The Bizarre Invisible Reptilian Attack Of Clarita Villanueva

Marcus Lowth
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March 21, 2021
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December 13, 2021
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The subject of reptilian creatures is one that divides opinion, to say the least. To some, there is clearly something to these claimed encounters with beastly entities, while to others the entire subject is nothing but pure nonsense.

A depiction of a green reptilian type being

Claims of reptilian entities go back decades

Without a doubt, one of the most fascinating and intriguing alleged accounts of reptilian entities occurred in May 1951 in Manila in the Philippines. And it was an incident that was witnessed by multiple people and then studied by serious-minded individuals who would ultimately have their entire perspective of reality turned upside down.

The following account has appeared on several websites during the years and was also documented in John Macklin’s book A Look Through The Secret Doors.

An Assault By An Invisible Attacker

During the time of the incident there was already a general explosive atmosphere in Manila, meaning that in the expectation of public disturbances and “trouble”, there was an increased police presence on the streets of the city. This was very much the case on the night in question when Clarita Villanueva experienced one of the strangest and disturbing evenings of her life. [1]

However, on this particular evening, it was Clarita herself that would be the cause and focus of a quickly gathering crowd which, in turn, forced several police patrol cars to make their way to the scene, with the officers fully expecting to find a group of brawling residents or riotous gangs.

When they arrived, however, they saw a scene that was bizarre in the extreme. There, on the ground, with a crowd of people circled around her, a young girl was writhing around in pain and agony, as if she was being attacked. When they heard her cry out “keep it away from me” and “someone help me” and that her seemingly invisible attacker was “biting me to death” the officers suddenly realized that something truly out of the ordinary was unfolding.

A depiction of a reptilian creature

There are many encounters with reptilians on record

Any possibility of a rational explanation seemingly disappeared when the police officers watching the disturbing scene realized they could see the markings of claw and bite marks appearing right before their eyes on the unfortunate woman’s arms and neck.

Uncertain of what to do, the two police officers moved toward the scene and reached for the young lady. They hauled her up from the ground, handcuffed her, and bundled her into the car. They then set off toward their station with the woman in the back seemingly continuing to grapple with her invisible attacker.

Once at the station, and under the perception that she must have taken some drug or another, requested the police doctor examine her.

“It’s Coming Through The Cell Door As If It Weren’t There!”

The duty for this medical assessment fell to Dr. Marianna Lara. It was her immediate opinion that the young lady was having an “epileptic fit”.

At this point, the officers took the young woman to a cell, closing the door and leaving her seemingly alone inside. However, after sobbing distraughtly for several moments, she suddenly began to scream that “the thing is coming at me! It’s coming through the cell door as if it weren’t there!”

A depiction of a reptilian

Can reptilians make themselves invisible?

She would continue to call out to anyone who would listen that although this “thing” looked like a man it had “big bulging eyes” and appeared to “float in midair”. However, much like on the street where they discovered the distressed young woman, when they opened the cell door, all they could see was her.

Even more unnerving, as they watched and tried their best to calm the girl, the bite and claw marks began appearing once more all over her exposed arms. Realizing once more that something truly out of the ordinary was taking place – something that perhaps left them a little bit out of their usual depth – they requested Dr. Lara return to examine the young woman again, as well as the chief of police and even the mayor of the city, Arsenio Lascon.

“The Thing” Was Back!

Dr. Lara arrived back at the police station a short time later, along with the mayor and chief of police as requested. Each of them examined the bite and claw marks on Clarita, and all agreed that they were indeed strange. More than that, many were in places on her body (such as the back of the shoulder) that it would have been impossible for the young woman to have inflicted them upon herself.

Clarita was calmed somewhat, however, and eventually fell asleep. The police, still unsure of what exactly was taking place, planned to bring her to court the following morning where she would be charged with vagrancy (essentially, of being homeless or of traveling to different locations with no apparent means of financial support). However, as she began the journey with the police officers to the courthouse the following morning, things began to turn strange once more.

A depiction of a reptilian

Are reptilian creatures real?

