Ancient Gods, Alien Abduction, and Human Souls – A Potentially Dark Connection!

Marcus Lowth
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October 3, 2021
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Although they happen, we don’t know who, or what is behind the alien abduction phenomenon.  There have been various proposals put forward to explain these usually macabre events over the years. Indeed, if these abductions are taking place at the hands of entities from another realm of existence, then there most certainly has to be a reason or an agenda behind them.

Might humans be nothing more than lab rats, for example, serving as specimens so these apparent extraterrestrial scientists can learn what they can before moving on elsewhere? Or might these abductions be part of a bizarre but disturbing alien-human hybridization program, one that, as some researchers suggest, is concerned with colonizing and taking over the planet “through the backdoor” and undetected until it is too late? Or are these alien abductions part of some perverse government experiment using mind-altering drugs and mind control techniques on unsuspecting members of the population?

Ancient site and a superimposed UFO

Is there a connection to the human soul and alien abduction

Each of these suggestions is certainly possible, there is no doubt. However, it might be that the reason behind alien abduction encounters is a lot “bigger” than the previous possibilities. One that not only concerns our lifetime but eternity itself and our place in it.

Might there be a connection between the Gods of the ancient past, their extraordinary long lives and abilities, and the apparent Grey aliens visiting Earth and abducting unsuspecting members of the world’s population today in the modern era? And might this connection be one that is perhaps more outrageous, and perhaps ominous, than many of us would believe?

Indeed, such ideas will take us down several different avenues of exploration, some or all of which might be correct, if only in part. And our souls – both collectively and individually – might very well be at stake. If there are (part) truths to be found in claims of demonic possession or the notion of selling one’s soul to the Devil, then might they be part of a long-running war involving the uniqueness of the human soul and entities from another world.

Ancient Gods, Or Aliens – The Anunnaki

We have examined the ancient astronaut theory at length before, as well as the legends of the Anunnaki from the translations of Zecharia Sitchin. [1] However, before we delve into what the connections between the human soul and alleged aliens from the distant past might be, it is perhaps worth going over the basics of Sitchin’s translations once more.

The very basics are that almost half a million years ago, the Anunnaki, or a scientific research unit of them, arrived on Earth with the purpose of mining the planet for gold. Their reasons for wishing to obtain gold were to use it to create a fine powder that they would transport back to their home planet – Nibiru (a planet that Sitchin claims is in our solar system but that takes thousands of years to orbit the Sun and so is rarely visible from Earth – we will return to this shortly) – and use it to repair their crippled atmosphere.

A depiction of Nibiru

Did Nibiru exist?

However, after initially toiling themselves to retrieve their sought-after metal, the unit rebelled leading the leaders – Enki and Enlil – to use genetic engineering to create a slave race.

The result of those experiments, according to Sitchin’s translations, was the human race as we know it now – Home Erectus. And over time, while they would become worshiped as gods, they were only viewed as this by “people who had no comprehension of the concept of alien life”. Essentially, they were flesh and blood extraterrestrials, with scientific minds and knowhow, and had created the human race to serve them. It is perhaps not too difficult to see how such interpretations and retellings combined with an effort of those from antiquity to understand have morphed into the human race being created by “God” or “Gods” as opposed to the product of scientific genetic manipulation.

The Flood And The Spark Of “Legends” Around The World

There has been much debate regarding the Flood and whether it was a real event as opposed to just legend.

Sitchin had his own beliefs that not only was the Flood real but that the ancient writings he had translated explained the reasons it happened. Sitchin believed that the flood was caused by the approach of the Anunnaki’s home planet, Nibiru, which could have possibly caused a polar tilt (something other historical researchers have also suggested, although not something caused by an alleged rogue planet).

A depiction of the Flood

Did the Flood really happen?

The Anunnaki made the decision to abandon the planet to their orbiting mothership above the Earth, even allowing the human race to perish. However, in an account that mirrors that of Noah and the Ark, one chosen human was given instructions to build a vehicle that he, his family, and as many animals and plants of the Earth would survive the oncoming deluge.

