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Marcus Lowth
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December 30, 2021
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Anyone who has studied UFO and alien encounters, at any level, will quickly become aware of recurring details contained in such reports, and of the patterns that emerge from them. Quite often, however, these details, repeated though they are, are often lost in the barrage of information that comes at us.

What, though, are these details, and how do we begin to use them to attempt to paint a fuller picture of the UFO and Alien Question? Just what details do show up again and again in UFO reports from around the world and across the ages, and can it help us to build a picture as to what is behind the multiple accounts of encounters with UFOs and alien entities?

While we certainly don’t have time nor space to address this in-depth (only a full volume would even begin to be sufficient), we will explore these repeated details of UFO sightings, close contact encounters, and alien abduction and attempt to at least form a basic outline of this mysterious and thought-provoking phenomenon.

Perhaps the best place to start is with sightings of UFOs at a distance, whether it be strange lights or distinctly shaped and solid crafts, there are many details in many reports that match almost perfectly with each other.

Sightings Of Strange Lights And Aerial Vehicles

While they are perhaps not as dramatic as some of the close proximity sightings that are on record, there are an ample number of sightings of strange lights and objects witnessed traversing the skies overhead.

If we concentrate on the sightings of strange lights and orb-like objects that are on record, we can extract some of the details that show up most across the majority of them. For example, just the basic fact that many people report seeing a light that, at first, appears to be a large star or planet in the night sky before the realization that it is moving is itself a detail that should be highlighted.

These glowing orb-like objects often move at great speeds and perform the most bizarre zig-zag movements that take them from one part of the sky to another in a matter of a second. And given that we should assume they are quite a distance away, the distances they are covering are likely to be immense.

Although it is perhaps not as relevant (simply because of the apparent distance between the respective witnesses and these strange lights), it is also worth noting that the vast majority of witnesses report no sound whatsoever as they move across the sky and out of sight into the distance.

We should also note that often these lights will appear to “turn off” as opposed to vanishing into the distance.

A picture of a UFO

Many UFO sightings in the early years of the Modern UFO era were very similar

If we assume that these lights are alien crafts, what should we take from these two different aspects – the detail of the lights moving into the distance at breakneck speed, or appearing as though they have been switched off? Might the latter indicate some kind of stealth mode? Or might it be a display of the manipulation of space and time as they proceed through a doorway or portal as opposed to traversing space at speeds we could perhaps not even comprehend?

Perhaps this “turning off” is some kind of invisibility cloak. We should note that many witnesses claim the object simply disappeared in front of their eyes as opposed to into the distance. We will return to this speculative advanced technology shortly.

Clearly Defined Aerial Vehicles

Some sightings, while still at a considerable distance, are clearly to the witnesses, solid and complicated futuristic vehicles. And some of these vehicles are varied in their appearance but appear to share some similar details between them.

Perhaps the most obvious is that they most often appear to have no obvious engines or any visible means of propulsion. They simply move completely of their own accord.

Regarding the shapes themselves, while there are indeed many different and varied apparent alien vehicles on record, there are several that are seemingly witnessed more than others.

A picture of a UFO

Does this show a real UFO?

Arguably the best place to start would be with the disc-shaped crafts (or flying saucers) that many people have witnessed going back to the start of the Modern UFO Era in the late 1940s. As the years went on there were more and more sightings of spherical and cigar-shaped objects, while triangular craft are also spotted with regularity, increasingly so in the latter decades of the twentieth century and the opening years of the 2000s. Perhaps the Phoenix Lights is the most famous and well-known of these triangular-shaped vehicles, although there was a wave of sightings of such crafts over Belgium in the early 1990s.

Just the fact that we have several different shaped UFOs on record leads us to ask is this the result of different alien races visiting the planet, or, in the same way that we have a variety of aircraft available to us on Earth, does it simply offer that these alien visitors also have such choice of vehicles to traverse space and our own skies?

Where Do The “Five Observables” Fit Into All Of This?