She would claim that “the thing” was back and it was attacking her once more. The police, just like the previous evening, watched in shock as the teeth and claw marks once again began appearing on her exposed skin. This invisible assault continued in the court, with several newspaper reporters and court employees also seeing the truly bizarre events with their own eyes. The young woman would eventually blackout from the attack and fall to the courthouse floor.

A medical examination was carried out in the courthouse. The medical officer would claim that not only were the bite and claw marks “genuine”, but that there were “not self-inflicted”.

Hospitalization And A Sudden Stop To The Attacks!

With newspaper reporters beginning to prepare their stories for print for the consumption of the wider public, the police made a decision to take Clarita to the hospital. Having seen the events in the courthouse, Dr. Lara and Mayor Lascon would insist on riding in the ambulance with the distressed and wounded young woman themselves. And they would witness further unnerving events as a consequence.

Almost immediately after the ambulance set off, Clarita claimed that not only the one strange figure was in the vehicle with them, but there as now two, the second almost identical to the first one. Dr. Lara and Mayor Lacson watched in horror as the bite marks appeared once more on her neck and arms right in front of their eyes.

A close up of a reptilian eye

What should we make of the many reptilian claims?

What’s more, each would swear on oath that what they described had actually happened. Dr. Lara would state that the whole episode was a “complete mystery” and was “something which defies explanation”. She would elaborate that she herself was “scared stiff”.

And then, the tale takes an even stranger turn.

Although there is no rational explanation why, as soon as the distraught young woman entered the hospital, the attacks ceased immediately. Even so, the police maintained an armed presence at her hospital room door alert for them to begin again. However, no such activity presented itself.

Clarita was released from the hospital around six weeks after the incident, and while the scars of the attacks remained with her for the rest of her life, she was otherwise in perfect health.

Just What Happened To Clarita?

There is perhaps a lot to consider here. Is there any possibility, for example, that Clarita made the wounds appear on her body through the power of her subconscious mind? Perhaps some kind of bizarre and extreme type of unexplained stigmata? Perhaps part of this was the illusion or hallucination of a “real” attacker. And might it also explain why the attacks suddenly ceased as she reached the safety of the hospital?

Or might it be that Clarita was genuinely attacked by a force or entity unseen by all but her? There are many such cases on record. And as easy as they are to dismiss, the fact that so many such encounters have been documented should alert us to the fact that “something” out of the ordinary is taking place.

There are also details in Clarita’s account that do indeed suggest some type of reptilian entity – or at least what we as researchers and enthusiasts collectively understand as a reptilian entity. The wearing of a cape, for example, often surfaces in such close encounters with apparent reptilians.

The invisibility aspect is also a detail that surfaces in other encounters with reptilian entities. How might this be achieved? Some researchers suggest that these creatures have the ability to change their vibratory rate so that they are out of the range of human sight. However, might it be achieved through the use of technology? We will come back to this aspect shortly.

Other Similar Encounters

We have examined several other reptilian encounters previously. However, as bizarre as they sound, there are many other similar encounters of reptilians and demonic-like creatures.

One particularly intriguing encounter occurred in the late-1980s, although it didn’t come to light until 1998. According to the witness statement, during the course of several business trips to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, one would prove to be more uneventful than the others.

On this particular morning, the witness brought their car to a stop as the lights turned to red. Moments after doing so, a black limousine pulled up directly to the side of him. The witness noticed that the back window was being wound down, eventually revealing “two figures” in the seats in the back of the vehicle.

As the two vehicles waited for the lights to change, the limousine began to edge forward slightly in anticipation of setting off. As it did so, the witness could see the figures with more clarity. He immediately noticed how “very pale” the skin was, as well as it having a “green cast”. The figure was dressed in a dark suit with dark glasses on his face. However, when he removed the glasses a moment later, the witness could see the “most strangest eyes”. He would elaborate that they “looked like a reptile”.

A close up of a reptilian eye

Many people claim to have seen reptilian entities

Even more unnerving, the witness claimed the strange figure “motioned” for him to follow to him. However, as soon as the lights changed, he pressed down on the accelerator and took off down the road. When he finally turned his attention to his mirror to seek out the limousine, he realized it had completely disappeared.