When the Anunnaki returned following the destruction of the planet – including their own cities and dwellings – they essentially relocated to the Sumer region (modern-day southern Iraq). The survivors of the human race would ultimately grow again (remember, the Anunnaki lived extraordinarily long lives compared to humans) and would again serve the Anunnaki. However, some would become closer to them than others, a move that would eventually, according to the translations, result in monarchs and “divine royalty” – people who would still serve and answer to the Anunnaki, but would rule over (and control) the rest of the population.

Nuclear Battles In Ancient Times

Ultimately, according to Sitchin’s translations, a war between the Anunnaki themselves would bring the empire crashing to the ground.

Perhaps of further interest, these wars resulted in such legends as Sodom and Gomorrah, but as opposed to being the wrath of God, they were the result of nuclear-type weapons being deployed by the fighting Anunnaki.

What is perhaps also of interest to us here is that texts in the Mahabharata speak of very similar wars, with suggestions (depending on interpretation) of nuclear weapons and fall out. Indeed, study of the Mohenjo-Daro region by David Davenport would result in him concluding that a nuclear strike had taken place there, something explored at length in his book Atomic Destruction in 2000 BC. [2]

A person stood in a tunnel with a light behind them

Did war bring down the Anunnaki?

The result – as we might imagine – is a point of speculation and debate. It would appear that from this ruined world of the Anunnaki, came human rulers, who did their best to rebuild on the mammoth structures erected by the one-time gods and grew into the civilizations we know today.

Others suggest, however, that those who remained behind, as victorious as they might have been among themselves, went underground, ruling from the shadows and using their “puppet kings” to control the people in the way they desired.

Were The Anunnaki Real?

It wasn’t just Sitchin who believed that the Anunnaki were a very real presence on Earth. As is highlighted by Nick Redfern, researcher and author, Laurence Gardner would state that “every item of written and pictorial attestation confirms that the ancient Sumerians were absolutely sincere about the existence of the Anunnaki”. [3] In short, they were not legends but historical fact.

With regard to where we will turn our attention to next – the notion of immortality and how it fits into apparent alien encounters – the Anunnaki were, to us, immortal, with some accounts claiming they literally were just that.

However, according to some writings, these unbelievably long lifetimes – while not in the thousands of years – were occasionally granted to human beings. [4] And this was in times only several thousands of years before the apparent times of Jesus – relatively speaking, recent(ish) history.

Methuselah, for example, the grandfather of Noah, lived until he was 969 years old according to most Biblical accounts, while Noah himself lived to be 950 years, with his father, Lamech seeing the ripe old age of 777. If we believe there is a connection between accounts of the Flood and the similar (almost identical) accounts of the Anunnaki, then it is surely no coincidence that these people who had such close contact with God, or from the Sumerian legends perspective, the Anunnaki.

Depiction of the Anunnaki

Depiction of the Anunnaki

There are others in such ancient writings who lived extraordinarily long lives also. If we look at Adam and Eve, who many people who subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory believe were the product of the genetic manipulation by the Anunnaki as described by Sitchin, Adam is said to have lived to be 930 years old, with the two having no less than 56 children. One of those children, Seth, lived to the age of 912. Seth’s son was 905 when he died, while his son, Kenan, lived to be 910.

And we might also remind ourselves of the Sumerian King Lists, which as well as listing those who ruled the region with lifetimes the same as we might expect a human to live for today, contain those who ruled (and lived) for hundreds of years…

If we return our attention back to Lamech for a moment, according to the Bible itself, when he first saw his son (Noah) he suspected he was the product of the union between his wife and The Watchers (who some researchers suggest were essentially, the Anunnaki). It is claimed that Noah’s skin and eyes shined in a way similar to the sons of God.

We might consider further that the result of unions between humans and the Anunnaki may have resulted in alien-human hybrids. And while these creatures indeed had many of the powers and traits of their alien parent, immortality or even having a human soul, may not have been one of them. We need to remember that this is all pure speculation. However, it is speculation that takes us nicely into our next contemplation.

