly among some of the new Christian movements in the United States, there is an assertion that aliens are literally “demons”, sent to Earth to confuse and trick humans and so do “Satan’s work”.

While theories with such heavy and dogmatic religious overtones are flat-out avoided by most (and it is easy to appreciate why), there is certainly an interesting link between the appearance of demons and angels, perceptions of Hell and places of “eternal damnation”, and UFO and alien encounters and other such strange phenomena. Although perhaps not as direct as some might think. And even cases of apparent demonic possession could, in fact, have a connection to extraterrestrials that are “energy based” and so need a host or a physical body to interact on our realm of existence – the third dimension. Indeed, such a notion forms the basis of David Icke’s Reptilian conspiracy, in that these entities exist in the “lower fourth dimension”, a realm invisible to us or “out of our frequency” of sight and who require a physical form to exist in ours.

It is perhaps worth examining the account of William C.Lamb, who would enter into correspondence with UFO researcher and author, Timothy Green Beckley. Beckley was one of the loudest and well-known voices in drawing a link between religious writings and tales of demons and Hell with UFO and alien encounters of (relative) modern times.

William C. Lamb’s Meeting With “Beelzebub!”

What was interesting, and perhaps what ultimately got Beckley’s attention for someone he had described until that point as probably “a bit of a nutter”, were his claims of meeting “Beelzebub” and “knowing the truth about God”. Not through any religious experience or divine intervention, though. Instead, he claimed, this meeting and information was the consequence of a UFO encounter. Beckley would tell of the encounter in an article for ‘Conspiracy Journal’ entitled “UFOs In The Lake Of Fire”.

According to the account, in February 1922, Lamb was returning from hunting “in a snowstorm around 4 or 5 am”. As he made his way through the blizzard, a strange buzzing sound hit his ears. When he looked around and surveyed his surroundings, he could see a “huge spherical craft hovering over a nearby field”. The sphere shined so brightly that it “blocked out the stars”. He would also feel strangely “mesmerized” by the bizarre craft. He continued to watch and after several moments a doorway of sorts opened on the side of the sphere. Inside a “gigantic creature with wings” stood. Within seconds, it left the glowing craft and descended down towards the snow-covered ground below.

As it did so, Lamb scrambled to hide behind a nearby tree. He would recall how this menacing, winged creature stood around seven or eight feet tall. Furthermore, it “appeared demonic in its facial features and physical form”. Even stranger, as the creature walked “its hooves” would melt the snow beneath, leaving a very clear print. According to Lamb, he remained where he was and watched as the unearthly creature walked straight through a wire fence “burning through the mesh and leaving it looking red hot”.

A depiction of hell and the Devil

A depiction of hell and the Devil

The Acknowledged “Occult Nature” Of UFO Encounters?

Most would agree with Beckley’s initial evaluation of William Lamb. Beckley himself, however, had seen the case “preserved in the (US) Air Force’s Project Blue Book files”. And furthermore, his own research suggested a belief in the US military of the “occult nature” of UFO sightings.

We have also examined before the theories and claims of UFO researcher and author, Nick Redfern. He claims that certain elements of the US government looked to learn and then exploit for their own ends the mental capabilities and powers of “non-human entities”. These non-human entities, who most of us would refer to as “The Greys”, were discovered to be “highly deceptive”. Ultimately, the project would conclude these entities were “literally, demons from Hell”.

If there is any degree of truth to these kinds of claims, are we literally to perceive “demons” and “Hell” in the “traditional”, religiously dogmatic sense? Or, should we perhaps see demons and (this particular race) of alien as indeed one and the same? But one of a malevolent entity? One that might even be behind the twisting of such legends and ancient writings. In order to create such religions so they could “control the masses”. Indeed, with this in mind, we might even ask if “God” and “The Devil” are also one and the same? A faceless control mechanism at each side of the spectrum of human nature. Perhaps one backed up by the occasional sighting of these entities in their true form.

Maybe it is also worth reminding ourselves of such ancient writings and commands of the Gods. Who told the humans in their inner circle – the Priests and eventual Kings given the “divine right to rule” – that they, nor the people, should depict, or even look upon them in their true form.

Connections To Ancient “Royal” Bloodlines?

