UFO and Alien Connections To Dark And Haunting Places

Marcus Lowth
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March 23, 2018
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October 4, 2021
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Certain locations on Earth have a reputation of being cursed, haunted, or inhabited by entities not of this world. In short, legends state these are places to stay away from. Places where “monsters”, or “other entities” reside.

Dark Place

Quite often we find that among the legends of these dark places are stories that sound very much like alien encounters. Furthermore, many of the local accounts speak of phenomena that would sit neatly in any UFO report. Are these haunting places – some almost palpably so – that way due to the presence of something other-worldly?

Perhaps this is purposeful? Maybe whoever is creating this haunting, other-worldly atmosphere does so to maintain its covert existence.

The Valley of Death, Siberia

In the upper reaches of Siberia in northwestern Yakutia, off the Upper Viliuy River, there is a stretch of land that still retains the scars of a battle fought over 800 years ago. Not only that, the deadly legend still maintains its grip of the area, so much so that most people even remotely local to the ominous forest regions rarely venture there.

Its ancient name is Uliuiu Cherkechek. This translates to “The Valley of Death” [1] – and it is easy to see why. Legend states that the area was the scene of a battle between two powerful entities. Balls of fire would shoot from the ground to halt attacks from above. Furthermore, a huge explosion, louder than any heard before, laid waste to the entire region and stilled the battle. According to some researchers, local legends of such defensive strikes stretch across the centuries.

Incidentally, there is even debate in some quarters as to whether the “explosion” caused over Tunguska may have been the consequence of such a measure. It is perhaps worth bearing in mind that the explosion happened above the ground. Had whatever it was that entered Earth’s atmosphere that morning in 1908, had it made contact with the ground, the consequences could have been much worse.

As for the source of the “fireballs” emanating from the grounds of the Valley of Death? Several strange and menacing “cauldrons”.


A “Defensive” Battle Station?

Aside from local legends, much of what we know comes from the few expeditions to this most dire region of the world. [2] In the mid-1850s, R. Maak would explore the area for himself. He would later describe a “gigantic cauldron made of copper” with “only the rim visible” above the ground.

There were several other reports of these strange sinking cauldrons in the 1930s. Several would come from traders and merchants – both legal and illegal – who would stumble on to them while making their way with their goods through the region. Given the brutal weather conditions at times in the area, they would provide ideal shelter from the elements. Many of those who stayed within them, however, would often be struck with intense feelings of nausea and dizziness.

Another expedition went ahead in 1936 by a Russian geologist eager to locate the mystery cauldrons for himself. With the help of an elderly native to the area, he would soon locate one. His drawing is one of the main images we have today of the bizarre find. He would describe it as a “smooth metal hemisphere, reddish in color” and with razor sharp edges. It was so large it was possible to “ride a reindeer under it!”

Familiar with the local legends of hunters “who would sleep in these rooms” and how they soon died if they “spent several nights in a row” in them, he stayed only long enough to conduct his research before leaving. Locals would tell that “even the beasts do not go there!”

The short video below looks at the notion of such an ancient defense system.

Advanced Alien Technology?

Is it really possible that beneath the ground of the ominously named Valley of Death resides an advanced laser-type defense system? If so, who was responsible for its construction? Might the legends of the two “entities” (aliens?) who battled on this apparently cursed land be those who were responsible for such a base?

Furthermore, is the fact that so many people become terribly ill, even fatally on occasion, after spending time near and within these strange half-circles indicative of some kind of radiation poisoning? Perhaps most important of all, with no photographic evidence and merely local legend to go on, are these “cauldrons” real and are they still there today?

In 2013, scientist and researcher, Michale Visok would lead a team into the area. He was aware of the legends of such a place and wished to see once and for all if it was real or mere myth. They would arrive in the area and using specially designed parachute-copters were able to obtain a bird’s eye view of the land. They would soon locate a strange area that appeared to show a strange circular object below the ground. Soon after they would spot a second and a third one.

Upon landing and investigating the apparent anomaly close-up, they seemed to have stumbled on a metal object below the shallow, marshy water. Before they could investigate any further, however, Visok was overcome with intense nausea and dizziness. Almost exactly the same as the symptoms mentioned in previous accounts.

With the weather also worsening, the team decided to cut the expedition short. Incidentally, an examination of Visok could reveal no obvious reason for his ill-feeling. He would ultimately recover fully. The video below looks at the incident in a little more detail.

Connection To The “Strangle Holes” In North Siberia?

Might these apparently sinking cauldrons share a connection with the mysterious gaping holes [3] in the same (relative) area. Mainstream thinking suggests these holes are the result of a build-up of gases below the surface of the Earth. As the pressure increases these eventually explode and so create a huge hole in the ground. That would, they say, explain the sightings of strange lights in the skies over these hell-like entrances.

Of course, the strange lights would attract the attention of UFO researchers, some of whom believe there may be a more other-worldly explanation for the sudden appearance of these strange holes.

If there is an ancient alien base nearby, remotely controlled or manned, then perhaps these strange lights are the result of some kind of evacuation. Although there is disagreement as to exactly when they first appeared, general consensus states it to be some time in 2013.

The video below looks at these mysterious holes in Siberia in a little more detail. This looks at the holes from a “global warming” perspective, another possible reason for their sudden appearance.

Dark Mountains And Ominous Islands

Is it possible then that such apparently cursed or inhabitable locations around the planet have connections to an alien presence here on Earth?

We have written before of the Black Mountain in Australia, for example, that has legends of “dark entities” and of people vanishing within the menacing black slabs. Aircraft that have ventured over the region have also reported strange magnetic anomalies on their instruments and even of loss of control altogether. Many pilots will refuse to fly over the region.

Another place of such dark intrigue is Deer Island [4] in Mississippi. Fishermen have visited the island since the early-nineteenth century. And with their trips came the stories of the “Firewater Ghost” or “Ghost of Blue Fire”. Those who would speak of their encounters would tell of a blue ball of fire. This would hover and speed along the water’s its surface.

The Dark Watchers are said to roam the Santa Lucia Mountains in California, appearing only to those they choose and assisting hikers who have lost their way. Mount Shasta is another Californian location that is full of dark claims of monsters with red eyes and a network of caves that leads to an alien base. Indeed, there are numerous UFO sightings near both mountain ranges, particularly Mount Shasta which is a hot-spot of such activity.

The video below shows a UFO leaving via a portal above Mount Shasta.

Another similar location is Brown Mountain in North Carolina. There are reports dating back centuries of people vanishing into thin air in the woodland around the mountain’s base. There are also regular sightings of strange green orbs. These appear to emerge from the mountain, moving in ways that appear anything but natural.

The video below shows footage of a typical sighting at Brown Mountain.

Another Twist In An Already “Topsy-Turvy” Field

If aliens are using these dark places, either to come and go from the planet or to reside away from humanity, we have to ask why this is the case? Does this lean towards activities of a malevolent nature? And regardless of intention, why the need for such isolation and secrecy? Might it show a lack of trust with regard to how humanity would collectively react to the knowledge of the reality of extra-terrestrial life? Or might it be all that separates “us” from “them”, whoever they are, is merely the knowledge they utilize. Knowledge they wish to keep away from humanity.

As usual, when looking at the alien question – itself broken into many various shades of grey – there are considerably more questions than answers. And with every, albeit speculative answer, another batch of questions emerge.

Might it also ultimately prove, if we accept the UFO connections are genuine and credible, that aliens are already present on Earth right now?



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