The Other Side Of “Alternative” Research – UFOs, History, And Covert Agendas!

Marcus Lowth
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March 27, 2020
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December 5, 2021
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One of the things we repeatedly come back to in both UFO and conspiracy research is the art of disinformation. The idea that purposely and ever so slightly twisted truths are unleashed into the public arena in order to create a certain public perception, or even acceptance of an upcoming event the general public is not even aware is coming.

A blended image of a pyramid to a person walking through a strange doorway

Is there another, alternative side to the UFO community?

In fact, it is most likely that a lot of what flies around media platforms – both mainstream and alternative – is skewered in various ways, albeit, at least most of the time, on a smaller level. We might imagine, then, in such arenas of UFO and conspiracy research, as well as the growing alternative history field, that we are used to seeing such attempts to influence our thoughts. However, might it be, at least some of the time, that such influence could come from within our own arena as opposed to outside.

Based upon the research of authors, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, it is perhaps worth our time examining some of the ideas and claims of their book The Stargate Conspiracy, which explore the idea of a discreet cabal-like presence orchestrating events, and even the possibility of using other researchers to pass on their own messages and ideas, even if they were unaware they were doing so.

Disinformation, Masonic Ties, And Historic Links

Before we examine the ideas in The Stargate Conspiracy, we should remind ourselves of some examples, at least in the UFO field, of what is widely regarded as purposeful disinformation. [1]

In our book From Deep Within the Archives Of UFO Insight, we explored the claims of apparent whistleblowers, Falcon and Condor. Not only were both agents later found to be engaging in purposeful disinformation, but they would also launch into a bizarre TV rant of how aliens, held within top-secret government research facilities “enjoyed strawberry ice-cream”. This, after several mind-bending revelations that many suspect were genuine, but that now appeared irrelevant following this insertion, which was almost certainly the intention – that most would remember the bizarre assertion and instantly dismiss talk of UFOs and an alien presence on our planet.

A picture of the pyramids with an aurora sky

Is disinformation used more than we think within the UFO community?

One of the areas Picknett and Prince explore in The Stargate Conspiracy are discreet Masonic ties to people in positions of power. They are certainly not the first or last researchers to explore such possibilities. However, the fact that they did is perhaps further credibility to the persistent and all-but-proven (in some cases) connections.

We have examined, for example, the moon landings and the apparent intricate planning that some researchers claim went in to the very specific timings. What’s more, while we should perhaps treat them with a pinch of salt, were claims of Masonic rituals, themselves with origins in ancient Egyptian rituals, taking place inside the landing module on the lunar surface before Neil Armstrong’s famous first step outside on to what was, to him and to those watching, an alien world.

One of the most intriguing connections between the modern age of paranormal research and the world of ancient Egypt is The Nine.

The Nine – The Creator Gods Of The Ancient World?

The main area of concern throughout The Stargate Conspiracy is an entity known as The Nine. We have examined The Nine previously when we looked at the intelligence-based channeling experiments under the name Project Penguin.

Under the leadership of Dr. Henry Puharich, along with Indian mystic, Dr. Vinod, and other notable mediums and psychics, they would manage, at least according to the claims, to make contact with an entity from an unknown realm. An entity that at first called itself “The Nine” and would then claim “I am Atum”. Atum, of course, is one of the nine creator gods of ancient Egypt, leading many to believe they had genuinely made contact with the Ennead who the ancient Egyptians worshipped at Heliopolis, the spiritual and educational hub of the once-great civilization.

A depiction of astronauts on an alien world with pyramids

Are there nine creator gods of the ancient world

As we noted at the time, the idea of nine gods or entities is one that can be found in many myths and legends of antiquity. If we accept that these entities are not only real but have guided humanity throughout history, might it be that the different nine wise entities in these varied ancient creation stories are actually one and the same as each other?

The research of Picknett and Prince [2] goes much further and does indeed manage to track The Nine or at least evidence of their influence around the world and across the decades. Including in the modern age.

