Supernatural Entities From Another Dimension: Legends Of The Djinn

Marcus Lowth
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January 23, 2021
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September 30, 2021
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The legends and apparent encounters with the Djinn are perhaps some of the most intriguing and, until relatively recently, some of least researched (outside of the Middle East) of all strange, otherworldly entities.

Indeed, many people claim that such encounters with aliens are, in fact, encounters with the Djinn – supernatural entities from another realm of existence. And while these legends are prevalent in the Middle East, it may be the case that the Djinn’s presence, if we assume there is some truth to their existence for a moment, is much more global.

One researcher who has conducted extensive research on the Djinn is Rosemary Ellen Guiley. The results of her research are perhaps best appreciated in her book The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling The Hidden Agenda, which not only examines the legends of the Djinn but what they might be in reality.

While we have written about legends and folklore, as well as shapeshifting entities – both of which the Djinn could neatly come under – these particular entities deserve examination in their own right. Indeed, they might prove to be key to unlocking a large part of the supernatural and the unknown.

A Significant Part Of Our Interaction With Parallel Dimensions!

Perhaps before we get into some of the legends and apparent sightings of the Djinn, we might stop and examine some of Guiley’s work a little further on just what the Djinn might actually be.

For example, as we mentioned above, many people believe incidents involving aliens, ghosts, even Bigfoot, and werewolves – almost any encounter with a strange entity – are, in fact, the Djinn. However, as Guiely writes, “that does not negate the existence or reality of the aforementioned entities in their own right, but simply that the opportunistic Djinn may take on appearances that fool us into interacting with them in specific ways”. [1] Indeed, there are a number of researchers, for example, who firmly believe that the alien presence on our planet is to influence our behavior. Perhaps these “aliens” are, in fact, Djinn.

Although Guiley doesn’t assert that all aspects of the paranormal can be explained away as encounters with the Djinn, she does say that:

…the evidence points to them being a significant part of our interactions with parallel dimensions and otherworldly realities that intrude into ours!

Guiley also points to the fact that modern science is beginning to examine the genuine reality of other dimensions that exist alongside our own. If we discover absolute proof that other dimensions do exist, might the legends of the Djinn be more accurate than we might think?

When she turns her attention to the descriptions of Djinn and how they appeared in the form of “smokeless fire” she makes the connection that this is “a lot like plasma, the fourth state of matter”. To quote her in full:

To put it simply, plasma is an ionized gas into which sufficient energy is provided, freeing electrons from atoms or molecules and allowing charged atoms and electrons to exist. This “strange” fourth state of matter is actually the most common in the universe – our sun is made of plasma, as is lightning. A plasmic creature, then, would require very little physical space to exist!


Another writer, Jesse Emspak also wrote, on the platform LiveScience, that plasma “is a state of matter that is often thought of as a subset of gases, but the two states behave very differently. Like gases, plasma have no fixed shape or volume, and are less dense than solids or liquids. But unlike ordinary gases, plasmas are made up of atoms in which some or all of the electrons have been stripped away and positively charged nuclei, called ions, roam freely”.

Do these modern perspectives and explanations of plasma offer us a different understanding of what the Djinn might be – interdimensional beings?

These thoughts of entities from other dimensions – ones that can also cross over into our reality – are extremely intriguing. Not least as they have surfaced in other theories, perhaps most notably such entities as aliens, reptilians, and even shadow people. And it is there we will quickly turn our attention to next.

A Place Close But Invisible To Humans!

Many researchers have questioned whether extraterrestrials are, in fact, not visiting us directly from the outer reaches of space, but rather from another dimension or perhaps even through some kind of portal. If we turn our attention back to the research of Guiley once more, she writes that “many of the Arabian stories and Islamic texts, the Djinn live in a place that is very close but invisible to humans”. This could most certainly suggest that they exist in an alternative dimension.