Where the vehicle had vanished to is a mystery, but the many claims that these seemingly reptilian creatures reside in underground facilities accessed by secret entrances could perhaps provide an explanation.

According to an article by Jon Singer in UFO Review (titled The Bristol Hum), many residents of Connecticut have claimed to have heard strange “thundering noise phenomena” coming from deep underground. And these reports date back to the early 1700s. Much of this noise appears to be stronger around Cave Hill, a location where legends claim that witches once gathered. Many researchers have pointed out that caves and underground lairs in and around this region could be inhabited by such reptilian creatures.

What is perhaps intriguing about these claims of underground noise in Connecticut, is that a particularly intriguing incident occurred in The Constitution State in 1999. And it is there where we will turn our attention next.

“Leave Now Or Join Us Forever!” – The 1999 Connecticut Incident

Another bizarre incident occurred almost half a century after the Clarita case in late-1999 in Connecticut in the United States, which saw five young men witness something that they would describe as “demonic” but very well could have been an encounter with a reptilian-type creature. The account first came to light in the 7th of November 1999 edition of The Hartford Courant-Connecticut News in an article by Christine Dempsey. [2]

On the night in question, 19-year-old Jeremy Sander, 18-year-old Shaun Cyr, 18-year-old Paul Poniatowski, 18-year-old Joseph Robinson, and 23-year-old Todd Silber had ventured out to Devil’s Hopyard State Park in order to practice martial arts, after having just taken part in a martial arts class in nearby Tolland.

The five men – who were all at differing levels and ability in their craft – chose the area due to the “open spaces” that would allow them to practice specific moves away from other people. Initially, everything unfolded without incident. However, all of a sudden, Poniatowski claimed to hear something “whispering” his name. What’s more, whoever, or whatever, was doing so claimed that they should “leave now or join us forever!”

A depiction of a reptilian

Do reptilian creatures roam the Earth

When a second of the men heard the strange, whispered warnings they decided it was perhaps time they left. Even more unnerving, as they proceeded to leave the park, Silber believed he heard strange and chilling laughter.

By far the most disturbing aspect of the encounter, though, was that of Robinson, who claimed that he saw a “beast-like demon” seemingly sat upon a fence near where they had been practicing only moments earlier. At the same time, Poniatowski saw a “shadow with a jagged edge”.

The next thing they knew, Silber was seemingly picked up by powerful invisible arms and thrown through the air, a nearby tree breaking his momentum. When he came around moments later and rejoined his friends, there were four distinctive claw marks on his leg that had slashed through his clothing.

A Strange And Unfortunate Twist

They quickly reached their car, with Cyr urging the driver, Sander, to drive to nearby Manchester and to the home of a pastor there, Reverend David Bowser Sr. They arrived there at a little after 2 am. While Poniatowski, Robinson, and Sander remained in the car, Cyr and Silber raced to the reverend’s front door.

Unfortunately for the young men, they had in the car with them items used for their training. However, they could also be seen as weapons, which they ultimately were when, after being called by Bowser, the police arrived a short time later. These included a samurai sword, three knives, four baseball bats, as well as dark-colored clothing and masks.

Cyr would claim that he merely wanted to talk to the reverend about what he had seen, something that Robinson would state also. However, perhaps given the time of night, the Bowsers became unnerved by the group’s presence. When the police arrived, Officer Scott Ventura would claim that the reverend was obviously “uncomfortable” as he stood at the doorway to his home speaking with the two young men as three others looked on from the parked car.

A close-up of a reptilian eye

Are sightings of reptilians real?

With the young men unable to produce identification, combined with Cyr’s increasingly agitated state, during which he collapsed (something his friends claimed was diabetic shock-related) after trying to move away from Ventura, all five of the men were ultimately arrested. Incidentally, Cyr would later claim that he believed Ventura appeared very much like the demonic creature they had witnessed earlier. Whether he was accurate in this assessment or whether his mind had deteriorated somewhat is perhaps open to debate.

