Ted Owens – A Modern Miracle Worker Created By “Super Intelligences”

Marcus Lowth
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June 16, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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To dismiss Ted Owens as nothing but “a crank” is perhaps not as easy as it would seem when we examine the obvious high-intelligence and creative mind that drove him. With a Mensa-like IQ level, Owens was indeed a most intriguing figure and remains so over 30 years after his death.

Ted Owens with a spark of light behind him

Ted Owens

Along with his great intelligence was his apparent psychic ability, something that he seemingly first displayed while living with his grandparents as a child, both of whom were said to be strongly psychic themselves.

It is perhaps interesting that this ability seemingly began following this exposure to his grandparents’ apparent powers. Did this exposure awaken his own abilities? Owens himself would eventually state that an “imaginary friend” showed him how to use his mind in such a way. The young Owens would eventually become able to levitate at will, as well as be able to move objects purely with the power of his mind.

As a young adult and upon joining the Navy, these powers would seemingly become even stronger. And, in turn, his claims even stranger. From accounts of moving objects with the power of his mind to being able to control the weather, cause disasters, and even predict the future, Ted Owens’ story is both fascinating and disturbing.

Natural Psychic Abilities Amplified!

Whether due to his own maturation or whether the environment of the United States Navy was responsible, as Owens grew into a young adult, his apparent psychic powers began to develop even more. It was said that during this time he first developed the ability to read a person’s mind.

As fascinating as these apparent abilities were, it the claims he would make while studying at Duke University that were even more bizarre.

As well as his increasingly refined mind-reading abilities, Owens would claim that he could cause lightning to come down from the sky. Even stranger, one witness, a lawyer, Sidney Marguiles, even claimed on record to have witnessed him do such a thing. What’s more, Owens also claimed that he could “control the weather”. And as with the lightning, he had a witness who attested to have seen this power in action (the wife of Marguiles).

A man's face made from wire mesh

Can alien encounters cause psychic abilities?

He would also, in the mid-sixties, begin referring to himself as “PK Man”. Even stranger, though, was his explanation for his strange powers. He would claim that “Super Intelligences” had performed “psychic surgery” on him when he was younger. These strange creatures, who had the appearance of an upstanding grasshopper, had done as part of an experiment.

Were these “Super Intelligences” the imaginary friend the young Owens claimed had initially shown him his psychic powers? Or should we take Owens’ words with a pinch of salt? It was his assertion that, while he already had psychic powers, these experimental visitors from another plateau had amplified that ability as a way of testing the limits of the human mind.

Perhaps even stranger, Owens would reveal a strange scar on the back of his neck at the base of the skull as proof of this otherworldly surgery.

Superpowers, Predictions, And The Causing Of Disasters!

While some were indeed fascinated by such claims, which included being able to summon tornadoes and even cause widespread disasters, others were less convinced. Perhaps even more so when he would make comparisons of his life to Moses of the Bible, as well as calling himself a modern-day prophet. And it would seem the more the scientific community ignored these apparent superhuman powers, the more Owens was intent on proving their authenticity.

So much so, it would seem, that as the 1970s began, he would make several specific predictions, a great many of which would prove to be eerily accurate. Of more concern, to the few people who were keeping half an eye on his claims, was the notion that he would create widespread misery and destruction as a testament to the reality of his powers. He would even make several people who he made these claims to sign papers declaring they had heard the predictions before the fact.

Ted Owens

Ted Owens

One of the first of these dark predictions took place in the spring of 1972. He would claim that he was going to bring forth lightning that would cause a blackout through the entire Cleveland region of Illinois. Furthermore, the blackout would cause several deaths. Whether pure coincidence, the event occurred with three people losing their lives during a lightning storm in the region Owens said it would hit.

As if just to prove his powers were genuine, he would next state that he would bring exceptionally warm weather to the Virginia region of the United States in October. As the month approached this bizarre heatwave occurred as he said it would. Another apparent prediction saw large areas of crops damaged in Texas due to weather damage.

Increasingly Disturbing And Bizarre Behavior Throughout The Seventies!

These strange and dark claims would continue throughout the 1970s. And what’s more, they would include a whole array of disastrous incidents. From plane crashes to earthquakes, to breakouts of fire and several other strange incidents, Owens would prove consistently accurate. He would even predict when UFOs would be visible, including some of the many sightings during the wave of 1973 and other smaller waves of the 1970s. Taking this even further, he would begin to offer that he could, essentially, summon up UFOs at will.

However, it was also during this time that he was beginning to make increasingly bizarre claims and what was bordering on sinister threats. For example, he would often threaten sports teams by using his psychic powers to “fling” tacklers at their quarterback from the comfort of his armchair if he didn’t receive a set amount of money. He would also predict “disasters” and then claim he could “divert” the said disaster, but only for money.

A faceless head with blood spattered across it

Owens’ behavior was increasingly bizarre

By the end of the decade, though, which included a period of homelessness, he would seemingly begin down an even stranger road. After contacting multiple newspapers and publishers, as well as government departments in relation to his apparent otherworldly abilities, he would come across a reporter with the National Enquirer, Wayne Grover. He would state that he was going to give a full-on show of the genuine ability of his powers. And what’s more, Grover could document these events, which would happen in the state of Florida.