At this point, before we move on to accounts that unfolded in much closer proximity than sightings from afar, it is perhaps worth reminding ourselves of the recently established “Five Observables” in the wake of the Pentagon revelations regarding UFOs.

As we have highlighted above with no obvious signs of propulsion often reported by witnesses, according to the Five Observables these advanced objects appear to have “anti-gravity lift” and consequently are able to “overcome the earth’s gravity”.

As we have also highlighted these objects can implement “sudden and instantaneous acceleration” – essentially go from standing still and hovering motionless to traveling hundreds if not thousands of miles per hour in the space of a second. Should a human pilot be on such a vehicle, at least according to our understanding of physics, they would be killed by such instant and accelerated movement. And that’s before we take into account the just as instant changes of direction these objects often undertake.

Despite this blistering pace with which these objects move, there are no signs of vapor trail or a sonic boom (as we would hear when jets break the speed of sound) meaning these futuristic vehicles employ “hypersonic velocities without signatures”.

There is also evidence of “low observability, or cloaking” – essentially meaning that these mysterious objects have the ability to not only avoid radar but may even be able to cloak themselves visibly (at least according to some researchers).

Perhaps the most fascinating of these observables, though, is the ability of these unknown crafts of “trans-medium travel” – that they can travel through the sky and through water in an instant.

Indeed, more and more researchers are turning their attention to the world’s oceans as the true (immediate) home of these strange anomalous objects. And they could well be correct to do so. For now, though, we will shift our attention to some of the details that often surface in encounters that are much closer, whether to the craft or their occupants.

The Many Matching Details Of Close Encounter Incidents

Of course, some UFO sightings play out much closer to the witness (or witnesses) and consequently, many more details of these strange and mysterious crafts are noted. And these include not only seeing the craft up close but, on occasion, meeting the occupants of these mysterious vehicles and sometimes even going (voluntarily) on board (unlike alien abduction cases, which we will examine shortly).

We will start, though, with a detail that is perhaps so trivial that it is equally as credible.

The Often-Overpowering Odor Of Sulfur

There is often a smell of sulfur reported in the immediate vicinity of these strange and mysterious aircraft.

Perhaps one of the earliest examples of this can be found in a close proximity sighting from the evening of 30th June 1790 in the Schoharie County area of New York. On the night in question, a local resident heard a sudden roar and witnessed a bright flash as they sat on their porch at around 9 pm. They watched in amazement as a glowing object began to rise into the sky before disappearing into the distance. Throughout the incident, the witness claimed to have noticed a distinct smell of Sulfur in the air.

One of the better-known UFO encounters, the Falcon Lake incident, is another where the aroma of sulfur was reported. The witness, Stefan Michalak, would state the odor reached on “wafts of warm air” that came from the strange, metallic vehicle that hovered only feet away from him on the afternoon of 20th May 1967.

Only months later in August 1967, in the French commune of Cussac, two young children witnessed a landed globe-type object as well as four strange entities in a nearby field. The figures appeared to be collecting samples from the ground (something we shall return to shortly) before they jumped into the sphere which then began to rise. As it did so, each of the children recalled a strong sulfur-like smell filling the air around them.

Just over a decade later, this time in Livingstone, Scotland in November 1979, Robert Taylor would experience a bizarre and seemingly alien vehicle in the Dechmont Woods, an encounter that would spark an official police investigation as the encounter left Taylor physically wounded. One of the details that he would recall, however, was of a toxic smell of something very similar to sulfur during the incident.

A depiction of a UFO over a house

Sulfur is often reported in close contact encounters

What is perhaps also intriguing about this is that this distinct aroma is often reported inside these crafts, as well as around some of the occupants themselves (something we will examine a little further shortly). And of further intrigue, many paranormal encounters and hauntings often report the same presence of sulfur in the air during the mysterious events happening.

