Encounters With The Night People: The Unsettling Alien Abduction Of Paul Sinclair

Marcus Lowth
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June 8, 2022
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The claims of author Paul Sinclair, in particular an event in the mid-1990s in an old Victorian house are without a doubt some of the most thought-provoking and unsettling claims of alien abduction on record, perhaps not least as they contain many details that are more suited to paranormal events and hauntings. However, even more than that, they contain elements that have the potential to turn what we know of the alien abduction phenomena, and indeed just what extraterrestrial might be, completely on its head.

A depiction of an angelic figure

Paul Sinclair’s encounters with The Night People are some of the most intriguing on record

After this life-changing event, Sinclair would go on to both recall previous incidents, and experience many more encounters with entities he would refer to as The Night People. And he would further state that these entities had a genuine Biblical, angelic appearance and feel to them, and appeared to be made from a mysterious, shimmering light. Indeed, when we consider some of thoughts and theories of some researchers over the years, this description might be more accurate than we might think.

Despite this apparent angelic nature, these entities were seemingly far from benevolent, seemingly appearing to Sinclair at will, with many of the encounters being locked away in his mind, even though he might recall certain elements of them. Just who were these strange, ancient, glowing entities, why were they repeatedly abducting Paul Sinclair, and where do the accounts fit into the overall picture of the UFO and alien question?

A Dream Home On The Northeast Coast Of England

Without a doubt, the events that unleashed the memories of those lifelong abduction encounters occurred in 1994 when Sinclair purchased a three-story, six-bedroomed Victorian terraced house in the coastal town of Bridlington on the northeast coast of England. It was intended to be their forever home for Paul and his wife, as well as their four daughters, although it required a considerable amount of work before they would be able to move into it.

Spread over three floors, the house had spacious rooms, even more spacious landings, and extravagant mahogany staircases to connect them. Once they had cleared the house of its contents – which featured almost all of the previous owner’s possessions – it would be a spectacular abode in a vibrant but peaceful location by the sea.

However, before that, Paul was traveling to the property from the current family home in Doncaster in order to bring it up that lofty level. As it had stood empty for over two years, even basic things such as having the gas, electric, and water supplies reconnected had to be done. Then, there was the concern of clearing general debris that had been left behind.

A typical Victorian terraced house

A typical Victorian terraced house

Then, before any decorating could be done to truly make the house theirs, Paul had to painstakingly clear the possessions of the previous owners – something that left him feeling intrusive and uneasy, at the best of times. As well as general items such as pots and pans, and even plates and cutlery still on the draining board, there were many personal items, such as photographs of the previous owners’ family that still adorned the walls and sat on shelves – items that he couldn’t understand were not taken by the family themselves. In fact, at times, Paul felt that he was not alone in the house, and that the elderly couple were watching him, most likely disapprovingly as he sifted through their possessions.

Perhaps because of this, if only subconsciously, Paul would sometimes bring his eldest daughter, Sarah, with him to the house. She was old enough to legitimately help, and it was simply someone else in the lonely property with him. One particular weekend in the spring of 1994, Sarah would embark on one of these trips with her father for a weekend of clearing the house in order to get the family closer to finally moving in. It was a weekend that would change Paul’s life forever.

Strange Voices And Slamming Doors

The weekend in question began without incident. Paul and Sarah arrived at the house and went inside, taking a moment to glance around before they started their duties. Sarah agreed to clear one of the upstairs bedrooms, the only one with a television aerial in so that they could watch the black and white television they had brought with them before bed. While she did this, Paul remained downstairs clearing possessions from the lower rooms.

After several minutes, Sarah suddenly heard a voice speak to her from out of nowhere. She spun around, but there was nobody there. Feeling immediately uneasy with a sense of terror rising within her, she ran from the room, went down the stairs as quickly as she could and went straight to her father. She blurted out what had happened, and while Paul went to take a look, he did his best to calm her, offering that the voice had perhaps come from outside and had not been intended for her after all.

Although she was certain of what she heard, the young girl acquiesced and went back to her work. Her father, however, remained upstairs with her so that she was not left on her own. It appeared maybe Paul was right, as no further voices were heard. However, just as they were beginning to settle back down and relax, one of the heavy wooden doors downstairs was slammed shut. This was quickly followed by another.

Paul and Sarah froze, looking at each other, both with the same look of shock and uncertainty on their face. Knowing better, they put it down to a gust of wind. Both of them, however, could feel that the atmosphere in the old house had taken on an entirely different feeling. It was almost heavy and with a hanging sense of anxiety.

