The Psychic Internet Theory – What Is It? Does It Make Sense?

First Published: January 13, 2020 Last updated: October 9th, 2020 Written by: Marcus Lowth Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes Posted in: Supernatural, Time & Reality
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In his book Paranormal Encounters On Britain’s Roads, author and researcher, Peter McCue speaks of the psychic internet theory, which suggests the possibility that “people’s minds sometimes interact at a subconscious level and generate paranormal phenomena”.

McCue, as he states in his writings, has built on from the suggestions and theories of the psychical researcher of the early twentieth century, George Tyrrell. Tyrrell would claim that many ghostly manifestations and apparitions could quite possibly be explained as “hallucinations engendered by telepathy”. And in the case of the psychic internet theory, a kind of group telepathy.

A picture of the Earth superimposed over a digital eye

Might UFOs be nothing more than a manifestation of energy?

McCue asks, for example, whether there might be, both over history and in our contemporary era, a “collective wish” for evidence for proof of all manner of paranormal activity. From the appearance of ghosts to “evidence of UFOs”. And whether our connected minds – “like computers linked to one another via the Internet” – might be responsible for at least some of the many strange encounters that surround all of us.

It is an intriguing notion, no doubt. And one that if true, if only in part, might demonstrate just how powerful and unexplored the human mind really is. And, as we will look at a little more later, might it be that these thought projections are not mere hallucinations, but the real manipulation and creation of what we know and understand as reality?

Can Thoughts Change Reality?

We have examined on several occasions what reality, both personal and collective, might actually be. As well as whether there are many “alternative” realities all around us that might, on occasion, crash into ours and so produce the wealth of strange and paranormal activity that occupies our existence.

For example, there are many claims that certain areas of the world are “hot spots” for UFO activity. And on most occasions, such hot spots will attract a concentration of attention. Whether from afar in our contemporary era of the Internet, or directly through the visitation to the areas by researchers, enthusiasts, and adventurers, these locations find themselves the focus of many people and, in turn, their minds.

A digital screen with a hooded figure behind it

We know very little of the full potential of the human mind

Might the expectation and/or desire of this collective focus result in the eventual manifestation of a flying saucer? Or even an extraterrestrial entity? McCue even argues that this attention, through the psychic internet, could even produce “genuine manifestations”.

This is an interesting point and one we will return to later. That the collective human mind can result in the literal physical appearance of “X”. This would, essentially, mean we could collectively change our reality. And as an ominous afterthought, imagine the implications if any one person, or group of people, understood how to achieve such reality-altering manifestations.

Such a notion sounds like the script of a science-fiction movie. However, there is very likely more to such seemingly “crazy” theories than we might think.

“Energy, Frequency, And Vibration!” – The Secrets Of The Universe

We have asked before, as have many other UFO and paranormal researchers, if UFOs are not traveling here from the vast reaches of outer space, but from another realm or dimension. If so, what would that mean for the psychic internet theory?

If we take this further, we might ask what the bridge or doorway is from their dimension to ours? Are the collective thoughts, wants, and desires of humanity strong enough to provide a link to these other dimensions? Or, as we mentioned above, are these apparently extraterrestrial crafts “imagined” into being by a discreet public conscious? And if so, are they merely hallucinations or something altogether more?

An old-fashioned room with ghostly hands and figures blended

Tesla claimed understand Energy, Frequency, and Vibration would unlock the secrets of the universe

Furthermore, many researchers suggest that rather than some kind of “portal” or “gateway” that we might physically step through to reach these other realities, the key is to “control” one’s own “vibration” or “vibratory rate”.

As we do regularly – and for good reason – we should remind ourselves of the words of Nikola Tesla. He would state that to discover the true secrets of the universe, we should “think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”.

More “Evidence” For The Akashic Record?

In terms of UFO sightings and alien abduction, might it be possible that these accounts are actually manifestations – whether hallucinatory or physical – of people’s subconscious minds? Perhaps even manifested by somehow accessing not only their own thoughts, but those of other people.

Very similar to the notion of accessing information from the Akashic Record, an apparent “knowledge bank” available to anyone, but only in their non-physical or astral form. This is essentially speaking of out-of-body experiences, which many mystics, perhaps most notably, Edgar Cayce, mentioned many times.

These areas of research are largely ignored by the academic world and those in the “mainstream”. However, such intentional ignorance will not lead us to a greater understanding of the world around us. Nor the true nature of our reality. It will, however, lead us into a dark age of the mind where questioning leads to ridicule. And, on some occasions, even worse.

A city at night with a digital globe superimposed over the top

Might the Akashic Record really exist?

The words of the great Nikola Tesla once again are appropriate here. And are both damning and hopeful at the same time. He would state that when “science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence”.

Maybe we should also consider the point, if we assume for a moment that all human minds have the potential to delve into other aspects of reality and even different realms of existence altogether, that such a scenario wouldn’t at all be in the interests of the apparent ruling elite. And if we accept that those same bloodlines and families have ruled over the majority of the human race since antiquity, then we should turn our attention to the legends of one of the creator gods of one of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world.

