What Should We Make Of Claims Of Shapeshifting Reptilian Aliens Ruling The Earth?

Marcus Lowth
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October 16, 2016
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March 27, 2022
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Claims of shapeshifting reptilians secretly ruling planet Earth will either prove to be the greatest uncovering of a conspiracy in history, or the biggest hoax since two little girls tricked the world into believing that fairies lived at the bottom of their very English garden.

As bizarre as the notion that “lizard people” who can transform themselves into human form in order to rule over us is, thousands – if not millions – of people subscribe to it. Not least of which is author and researcher David Icke, whose writings and live shows have been largely responsible for bringing this theory to the everyday person’s attention. Icke’s theory on reptilians has since taken on a life of its own.

In June 2016, social media briefly lit up with thousands of tweets from people who claimed they had witnessed the Queen of England shapeshift into a reptilian. This happened while BBC2 presented coverage of the trooping of the colour parade.

A depiction of a reptilian

A depiction of a reptilian

Just an example of some of the tweets read as follows – one twitter user wrote, “I just saw the Queen shapeshift into a reptilian. My hand to god I am not making this up!” Another wrote, “BBC2 r u playing funny pranks or DID THE QUEEN JUST SHAPESHIFT??” A third twitter user wrote, “Err….Queens hands just went green and scaly when she waved, did anyone else see that? Reptilian?”

What made this apparent “sighting” of the queen and the commentary on social media that followed even more interesting was that tweets were apparently being automatically “deleted” only seconds after they appeared. Some people managed to take screen shots of some of them however and they found their way on to various internet sites soon after.

George Bush senior – often reputed to be such a reptilian shapeshifter – is also regarded as one of the “high ranking illuminati” members who oversee all that goes on. Like Queen Elizabeth, he is often the subject of people claiming they have witnessed his eyes take on a reptilian look or that they have video evidence of his involuntarily shapeshifting to his original reptilian form.

We are going to have a look at the aforementioned David Icke and his theories of reptilians in a moment. First check out this short video that manages to encapsulate the very basics of the reptilian theory, the Illuminati connections and also discusses some of the theories of just how such figures as the Queen of England and the former president of the United States George Bush senior have connections to such, at least on the surface, wild claims.


David Icke And His Infamous Claims Of Reptilian Rulers

According to well-known author and the person most closely associated with claims of reptilians, David Icke, he was warned off digging too deep into the serpent race by other researchers. [1] Perhaps most prominent of these was Zecharia Sitchin who, if Icke is to be believed, warned him “don’t go there!”

Whether Sitchin was warning Icke of this to save his reputation or due to the real dangers of poking around where some would prefer he didn’t is open to debate. To Icke’s credit however, he has never wavered from his claims for close to two decades.

In short, Icke made the assertion that shapeshifting reptilian aliens were essentially ruling the planet. These were the same ancient aliens that some people referred to as the Anunnaki, although Icke’s research goes down a different path and is altogether more extensive than most.

These reptilians interbred with humans in order to “preserve their bloodlines” as human beings increasingly outnumbered them. These hybrids were then given the “divine right” to rule over the rest of humanity.

Icke agrees that these bloodlines started in such ancient lands as Sumer and then spread out across the globe – in particular into Europe and Great Britain – whose royal families can all be traced back to the same bloodline thousands of years ago.

One key figure was Charles The Great (also known as Charlemagne) who was an instrumental individual in spreading Britain’s colonialism around the planet, as well as truly establishing countries such as Germany and France from the territories of the Franks in the middle ages.

In a bizarre twist, according to Icke’s research, thirty-three of the forty-two United States presidents are all directly related to Charlemagne, with all forty-two of them related in some way to each other. This in the minds of some firmly established that indeed, a ruling elite did control things and that Icke might be correct in his theories.

Sanctuary of the Lizard People Discovered Under Los Angeles in 1934

Icke isn’t the first to have made claims of reptilian beings though. Back in January 1934, the Los Angeles Times ran a story of the discovery of a city under the ground that was once home to “Lizard People!”

Warren Shufelt had made the discovery, and what’s more he had mapped out the entire area using x-ray intruments. Shufelt claimed that once inside the underground city he would discover ancient golden tablets that contained information about the origins of the human race on Earth.

He said that he had been made aware of the underground city following a conversation with a Hopi chief in Arizona. According to the story a reptilian race – who were far more technologically advanced than we are today – had built the underground city thousands of years ago in order to escape a “disaster that burnt their cities to the ground!”

As well as using the underground sanctuary to save the survivors of their race, they also stored their most important records there.

Incidentally, despite having initially granted permission for Shufelt to conduct his search, Los Angeles governors suddenly withdrew their consent and shut the search down indefinitely shortly after the story appeared in the Los Angeles newspaper.

One more point of interest are the claims made by respected psychic, Edith Elden Robinson, [2] who in December 1933 stated in the newspaper “American Society for Psychic Research” that she too was aware of an underground base under the city of angels. In part she claimed, “A vast city lay under Los Angeles, with massive tunnels that stretched right out to the coast. They had been constructed by a vanished race who had needed protection from the air and access to the sea!”