Once more, they pushed the strange event to the back of their minds and continued with their clean-up duties for the remained of the afternoon.

An Underlying Feeling Of Anxiety

Eventually, the pair decided to take a break, and with no more strange occurrences during the afternoon, they both felt a little better about the prospect of staying the night there. They left the house, locked the door, and walked to the seafront where Paul bought them both fish and chips. They sat near the beach overlooking the water and ate while they made general chitchat.

However, when they set off back to the old house, Paul began to think about the events of earlier that day, not least the strange voice Sarah said she heard. After all, they would have to sleep in that very room this evening. He tried once more to put such thoughts out of his mind, however they remained, niggling him for the rest of the evening.

As darkness began approaching, Paul set up a mattress as a makeshift bed, and he and Sarah settled down in front of the black and white portable television. By 10 pm, with both of them beginning to feel their eyes getting heavier, Paul turned out the light, leaving the small television as the only source of light in the room.

They would both drift off the sleep as the television continued its lonely broadcast. However, several hours later, Paul would awaken suddenly. And when he did, he knew that something rather ominous was underway, and he was at the center of it.

Something In The Shadows

It was around 3 am when Paul’s eyes suddenly opened as his brain catapulted him from sleep. As soon as he realized he was awake, he noticed the overpowering feeling of anxiousness and fear that was running through him. Although he didn’t know why, he couldn’t shake the feeling that someone – or something – had awoken him.

He remained still on the bed, moving his eyes around the now mostly dark room, the only light provided by what was able to seep in through the window. The room appeared to be empty aside from himself and Sarah. Then, even though he didn’t understand why, his focus settled on one of the corners of the room, one hidden mostly in shadows. However, Paul had the distinct and disturbing feeling that something was standing in those shadows, and it was looking at him.

He remained as still as possible, not once taking his eyes from the corner of the room. He would later describe what appeared to be a particularly tall, thin man, wearing a thick, heavy, long coat, and with a hat on his head, which was, bizarrely, a lot larger than his otherwise thin frame suggested it should have been.

Paul continued to watch the shadows for any sign of movement, contemplating whether he should confront the intruder or remain quiet. Then, the evening took an even darker and more mind-bending twist. A twist that would lead to Paul recalling many more memories and experiences than he previously realized his mind was holding on to.

Biblical Shimmering Entities

He suddenly sensed movement on the landing and his attention shifted to a spot just beyond the open door of the bedroom. The entire area was in complete darkness, so he couldn’t tell what he believed had moved. Even stranger, however, the spindles of the staircase – which were made from dark mahogany wood – now appeared to have been painted white, and looked as if they were glowing.

A wave of confusion washed over him as he attempted to contemplate just what was happening and what he was seeing. Who had painted the spindles? When? And why did they appear to be glowing? He turned to his daughter beside him, noting that, perhaps bizarrely, she remained fast asleep and undisturbed. He returned his focus on the landing. However, when he noticed a glow appear to come from downstairs, the fear he was already feeling only intensified.

This illumination continued to grow, appearing as if it were physically climbing the walls of the stairs, getting increasingly brighter as it did so. As the glow largened, the spindles glowed ever more brightly. As the light reached the top of the stairs and spread on to the landing, Paul could see the source of it.

A picture of a blinded window

Just what did Paul Sinclair witness that evening in 1994

Three “shimmering beings” stood in front of him, each of them looking directly at him, hints of gold and blue within their otherwise pure white glow. As he looked at them, he realized they appeared to be floating several feet above the floor. He also had the feeling that there was something “Biblical” about how they looked, reminding him of descriptions of angels on ancient writings.

He continued to stare at the three entities, the feeling of fear and anxiety continuing to rise within him. The light, all the while, was getting increasingly brighter. So bright, in fact, that nothing but white filled his vision.

Then, he got the sense there was some kind of explosion of white light before everything went black.

Strange Evidence Of An Even Stranger Experience

Paul’s next memory is of waking up on the makeshift bed. Daylight was now pushing through the curtainless window in the bedroom, and a quick check of his watch told him it was morning. Whatever memories he had of the previous evening’s events – at the time – quickly faded from his mind and he stood, got dressed and woke Sarah. They would quickly finish the work they had started yesterday, before heading back home to Doncaster.

