The Granada Hills Alien Abduction Case

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An apparent case of alien abduction from the Granada Hills region of California in 2008 is another case we should treat with a little helping of salt on the side, but one that would be equally irresponsible to leave completely unexamined. Needless to say, the account is one that resonates with details similar to other more documented cases.

An image of an alien face with a blended image of a UFO underneath

Did an alien abduction take place in the Granada Hills in 2008?

The events would eventually come back to the witness, not through hypnotic regression, but in a series of sudden flashbacks. However, making matters even more confusing, at least for a time, was the fact that these flashbacks and consequently the timeline of the encounter would come back to him completely out of sequence to the actual events. Over a period of several months, however, the witness was able to reconstruct fully in their minds just what had happened that truly bizarre evening in otherwise picturesque California.

It is another account that has seemingly found itself online through one “report-your-sighting” website or another. It was, however, remarkably detailed, containing such information that many familiar with such cases will recognize as persistently appearing.

Although the authenticity of this particular incident might be understandably up for debate, most researchers in the UFO community will certainly accept that the Golden State is one of the most active and intriguing areas of America in terms of UFO and alien encounters. And while that certainly doesn’t mean each account on record is genuine, that such reports emerge from this area of the United States perhaps more than others give us enough reasons to examine the details of this fascinating, intriguing and disturbingly bizarre case of alien abduction.

Waking In A Strange “Greenish” Liquid

It would appear the incident took place in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2008, although the anonymous witness wouldn’t begin experiencing “flashbacks” of the encounter until around a month later. He did, though, awaken in his home in Granada Hills, California with the most bizarre and strange feeling running through him, as well as feeling physical pain and the symptoms of severe dehydration, all of which immediately alerted him that something was desperately wrong. Despite this persistent nagging, though, his mind maintained a lock on the previous evening’s events.

Then, out of nowhere, the encounter began to come back to him.

A UFO superimposed onto a city in  California at sunset

Many abductees speak of the same experiences

He would recall waking earlier in the evening. However, he was not in his bedroom but in a strange glass cylinder. What’s more, a strange “clear, greenish” liquid surrounded him. He would describe this substance as “thicker than water (but) thinner than oil”. It was only when he noticed he didn’t have any breathing apparatus on that he realized he could breathe perfectly normally despite his complete submergence.

As he looked around, marveling somewhat that he could see as clearly as he could breathe through the strange substance, he finally began to recall the strange figures entering his bedroom only hours earlier. A surge of panic and outright fear raced through him and he immediately began to look for a way out of the glass enclosure.

A “Cave-Like” Room With Rows Of Glass Containers

However, when he attempted to move his arms and legs, they appeared completely paralyzed. In fact, the only part of his outer body that was able to move was his eyes.

This is an interesting detail which suggests a technology that appears to paralyze the limbs and muscles yet leave intact the mechanism for full breathing as well as control their sight and blinking. We have examined several of these cases before in the bizarre “laser beam paralysis encounters”. And, coincidentally or not, like the color of the bizarre fluid the witness found themselves in, that laser was more often than not a distinct green color.

He would, however, keep attempting to regain control over his movements. And, much to his surprise, he was suddenly free of whatever paralyzing control had hold of him. He instinctively pushed out of the glass cylinder, spilling a strange, green, gel-like substance from his body as he did so.

A superimposed UFO on an image of mountains and trees

Are aliens studying human beings?

When he was free of the fluid, despite being able to breathe inside it, he felt a sudden and overwhelming urge to take a deep breath of actual air. He looked around his environment noticing how “steamy” the atmosphere was. And of how unpleasant the air smelled. He also realized for the first time, that he was completely naked.

He studied the room further, noticing how the walls and the ceiling had a “cave-like” quality to them. Most disturbing of all, though, were the rows of glass containers against one wall, almost identical to the one from which he had just freed himself.

It was at this point that he began “yelling and screaming like a madman!”

Something “Organic” About The Environment

He would begin running in the direction of what appeared to be a lit window. As he ran through the room, he would recall how it was best described as a “huge, dark, steamy greenhouse cave”. Perhaps strangest of all, it had a very “organic” feel to it.

Again, this detail of a strange combination of machine and organic has surfaced in other reports of alien abduction or of boarding an alien craft.

As he ran, he could see more glass cylinders lining the wall. Some of them even appeared to be glowing, perhaps suggesting that they were not empty like the majority of them but contained other people similar to himself. He ignored them as best he could and continued on toward the window. However, before he could reach it, two humanoid figures approached him out of nowhere. One of them touched him on the shoulder, and everything went black.

That was where his memory of the encounter would end, although he would have the same flashbacks often over the coming weeks. And then, without warning, his mind would reveal more of the strange events of that bizarre and unnerving night following the touch on the shoulder causing him to blackout.

The Procedure

He would wake to find himself lying on his back on some kind of table. He appeared to regain consciousness halfway through one of the procedures the humanoid creatures were carrying out on him. There were three of them in total.

An image of a UFO over a stony ground at sunset

Many abductees speak of strange experiments

He would almost keep slipping in and out of consciousness as they performed procedures on his nose and eyes. However, when they turned their attention to his torso and genital area his reaction was one of pain and utmost fear. He was, once again, paralyzed in all but his eyes so could not see what was taking place.

They would eventually move on to other areas. He would notice how the creatures were around 5 foot 8 inches tall but with one of them noticeably taller than the others. And what’s more, this taller one most definitely appeared to be in charge. Even stranger, the two smaller humanoids, despite their outer appearance, moved in a “robot-like manner”.

Even stranger, this taller creature would “speak” to him in his native Spanish. Only not verbally, but directly into his mind. He would assure him that the procedures were almost complete and that he would not come to any harm.

The next thing he knew, he would black out once more.