While many take his work with a pinch of salt, researcher and writer, David Icke, has always maintained that reptilian aliens exist in the “lower fourth dimension” and are essentially invisible to us until they cross over into ours. If there is any accuracy to these suggestions, does that mean that reptilian aliens are actually the Djinn, or are the Djinn actually reptilian aliens? We will return to these questions and similarities of reptilians a little later. Incidentally, Guiley suggests that the “most logical candidate” as to where the Djinn resides would be the fifth dimension.

Indeed, our entire existence might be one of the alternative dimensions of space and time. We have examined before that humans can only see very little of the visual spectrum, and that there could literally be a whole world of activity taking place around us that we just can not see, or even hear. Might it even be that these invisible spaces of reality are the other dimensions from which all manner of entities might be able to emerge from?

Even the fact that many of the legends state that the Djinn resides in lonely, desolate places such as caves, mountains, deserts, and forests, are likely based on the misunderstanding of the people at the time of somewhere invisible. To many people at the time, these far-away places were invisible in that they would have little chance to ever go there. However, perhaps now, with modern thinking and the knowledge that other dimensions could indeed exist, these invisible places could be “right next to you”.

Interestingly in the west, whether intentional or not, most peoples’ initial introduction to the Djinn are through films such as Aladdin, or the television show I Dream Of Jeanie – both of which have their origins in the legends of Djinn. Likewise, the notion of a Genie being discovered in a lamp and granting wishes has its origins in the same place.

In short, although, from a western perspective, we know very little of legends of the Djinn, we have perhaps been more exposed to at least watered-down versions of those legends more than we think.

The Djinn As Shapeshifting Animals

As we have already mentioned, the Djinn are able to shapeshift and take on any form they desire. How they do this, as we might imagine, is unknown, and while they can take on any form they wish, there are several particularly intriguing alternative forms of the Djinn to examine.

Perhaps one of the most interesting is that they will often appear in the form of a black dog. We have examined before the appearance of strange black dogs with a distinctly paranormal feel to them. Might they be connected to legends of the Djinn more than we might think? For example, often these appearances occur following the appearance of strange mists or shadows. Might this be the “smokeless fire” (plasma) aspect of the Djinn?

While many of the black dog sightings take place in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, there are also examples of them in the Americas. And interestingly enough, these sightings and the legends thereof have a feel of “black magic” and even Devil-like characters to them. Once more, is this a connection to the Djinn? They are connections that perhaps require further investigation.

There are other recurring animal manifestations of the Djinn. Many legends state that the Djinn often appear in the form of a snake and will often enter people’s homes in this form. Such is the strength of belief that a snake found inside the home is likely a Djinn many people refuse to kill or harm them. If they did, and it was a Djinni, they would likely face revenge for the act. Similar beliefs are held by the sudden appearance of a scorpion or lizards.

What is perhaps also of interest is that arguably the most well-known shapeshifter, the werewolf, is perhaps one such creature that is not connected to the Djinn, with some beliefs stating that wolves are “natural predator” of the Djinn.

Appearances Of All Shapes And Kinds

Of course, it isn’t just animals that the Djinn can morph into and appear as.

For example, some legends state the Djinn are sometimes connected to severe winds, storms, and even sandstorms. They can also appear as shadows, often moving against a wall or in its own right. This should perhaps alert us to the alleged encounters with shadow people. Once more, is there a connection between the Djinn and this seemingly increasing if little-understood phenomena? We will return to apparent connections to the shadow people encounters shortly.

They can also appear in part of full human forms which immediately bring to mind claims and legends of part-human, part-animal creatures.

Perhaps we should also recall legends of ancient Greece, particularly those that state Zeus often appeared in assumed forms, even those of other people, in order to influence human thought or even outright deceive them.

In short, given the number of connections we can make with many aspects of the paranormal, as well as the equally intriguing connections to many legends and folklore, it is easy to see why some researchers believe the Djinn have a stronger presence in our modern world than many could have previously imagined.

The Encounters Of Philip J. Imbrogno

While many researchers in the Western world suspect legends of the Djinn to be exactly that, many people from the Middle East assert they are very true. And what’s more, they don’t doubt their existence.

