The Tragic Death Of An Alien Humanoid In 1955 Sweden?

Marcus Lowth
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February 28, 2020
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September 3, 2020
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We have examined several cases of humanoid entities and the apparent connections to UFO sightings previously. Most encounters are brief and involve a quick conversation before the respective humanoids then go on their way leaving those behind awestruck and mystified of the exchange.

However, an incident that took place in the summer of 1955 in Sweden is perhaps one of the strangest and most intriguing encounters on record. Not least as it resulted in the death of the humanoid involved. And ultimately, the discreet disposal of his body by the witnesses upon his strict instructions before he died.

A depiction of an alien and a UFO over a lake at sunset

Was an alien humanoid discovered in Sweden in 1955

What is also intriguing about the encounter – if we accept its credibility, of course – is that much of the information passed to the witness by the humanoid endorses many aspects of the ancient astronaut theory. It also backs up many details that surface in other, similar incidents. It is an incident that we should perhaps take with a cautious pinch of salt. But one that we should, at the very least, give the benefit of the doubt to for the time being. We should also note that Swedish and Danish ufologists have for years tried to check this story and found it to be a mere fantasy without any substance. And, it is perhaps hard to argue against that notion. Even so, in the interests of fairness, we will examine the account in full.

The account enters the public arena through Ed Komarek, who would urge the readers of his blog to “copy and distribute freely”. It appears that Komarek would come across the story while researching UFO and alien humanoid material, and specifically, an article titled Humanoid Dies In Sweden by John Fontaine. In fact, before we get to the account itself, we have to examine how Fontaine himself obtained the information.

An Intriguing Gentleman With An Unusually Intense Interest!

According to the article mentioned above, Fontaine was at an exhibition named Love and Chaos in Charlottenborg in Sweden that was attracting “several hundred people each day” to listen to lectures and view pictures of UFOs and aliens.

On this particular morning – the date is uncertain but appears to be around the late 1980s or early 1990s – with a packed lecture hall with several groups of school children also in attendance, Fontaine noticed one particular gentleman from out of the crowd.

A superimposed UFO over a picture of a lake

Is the account nothing more than a hoax

He was around 60 years old and appeared to pay particular attention to a section of the lecture speaking about humanoids. Fontaine would watch the lecture several times – as did the strange man. And each time they would get to the humanoid part he would visibly become more attentive.

Fontaine sensed something of intrigue about the man and eventually walked over to him. After introducing himself, the pair began to talk. The conversation was nothing more than polite small talk, to begin with. However, after gaining his trust by demonstrating he was taking seriously what he was speaking about, the mystery man began to speak more openly. And more specifically about why he had such an interest in the humanoids section of the lecture.

So in depth was the account he would relay, that an hour passed by before either of them had realized it. And the alleged incident is as outlandish as it is interesting.

A Light So Bright The “Sunlight Almost Disappeared!”

The mysterious man would claim the incident would take place in July 1955. At the time, he was working as a lumberjack in the Gulf of Bothnia region. On this particular morning, at around 6 am as he and two other lumberjacks were cutting trees, they suddenly noticed a strange sound. It appeared as though “a big animal, was thrashing its way” through the woodland around them.

The men would look around them, unnerved but alert. Seconds later, they would see a “cigar-shaped object” moving in and out of the trees in a “haphazard” way. The main witness would recall how he at first believed he was witnessing a “small airplane which had lost its wings”. One thing was perfectly obvious, however. And that was, whatever it was, it was attempting to make an emergency landing.

A superimposed UFO on a picture of a lake during the day

Sweden has a long history of UFO sightings

As the men scanned the area, it became apparent that the strange aerial vehicle was heading in the direction of a river around 500 yards away. They followed the aircraft as best they could. Several seconds later, it seemingly crashed into the ground a short distance from the water. That was when an already strange incident turned even stranger.

Instead of hearing an almighty “deafening crash” the group instead heard nothing but complete silence. Instead, “a gigantic flash of light engulfed the whole area”. Even more bizarre, it appeared to the men, such was the brightness, that the “sunlight almost disappeared”.

In fact, the witness would recall, so strange and surreal were those few seconds, that they could see through the trees as if they were on an X-ray machine. Then, a “vacuum wave” appeared and pulled “everything toward the center of the light”.

“The Normal Sounds Of The Forest Had Stopped!”

