Could Nikola Tesla Have Given The World “Free” Energy? – The Conspiracy Discussed

Marcus Lowth
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March 14, 2017
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September 27, 2021
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If there is in any truth at all to the accusation of the suppression of “free energy”, it is surely one of the greatest conspiracies of all time. The man generally at the middle of this conspiracy is Nikola Tesla.

Tesla is a man made up of as much intrigue as he is a genius. At the time of his death, he had over three-hundred patents to his name. This figure is in reality much higher given patents discovered since his demise. Many of our modern technology today stems directly or indirectly, from Tesla’s mind. He was perhaps right when he said, ““The present is theirs. The future, for which I have really worked, is mine!”

Wardenclyffe Tower

Wardenclyffe Tower

Just some of the aspects of our modern world that we owe, at least in part to Tesla, include remote control, speedometers, x-ray machines, wireless radio, neon lighting and electric rail tracks.

He also made claims that he received many of his ideas from “other beings” [1] and believed he could peek into the future. Tesla would go for days with little or no sleep and would eat sparingly. He also became obsessed with numerology, and in particular, the number three. Tesla further claimed that his brain was “only a receiver”, and that “in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge!” Might he have been referring to the Akashic Record of legend?

By contrast to some of his more extravagant behaviors, he was a stickler for a tidy dress. He would even send his assistants home to change if they were in any way, what he considered, unkempt. He firmly believed if a person looked disheveled, others would not take them seriously.

The brilliance of mind was certainly something Nikola Tesla possessed.

Born During Lightning?

Although how true the account is might be debatable, legend states that Nikola Tesla came into the world during a magnificent lighting storm. What’s more, his birth happened on the stroke of midnight, as lightning split the skies over what we know today as Croatia on 10th July 1856.

Tesla’s depth of intelligence and resourcefulness was apparent early in his childhood. He would design and make toys right out of his head. He was able to construct complex (for his age) mechanisms that would allow for movement. His main focus and obsession, however, was with power, and in particular, electricity.

As he grew he mastered multiple languages, eventually finding a job in Budapest as an engineer at a telecommunications company. The work, however, was simply not enough to remotely keep the young Tesla’s interest. He soon looked to move on to somewhere he could develop his own ideas and theories.

Perhaps it was inevitable that Tesla would find himself in America, rapidly becoming the place to be, even then. In 1884, two years shy of his thirtieth birthday, Nikola Tesla arrived in New York.

America, and “The War of the Currents!”

He would work as an electrical engineering assistant to one, Thomas Edison. The two men, however, were soon at odds with each other. Tesla considered Edison clumsy and non-scientific in his approach to his work. He also disagreed with his theories.

While Edison preferred to work with direct currents, Tesla believed an alternating current system would provide more power. Edison’s direct current system would lose its strength the further it traveled from the source of the power. Tesla’s alternate system, however, could be manipulated as it made its way from the source to the target. This manipulation made it of use for multiple purposes.

Photo of Nikola Tesla (left), Thomas Edison (right).

Photo of Nikola Tesla (left), Thomas Edison (right).

Before long, Tesla left Edison’s employment. Both men vied to win the “contract” to power the northeast of the United States. Using Niagara Falls as their “power station”, both set out to pitch and prove their theories. This became known in the press as the “War of the Currents” – and it was at times, a nasty campaign. One that proved to forever set the two men against each other.

Tesla’s alternating current system ultimately proved more powerful and efficient, and his system won out. It is the absolute basis of the international power grid that is still used today.

Tesla had achieved, at least in part, his dream of electrifying the world. However, he had more in mind than just the alternating current system. Tesla felt that electricity and energy were all around us – it was just a question of harnessing it.

The Colorado Springs Experiments, 1899

Perhaps of all Tesla’s work that deserves further study, and development, is that carried out at Colorado Springs in 1899. [2] It is here that Tesla would experiment, and succeed, in producing wireless electricity transfer.

He would create an artificial lightning bolt in the tower that he worked out of. This would be the central point. Outside the tower, Tesla set up his “ground tuned coil!” He then proceeded to place light bulbs directly into the ground around the tower. The furthest of these was one-hundred feet away.

When the central point charge became active, all the light bulbs lit up fantastically. His theory of the wireless transfer of power had proven correct. The surge of the power was so great that reports from nearby came of sparks flying up from the pavement.

It would appear Tesla was moving ever closer to his life’s vision – a planet with wireless power. What he planned to do next, is arguably the first step towards him having his name distanced from “official” versions of history.