In Guiley’s previously mentioned book, one of her colleagues, Philip J. Imbrogno, tells of a journey into the region and the apparent very real nature of the Djinn. Imbrogno had traveled to the region in the mid-90s in order to conduct research on the Djinn. He was able to do so as a soldier he had served with in Vietnam was now a “high-ranking member of the security force of the royal Saudi family”. Imbrogno would give the person in question the name “Jack” in order to protect his identity.

After arriving in the country, he would travel to Jack’s home – an affluent part of Saudi Arabia – where he would stay. After meeting with his friend and catching up, Imbrogno was informed that each of them had been invited to a dinner party where a member of the Saudi royal family would be in attendance. It would be a dinner that would prove crucial for the writer’s research.

At the dinner, he would find himself sat next to the royal family member – a royal cousin – and would get the opportunity to briefly speak with him. He would inform the royal that he was there to research the legends of the Djinn. According to his account, the royal family member replied immediately that he would tell him about them, that “they are very real and live in my country”. He would then go on to relay a fascinating encounter.

Military Interest In The “Technology” Of The Djinn?

According to the account, the Saudi royal claimed that a unit of the United States military has been making active attempts to catch a Djinni for several years. They had been given certain permissions to operate in the desert regions of the country, providing there were military or scientific purposes to such missions.

More specifically, the United States military was seeking to obtain a technical device used by the Djinn. This device not only allowed them to “pass through solid walls” but it also allowed them to open and go through “dimensional windows”. The Saudi royal admitted he wasn’t sure if the United States had been successful in obtaining such a device but insisted that their efforts were genuine and serious.

However, that was all the information he was willing to divulge, quickly ending the conversation. Before he did, though, he gave instructions to Jack about taking his friend to see a “holy man” the following day – someone whose knowledge of the Djinn was extensive.

Incidentally, Imbrogno would liken what the Saudi royal informed him to one of his own UFO investigations in the Pine Bush region of New York – an area we have also examined previously due to the seemingly intense UFO activity there. As he spoke to locals, he learned that they had noticed an increased military presence in the region, something that the military would explain as merely “training exercises”.

However, a source of Imbrogno’s would claim that the real reason for the military in the Pine Bush area was to capture an “interdimensional alien”. More intriguing, this alien was using a device that allowed it to use portals to enter the area, which the military was looking to capture and learn to use for their own ends. Might these apparent operations have been an extension of the ones the Saudi royal claimed were taking place in the desert?

Entities That Can “Manipulate Matter And Change Form!”

The following morning after the revelations at the dinner, Imbrogno was taken to meet the “holy man” and allowed to ask him what he knew of the Djinn.

He would state to Imbrogno that the Djinn were “made of fire” and had “long life spans and great power”. Perhaps more interesting they were able to “manipulate matter and change form”.

Perhaps part of this manipulating of matter is to create portals through which the Djinn enter our world. What is interesting here is that many researchers believe that UFOs, Bigfoot, and all manner of strange incidents are the result of such portals. And in the same way that researchers also believe that certain areas around the planet are “hot-spots” for such activity, many experts on the Djinn insist that there are key locations around the world which the Djinn use as a doorway to our realm.

One such location, according to Imbrogno’s research, is Selma Plateau in Oman, specifically Majlis al Djinn, which translates as “meeting place of the Djinn” (although this is likely a name given by recent explorers to the region), a huge cave that has to be entered by lowering oneself from one of the entrances on the ground. Just to give an idea of how large the cave is, the Great Pyramid of Giza would easily fit inside its main chamber. Although it was not until the early 1980s when it became known to the outside world, those who lived in the vicinity were well aware, and cautious, of its history and presence.

Imbrogno would manage to secure a visit to the cave while in Saudi Arabia. His friend, Jack, arranged for a guide to ensure safe passage to the country, Captain Yarramish. They would make the short flight across the border before a car arrived to make the short trip to the town of Fins in the Eastern Hajar Mountains. From there, a local familiar with the cave system would act as their guide.