Immortality: How Does It Connect To The UFO And Alien Question?

In the book Immortality of the Gods: Legends, Mysteries, and the Connection to Eternal Life, veteran paranormal researcher Nick Redfern highlights several possible connections between alien abductions and what we would perceive as immortality. [5] For example, he would recall that, according to Whitley Strieber, as relayed by Ed Conroy, these apparent alien visitors were a “catalyst to personal evolution, alchemists of the soul. In a word, they are transformers”.

If there is any truth to the notion that aliens did alter human DNA in the distant past, whether for their own ends, ours, or both, then Strieber’s take on them is perhaps spot on. There is, however, another aspect to consider – that these visitors are no longer interested in merely changing human DNA, they are actively looking to take possession of it. To create human souls.

A depiction of an alien abduction

Might the soul be of interest to aliens?

Redfern highlights the encounters and writings of Whitley Strieber, most notably his best-selling book Communion. Perhaps not least as Strieber was one of the first writers on the subject to contemplate the fact that there very well might be a connection between alien abductions and encounters and the human soul. He would eventually put these suggestions into the follow-up to Communion, Transformation.

As Redfern writes, Strieber stated that it was his belief, based on correspondence from other abductees and examination of their encounters that these aliens (he called them visitors) “had the ability to extract the immortal, human soul from the physical body. Not only that, they did so on numerous, regular occasions”.

Strange Questions From The Pentagon

Redfern also relays some further information on the 1973 Mansfield Coyne Helicopter sighting from 18th October 1973 – a period where much of the United States, incidentally, was not only going through a wave of UFO sightings but of encounters with strange humanoids also.

On this particular night, as the Army Reserve UH-1 ferried its passengers and crew back to Cleveland, Ohio, they would be confronted with a 60 feet by 20 feet object which stopped just before it was about to crash into the aircraft. From here, it would seemingly scan the helicopter with a strange green light that “turned the whole cabin green”.

By the time the strange light and object had disappeared, their helicopter was around 2000 feet higher than it should have been, with none of the crew understanding how such an altitude climb had happened, not least that it had seemingly happened in a matter of seconds. Interestingly, the crew would speak of the incident to the Cleveland media, and eventually, the national media, giving the US military no chance to over the incident.

According to Redfern’s research on the case, though, the helicopter crew, including Sgt. John Healey, were “quietly contacted by official sources” following the incident. And as much as they wanted to know details of the sighting itself, they also asked some rather strange questions of the witnesses. And these questions would continue for months after.

A depiction of the human soul

Are aliens looking to create sould?

Healey would claim several years after the incident that someone from the Pentagon would ring out of the blue and ask them seemingly random questions such as if they had “dreamed of body separation” since the sighting. Perhaps remarkably, Healey would state that he had. He had “dreamed that I was dead in bead and that my spirit, or whatever, was floating, looking down at me lying dead in bed”.

Why would the military be concerned with such information? Might it be that, to some people, there is a connection between leaving one’s body and the soul? Essentially, that a person’s astral form, is what most of us would understand as a soul. If these extraterrestrials are concerned with the human soul, it is very intriguing that the Pentagon should be asking such questions in light of a UFO incident. What exactly, if anything, might they know?

What is also interesting is that many who can leave their body (or astral project) often speak of strange beings and entities around them in the astral realm, with some of these beings looking to take possession of the person’s body while their astral form (or their soul) has left it. Might these entities be what we would understand as aliens?

It is certainly an intriguing notion that the human soul is of interest to these extraterrestrial visitors, perhaps not least because it would suggest that each person does indeed have a soul and doesn’t simply cease to exist once they die. However, the idea that our souls are perhaps being targeted by life from another realm or world is a disturbing one. No less so when we turn our attention to the revelations of Bob Lazar.

The Further Revelations Of Bob Lazar

It is certainly worth our time looking at some of the revelations of Bob Lazar. We have examined before his statements regarding the propulsion systems of UFOs but, as Redfern highlights, he also made some rather remarkable claims of top-secret documents he had the chance to read while working in the top-secret facilities with apparent recovered alien technology.