Although none of the young men tested positive for alcohol or drugs, each was charged with carrying “weapons” as well as disturbing the peace.

Just what the five young men witnessed that evening remains a mystery. And furthermore, the young men had no desire to return to the park – even in daylight – to investigate further.

Historic Encounters Of Reptilian-Like Entities

There are many recorded incidents of apparent historic encounters with reptilian entities, several of which have been highlighted by researcher, James Vandale.

For example, on 30th November 1222 in London, England, “dragons were seen over the city”. During the previous century there were documented accounts of a dragon that lurked around the Kiev region of Russia, terrorizing those who lived there for many years.

What is perhaps interesting to note here is the many claims of “dragons” – a creature that comes up multiple times in many creation stories, legends, and myths around the world. Might these apparent mythical creatures have a partial truth that could be explained as being a reptilian entity?

A picture of a dragon breathing fire over a castle

Might legends of dragons actually be references to reptilians?

However, it isn’t merely legends of dragons that concern us here. In fact, one particularly interesting incident that could very well be an account of reptilian entities is documented in the book The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries by Hargrave Jennings. According to the account, in Staffordshire in England in 1770, a laborer uncovered a strange, stone staircase heading down into the ground while digging a field. Intrigued, he uncovered it completely and ventured down the steps.

He continued down for several hundred feet until he eventually found himself in a “large underground chamber”. Inside this cavernous room were “strange objects and large machines”. Furthermore, the entire room was seemingly lit by a “strange, ever-luminous sphere”.

More alarming, though, was the man in a “hooded robe” who was sat watching the intruder from a throne-like chair. Incidentally, might this robe be similar to the one that Clarita claimed her attackers wore?

Suddenly, the robed man stood from the chair, and with a bat-like object in his hand, he smashed the sphere unleashing complete blackness in the huge room. The laborer, now terrified, turned and made his way back up the stairs, stumbling as he did so, eventually reaching the safety of the ground above.

It didn’t take long for knowledge of the incident to spread around the community. According to some, the chamber upon which the laborer had stumbled was where high-ranking Rosicrucians “hoarded their scientific secrets” and other technology.

Might the robed figure have been a similar creature to that which attacked Clarita? And might part of these scientific secrets be the ability to make themselves invisible?

Something Strange To Examine

If we take our minds back to the account of Clarita, might we assume that her invisible attackers were indeed reptilian entities? And if so, do these creatures regularly attack humans seemingly for nothing more than their own amusement? Perhaps, if we take on board the suggestions of some researchers who claim they “feed” on human emotion, the reason for these attacks might be to harvest such feelings of terror and fear their victims undoubtedly feel.

And what should we make of the apparent technology of these entities, some of which very well might make them invisible to our perception? Might there be connections between these apparent reptilian entities that seemingly dwell underneath us in the inner Earth and conspiracies of an elite group who have exclusive access to the knowledge, wisdom, and technology from across the ages?

There is little doubt that any claims or examination of reptilian entities – whether from the deep reaches of space, another dimension, or an indigenous species of Earth – will be met with skepticism, at best. However, the mountain of claims to examine should perhaps alert us to the notion that there might be “something” strange taking place, even if it is not in the manner we currently understand.

The video below looks at several other reptilian encounters.



1 A Look Through Secret Doors, Macklin John, ASIN B0007FM8GW
2 The Hartford Courant-Connecticut News, Christine Dempsey, November 7th 1999

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  • Candace says:

    I’ve heard of this story before but I heard that the attacks stopped when Lester Sumrall, a Christian Pastor, cast out a demon for her in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Indigo says:

    From my very childhood, I’ve had sleep paralysis episodes, son I saw my self forced to learn how to move and go out the paralysis state. Few years ago, a new episode of sleep paralysis happened to me. I managed—after some minutes of fighting—to move, and used my fingers to open my eyes. I saw a weird being sat upon me. It was a predator movie-like transparent figure of the size of a small boy, and it was emitting a very acute shriek.
    Could it have been a reptilian creature?

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