For example, the odor is often reported at Skinwalker Ranch, regarded by many as one of the most paranormal hotspots on the planet, and a location that has multiple UFO and strange creatures to its name, not to mention mutilated cattle. During the extensive and mind-blowing paranormal happenings of the Bridgeport case, investigators would often speak of the smell of sulfur suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

Might we suggest, then, that there very well could be a more direct connection between UFO and alien encounters and ghostly and paranormal activity than many might think?

Close Encounters With Alien Occupants

It might also be worth our time examining some of the close encounter incidents that, while not abductions, do feature contact with the apparent extraterrestrial occupants of these strange crafts.

Once more, the Sulfur-like aroma often surfaces. During the wave of Reptilian-Humanoid sightings in Spain in 1968, for example, many of the witnesses claimed the odor often accompanied these strange creatures. A decade and a half before that, in West Virginia in the United States, several witnesses of apparent Flatwoods Monster claimed to have picked up on a similar odor.

If we recall the Cussac case and the detail of the apparent alien entities taking samples from the field. This is yet another detail of close encounter sighting that often comes up in reports and case files – that these apparent alien visitors appear to be here, at least in part, on some kind of fact-finding research mission. Multiple witnesses – both those who have interacted with them and those who have watched from afar – have noted how these strange visitors were preoccupied with collecting samples of vegetation and such.

UFO researcher, Timothy Good, claimed that there is indeed a program in motion by these alien creatures that are purely concerned with the study of vegetation – including foodstuffs – of our planet. Whether this is for their benefit or ours is not known.

Some of the most fascinating of these are encounters with what many researchers have labeled the “Nordics” (many people at the time claimed they were from Venus and so refer to them as Venusians), who appear almost human but usually slightly taller than the average person and with almost glowing blond-white hair.

Many of these encounters occurred during the early part of the Modern UFO era during the 1950s and early sixties. And while there have been sporadic reports in the decades since, if we accept for a moment that these claims of Nordic aliens are credible and genuine, it appears their presence on Earth was a temporary one.

During these interactions, many witnesses claimed they were given warnings of the environmental damage humans were doing to the planet, as well as warnings on the dangers of nuclear weapons.

We might also mention the similarities of both the appearance and behavior of the Nordic aliens and the angels of Biblical writings. Might they be one and the same? And if they had a presence as far back as Biblical times, why did encounters with them become so few and far between after the 1950s?

Many of these encounters with Nordic aliens not only unfolded in the vicinity of their apparent spacecraft but also inside them. And it is to these details that we will turn our attention to next.

Inside The Space Craft

While we will examine the recurring and matching details of alien abduction encounters next, it is worth looking at the many claims from people who say they have been on board these seemingly alien spaceships and the details we might be able to use to build up a clearer picture of these advanced and futuristic vehicles.

We mentioned earlier that many who have found themselves standing in close proximity of these hovering or landed crafts often speak of a sulfur-like smell. What is perhaps intriguing then is that many who claim to have been inside these vehicles make similar claims of unpleasant odors.

For example, Alfred Burtoo, who claimed he was taken on board an alien craft by strange creatures who appeared near the canal where he was night fishing in Aldershot in the United Kingdom on the evening of 12th August 1983, would claim that there was a significant smell that was “not unlike decaying meat” inside the craft.

Other details that Burtoo mentioned that often come up in such close encounter incidents was that the ship appeared to rest on “two ski-type runners” and a ramp of steps protruded from an opening on the side of the metallic, disc-shaped object. And, like the many descriptions of the exterior of these vehicles attesting there were no visible seams or joins, Burtoo claimed much the same about the interior (as have many others), as if the room was made of “one huge piece of metal”.

Perhaps another example would be Jan Siedlecki, who claimed a UFO landed near his home in Leeds in the summer of 1976. After being awoken by a flash of light outside his bedroom, Siedlecki quickly dressed and ventured into the street to investigate. He would ultimately witness a landed, saucer-shaped craft, from which several helmeted creatures emerged. He would accompany these creatures inside the craft, at which point he recalled being hit with an aroma that was similar to “rotting grass”.