The Wardenclyffe Tower

In 1900, following his successful experiments at Colorado Springs, Tesla sought a meeting with potential investors, including one J.P. Morgan. He wished to arrange a loan from the investors of $150,000 so that he might build a wireless communications tower.

In reality, he would build Wardensclyffe Tower – the next phase of proving and implementing free energy. His ultimate aim would be to install these towers all over the planet. Everything would be able to “tap into” the energy these towers would harness. There would be no need for wires, connections, or indeed perpetual costs. Once installed, the energy supply would be endless and come straight from the planet.

An original photograph of Wardenclyffe Tower.

An original photograph of Wardenclyffe Tower.

The rumor is that Morgan and other investors eventually caught wind of Tesla’s intentions. Realizing they would not be able to charge for energy usage if his plans went ahead, further funding ceased.

Tesla persevered with the project until 1908 when it was completely bankrupt. Incidentally, the tower itself was demolished and pulled down nine years later in 1917. And with it, arguably one of the greatest achievements the world never got to see.

Whether the killing of the project was a purposeful act to maintain a monopoly over the energy fields – and the ability to charge for it – is open to debate. It certainly hasn’t hurt the pockets of those that profit from energy usage.

The videos below each look at this period in Tesla’s life. The first looks more at wireless energy, while the second concentrates more on the Wardenclyffe Tower.


Mysteries and the “Death” Beam

Many mysteries and legends surround Nikola Tesla, not least of which the hours following his death in 1943. In room 3327 on the thirty-third floor of the New Yorker Hotel in New York, Tesla suffered a fatal heart attack. He was eighty-sixed years old.

By the time his next of kin arrived to identify the body – only an hour or so after its discovery – he found it already gone. As had his uncle’s papers and notes. Their whereabouts remains unknown. Most believe the FBI took control of them, although there has never been any admission on their part.

Tesla became increasingly paranoid in his later years. Some believed this was merely an extension of his eccentricity. Others, however, believed it may have been due to one of his final inventions.

One of the final things that Nikola Tesla worked on was something he referred to as a “peace beam” – more commonly referred to, as a death beam or death ray.

The beam itself made use of direct plasma and solid particles, using a surge of energy to “shoot out a beam” that could hit its target up to two-hundred-and-fifty miles away. It would simply cause an aircraft to fall from the sky. Tesla approached several world governments with his idea in the late 1930s. He believed that if each of the world’s militaries possessed this technology, it would act as a deterrent to each other.

Although the United States government showed initial interest in the project, they instead opted to fund the Atomic Bomb. Incidentally, many people have cited the similarities between Tesla’s Peace/Death beam ideas, and the Iron Beam project [3] recently revealed by Israel.


Perhaps the government’s knowledge of his plasma beam is one of the reasons for Tesla’s paranoia. He never committed any of the specifics of this beam to paper. Instead, he kept the blueprints in his mind, such was his photographic memory.

There is no doubt however that many other highly advanced scientific theories would have resided within his notes and papers. It is more than suspicious that they should be missing. Particularly after the concern, he had expressed in his later years of people looking to steal his work.

And if he had died of natural causes, what reason did the FBI have to be there – if indeed it was they who were responsible for moving his body from the room so quickly. Is this coincidence? Did they receive information of his death? Might they have even been responsible?

And more than anything else, what are the reasons that he is almost unanimously snubbed by the scientific mainstream? If it hadn’t have been for the Internet and people’s desire to have his efforts and achievements more widely known, would as many people have been aware of his work? Or indeed would they have explored his theories and the potential that resides in them? Perhaps that, above all else, is the real reason for the attempts to sideline Nikola Tesla from history.

Check out the video below.


1 The extraterrestrial Messages of Nikola Tesla, Ancient Code
2 Colorado Springs Notes, 1899-1900
3  Israel To Deploy ‘Iron Beam,’ World’s First Laser-Based Air Defense System, John Thomas Didymus, Inquisitr, November 8th, 2016

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    Afaik these towers utilised static electricity from moving water underground. Similar to pyramids in Egypt. Position was crucial to take advantage of aquifers and generate free electricity.

  • Wayne Crawford says:

    It’s too bad that big greedy corporations charge us for something that was done by God and nature They were haters of Nikola Tesla They were afraid of losing money and wealth Just think free energy we could’ve had no thanks to big companies and the F.b.I. and O.S.S. for stealing his documents and blueprints of all of great ideas

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