“They Are Real!”

It would be almost two months before another dislodging of information from his mind regarding the strange events of January 2008. This time, he would recall the moments after waking up in his room, before he would find himself in the strange, glass cylinder.

He would wake to find a strange “greenish-bluish fluorescent glow” permeating the room. A “greenish fog” hung in the air. However, at the foot of the bed, cutting through this bizarre, green mist were:

…four small beings, gray in color, with big almond-shaped eyes…

He further noticed an unpleasant and pungent smell hanging in the room. An odor, he believed, came from these strange creatures.

He realized, although he was sat up in bed, he couldn’t move. It was then he also realized he was screaming out loud, “They are real!” repeatedly at the top of his voice.

A superimposed UFO over a desert

Should we take claims of alien abductions more seriously?

He would later recall that the fear he felt during this time was more than anything he had felt during the entire episode. Even recalling it would bring the very intense and sharp terror back to his mind.

As he sat unable to move on his bed, he began to feel a strange sensation “like an electric current” running through him. At the same time, his mind began to feel confused and heavy. The next thing he knew, he was literally floating through the ceiling of the room and out through the roof of the house. As he seemingly floated through the air above his home, he could recall seeing “beautiful colored lights”.

Then, his memory went blank. The next thing he knew, he was awake in the liquid-filled, glass cylinder.

Scientific Learning And Evidence Of Hybridization Programs?

The witness would experience several more flashbacks over the coming weeks. He would eventually be able to piece these together to recall, in part, what took place following the examination on the table.

He was sat on a chair in a strange room. Something akin to slides were flashing across a screen in front of him. He would recall stating that they were moving too fast and that he couldn’t see them clearly. However, his abductors’ response was that the slide pace “was correct”. This seemingly trivial, almost dismissive response perhaps suggest a scientific approach to transferring information into the human mind in such a manner.

An image of a UFO over a mountain trail

Some people claim a hybridization program is underway

What’s more, and interestingly enough, following this bizarre, fast-paced slideshow, the witness would claim a strange sense of having taken all of the information in. Further still, he felt the message had an instant reaction within his own mind and sense of spirituality, as well as a deeper understanding of things he had previously given no thought to.

Perhaps even stranger were the similar “projected images” of his “whole life” leading to that point. This is perhaps an interesting example of a technology that somehow manages to unravel every single memory the brain has stored. Even ones that your conscious mind has long since forgotten. Of course, why this was being undertaken is perhaps rather ominous.

Was this some kind of scan to reveal certain information they were looking for? Or might the fact that these memories were “projected images” mean his memories have been stored ready for some kind of future hybridization project? Speculative and outlandish as these notions are, we should perhaps remind ourselves of some of the very academically serious minds that have suggested an “alien takeover” to be at the core of the alien abduction phenomenon.

A (Potentially) Intriguing And Unsettling Account!

This last thought is quite intriguing, Particularly, when we consider the last memories of the encounter the witness can recall. He would claim to see “hybrids” in one of the rooms of the ship. And what’s more, one of them, in particular, was “the product of procedures done to him”. He would recall how this “child” appeared ill, pale, and with “thin blue veins all over his face and body”.

Then, following what must have been another blackout, he would awaken. This time, he was in the desert and it was daylight. The sun, strong and powerful, was beating down unrelentingly on his naked body.

As truly bizarre as this encounter is, and we must again remind ourselves to throw in another pinch of cautionary salt here, it does sit very nicely with other alien abduction accounts. As well as several of the theories from some of those who have studied these encounters at length.

Perhaps one of the loudest voices on this notion was Dr. David Jacobs, whose extensive research suggests that the sole reason for alien abductions is to take over the human race. And essentially the planet, through eventual hybridization between their race and ours?

Perhaps in the future, the witness to this case may come forward? Or perhaps other abduction cases might come to light. Ones, that further echo some of the chilling details in the Granada Hills alien abduction encounter.

Check out the video below. It looks at alien abductions and what the reasons for them might be a little further.


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  • Maque says:

    Victor do you have a link to this account please?

  • Erick Schwartz says:

    The details of the case, however bizarre are essentially consistent with many cases already in the literature. The unique details are credible, as fabricated and psychotic cases tend towards more
    generalized statements.
    The only caution I would check out would be the extent to which the subject had interests in ufology prior to the experience.
    Regressive hypnosis combined with psyhotherapy would be the norm in helping the “victim” as both Jacobs and I would describe the abductee.

  • Victor Banks says:

    There are unseen beings walking among us today. Most of them are in the institutions and hospitals across the country. Also there are habitats beneath the Earth and in the oceans. Before the creation of a new Heaven and Earth they will be revealed. A man has now revealed incredible information concerning the future. He is extremely disturbed by what he saw !!! Which is the earth and sky. He said that the water and sky were the same color. A bluish purple coloring extremely beautiful and dazzling. The sun was a very dark and bright yellow in which you can look directly at it ! I asked him was he sure that it was the sun ??? He said that it had to be the sun because it was a perfect yellow, a dark bright yellow like in a children storybook. Plus it was 1:00 pm in the afternoon ! The sun was closer to Earth and dark yellow to the point that you can look directly at it, as you do the moon. Additionally, the sea or lake was very pretty and shining like glass. In fact you would think it was glass. The sand was also the color of white snow. He was teleported into the future for several minutes. He think he was there for about five or six minutes because he walked through a field onto a beach looking at the sun, down to the bottom of the sea, and across it at a distant town. So all of that took about five minutes. However, when he teleported back to the present. Only a few seconds had passed by. So he saw what the Earth is going to look after the destruction. There is no more winds or clouds. Plus there is no more moon !!! The sun was at the distance of the moon. That is why he was disturbed. How could the sun be that close to Earth ???

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