They would arrive in the afternoon with plans to explore the cave the following day. During the rest of the evening, though, Imbrogno would speak to as many locals as he possibly could. Almost all were convinced of the genuine presence of the Djinn. One person, in particular, appeared to authenticate the revelations the Saudi royal had told him the previous evening.

“Leave! My Place!”

The person in question not only claimed to have seen a Djinni himself but that governments of the United States and Oman were also aware of their presence. What’s more, they were actively “trying to deal with them”. This instantly made Imbrogno’s ears pick up somewhat.

When he asked the local to explain more, he would only state that soldiers, both Omani and American, had told him they were “tracking” Djinni. What is perhaps interesting, especially from a UFO researcher’s perspective, is that the local claimed he was told this information while being questioned at an apparent secret mountain military base after the soldiers learned of his encounter. Furthermore, he was warned not to speak to anyone of the interrogation, or of his Djinni encounter.

The following morning, Imbrogno would finally arrive at the cave in question. However, when it came time to descend into it, his guides suddenly declared that he must go alone. They weren’t willing to enter the cave.

As he began his descent, however, he noticed a strange mist rising upward. It could have been anything, he considered. Then he heard what he thought was the sound of “human voices speaking Arabic”. At this stage, he ceased descending and viewed his surroundings. He noticed that “the mist appeared to take on a large form just below me”. He further noticed that the mist had a strange glow to it – one that didn’t come from the sun.

Then, he heard the voice again, only now it was speaking English. He distinctly heard the words “Leave! My place!”

At the same time, he could hear the voices of his two guides above. He would write “although I couldn’t understand what they were saying, one word was clear – Djinn!”

He hauled himself out of the cave and then ran towards the guides who were approaching their waiting vehicle. He finally caught up and asked what was happening. The reply was clear:

Didn’t you see it? It was a Djinni taking form and telling us to get out of this place at once!

Imbrogno had indeed witnessed something strange but wasn’t absolutely certain of what it was. His guides, however, were in no doubt. Although Imbrogno wished to venture back to the cave again for a second look, each of the guides refused and all three of the men left the area immediately.

An intriguing afternote to the incident is that the cave system in question was opened up to the general public a short time after Imbrogno’s encounter. It would go on to see thousands and thousands of people visit the site. Then, in 2008, access to the cave was suddenly revoked under the reason of “safety concerns”. Whether any other reasons forced the closure perhaps remains up for debate.

Intriguing Similarities Between The Djinn And Reptilians

We mentioned that we would return to the theories and claims of reptilian entities and some of the similarities between them and the Djinn.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing details comes in a footnote in the book The Vengeful Djinn. If we remind ourselves of the details that Imbrogno picked up during his brief trip to Oman of the military wanting to obtain technical devices of the Djinn that allowed them to “walk through walls”, he notes of an account told to Rosemary Ellen Guiley years after the trip.

According to Imbrogno, a source informed Guiley of an encounter they had had with two reptilian entities. The incident occurred in New Mexico in the United States. What was intriguing about the encounter was the belts these reptilian creatures wore, which “enabled them to pass through walls”. Might this suggest a direct connection between reptilians and the Djinn?

There are also other details that the two entities share.

For example, they require a physical form in order to eat or drink. However, it is the consumption of energies – souls – that fully nourishes them. They essentially drain a person of the life force. They can also feed on emotions, at times influencing them so that they extract the emotion they require. Many researchers into reptilian entities make the same claims.

The “True Terrorists Of The Universe”

Some depictions of the Djinn are even reptilian-like, specifically those referred to as Red Djinn. According to Guiley’s research, these particular Djinn “usually take on a reptilian form”. And what’s more, “they are responsible for possession, illness, and hauntings”. Furthermore, many believe that red Djinn are “responsible for alien sightings and all forms of paranormal phenomena”.

Guiley continues that Red Djinn are the “true terrorists of the Universe”, continuing that they “whisper in the ears of men and women” in order to influence their actions and even do their bidding. Even more disturbing, they “collect human souls” often in return for granting favors (wishes) to humans.