Perhaps also of interest was the detail that Siedlecki offered of the room being lit but from no obvious source of light, something we examined above. He also recalled that the creatures manipulated a device they had which appeared to give them the ability to speak English. This is a detail that does, on occasion, show up in similar encounters, perhaps suggesting some kind of technology that allows the occupants to communicate.

If we allow ourselves to digress a moment, we might consider this detail from another perspective. Similar devices exist right now today, where a tourist can type in or speak into a device, set the language they wish it to be translated into, and then have that spoken out loud allowing (relatively) instant communication. And while this is far from the futuristic device that allowed the entities to simply speak English, it only intriguing, nonetheless.

What’s more, unless this device was set to detect and decipher all known and unknown languages in the entire universe, might it be suggestive that these “aliens” might not be aliens after all, but human time-travelers with a prior knowledge of what languages they might encounter? We will leave that question there, for it is something that perhaps should be explored in its own right.

Incidentally, you can read more about Jan Siedlecki’s encounter in our book From Deep Within The Archives Of UFO Insight, which is available to buy here.

The relatively well-known alien encounter of Jan Wolski in May 1978 just outside of Emilcin, Poland, is yet another case where the smell of sulfur is recorded. According to Wolski, who stumbled onto the strange craft and its occupants while traveling through woodland in the region. He was invited on board where he underwent several “procedures”, one of which resulted in the smell of “burning sulfur” suddenly washing over him.

Engines, Furniture Molded To The Wall, And No-Source Lighting

It is also worth our time briefly examining some of the recurring details of the apparent engine or propulsion systems of these mysterious crafts. While we do not know any of the apparent finer details of just how these vehicles move, many people who have been on board have recalled details of a column that runs from the ceiling of the craft to the floor in the middle of the room, often with bizarre circular objects attached or near to it.

In fact, the fact that many people who claim to have been onboard these futuristic vehicles claim to have been told in great detail of how they work, but that they simply can’t recall what they were told, even through hypnotic regression. It is almost as if some intentional block has been put in their minds to prevent them from recalling this detail. This is interesting in that some researchers have suggested that, from a government point of view, the reason UFOs are so classified is down to the propulsion methods.

Other details that repeatedly surface are the lights, or more specifically, the lack of source for them. Many people who have been on board these apparent spaceships claim that while the rooms they enter are illuminated sufficiently, there is no definite source for this lighting. It is, as many recall, as if the walls themselves emitting the light. Such a detail is so trivial that it, once again, suggests a certain air of credibility.

Many people also recall how tables and chairs – usually made from what appears to be stone – often appear to be seamlessly attached to the floor or walls, as if it is part of the same material used for the exterior.

A depiction of a UFO

Many people claim to have been inside an alien craft

Another detail, while perhaps not as prevalent, is of how people claim to be able to see through the floors, ceiling, or walls of the craft as if it were nothing but glass. Many recall seeing their own houses getting smaller or bigger when they are leaving or returning on these apparently cosmic journeys, while others even attest to being able to see stars zip by the craft as it is presumably moving through space.

There are also the claims of some that assert the vehicles themselves are biological (or alive), as if the occupants (aliens) and the craft itself are an extension of each other. There are many accounts, for example, that claim these strange crafts change shape whilst in flight, and just the fact that this detail is mentioned by some is intriguing.

Such suggestions indeed do sound a little overindulgent and nonsensical to most, including many in UFO circles (as well they might be), but the fact is, it is an assertion that has been put forward on more than one occasion and as such should remain on the collective backburner of UFO research. At least for now.

Next, though, we will turn our attention to what is surely the darkest aspect of the UFO and Alien question – abductions.

Alien Abductions

We have examined the signs of alien abduction previously, and while we will not go into them in detail here, we will quickly refresh our minds as to what some of them are.