One of these was concerned with the origins and early history of humanity. According to Redfern’s relaying of the information, early humans were subjected to “close to 70 genetic manipulations” by extraterrestrial visitors – essentially, the Gods of ancient times.

If this information is accurate, then it is beyond remarkable, and would completely alter the way we look at ourselves both as individuals and as a collective, as well as how we must then view our entire history and our futures. Indeed, as Redfern states, this would appear to be the very reason this information is buried so deep within many secret files, “because no one knew how to break the disturbing news to the public without the revelation causing worldwide panic, shock, and disorder”. Whether such a reaction on the public’s part would be accurate is perhaps open for debate.

Maybe, with this in mind, we should also consider the idea that information of our apparent alternative collective past is being drip-fed to us through such mediums as films and television shows. It is a notion dismissed by many, but there is a presence in Hollywood, for example, by the intelligence agencies. And if there is a fear of panic should such a revelation come out, then it might be in their interests to have most of the population at least familiar with such a possibility.

Lazar also revealed that there was a large document regarding the world’s religions, something which Lazar himself found puzzling. Once more, this would suggest – as many who subscribe to the ancient astronaut claims have long stated – that there is a connection between the origins of many of the world’s religions and alien visitation and influence in ancient times. An influence that quite possibly is still going on today. And the potential reasons for that are both fascinating and extremely concerning.

“We Are Containers!”

During his interviews with George Knapp, Lazar would eventually reveal what else he had read in these top-secret, buried away government files after a little bit of gentle pushing from the journalist. And it is something both intriguing and mind-blowing in equal measure.

He would state that one document regarding the existence of human beings and our relationship to these apparent alien visitors stated that we are “containers”, affirming that is how we are viewed by these extraterrestrials before proposing we are “maybe containers of souls”. He would further state that this was exactly how humans were referred to in the document he had seen.

Then, in terms of religion, he would state that such things were “created so we have some rules and regulations for the sole purpose of not damaging the containers”.

Redfern would highlight how Lazar made very similar comments to another UFO researcher, Michael Lindermann, during another interview. And it was during this interview where Lazar proposed an extremely intriguing thought – that while it may well be that the containers being referred to is the human body, that it might be the complete opposite, that the “container is the soul and it contains the body”. He would add that the document mentioned how “unique” these containers are.

A depiction of a dark angel

Do aliens see us as “containers”?

During an interview with Ralph Steiner, he would again make similar comments, before adding that while what he was saying about containers was indeed “far out”, it would be worth remembering that “everything I read (and revealed) about the propulsion system turned out to be fact”. Make of that what you will.

It is perhaps interesting to contemplate Lazar’s revelations of a large top-secret file regarding alien visitation and the many religions of the world, and in particular, the idea that religions were created in order to, essentially, keep the population in line, something they achieved for centuries, and still continue, to a much lesser degree today.

Might it be that in our contemporary era where far fewer of the human race would class themselves as “religious” that this control is loosening somewhat? With this in mind, might it be that other “control” methods might be utilized?

“Recycled Souls” – Links To Reincarnation?

If we turn our attention back to Transformation by Whitely Strieber, he would make some remarkable claims, perhaps especially so in light of the revelations of Bob Lazar above. He would claim that these alien visitors “recycled souls” before sending back to the realm of our existence to begin life again – essentially, reincarnation.

Nick Redfern writes that Strieber was also informed by these strange visitors that “the Earth is akin to be a school, one in which we are learning, growing, and evolving with every subsequent recycling”. However, with each recycling, all we have learned, at least consciously would appear to be lost. As Redfern also writes, if this is true, then “we have already achieved immortality”. And might it be this that is of interest to those behind alien abductions, and possibly, if we accept there is still a discreet, from-the-shadows-type presence here in Earth, the continued experiments of the Anunnaki themselves.

A depiction of human souls

Are alien abductions linked to reincarnation?

Might this, then, suggest a connection to reincarnation? Might those who claim to be able to recall past lives be experiencing remnants of the extracted soul before it was, essentially, recycled and sent back to live again once more?