Modern Day Sightings Increasing?

There have been plenty of modern day sightings of such reptilians. In fact a lot more than you might think.

In March 2016, a man claimed to have seen a judge in a full Los Angeles court room “momentarily change shape into a reptilian – then changed back into human form!” The unnamed Los Angeles resident was in court for various traffic violations. He made his claim to MUFON, and further stated that although there was at least fifteen other people in the room, no-one appeared to notice the change. He also claims that the judge he witnessed “change” is no longer contactable despite his best efforts to do so.

Just under a year earlier in April 2015, another report of a reptilian sighting came to MUFON, this time by a man in Florida who claimed he had actually photographed a reptilian in a moving vehicle. He claimed he snapped the shot as he liked the “Monster” logo on the car window. When he went to examine the picture later on, he picked out what he believed to be a reptilian being driving the car.

In February 2014 three cyclists claimed they spotted a strange “lizard-like” creature while they cycled through the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. They made the sighting while they were taking a break from riding. They claimed the strange figure walked with an “awkward gait”, its body covered in green-red scales and that its eyes were deep black with a bright yellow slit, much like a snake or reptiles would be. It observed the three men for a moment before suddenly going on its way.

Check out the short documentary “They Look Like People” below that looks at the reptilian phenomenon and theories.

Connection To The National Parks Disappearance Conspiracy?

Going back to David Icke’s theories for a moment, that the reptilians keep their human form due to humans greatly outnumbering them – they do this by the consumption of human blood.

There are a couple of interesting things to note here. The first being that one of these apparent reptilian races come from the star system, Draco – coincidentally or not, the name conjures up the image of Dracula who also had a need for human blood.

The other is an apparent conspiracy of people going missing from national parks and secluded areas in North America and parts of Europe. In his book The Missing 411, author and researcher David Paulides noticed very specific “cluster spots” where many of these disappearances happened.

He noticed other strange circumstances too. For example in almost all of the cases of someone going missing, bad weather would usually immediately follow, hampering any search efforts. Search dogs would suddenly become useless when trying to pick up a scent. Many of those who had gone missing were reported as being right next to the last person who saw them – as if they had just vanished into thin air.

You can check out the short video below that looks at this strange phenomenon. Is it connected to the reptilians and their apparent need for blood?

Perhaps that might explain the alleged reported sightings of reptilians in both the run up and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in August 2005.

The Larger Question?

Even the most enthusiastic conspiracy theorist or alien researcher will have to admit that tales of the reptilians appear to come straight out of a sci-fi b-movie. However, when you start to read of the countless claims of sightings, and take on board the various theories of their existence, as well as the place the serpent itself has in legend and mythology, the possibility seems to be a little more possible than most would like to admit.

Perhaps the more important and larger question to be asked instead of “do they exist?” would be, if they did, what would we, the human race, do about it?



1 The Reptilian Connection, Bibliocapleyades https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/esp_vida_alien_29.htm
2 The Underground City Of The Lizard People, Weird US http://www.weirdus.com/states/california/fabled_people_and_places/lizard_people/index.php

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  • Jonas kalenda makayi says:

    I used to see them long a go but they never given me their names and how contact them … I know how used to come and instruct me on a daily basis but in year 2000 they stopped appearing to me I don’t know why ….???

  • Indigo says:

    Enoc book, Zecharia Sitchin, Credo Mutwa, the myths of ancient tribes around the world. All of them point to the same. There’s another guy whose work is underrated: Robert Morning Sky. It tells the same story about our origin.

  • Aman Onerth says:

    If we are to assume, as I do, that the universe is far stranger and highly populated than conventional belief accepts and that intelligent forms of life not only exist “out there” but are in fact engaged with and invested in life “down here” then surely the question of “what should humans do about it?” can only have one mature and responsible answer – namely that we should seek to open channels of communication with these species and civilisations and establish a cooperative relationship that allows for peaceful coexistence? Otherwise we are assuming a position of adversarial conflict based on assumptions and ignorance and in essence we are simply being racist – that is assuming moral superiority or a higher right to existence – from another race of intelligent beings. My own contact experiences have convinced me of two things, one that we are not the supreme power or highest form of intelligence in the universe, and two that we need to stop behaving and thinking as if we are, or as if we have a right to be so. Surely peace and respectful dialogue are the only mature goals of any intelligent species?

    • Daniel Ernest Martin says:

      You are so right! I admire the way you think and its all true what you have said! We need to get off our high horse and understand that there are those way superiour then us beings, and fr more intelligent! Thank you so much!

  • Sakib says:

    The only explanation that covers everything is that jinn (which have been around many thousands of years more than us) have the ability to shapeshift into anything, so they can alter their apperance to look like green aliens or people. Disappearances can easily be explained by jinn being able to kidnap people by taking them back to their dimension/plane of existence that they’re originally from that also happens to intersect with the physical plane. I think Jacques Vallee has some good books about this with the name of interdimensional hypothesis, which to me is far more likely than extraterrestrial origin.

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