As the three men watched this bizarre incident unfold, they had to hold their balance to prevent from being pulled into this strange light. As they did so, the leaves and even branches would “fly past” them toward the strange pull of light. The witness would recall how the “normal sound of the forest had stopped” during this bizarre incident. An incident that likely, he would further recall, lasted perhaps “only a fraction of a second”.

Then, as quickly as it had appeared, the intense brightness was gone. The three men took a moment to gather themselves before heading out to the area the light had come from. However, much to their amazement, there was no sign of any wreckage whatsoever.

The men began to go about their duties once more. However, before they could do so, one of them suddenly spotted something strange. He would call out to the others:

Here’s a dwarf dressed in uniform!

The trio quickly came to the realization that the “dwarf” was the pilot of the aircraft that had seemingly crashed into the water after all. The pilot, however, had seemingly managed to escape the doomed vehicle before it crashed. The light, it appeared, was some kind of ejector-technology.

The three men gathered around the body of the strange humanoid.

“Do Not Touch Me! It Will Only Bring You Difficulties!”

They would later estimate the apparently lifeless figure was no more than 4 feet tall. What’s more, around his body “a white light vibrated like a halo”. Each of them believed the strange being to be dead. However, when one of them reached out to touch the humanoid he suddenly came to and moved away from them.

Even stranger, in perfect Swedish, he would warn them with a scream:

Do not touch me! It will only bring you difficulties!

This is indeed a strange and intriguing statement. Perhaps even stranger, after allowing the three men to stare for several moments and allow their minds to contemplate the situation they found themselves in, the humanoid stated, “Now you know who I am!”

A superimposed UFO over a lake during the day

Many researchers suggest the account is nothing more than a hoax

The witness would recall how at this time, they all seemed to sense a great calm come over them. As they now studied the strange humanoid with a clear mind it was equally clear to the trio that “he was no dwarf…he was very well built with broad shoulders”. He would further recall how his skin had a “yellowish” quality to it.

Perhaps even stranger, and intriguing to UFO and alien researchers is that the “eyes were deep socketed and black, without any white around” them.

“Internally, I am Destroyed!”

The men also noticed how beat up, bruised, and wounded the humanoid was. Although he might have escaped the crash into the cold waters, he apparently hadn’t escaped the impact with the ground – at least not completely.

They noticed how he repeatedly tried to smile at them, as though trying to reassure them he was OK. However, it became evident to all of them that he was far from that.

As they continued to take in details of this strange humanoid’s appearance, they noticed how his uniform “was of a reddish metal”. And what’s more, it “appeared glued to his body”. Only his head and hands were uncovered from the strange, clinging material. Again, this detail is perhaps of interest to us. It certainly surfaces in many such close contact reports.

A superimposed UFO on a picture of a lake during the day

The incident is still intriguing to some researchers today

As the main witness looked at the humanoid’s feet he noticed how the shoes were “ribbed and vibrated”. So much so, that he immediately imagined “caterpillars on a tank”. At the same time as this thought went through his mind, the humanoid nodded at him discreetly, as if confirming his thought. The footwear could assist him in moving “forwards and backward without moving his feet”.

Yet another detail that shows up often in other UFO and humanoid encounters, is the fact the being had a shiny belt around his waist. And what’s more, this belt had a particularly large, glowing buckle, as if it was more of a device than a mere clipping mechanism.

As the figure noticed the men watching, he would deliver the news that he was, in fact, fatally hurt. He would state to the men, “It is because of the clothing I can stay with you a while. Internally, I am destroyed!”

A Cosmic Conversation That Lasted For Two Hours!

As he informed them of his unfortunate and imminent fate, he pulled a rectangular device from a pocket in the side of his clothing. He appeared to manipulate and press several buttons on it and then threw it several yards away from them.

Sensing that the men were about to walk over to the device to examine it, the humanoid shouted, “Don’t touch it!” He would further state that he had set it so that his colleagues “don’t come looking for me!”

As this was taking place, the witness noticed that the humanoid was in great pain. He would clasp his hands together, and at times, appeared as though he was asleep. As he continued to watch over the entity, the witness suddenly noticed that the two other men had suddenly retreated back into the forest. By the way, they did so, almost in unison with each other, he had the feeling that their sudden joint decision was placed in their minds by the dying visitor.