However, when he was about to pull on his shirt, he suddenly noticed multiple small holes, like pin marks in his arm. He meticulously counted them, arriving at 13 in total. He pressed down on the marks, realizing that they were not painful or uncomfortable, but simply a little unsightly. Where had they come from, he asked himself. However, a moment later, the mental flood gates opened, and he had full recall of the previous evening.

Not only that, but as well as thoughts of the strange “man” in the corner of the room with the large head, or the three bright, white Biblical beings that had appeared on the landing, but of encounters that he had when he was a young child that were very similar, if not identical to the previous evening.

Just how long had these entities been visiting Paul? He realized he had seen them multiple times – and in different locations. He was, he realized, never safe from their reach. No matter where he was, he would never be able to put any distance between he and they.

Despite these realizations, Paul pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind. He and Sarah finished the work they had planned, and then returned home, not mentioning the bizarre events of that weekend to anyone else.

Just One Of Many Otherworldly Encounters

Although he wouldn’t speak of the encounter for some time, the holes – essentially, physical evidence of the ordeal – remained for around a month or so. Even more concerning, there would be further encounters for Paul with these bizarre entities, the Night People, as he would call them over the years that followed.

These incidents would be regular, and would come without warning. There was no pattern for Sinclair to reason with, nothing he could do to put any kind of distance between himself and them. He was, for all intents and purposes, at their mercy.

Throughout all of these ordeals, he would keep the encounters completely to himself. Like other like him around the world, he feared being ridiculed and even isolated if he was tell of such bizarre encounters.

Eventually, over two decades after the disturbing events in 2016, he would finally speak of the incidents to Whitley Streiber, himself a best-selling author, and an abductee. Doing so not only allowed to finally unburden himself of the encounters that he had kept to himself for such a long time, but reinforced in his own mind that he hadn’t imagined them.

Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair

There are several points of interest for us to examine, perhaps not least as to what Sarah had heard and whether she too was abducted or merely slept through the incident. Why, for example, did she hear the voice and then seemingly be of no interest to her father’s abductors.

Maybe we should consider that the two events were not at all connected. Perhaps what Sarah heard was a ghost, at least how we would perceive one, and the events that unfolded later that evening were completely unrelated.

It is also interesting to note, despite the apparent seismic events taking place, that Sarah remained asleep throughout the entire episode. This is a detail that we can find in many cases of alien abduction – where one person is subject to an horrific abduction experience while their partner remains fast asleep and completely unaware. Some UFO researchers have suggested that rather than merely (and coincidentally) being asleep, they are perhaps incapacitated with some kind of advanced technology. Might this have happened to Sarah to ensure she wasn’t a witness to the events that would unfold?

And is the house connected to these strange events, or is the location merely incidental to the whole affair. Perhaps the fact it sits in the coastal town of Bridlington is of importance, given the connection to water and UFO encounters that many UFO researchers point to.

Many of these encounters, like the one in the summer of 1994, would leave him with physical scars of the experiences. This alone made him realize that something very real had taken place. However, he would later tell how it was not so much the physical scars as the mental ones that cut deeper, elaborating that the feeling of sheer helplessness was one that remained with him in light that he knew something was happening, but did not know what, and nor did he feel (at the time) as if he could speak about it.

As we might imagine, since Sinclair has made his encounters public there have been several theories and suggestions put forward to explain the strange goings-on. And these range from a genuine case of repeat alien abduction to repeated hallucinations. That Sinclair has witnessed something strange, however, is surely without doubt.

Could Aliens Be “Light Beings” From Another Dimension?

It is also worth turning our attention to the research and writings of Andrew Collins, who in the book Origins of the Gods, puts forward the notion that extraterrestrials are, in fact, trans-dimensional beings capable of traversing the universe with pure light. We might recall that Paul Sinclair claimed that the three entities who approached him from the landing were exactly that – strange entities that appeared to be made of a strange, shimmering light. [1]

Collins would put forward a detailed and compelling argument that, essentially, there was a connection between UFOs and human consciousness. What’s more, he offers that a great number of UFOs actually consist of “pure solid light”, with its main component being Plasma. This plasma, incidentally, makes up approximately 99 percent of the known universe and is the result of the splitting of atoms.

What is also of interest with regards to Collins’ theory is that mainstream science is beginning to acknowledge the existence of intelligence in this plasma-like light substance that can interact with its environment, and other intelligences, including, it would appear, humans.

It is worth mentioning too that several UFO researchers have put forward the possibility that UFOs themselves might have some kind of sentient intelligence about them, and may not be purely nuts-and-bolts vehicles as some might imagine.