These are intriguing thoughts. Such claims could, and often are, used by researchers who believe there is a “reptilian conspiracy” of disturbing entities looking to enslave and ultimately destroy humanity. Many claims, for example, state that reptilians often possess key individuals in important positions so as to divert the workings of the world in their favor.

There are also claims of how these reptilian creatures feed on emotions in order to maintain strength in our world. And we might also consider that many people who claim to have had close encounters with grey aliens often recall some kind of “reptilian element” that they often can’t quite explain.

As outlandish as the notion of reptilians might be, the similarities are certainly interesting in the extreme.

Apparent Connections To UFOs

We have touched on the crossover with apparent alien creatures and alien abductions. However, even sightings of UFOs, to some, present some intriguing connections to the Djinn.

However, before we move on to the UFOs themselves, we might also consider once more the legends of the Djinn that claim they “whisper” in the ear of humans in order to communicate with them and influence their decisions.

Many people who claim to have undergone alien abduction almost always speak of hearing voices in their head – something that most researchers take to be a form of telepathic communication. Might, though, it be another detail that should alert us to the potential presence of the Djinn?

We might also consider that many UFO sightings are not close-up with intricate recollections of a definite solid, machine-based vehicle (although many such encounters are on record). A great many UFO sightings feature balls or orbs of light which then go on to change shape as they move against the sky.

Once more, might these apparent UFOs actually be the morphing plasma of a Djinni? While we should caution once more that such thoughts do not suggest that all UFO sightings can be explained as the Djinn, some of the orb or glowing, morphing objects are certainly worthy of extra study.

The Shadow People Connections

We noted that connections to sightings of the shadow people are of particular interest. Especially as they appear, in recent years, to be increasing. When we consider that many experts on the Djinn claim that alleged sightings with them also appear to be increasing. And perhaps when we consider that there is a significant crossover of interest between encounters with shadow people and those who are victims of alien abduction.

If we turn our attention to the research of Rosemary Guiley once more, she determined that sightings and encounters with shadow people are perhaps most likely to have a direct connection with the Djinn.

She would note how they often appear in a person’s home in the middle of the night, something which is a characteristic of the Djinn. They also often appear in very specific locations – ones that we would label as haunted. However, it might be that these locations act as portals where what might prove to be the Djinn leaving and entering our world. What’s more, they appear and disappear in a moment.

Even the appearance of the shadow people is of interest. On some occasions the forms are very much human, even appearing to be wearing clothes such as a long coat, or even a hat. On other occasions, though, these strange shadowy presences are in a very definite black mist – often described as “blacker than black” – but that doesn’t take a definite shape. Might this be the plasma/smokeless fire of Djinn legend?

It is the conclusion of Guiley that the shadow people appear to have an agenda of monitoring or watching humans, once inviting comparisons with alien abduction encounters. Some of the theories in alien abduction circles suggest that these hands-on reconnaissance missions have an end goal that is likely to involve some kind of hybridization with humanity, perhaps in order to overtake the Earth as the dominant force. Many legends of the Djinn believe that it is their intent to regain their once-dominant existence on Earth.

Such possibilities – however unlikely – should perhaps concern us all.

An Extremely Important Aspect Of The Paranormal World

It is clear that we have not the room nor the time to fully explore the legends of the Djinn, and whether they connect much more directly to various aspects of the paranormal, including hauntings, alien abduction, and even reptilian entities. It seems clear, however, that there is certainly a reason for continued research into such matters.

What might it mean for humanity as a whole if the legends of the Djinn did have some truth to them? And more urgently, what their apparent presence in our modern world might lead to.

As well as forcing us to reevaluate a lot of what we think we know now, it would also force us to do the same with aspects of our collective existence that have very little understanding of. Are aliens and the Djinn one and the same entity? Or might matters be even more blurred, with each existing in their own right, with one or both emulating the others’ appearance?

A study of the paranormal world would not be possible without including the legends and apparent encounters of the Djinn. As well as how they might connect to our collective reality.

The video below looks at the legends of the Djinn a little further.


1 The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies, Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip Imbrogno, ISBN 9780738 721712

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