Journeys Into Hell, And Portals To The Roaming Dead

Marcus Lowth
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June 22, 2018
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October 3, 2021
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We have looked briefly before at certain UFO encounters and the apparent connections to our collective perception of hell. Indeed, some UFO researchers have conducted extensive research on this aspect of the UFO question. It is certainly an interesting notion. And one worth keeping in mind when examining the claims of people who believe they have seen, even visited, the mysterious and dark underworld that has haunted the human psyche for many thousands of years.

A broken bridge with Hell on one side and Heaven on the other

What should we make of accounts of visits to Hell?

Many alien abductees or those who have had a close-contact experience with extraterrestrials, for example, often speak of an unnaturally strong and overpowering smell of Sulphur. And this apparently minor detail often comes up in the accounts of people who claim to have seen Hell close-up. In fact, it very well may be that Heaven and Hell – or what we perceive to be such places – are one and the same. Another dimension or realm that each person perceives in their own way. And a place, it would seem, where those energies that reside on this alternative plane, sometimes find their way into our world.

Indeed, Heaven and Hell and all that comes with it might indeed prove to be very real, if extremely misunderstood. And perhaps, by those “in the know”, misrepresented to the masses for centuries. Maybe the ultimate irony might be that science might be the key to proving the mysticism that permeates not just our world, but other planes of existence too.

The Vision Of Jennifer Perez

Jennifer Perez was hospitalized in May 1997 following a purposeful drugging and attempted assault. [1] She would fall in and out of consciousness for several days. Perez, however, would claim that while her body lay in her hospital bed, she herself would float from her physical form and experience various realms of existence. She would refer to these as Heaven and Hell, and at times had a “guide” who she would call an angel.

Her description is mind-bending, to say the least. She would claim to find herself standing “on a great road”. At the same time, she could feel an intense thirst. She would plead with her guide to provide something with which to quench this sudden and insatiable thirst but to no avail. She would claim when she cried from the intensity of the thirst that the tears would “completely evaporate”. Suddenly, she noticed a strong smell of Sulphur “like burning tires”. The more she tried to cover her nose and mouth from the smell, the stronger it became. As did the heat which was now burning the hairs on her arms.

When she witnessed “terrifying demons” torturing people around her she began to feel completely overwhelmed. It was then that the vision stopped. Shortly after she came out of unconsciousness. She would remain steadfast in what she believes she saw, however.

The “Sickening”, “Suffocating” Stench Of Hell!

The writings of Sister Josefina Menendez make for interesting reading. As does, in relation to the revelations in her words, the age at which she died – 33. As well as being the “accepted” age of Jesus when he was crucified, the number has great meaning in esoteric and occult circles. According to her writings, Menendez had numerous unwilling experiences in Hell. [2] Visions she believed “the Lord” showed her. What is perhaps interesting is she wrote about the visions only very shortly before her death in 1923.

She would claim to have witnessed all manner of suffering. She also described the odor of her surroundings as, “A sickening stench asphyxiates and corrupts everything, it is like the burning of putrefied flesh, mingled with tar and Sulphur. A mixture to which nothing on earth can be compared”.

Just over a decade later in 1936, a Polish nun, Sister Faustina, would also write of a visit to Hell. She would describe it as a place full of torture, torment, and “perpetual remorse of conscience”. She would also claim that throughout the “caves and grottoes” that made up the sickening underworld was a “terrible suffocating smell”.

A depiction of Hell and The Devil

Have some people really been to Hell?

Perceptions Of Other Realities

In our article looking at the possibility of making contact with “those from the other side” through digital technology, we explored some of the contacts that suggested “energy-based entities” existed on another plane, perhaps even another dimension. Many people who have had out-of-body or near-death experiences appear to confirm this with their descriptions of their encounters. Perhaps how an “energy” perceives this plane is an important factor. Many speak of a light, “heavenly” experience, and one full of knowing and understanding. Some, however, speak of a much darker experience. Experiences that could be described as Hell-like.

The case of Tamara Laroux, for example, is of particular interest. [3] Suffering from depression since her parent’s divorce at the age of six, Tamara would decide to end her own life nine years later in September 1985 at age fifteen. She intended to shoot herself in the head. However, and for reasons she doesn’t know, an urge came over her to place the gun to her chest instead. She did and fired.

According to Tamara, she would find herself in a realm of “ultimate darkness”. She could hear screams and cries around her. Tamara would state later there is no doubt in her mind that she was in Hell. She would even recall a huge beast with “dragon-like heads”.

She was taken away from this place by another energy it would seem. To Tamara, this energy was Jesus. Upon finally waking and realizing she was alive, she believes she must spread the word of the afterlife. It is an interesting case, and while one that surely rests on Tamara’s perception of her experience, it still attests to “an experience” nonetheless. Incidentally, the bullet she fired into her chest had missed her heart by “less than one-quarter of an inch”.

A Fusing Of Energies And Frequencies?

Of course, Hell could be another dimension – one reached through some kind of portal or frequency doorway. Perhaps this is the reason certain places are synonymous with “sightings of the dead” – some kind of fusing of realities through an open portal or gateway.

The Xinhai Tunnel in Taiwan, [4] for example, runs through a hill that is home to a cemetery and many graves. Some type of phenomenon certainly appears to exist here. Motorists often report seeing the end of the tunnel but not being able to reach it for a considerable time. Many drivers have purposely sped up in order to escape this apparent perpetual part of the tunnel but to no avail. There are numerous sightings of strange apparitions inside the structure. The most common sighting is of an elderly lady who appears in the middle of the road.

The Gridley Tunnel in Yokosuka, Japan has similar stories, [5] although usually only when it rains and between the hours of midnight and 1 am. This last point is interesting as it perhaps suggests that certain conditions and even the placement of the Earth itself have to be correct to allow such an appearance to occur.

According to the legends, a samurai warrior would meet his vicious end in the tunnel long ago while on a mission to avenge the killing of his master. The single-lane road is often the location of reports from modern-day drivers who claim to suddenly see the warrior in question appear behind them. Many have even crashed their vehicles into the tunnel walls due to their attention being on the apparition.

A depiction of a demonic figure against a backdrop of flames

Might Hell be another dimension or reality?

Open Portals To Other Realms?

Conn Barracks in Germany has a long history with pain, misery, and even death. [6] Throughout the Second World War, the Nazi’s used the facility as a hospital. It is today in the ownership of the US military and serves as living quarters for US soldiers stationed there. According to the stories, two such soldiers, sleeping in the same room would have the exact same intense dream. What makes this account even more disturbing is each soldier’s stay is two years apart.

According to their reports, they would dream of a Nazi soldier, and a nurse covered in blood at the side of the bed. The soldier would give the nurse a signal and she would proceed to strangle the soldier on the bed. Further investigation would reveal that the room was directly above the room where bodies of the dead were prepared for burial during the war.

Northern Ireland’s Ballyboley Forest is another place where apparent apparitions of the dead appear to anyone brave enough to enter. [7] Anything from hooded, robed, or shadowy figures to strange lights have been reported. One particular tale tells of two men who, while in the forest, heard the cries of a distraught woman. They would search the woodland for this apparent damsel in distress but would not find her. They did, however, find several trees covered in blood.

Legends state that in ancient times the site was a place of ritual for druids. What rituals exactly took place there is unknown. The forest is also a destination with multiple disappearances to its name. These disappearances go back centuries. Some persistent local rumors even state that a portal of some kind calls this mysterious woodland home.

The video below looks a little more at visions of Hell.


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