Some researchers suggest that this “space plasma” can affect space time itself, essentially creating portals with which to access our world, or more specifically, our dimension, the third dimension. It is interesting to note that, once more, many researchers over the years have pondered similar theories, specifically that apparent extraterrestrial entities are not arriving from space, but from other dimensions.

It is also worth highlighting another of Collins’ findings – that of the telepathic communication that is said to take place in almost all alien abductions. This in itself might be suggestive of an entity that exists in a completely different area of space time than ourselves, and as such, has the ability to put their thoughts into ours, and ultimately extract our own thoughts for their own understanding.

We might look also, as Collins has, at many of the Biblical stories that depict “God” as a source of bright light. For example, when he appears as a burning bush, or as a great, brilliant light on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. Or even during the Exodus when a great pillar of cloudy light would lead them during the day and a bright beacon in the sky did so at night.

Were these Biblical stories actually telling of extraterrestrials that used light both to travel here and to appear before those who they chose to reveal themselves to? We might recall how Paul recalled that the entities appeared to be Biblical and reminded him of how angels were described in such Biblical tales.

We also note that Sinclair himself also refers to these entities as Intelligent Light Forms, something that fits in very well with Collins’ conclusions on extraterrestrial life and the nature of UFOs.

One Of The Most Unnerving But Informative Encounters On Record

There is no doubt that Paul Sinclair’s encounters are some of the most intriguing on record. What might they tell us, however, about the alien abduction phenomena, in general? Might it be that these light-based intelligent entities – essentially plasma – is to be found at the heart of the truth of the UFO and alien question? Or might it be that plasma is just how we understand the nature of extraterrestrial life?

And is Sinclair’s experience one that might offer proof of such theories of intelligent plasma, light-based extraterrestrials being responsible for at least some of the alien abductions that have occurred over the decades. Might it be that these light-based beings are but one extraterrestrial race, and others, such as the greys, are another separate race with their own particular agenda.

Indeed, it might be unwise to attempt to provide an answer to all UFO sightings, particularly when several researchers, as well as former government cabinet ministers around the world have stated that multiple alien entities have been visiting the Earth for years.

That said, we should perhaps recall the tall, strange man with the oversized head that appeared to be watching over Sinclair in the moments before the three light beings appeared. Might this suggest that these grey extraterrestrial entities work with, or for, these angelic, glowing entities. It is perhaps worth keeping mind that many abductees have reported that there is often a robotic feel to these creatures.

Like many other encounters, when we view them as part of a big picture, they both add to and confuse the constantly in flux jigsaw that is the UFO and alien question. The more we know, the more we realize there is so much more to understand. What should become perfectly clear to all who have spent any significant time in UFO research, is that the very nature of our reality is almost certainly not how we currently understand it. And part of that reality is itself the reality of what we perceive as extraterrestrial entities, what they are, and what place they and we occupy in space time.

The short video below features Paul Sinclair speaking of his encounters a little further. What is perhaps interesting about this clip is that as much as the encounters themselves, Sinclair speaks about the emotional impact they had on his life, which is perhaps something that is not always considered when examining cases of alien abduction.


1 Aliens are trans-dimensional entities capable of traveling with light, new theory suggests, AnomAlien https://anomalien.com/aliens-are-trans-dimensional-entities-capable-of-traveling-with-light-new-theory-suggests/

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  • lana mccay says:

    I thought it was a dream…felt myself floating very cool below warm on top ..my cover started dangling against legs arms feet slowly..my nose slightly bounced off the ceiling like helium balloon? floating my nose didnt bounce my head turned feeling the popcorn style ceiling…going toward bedroom door I tried to grab on top anything screaming clawing real fast …i was outside above me massive triangle had 3 lights each point the center red …my hsir was blowing hard on a circle ….

    • Paul Tye says:

      So how did you rule out that it wasn’t a dream or a delusion or false memory or something similar that are all naturally occurring within human psychology and mental health….I’m not doubting you had the experience but it always fascinates me that people will jump to a supernatural or alien experience as a 1st port of call despite these being an extraordinary explanation…..it should always be the case that extraordinary claims should need the most strong and unrefutable proof to warrant belief over a natural explanation….in most cases the actual stance we should take is “I don’t know” but unfortunately not having an answer doesn’t sit well so we’ll jump to the improbable rather than actually following the evidence and applying logic to our conclusion

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