Might it be even more complicated than that? Might this obsession with the soul lead to at least some aliens, whether individually or as a race, desiring to steal or overtake a person’s soul – something that perhaps explain cases of demonic possession. The late and well-respected UFO researcher, John Mack, who studied alien abduction cases in great detail, claimed that many of the abductees he interviewed spoke of these entities looking to separate them from their souls, or even to take over it altogether.

This idea of strange entities looking to take possession of a person’s soul is a thought-provoking one. And leads us to our next point of consideration in this maze of intrigue.

The Reptilian Angle

We perhaps should also turn our attention briefly to claims of the Reptilians and where they might fit into all of this, particularly the claims of some researchers that these reptilian entities require a human “shell” to exist in this world. Might we consider that this is the taking over of a human soul, albeit temporarily?

It is perhaps also looking at some of the descriptions of the Anunnaki as being exceptionally tall and strong – something that is often attributed to apparent reptilian entities. Even depictions of the Anunnaki are slightly reptilian-like.

If Nibiru did cause such events as the flood and if there were wars that weakened the Anunnaki somewhat and caused their great, advanced cities to crumble somewhat, might they have looked to maintain control but in a more covert way – as many researchers into apparent reptilian entities state is exactly what happened?

Might they still be here? And might they be the origin of the reptilian entities that many researchers insist were not only present in ancient times but are still present today, and remain influential in human affairs (although we should note that many in the UFO community regard claims of reptilians as nonsense and nothing more).

A depiction of the Anunnaki

Are the Anunnaki and reptilians the same race?

With this idea in mind, it is perhaps worth recalling, according to Sitchin’s interpretations of ancient writings, that an apparent spaceport in Sumer was destroyed during these wars – a location where it appeared was the main launch point into space from the Earth.

We might also imagine that a great deal of spacecraft were destroyed during such battles, and may have resulted in the Anunnaki being left with vehicles that could get into space, but could not travel the long distances that a “mothership” could, for example. While we don’t know if any other such ports existed or whether the potential spacecraft of the Anunnaki could take off into space from anywhere, it just might be the case that they were literally trapped on the Earth.

Might the Anunnaki (reptilians) have gone underground, retaining control over humanity through the royalty they had put in place – royalty who throughout history have claimed a “divine right to rule”, we might remember.

While we don’t want to stray too much into the “British Royal family are reptilians” territory, a study of the royal houses and ruling families will indeed take you back thousands of years. We might wonder if such claims of reptilians and their apparent rule over those who have ruled over humanity for thousands of years might be more accurate than we might think, if only in part. As we shall examine briefly shortly, it might also be the case that the remaining Anunnaki/Reptilians have themselves broken into different factions.

Not One Alien Race But Two (At Least)?

We might wish to also consider at this point whether the Greys who would appear to be behind many of the alien abduction encounters – particularly those that have taken place since the 1960s and have seemingly increased steadily as the decades have gone on – are the same as the Gods of ancient times or whether they are a different race of entities altogether. One that has perhaps always interfered in human affairs, but perhaps known in past centuries as monsters or even demons.

If we accept that we are the product of manipulation by extraterrestrials – with some researchers suggesting their own genetic DNA was mixed with ours – then they would surely contain a soul themselves. After all, they managed to live on Earth for thousands of years, their own lifetimes, depending on which source you look at, ranging from 50,000 to 400,000 years. Furthermore, many researchers have suggested that those who have the ability to foresee future events or to be able to leave their bodies at will have somehow managed to tap into this alien DNA and ultimately, alien abilities.

We might further consider that at least some of the apparent battles and wars where advanced weapons were utilized in the distant past were not just the Anunnaki fighting among each other, or even against humanity, but from another invading alien force, the Greys.

While this is pure speculation, if we look at the descriptions and depictions of the Anunnaki they couldn’t be more different than the Greys.

