The Ontario, Trout Lake “Grey Alien” Picture – Authentic? Or Hoax?

Marcus Lowth
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February 24, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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We have examined the Ontario region of Canada and the many UFO encounters that have taken place there on several occasions. One specific incident from the summer of 2005, however, is particularly intriguing. Not least as the encounter would result in not only two witnesses to bizarre otherworldly events, but a photograph that appeared to show the presence of a “grey alien”.

A superimposed UFO over a picture of Lake Ontario

What should we make of the strange incident at Lake Ontario?

The picture of the alleged alien figure was not discovered until several months after the initial incident – itself only just reported – of a UFO sighting over the waters of Trout Lake. The object would move through the sky at great speed and was not something that either of the witnesses – two sisters, both with “professional” careers – had ever seen before.

That a connection might be made between the two incidents is perhaps understandable. However, the fact is that such activity is rife in the Ontario region – and has been for decades dating back to before the modern UFO era of the late-1940s. With that in mind, then, it is perhaps no surprise that such bizarre events have continued to take place well into the twenty-first century. Events that continue to both fascinate and frustrate researchers around the planet.

Just what happened that summer’s night over Trout Lake? And just what was the strange creature was in the photograph? And if the two incidents share a connection what might that be?

As always, there are several similar sightings to examine. As well as several key questions that require placing into the public subconscious as we strive to understand this case, and the many others like it that our reality is seemingly awash with.

A Strange Object Making “Zig-Zag Movements” Over Trout Lake!

On the evening of 2nd July 2005, two sisters – both anonymous but both young adults with professional jobs – were enjoying a vacation in the Trout Lake region of Ontario. As they were appreciating the beauty of their surroundings, as well as the still-warm temperatures for the time of night, which was just under an hour short of midnight, they noticed something a little unusual in the skies overhead.

They at first believed it was merely another jet airliner, many of which passed over the area. However, they soon realized it was moving much too fast to be a plane. And what’s more, it was exhibiting some very “strange movements” in the skies as it zipped through the many stars on display this particular night. The main witness would describe the object as “making zig-zag movements” which they would further call “very odd”.

A superimposed UFO with a light shining toward the ground of a field

Many UFO incidents occur near water

Both of the young women realized they were watching something completely out of the ordinary. Especially when the craft “made a complete 180-degree turn” within a second and moved back across the skies “faster than our eyes could follow it”. The object would ultimately disappear into the night sky leaving the two women staring up at the stars trying to locate the strange anomaly once more.

They would continue to do so each night for the rest of the vacation. However, they would not spot the strange object again.

Both of the witnesses would state that they were both “respected individuals”. The main witness was employed by a law firm, while her sister was an active member of the “Toronto Police”. What’s more, both were certain they had “witnessed something very strange and unexplainable” that July evening.

Unbeknown to the pair at the time of the report, they had experienced more than they knew.

Bizarre “Almost Figure Like Shapes” Over Trout Lake

Around a month after the main witness had submitted the initial report to UFOs Northwest, in December 2005, they would contact investigators once more. This time, they had a decisively more chilling encounter to tell of. One they seemingly were not aware of, even at the time they had made their original report of the encounter.

The witness – which was not at all out of the ordinary, even in 2005 – had taken a “very inexpensive junky disposable camera” in order to capture pictures of their time there. Although it would take them several weeks to have the pictures developed, when she did do so, she was particularly attentive to those taken on or near the night of the strange sighting.

Her attention to the pictures would prove to be crucial. She would, surprisingly to her, spot something that she was otherwise completely unaware of. Indeed, had it not been for the sighting of the strange light in the sky, she might have had the reason to check the photographs as intently as she did.

A picture claiming to show an alien being

Does this picture show an alien entity?

The picture in question (which you can view above and was taken “on or about the night in question”) showed the main witness’s niece, stood by a tree with the lake to the back of her. She is clearly facing the photographer at the time the picture was taken. Which might have been a good thing.

When the witness focused in on the lake, there appeared to be several “almost figure like shapes” seemingly floating on or in the water. What is perhaps particularly unnerving when we consider the sighting of the witness at approximately the same time, is that one of those figures appears to be facing toward the photographer. And what’s more, it resembles greatly, a grey alien.

A Picture That Gave An “Odd Feeling!”

More than unnerved by the spotting of the strange figures, the witness would examine all the other photographs taken during the vacation. However, not only did no others show any strange creatures or anomalies, none were damaged or showed signs of an external source corrupting the film. By her own admission, she wasn’t an expert on photography. The picture, however, appeared to have captured something genuinely extraordinary. Perhaps even extraterrestrial.