The Creation Of The World From The Mind Of The Gods?

We should remind ourselves, then, of the legends from the creation times of ancient Egypt and the god Ptah? He would, essentially, imagine the world into being? Indeed, many ancient writings and creation myths speak of such notions. And many researchers state that these myths are actually speaking of the human mind, and the control, even if our conscious selves don’t realize it, that it has over the reality in which we all exist.

What is perhaps also interesting with these thoughts in mind are the apparent experiments by the CIA and the alleged Montauk Chair. According to the leaks of information – and we should, of course, take them with a pinch of salt – the purpose of the Montauk Chair and the experiments connected to it was to study the “power of thought to manifest physical forms into reality”.

If we return to ancient Egypt for a moment and the legends of Ptah, he was said to “create the universe through the thought of his heart and the utterance of his tongue” while seated on a “winged throne”.

A grey sky with a face shaped from wicker wire

Was the world created by the power of the mind?

While it is rampant, unashamed speculation, might the winged throne of one of the creator gods of ancient Egypt and the Montauk Chair experiments, if indeed they did take place, be utilizing the same power of the human mind? And if so, just how far did such experiments go?

And perhaps overriding all of that, might there be more truth to the creation myths of such ancient civilizations as ancient Egypt? Might there really have been a time in antiquity, and even before that in the void of “pre-history”, where “the gods” walked the Earth? And if so, who are the gods? Why were they here? And where did they go?

Malicious Means And Astral Attacks

McCue states that should such a psychic internet exist in the realms of the collective human subconscious, then it could be used for a whole manner of reasons and ends. Not least for malicious and self-serving purposes. As we mentioned above, the implications of this would be dire for the rest of us, at the very least.

We have written before of researchers who claim to have not only managed to use forms of astral projection but to have suffered “astral attacks” during these processes. Might these claims be in line with the notion that the psychic internet theory could indeed be used to conduct “battles” against people on a level that most of us don’t realize exists much less know how to enter and control.

And what if, as we mentioned earlier, those with access or ability to reach such realms also had the ability to control what the rest of us saw as reality?

It is perhaps interesting to note that many with esoteric leanings believe deeply in the power of the mind. And how that untapped power of the mind shapes our reality. Or at least what we understand reality to be.

A Life Of Its Own!

McCue also, albeit briefly, explores the possibility that such a psychic internet could very well take on a life of its own. For example, once a notion or collective feeling has been created, the population, whether through personal beliefs, experience, or both, continue to feed (and access) that collective feeling via the psychic internet.

This would mean, then, that such collective, subconscious feelings, whether they be love, hate, fear, joy, or any other number of emotions that make up the human experience, has been building up since the beginning of time. Perhaps, like a build-up of pressure it on occasion spills over from the subconscious world into the real one.

A black figure superimposed behind a digital computer screen

Might energy by the key to understanding strange incidents?

Maybe these overspills result in years of war, destruction, or death in the “real world”. Such as the many conflicts that have scarred humanity. Or perhaps global movements where public perspective changes. The “peace and love” movements of the 1960s, for example, or the “awakening” movements of the early twenty-first century.

Another intriguing idea behind the psychic internet theory is that it could also explain, at least in theory, the notion of sending “prayers”, “best wishes”, or “good luck” to someone who might be gravely ill or facing desperate times. In our modern age, such gestures are often empty, hollow words. Almost to soothe one’s own guilt as much as to send out genuinely positive vibes. And this is not so much for selfish reasons, but more due to the lack of belief in such matters.

And, of course, as McCue mentions, these positive well wishes certainly don’t always work. He uses the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005 as a prime example. The many prayers and wishes for good health seemingly going unanswered, at least on that occasion.

Required Questions About Our Reality!

In short, the psychic internet theory, while bizarre to some, is really not that obscure. And has existed in various forms and from various perspectives for some time, as McCue himself states. Does humanity somehow retain every single memory of every single living person? Perhaps every single living organism? And does this go back to the beginning of life, at least as we know it? It is something that has fascinating thinkers and researchers for centuries.

For example, might we, somehow within our genetic make-up retain the memories of our collective ancestors? Even going back thousands and thousands of years?

And if so, just what is the true nature of our reality? Is it this – the human experience? Or might what we call “life” be the surreal and bizarre realm of existence? And the vibratory realms of existence the true plateau of reality?

Such questions are impossible to answer. Almost the same as asking what came before the beginning of time? Where is the end of space?

All we can do with such questions is take what we know, what we think we know, and what we feel we know, and somewhere in between those emotions and gut-feelings, attempt to understand not only the true nature of reality but how we individually use such realities to attempt to contemplate and traverse life itself.

One thing I often find myself saying is that “it is an interesting world in which we live”. I stand by that completely. If there is a psychic internet type of consciousness that we each access, whether we realize it or not, then that feeling that appears to permeate our existence of wanting or knowing “something more” should perhaps be listened to with a little more contemplation and urgency.


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