This basic command is within several different ancient texts. And with the notion in mind of a dark, controlling “outside entity” pulling the strings of mankind, whether arriving from another planet, another realm, or somewhere deep within the Earth, we should perhaps think again, however outlandish, that such legends and myths of ancient gods, who walked and live among human beings, might have more dark truth to them than we think.

Let us assume, even if only for a moment, that these claims are accurate. What, then, caused this ruling alien elite to withdraw and rule from the shadows? Instead of “walking and living among mankind” they instead installed Priest-Kings and Royal Bloodlines to rule for them. Was this part of a hybridization program? Were these initial royal bloodlines of ancient Sumer and ancient Egypt, for example, whose lineage can be traced forward to the royal families of Europe and Great Britain, and from there to a large chunk of the Presidents of the United States, the first of these full alien-human hybrids?

Or might these royal families have simply been in servitude to a higher power, themselves in residence elsewhere? A power, for the sake of controlling the masses so they would obediently worship them too, they would call God? If so, where do they reside, and why did this higher power – the Gods – suddenly withdraw into the shadows? As an afterthought, might this also explain the extraordinary long reigns of kings? Sometimes many thousands of years – before The Flood? And then the more normal, standard human lifetime reigns of those who came after?

With this in mind, then, what should we make of the claims of alien-human bases deep underground? In various locations around the planet?

A depiction of an ancient place of worship

A depiction of an ancient place of worship

A Mysterious World With An Even More Mysterious Collective Past!

If we are drawing comparisons to Hell, what about the fact that these facilities are so far below the ground? While undoubtedly not likely to be surrounded by eternal flames and lakes of fire, certainly go a way to meeting the perceptions of Hell. Of traveling deep, down into the bowels of the Earth, for example. Should it happen to a person today, their twenty-century mind might just be able to make some sense out of the situation. That it was some kind of “facility”.

What, though, if these “bases” existed thousands of years ago? What would a person many thousands of years BC right the way up to the times of the Inquisition make of such a location? They wouldn’t likely have any other comparison to offer other than visiting the depths of Hell.

Is it possible, then, that alien abductions have, in fact, happened since antiquity? And are in part responsible for the eventual human perception of Hell? Perhaps as a way to rationalize a harrowing situation they didn’t understand and feared greatly? Going back to the theories of the Priest-Kings of early times, perhaps these perceptions were intentionally fostered?

So, today in modern times, are we correct to assume that these demons have been revealed as aliens? Or might “aliens” simply be a modern perception of these entities? That have seemingly intertwined so closely with humanity since the dawn of time? It is certainly a question worth asking. And another example of the complex and murky connections of our most mysterious world. As well as our even more mysterious collective past. Remember, the instructions of the gods from ancient times? That nobody should look upon or depict their true form.

A Cosmic Conflict “Behind The Scenes” Of History?

If we are speaking of a race of aliens who have controlled humanity from the shadows since antiquity, it would appear two races surface in this discussion. This would be “The Greys” and “The Reptilians”. This should perhaps lead us to ask, might these two different alien races, often described in a plethora of accounts, actually be the same? For example, we have examined before claims of “grey alien” bodies recovered from downed discs with “reptilian skin and features” under a suit of armor that most would take for the skin of a grey alien.

And what about other apparent alien encounters, those of humanoids, for example? Who might these be, if we assume for a moment of the authenticity of such claims? And what is their agenda? Generally speaking, such encounters with these pale, glowing humanoids are peaceful and don’t involve invasive and aggressive examinations and procedures. Interestingly, these humanoids often also issued telepathic warnings of a terrible future for humanity should we continue on our“current path”.

It is perhaps also interesting that many of these humanoid sightings occurred in the 1950s and early-1960s. And while there are sporadic accounts still today, it would appear if these humanoids were a real, genuine alien race, their presence today is either very discreet or greatly depleted. As wildly speculative as it is, should we consider statements by such people as Laura Eisenhower? Of “secret wars” taking place “behind-the-scenes”? Might these humanoids, apparently and seemingly at odds with the Greys’ agenda have been victims of this secret war? Remember, President Eisenhower is alleged to have met with Grey aliens in 1954. Legend says he also met with a group of humanoid aliens around the same time.

The video below looks at UFOs, aliens, and demons a little further.

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