What’s more, the witness would describe having “an odd feeling” about the picture. This is an interesting thing to say. Might such an “odd feeling” be the stirrings of a forgotten experience? One intentionally locked inside her mind, either by an internal or external force?  We will come back to this notion very shortly.

A close-up of the alien entity

A close-up of the alien entity

She would, of course, speak with investigators from UFOs Northwest. She would state that she had not noticed anything unusual when taking the photographs. Nor had she noticed any strange figures over the waters during any other time of their vacation. The only strange aspect was the sighting of the strange craft, which she was increasingly certain occurred on the same night as she captured the chilling photograph.

Incidentally, investigators would suggest that the witnesses were both very credible and sincere in their claims. And their insistence on anonymity would appear to only back up this assertion. What’s more, the photograph itself – while always subject to further testing as techniques and technology develop – appears to be genuine.

A Case Of Alien Abduction, Or The Consequences Of An Unknown Paranormal Hotspot?

There are a number of points to consider regarding the photograph. Not least the “odd feeling” that the picture seemingly evoked in at least one of the witnesses. Perhaps the same response would appear within the mind of the other witness also.

The first, and most obvious given the strange light overhead, is that the picture was indeed of a grey alien. And that the anomaly in the frame had a connection to the anomaly the two sisters would witness overhead.

Might the two sisters have, in fact, experienced an alien abduction? While there are (to the best of our knowledge) no details that would suggest so, the location and the time of the sighting would sit nicely within the typical details of such a scenario.

Or might the images captured over the lake have no connection whatsoever the sighting of the strange object overhead? Might they be of a ghostly apparition? Many believe the other figure shows a horse, for example. And might they be completely independent of any UFO activity?

Perhaps it’s further evidence that UFOs and aliens, and sightings of ghosts and spirits are one and the same thing. Many researchers suggest that there is a connection, albeit unknown, that connects all such strange and bizarre activity.

If this is the case, might the location itself be of importance? Is there some energy or power source there that makes such strange “paranormal” activity (including UFO sightings) more active than they might be in other locations?

A Similar Line Of Strange Activity Moving East To West

There are several other incidents that occurred around the same time as the incident near Trout Lake. And they are certainly worthy of inclusion here. Both incidents would enter the public domain through the National UFO Reporting Center.

While it is not in the same province, an incident that took place in the neighboring region of Manitoba is of interest, for example. Not least as it occurred within ten days of the incident over Trout Lake.

In the early hours of 12th July, at around 2 am near Winnipeg, the anonymous witness was in a field near to his home. He would notice an extremely bright light moving overhead. As it came closer, the witness could clearly see that the object was “bright and saucer-shaped”.

A picture of a floating UFO

What is bringing these strange UFOs to Earth

Enthralled, the witness would remain where he was. He would watch the craft become brighter and brighter as it came lower to the ground. Eventually, a “beam of light” came from the underside of the object and reached down to the ground. The next thing the witness realized, he was waking up in the field. The craft, it appeared, was now gone. Perhaps of more concern, however, was the fact that an hour had passed without the witness realizing it.

Another sighting of interest occurred a week later on the 19th July in Nova Scotia. While this location sits to the south, it is otherwise on a similar line of latitude as our other locations. At around 11:30 pm, residents would witness “several gray circular objects” darting and “playing about in the sky”. We might note both the time and way the crafts moved are very similar to the sighting over Trout Lake.

Are they a result of the same intelligence as those the two sisters witnessed? It remains a mystery.

Two Strange Encounters, Or Both Part Of The Same Incident?

Just what the two sisters did witness cutting its way through the night skies over Trout Lake that July evening in 2005 remains unknown. As does what the strange figures in the photograph actually were and why they were there. In short, the entire episode from start to finish and top to bottom appears to be awash with unnerving details.

Was this merely a sighting of a strange craft? One that just happened to occur when two anomalous creatures were seemingly captured floating over the lake? Or did a lot more occur to the anonymous sisters at their holiday cabin overlooking the water? Might they have been abducted by the strange creatures, only their minds have blocked out the experience?

This is purely speculation on our part. However, it does seem a little strange that the pair would suddenly happen to notice the light. Just as it was about to disappear, no less. Admittedly, pure luck and coincidence could easily account for this. However, that it might be the last remnants of a memory otherwise buried deep within their minds is also not that much of a stretch of the imagination.

Whatever did happen that evening in 2005 and whoever or whatever the strange creatures captured over the waters were remains very much open to debate. As does whether the incident was much more than “just” a sighting. As always, we as researchers and enthusiasts have to concern ourselves with how this and other such cases fit into the overall bigger picture. Only then will the mysterious and blurry aspects of such cases begin to make more sense.

Check out the video below. It looks at the Ontario and wider Canadian region and the many other UFO incidents that have occurred there.

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