Threats and Further Predictions

One of these strange predictions was that he would summon up a UFO, on-demand, for a small number of witnesses. Grover, along with the editor of the newspaper, Don Horine, agreed. They would take a small number of witnesses to a specified location and wait. However, the evening was as controversial as Owens himself.

He and one of the witnesses claimed to have indeed seen two UFOs. Grover, Horine, and two other witnesses claimed that they saw nothing out of the ordinary. Because of this, the paper decided against running a story of the claim.

In light of this, Owens would predict that Horine would have his life turned upside down for “betraying” him. And what’s more, he would cause three hurricanes to hit the Florida region during the year. One of which would strike the National Enquirer building.

As we might imagine, the two men didn’t take Owens’ claims seriously. However, as the year unfolded, they would begin to reexamine what the apparent psychic had said.

Predictions That Were About 80 Percent Accurate!

As the year unfolded, the hurricanes Owens had apparently predicted did indeed strike Florida, coincidentally or not. And what’s more, they struck during one of the worst droughts the state had ever witnessed.

Of more concern, Horine was eventually fired from his job as editor of the National Enquirer. Worse still, his wife would eventually walk out on him. Without a job and with a marriage now in tatters, the predictions of his fall from grace were seemingly accurate. And quite possibly, caused by Owens himself. Incidentally, Horine was eventually hired by another newspaper in the state. He wouldn’t, however, enjoy the illustrious existence he had previously.

A water droplet with a sky superimposed into it

Owens’ predictions were remarkably accurate

Even more chilling were the phone calls that Grover would receive from Owens during the course of 1979. During these phone calls, he would make further predictions to the reporter. Much to Grover’s concern and bemusement, many of these would come true exactly as Owens said they would.

As the eighties progressed, Grover would maintain contact with Owens. Or more to the point, Owens would maintain contact with Grover. And these contacts would always follow the same pattern. He would contact the reporter by telephone with a prediction. Several days later, a letter would arrive with the same prediction written down. Several days after the prediction, which Grover often witnessed on the news, an envelope with newspaper clippings of the relevant event would arrive.

Grover would state that generally speaking, “with some flexibility on the matter of timing – Owens’ predictions were about 80 percent accurate!”

The Final Phone Calls

Perhaps even stranger, at least on Grover’s part – who was becoming increasingly convinced by Owens – was the calls placed to the psychic from him requesting that he attempt to divert an oncoming hurricane. Once more, whether through coincidence or not, the predicted strong hurricane did hit, but did so a lot weaker than many thought it would.

Then, suddenly in 1987, contact between the pair ceased. Owens would not contact the journalist for several months. When he finally did make contact again, he would make an even more startling claim than he had previously.

He would inform Grover that he was moving to New York. And the reason he was doing so was that he was going to be “picked up by a UFO”. Furthermore, Owens would offer Grover clippings of several UFO sightings from his region of the state.

Grover’s description of the last phone call he received from Owens is equally mysterious. He would state that he wished to keep the contents of the call private other than it was “very strange”. What’s more, Owens had made several predictions during that last phone call. Grover would recall later that “the predictions of that last conversation changed my life. And caused me to wonder where science leaves off and the unknown begins”.

Incidentally, shortly after that last phone call, Owens passed away from sclerosis of the liver. Many would believe that he was not “picked up” by the UFO as he claimed. However, while it is perhaps a discussion for another article, perhaps just because his physical body remained on Earth, doesn’t mean that an energetic form of his existence did not travel to wherever these apparent Super Intelligences reside.

Mainstream Science Is Unwilling And “Ill-Equipped” To Examine Such Phenomena

In the years that followed his death, it wasn’t just Grover that had an intense interest in the life and predictions of Ted Owens. Jeffery Mishlove would study Owens and his predictions at length. He would even produce a book about him, The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter.

It was Mishlove’s conclusion that Owens’ accurate record of predictions could not be simply explained as chance or luck. He did, Mishlove would state, “have incredibly potent psychic powers” and that science was “ill-equipped” to explain them. Owens would also make many predictions that didn’t come true. His success rate, however, was such that serious study of his abilities might have proven to be hugely beneficial. Especially to the scientific understanding of such strange phenomena.

Whether the Super Intelligences were extraterrestrials or not is open to debate. Mishlove would state they were seemingly an “intelligent energy” that Owens was able to tap into and essentially exploit.

It is perhaps a little sad that Ted Owens and the plethora of correct predictions he made are not recalled. They are now nothing more than the bizarre ramblings of a confused and delusional man. At least in the minds of many. He just might have been one of the few “miracle workers” of the modern world. And perhaps someone who the scientific community should have taken more seriously. He might have proven to be a vital key in unlocking our collective understanding of our own abilities and realities.

Check out the video below. It looks at the fascinating accounts and claims of Ted Owens a little further.

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  • William Granger says:

    Marcus, your comment on ‘the Cleveland region of Illinois’ makes no sense. I am an Illinois native and there is no Cleveland region of Illinois. Perhaps you meant to say the blackout extended from eastern Illinois to Cleveland, Ohio?

    • Lady guarani says:

      If you are speaking of the big black out in 2003
      Yes it was in Cleveland Ohio
      I live across from Lake Erie
      We have seen numerous ufos
      I have reported them to Mufon
      We also have experienced the strange noise that sounded like someone dragging metal on concrete or some said a trumpet
      Several neighbors heard the weird sounds

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      Cleveland is a village in Illinois (Henry County)

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