The already-mentioned strong sulfur smell also shows up repeatedly in accounts of alien abduction. Luli Oswald, for example, who claimed to have had a bizarre encounter with “rat-faced” aliens in 1979 would claim under hypnotic regression that there was a constant smell of sulfur throughout the entire episode in which she was seemingly taken aboard a spacecraft while driving along a quiet road in Brazil.

Other signs of alien abduction are episodes of missing time which can be anywhere from several minutes to several hours. In fact, barring some kind of medical condition that causes such blackouts, this is perhaps the most potentially prominent sign of such unsettling activity.

A depiction of alien abduction

Alien abductions are the most harrowing aspect of the UFO and Alien question

Many people recall waking up with nose bleeds or having had a nosebleed during the night. Others recall the sudden recollections of strange dreams or nightmares involving entities with large eyes (although these dreams themselves are often partial and scrambled – they often turn out to be suppressed memories).

A constant feeling of dread and heightened alertness. If we quickly highlight the Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction, Betty later recalled, before hypnotic regression had revealed to them what had happened that evening, how she suddenly kept a packed bag by the door of her home, as if she was expecting to have to make a quick getaway.

More than the signs of alien abduction, though, and of most interest to us here, many of the details that abductees report match so exactly that we are surely forced to take them more seriously. And it is to those details that we will turn our attention to next.

The Abduction Process

We might be best to start with the beginnings of the abductions themselves. And while we should point out that all abduction encounters are unique to each person, there are too many matching details that we are forced to look at them a little more closely.

Although alien abduction can happen anywhere and at any time of the day (as the mountain of accounts attests to) many occur at night while the abductee is in bed or while they are driving along a quiet road (something we will return to shortly).

The abductee often wakes to a dreadful feeling of a strange presence in their bedroom, often unable to move, and with their partner usually (and unnaturally) fast asleep. Rather than the humanoid entities of the 1950s, the creatures involved in alien abduction are almost always described as around three to four feet tall with grey skin, large heads, and large, almost-shaped black eyes.

A depiction of alien abduction over a car

Many aspects of abduction are repeated in multiple accounts

Many – more than we might think – report that they become paralyzed during this episode. And while sleep paralysis has been put forward as an explanation for such terrifying events (perhaps rightly so, at least in some cases), those who have experienced these apparent abductions counter that they were much more real than sleep paralysis. We should also note, that this paralysis also features in reports of people who have close contact with alien entities in different scenarios (such as driving along a road and seeing a strange craft as opposed to being woken by strange entities) so we might err on the side of caution and assume that the abductee has also been subjected to the same advanced technology that can seemingly cause such paralysis.

Now would also be a good time to quickly highlight some of the recurring details of those who later find they were abducted from their vehicles while driving. Many motorists recall seeing a strange light in the sky that appears to be coming toward them. The next thing they know, the light has gone and they are either sitting motionless in the car or are driving miles from where they first saw the light but with no recollection of the journey. Of key importance, a certain amount of time has usually passed by that they can’t account for.

In such cases, when the subject seeks help to recover this missing time through hypnotic regression, it is often revealed that the light that was approaching was, in fact, a solid craft that caused the car’s engine to fail before landing nearby. The same grey entities that many are woken by in their beds then approach the car and take the motorist from the vehicle and toward the waiting ship.

Entering The Craft

One of the most intriguing details is the journey from their bed to the awaiting spacecraft. Many speak of being “floated” out of the room (or car) by these strange creatures and entering a stream, solid beam of light. This light, it would appear, allows both the abductee and their abductors the ability to pass strange through windows, walls, or even the ceiling of their homes as if they weren’t there.

They then find themselves floating upward in this light beam toward a solid craft. However, rather than being able to recall physically entering the craft, many abductees tend to “blackout” momentarily before finding themselves (presumably) inside the craft, usually in a hallway or a small room.