Of course, there are several possibilities, which Picknett and Prince explore. Perhaps The Nine are very real and do exist. Perhaps they are a complete fabrication by people of Masonic influence who wish to use their “influence” for their own ends? Or perhaps, a little of both possibilities are true. The Nine might exist, but their influence us being twisted to suit a certain cabal’s agenda?

Unwittingly Used By Discreet Influences

Might it be the case that we are all, to one extent or another, being used unwittingly?

In the field of alternative research, many of us are guilty of perhaps too readily accepting ideas, whether because we over-trust a source, or because we spend so much time surrounded by such claims that are completely against the grain of the mainstream that we forget to question such sources and claims thoroughly. And with that in mind, just like in other fields of interest, there are those who will look to turn such a desire or passion to their own ends.

A close up of the Great Pyramid of Giza

There appear to many ties from ancient Egypt and alien visitation

More importantly, because we are all at some level or another, reliant on sources to varying degrees, it is perfectly possible that discreet disinformation could be planted within trusted sources. Of course, such landmine-like assertions only serve to make the paths we as researchers tread – alternative ones at that – all the more treacherous. However, that is not to say that we should steer clear of such notions. After all, if there is one rule we should perhaps adhere to, it is to go where the truth takes us.

Perhaps most importantly, though, if there is an effort to alter or shape the general public’s way of thinking – and we know intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA have spent considerable time in this area – then we have to ask why? Who benefits from such mental shaping? And is there a distinct end game in sight?

If nothing else, such an idea should reinforce the need to question all information that comes our way.

Agendas Within Agendas

With the above in mind, especially if the notion that otherwise respected sources were unwittingly being used, then we should perhaps take more seriously the idea of some kind of loose set of individuals, of immense influence and power but little known, controlling as best they can, the most significant events around the world, at least at its very basic level.

Perhaps especially so when we see evidence, tentative as it might be, of a secret Masonic-like society lurking in the background to such conspiracies.

Is the notion, for example, that the United States of America was essentially, a Masonic experiment one with more credence than many of us might imagine? Might it be that secret societies established during the age of The Enlightenment, with possible connections running all the way back to the ancient mystery schools of ancient Egypt are still influencing us today?

Such notions are, for most people, too much outside of the accepted norm to contemplate. But, if there is a genuine conspiracy, involving real extraterrestrial entities who are the genuine “gods” of the ancient world or just the pretense of them, therein lies the real problem. That the idea is so outlandish or “crazy” that it can be carried out in plain sight, right under our collective noses, without drawing any attention.

Going Against The Grain Of Accepted Truth

The fact is, history – whether from a mainstream view or an alternative one – is largely guesswork, albeit of an educated nature. And while there might not be a “cover-up” in the sense that most of us understand the phrase, the idea that discoveries going against the grain of accepted history being suppressed is not as far-fetched as some might think.

And while we shouldn’t be eager to accept things automatically or because it simply falls in line with our own perception of the world, we should continue to question, question, and then question some more the status quo. Between our collective research, publications, and claims, a fuller picture continues to emerge. And that picture, like life itself, is one that is complex, multi-layered, and all too often a matter of perspective.

It would also appear seemingly unconnected areas of concern such as UFOs, ancient Egyptian gods, top-secret intelligence projects, and extraterrestrial influence are, in fact, very much connected. And what’s more, these connections seemingly stretch in directions that we as a collective are not yet aware of.

We might remind ourselves of the words of the great-granddaughter of President Eisenhower, Laura Eisenhower, who has claimed previously that there is a “whole other reality” that the vast majority are not aware of. Furthermore, that “timelines and deeper history (is) connected to secret societies” and to “ET agendas” that have been happening “for thousands of years”.

Check out the video below. It examines The Nine a little further.


1 The Stargate Conspiracy, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, ISBN 9780316 648615

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