There is perhaps another possibility, though. As Nick Redfern suggests, after examining the words of Philip Corso, the Grey aliens very well could be “an android or biological robot”, ones that were created by the aliens who have an interest in our planet and who, contrary to what many people believe, have never been seen by human beings. What is perhaps also interesting here, if we go back to the apparent puppet kings of ancient times (and possibly of the modern world today), we might remind ourselves that humans were forbidden from looking at these “gods” (aliens) in their real form.

Redfern also relays the research of Nigel Kerner and his research partner, Danielle Silverman. Essentially, they would come to the conclusion the Greys are fully aware of their own mortality and are seeking ways to understand the human soul, perhaps learn to create or at least take over them in an effort “to survive forever”.

That these biological robots were seeking what humans have also sought since the beginning of time, the power to everlasting life. Only in this case, in the form of the human soul, which just might be the very thing we have collectively been searching for ourselves. While it is perhaps a proposal more suited for a science fiction movie, might it be that these robots, seemingly created by extraterrestrials of unknown origin, are seeking to bring themselves “alive” and with a soul?

If the Greys, then, are a different race of aliens, possibly “biological robots” who don’t have a soul and so themselves are looking to create or learn how to “possess” one through the study and experimentation on humans, then where are the Gods today? Did they all leave Earth long ago as many writings state, perhaps even back to Nibiru? And if this is true, might humanity at some point in the future witness the return of this much talked about mystery plant and the Anunnaki themselves? Or might they still exist, somewhere underground as we mentioned above, perhaps even retaining some kind of control over humanity?

Perhaps just to muddy the waters even more we should consider that some researchers and alien abductees state there is a connection between Grey aliens and apparent reptilian entities. If these reptilians are indeed the Anunnaki of legend, then might their experiments of humankind indeed still be taking place today? And if so, for what purpose, agenda, or end goal?

Another Demonstration Of The Complexities Of The UFO And Alien Question!

As we can see, then, there is perhaps ample reason to believe that there is a connection between these alleged extraterrestrial visitors and the human soul. Something which perhaps makes the UFO and alien question take on a rather ominous feel, perhaps particularly the accounts of Grey alien abduction in the Modern UFO era.

What made these Grey aliens launch, or at least increase, their presence here in the years following the Second World War, seemingly beginning to abduct citizens of the planet around a decade and a half later?

Might it even be that at least some of the apparent humanoid encounters (which were far more relaxed than the abduction encounters by Grey aliens that would follow) were the return of the Anunnaki themselves from their speculative underground location – at least some of them, and that these apparent attempts to contact and influence humanity resulted in the increases in encounters with Grey aliens.

If there is any truth that the Anunnaki did turn on themselves, whether due to wanting to increase their own dominance or simply due to a differing of ideology, then might some of these Anunnaki or reptilian entities who are not (speculatively) pulling the strings of our world from behind the scenes be on the side of humanity.

We might also wonder, if the Anunnaki and reptilians are one and the same, whether the humanoids encountered in the 1950s, particularly, had shapeshifted into human form (something that many researchers into apparent reptilian entities state they can do). Indeed, many legends of the ancient Gods state that humans could not look at, or recreate their actual form, perhaps suggesting again some kind of shapeshifting ability.

We might lastly note that the Djinn can also achieve this, and very well may also be another side/telling of the Anunnaki. Indeed, many researchers into the Djinn, particularly those who approach the legends with alien encounters in mind, suggest there are many similarities between alien abduction encounters and legends of encounters with the Djinn. Furthermore, the Djinn – like the Anunnaki – while living exceptionally long lives, can die and be killed. And what’s more, again like the Anunnaki (and humans) have emotions such as love, hate, jealousy, and rage.

If any of the above is true, might indeed be true that there is an invisible war taking place on Earth, a battle that has raged for thousands of years. However, rather than being fought on the battlefield for gains of territory, it is fought all around us in plain sight, and the prize, as Howard Menger claimed, was “men’s minds and souls” and the secrets thereof. It just might be, as advanced as these apparent aliens are and how much we as a collective would undoubtedly be in awe of them because of it, that human beings are rather more special and even unique than many of us can imagine, with a collective potential awaiting to be filled.

The short video below looks at this a little further.


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