The rooms themselves also have some intriguing details that, once more, appear to be so trivial that they perhaps suggest a certain amount of credibility. For example, many describe “rounded walls” that appeared to have no joins or markings and seem to join perfectly to the floor, as if made from one piece of material. Many abductees, as we mentioned with close contactees earlier, also refer to “no-source lighting” – essentially, stating that the room is lit but that no obvious source for the lighting can be located. Almost as if the light is coming out of the walls themselves.

A depiction of an alien craft

Many people recall the same details of entering the craft

Perhaps also surprising – if we accept that these abductees are on an advanced spacecraft – is the mention of stone walls, floor, and furniture, with some abductees even stating that their environment had a “Biblical” feel to it (and that word – Biblical – is often used by abductees with no planting from the respective investigators).

During the medical procedures, many also recall lying on a table, similar to an operating table but made from some kind of stone. What’s more, many often recall a strange, X-ray-type device that appears to scan their body as if part of some permanent record keeping. This is particularly interesting, especially when we consider one of the darker theories of alien abduction (which we will do in a moment)

First, though, the method of communication is yet another detail almost always repeated by those who claim to have had contact with these alien entities.

The Repeated Detail Of Telepathy

During these encounters, almost all abductees (as well as many close proximity UFO and alien sightings) state that these mysterious entities telepathically. There are, generally speaking, two ways in which this is described by the abductee. The first, as we might imagine, is that the voice appears in their minds and speaks directly to them, while the second is that there is just a sense of “knowing” and “understanding” what is being conveyed to them. Whether this differing response is dependent on the abductee and their perception of their surroundings is perhaps open to debate.

The detail of telepathic communication is an interesting one, not least that it is repeated so many times by people around the world and has been for decades. And, if we examine some of the many ancient and Biblical writings of strange voices (that some have interpreted as “God”), then we might find this way of communication has not only been happening for thousands of years but it may also, on occasion, have been used to manipulate humans into acting a certain way or carrying out certain duties.

There is, though, an even darker detail that emerges from these abduction encounters. And it hints at what the purpose of these already horrifying encounters might be.

Hybridization And The Human Element?

Although it is perhaps an unsettling notion, one of the darkest and yet most intriguing aspects of alien abduction encounters is that they are a part of an alien-human hybridization program. And many details that are found in abduction accounts very much suggest this.

While both men and women are abducted and have the now-familiar (to those in UFO circles) medical procedures where samples appear to be taken and where there appears to be a particular interest in the reproductive systems, there appears to be a specific interest in women (although figures and statistics vary, it would appear that there are slightly more, percentage-wise, female abductees than men). If there was a hybridization program at the heart of alien abductions then this would make a certain amount of sense.

Many people who claim to have suffered repeat abductions usually discover that they have been subject to them since a very early age (usually around three or four). They then appear to suffer regular abductions, usually into middle age when they suddenly stop. What is perhaps interesting about this is that, for women abductees, this would be, generally speaking, when they can no longer conceive and carry children. Once more, if there was a hybridization program, this would make sense.

If we recall the X-ray type device that many abductees claim is part of some kind of record-keeping on them by these alleged alien entities, then some kind of predetermined program suddenly appears even more likely.

A depiction of a body floating in the sky

Is there really a hybridization program?

We have mentioned several times before in previous articles that this hybridization program was the conclusion of two of the most well-known and respected UFO researchers and investigators in history – Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs. Both researchers approach the subject of UFOs with a serious mindset, and we should take their claims as such.

It is also worth mentioning the actions and behavior of these apparent aliens behind these alien abductions. Many abductees describe them as lacking emotion and being almost robot-like in how they operate, while also stating that their belief that the skin is not skin at all but some kind of suit or outer armor. Some have even gone as far as to say that it is their impression that these grey entities are not pulling the strings of the operation but are subservient to another species.

This last notion leads us to our next intriguing detail. We have examined previously the many claims of abductees that as well as these strange, grey-skinned creatures they sensed a human presence, usually a military one. What should we make of this? Does this suggest some kind of collaboration between a dark, shadowy agency and these alien entities? Or might, as we will examine briefly in a moment, it suggest that the organization behind these actions is not alien but human?