When they had left, the humanoid would speak with the witness for around two hours. While we will examine some of the contents of this conversation shortly, the witness would refuse to reveal the majority of the details to Fontaine.

Following the conversation, the humanoid gave a strange bag to the witness. He would claim that following his death, he and the other two men should place him inside it. Following this, they should then carry him to the river. Once there, he would “disappear”. Even more important, they must then wash themselves thoroughly to ensure they “didn’t get ill”.

More Evidence Of A Cosmic Deity?

After issuing these instructions, the witness could see that the humanoid was close to death. His breathing became increasingly heavy and the halo that had previously glowed brightly was now darkening rapidly.

Perhaps even more bizarre, certainly for studies in the extraterrestrial field, is that the witness sensed the humanoid was saying something akin to a prayer quietly to himself in his final moments. This is something, however, that has surfaced several times in other UFO and close contact reports.

Perhaps one of the most well-known is that of Sidney Padrick, who in the late 1960s, claimed to have gone on board an alien craft with an entity named Xeno, who would inform Padrick of a “Supreme Deity” to who they paid their respects.

Following the humanoid’s death, the witness and the other two men did as he had instructed. The bag itself had a strong smell of Sulphur. And more alarming to them, the bag appeared to burn their hands “as if they were raw flesh”.

A picture of a skull looking up

Might there be a “cosmic deity”?

As soon as the bag touched the water, a strange bubbling began around it. The witness realized that “some chemical process” was taking place. Barely 5 minutes later, nothing remained of the bag or the humanoid.

The witness would claim to Fontaine that the three men barely ever spoke about the incident, despite working together for several years after. However, he would think of the incident each day. And what’s more, the humanoid looked exactly the same as the entity in the slide at the exhibition.

Then, the witness revealed one more piece of remarkable information.

A Credible Encounter From A Mysterious Gentleman?

From out of his pocket he produced a small piece of metal. He would claim that several days after the crash, he had discreetly returned to the site and discovered the small piece of metal on the ground. By the way it shined he knew it was a piece of the humanoid’s craft. He had, he claimed, held on to it as proof, if only to himself, of the encounter.

And with that, the gentleman got up and left, “disappearing into the crowd” within a matter of seconds. It would appear, at least according to Fontaine, that the gentleman was more than credible. Not least as he had held on to the secret for so long. And even when he did tell of it, he did so anonymously and for no financial reward.

Although he didn’t discuss the contents of their conversation in detail, some aspects of it were told to Fontaine. For example, the humanoid would claim he came from “a constellation we call The Eagle”.

A superimposed UFO over a lake at sunset

There are many similar encounters on record

What’s more, he would claim that several alien races have, and still do, visit the Earth. And have done so for centuries. Even more intriguing, some of these races keep a permanent surveillance on humanity. Others, as we have seen in several humanoid encounters, would take samples of soil, atmosphere, and food stuffs, and did so with a view to “settling” on the planet at a future date.

Perhaps most intriguing of all, however, are the assertions that some of these creatures we understand to be “aliens” are, in fact, advanced entities that “materialize and dematerialize” from a parallel universe which “orbits the Earth”.

Questions And Mysteries In Abundance!

Of course, to anyone who researches UFO and alien encounters, such details are suggestive of a basic truth in the ancient astronaut theory. That extraterrestrial entities have somehow been involved in human affairs since antiquity.

Furthermore, details of several different alien races visiting the Earth has been offered by such people as the former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer. He believes, based on evidence he has seen firsthand, that anywhere from “4 to 12” different alien races regularly visit the Earth. And they do so for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries of the encounter, however, is what agenda the humanoid’s race of alien are working toward? Were they here for humanity’s benefit? The actions of the stricken extraterrestrial in this instance would certainly not suggest a malevolent agenda.

Like other similar encounters, proof is hard to come by and we consequently have to rely on our own judgment as to the authenticity of such claims. In the process, however, we must mentally log and file such incidents. For we never know when they may suddenly become of importance. Especially as the ever-increasing barrage of information comes forth for us to examine and work through.

Check out the video below. It looks at some of the other humanoid encounters on record.

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    Nuts. He was part of the liars club. Great story tho.

    • Marcus Lowth says:

      To be fair, this account is almost certainly untrue – hence the bit in the opening about requiring a “pinch of salt” – but we log all encounters however bizarre.

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