What If…?

Of course, we should perhaps also consider, what if these claims of UFO sightings are misidentifications or encounters of contact with alien beings nothing but a hallucination, and even that alien abductions are something akin to sleep paralysis, why might so many matching details emerge that allow us to potentially build a picture of what might be at the heart of the truth of the UFO and Alien question? And might these details, if we assume that UFO and alien encounters are not due to visitors from outer space but something much more “reasonable”, begin to paint their own picture of what is behind the many, many accounts on record?

Is it really possible that the thousands of people who have reported seeing a UFO or even of being abducted by these seemingly alien creatures, and whose details regarding the craft or the aliens themselves match perfectly, could all be mistaken or suffering some kind of hallucination? Might the reason these apparent alien entities communicate with abductees through telepathy be because the voice is, in fact, coming from within their own minds? Surely even the most skeptical of people would have to admit this is a little unlikely.

Might the accounts of UFO sightings and alien abduction tell us more about the human mind than anything else? Might, as such notions as the psychic internet theory suggests, our minds be more powerful and connected than modern science currently understands? Might UFOs both be hallucinations and real at the same time? Or might they be nothing more than modern folklore and superstition that humanity, for all its advances, still allows itself to fall into in what is essentially, a kind of mass hysteria of things misunderstood?

Or perhaps we should return for a moment to the alleged human presence in many of these encounters, particularly those that involve alien abduction. Might the claims that at least some of these encounters be part of some bizarre and top-secret experiment involving a secretive military or intelligence agency that is taking place under the guise of UFO visitation and alien abduction? Might the claims of mind-altering substances and mind control techniques be to blame for the recollections of encounters with these entities from another world?

Indeed, if these events turn our not to be the result of alien visitation the alternatives might prove to be far more unsettling than we would like to imagine. For now, while we must keep all of the above possibilities in mind, we will return our mindset to one that is at least open to the possibility of alien visitation.

The Big Picture Of The UFO And Alien Question

What is the UFO and Alien Question? It is what lies at the heart of the strange sightings, close encounters, and cases of alien abduction, why they are happening, and what it means for our wider collective reality. And we might find, if we ever come close to ripping open the seal and seeing the complete picture of these strange events, that understanding these events might shine a light on other areas of the paranormal and unexplained events. As we touched upon above, it is not at all inconceivable, in fact, it is perhaps very likely, that these strange, unsolved, and mysterious events across the paranormal spectrum are connected by strings that are unseen to us as yet.

In terms of UFO sightings and alien visitation (or what we widely accept as possible alien visitation), we can see that there is a very definite “standard” picture of what has been taking place on our planet for some time, and certainly since the late 1940s.

It would also appear that more than one alien race has visited the planet since the start of the Modern UFO Era. And while the Nordic contact encounters appear to be much more beneficial for mankind, the encounters with the Grey alien creatures that appear to have begun in the 1960s and only increased in the decades that followed have been much more harrowing and disturbing. Not least when we consider the speculative motivation and end goal for the many abductions that this potentially unnerving race of aliens has been responsible for. Might the Greys even be responsible for the lack of encounters with the Nordics (which coincided with reports of Grey aliens somewhat)? Might a secret war for access to humanity have been taking place right under our collective noses?

When we break down what we know of the UFO and Alien question – if we assume that at least some of the many recorded accounts are accurate – there is a very determined, if speculative picture to examine. One that suggests a very definite organized research program carried by entities of unknown origin (but seemingly not human) that hints of some kind of biological experiment between humans and themselves. However, even this picture, as potentially grim as it is, would appear to be only a small aspect of this bizarre, thought-provoking, and, at times, unsettling phenomenon. And leaves many more questions that require answers.

The short video below looks at the subject of UFOs and alien abduction a little further.

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