The Betty And Barney Hill Abduction

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Although it wasn’t the first case of alien abduction, the encounter of Betty and Barney Hill in September 1961 on a lonely New Hampshire road is widely regarded to be the first that captured the attention of a nation. And so thrusting the subject of alien abduction into the international spotlight. And although, like every claim of alien abduction, there are sceptics, many consider the account, and the Hills themselves, to be beyond genuine. Perhaps the fact that they were an interracial couple at a time when many parts of the United States were still very much resistant to integration and equal rights for black and “minority” Americans would suggest they were not looking for unnecessary attention. Especially the kind that would paint them in a negative light. In short, they would appear to have very little to gain from the fabrication of such claims.

Artist's impression of the incident blended into a picture of Betty and Barney Hill

Artist’s impression of the incident blended into a picture of Betty and Barney Hill

Not only would the case offer valuable insight into the abduction phenomenon that would unfold over the coming decades, there was also the recollection of star maps by Betty Hill. Star maps that would appear to be accurate and perhaps provide a clue as to where these apparent cosmic visitors are arriving from. Or, at the very least, where they at one time may have come from. Due to the Hill’s openness, the result of a real desire to get to the bottom of the mysterious events, there is a wealth of information on the case, most of which now resides at Betty Hill’s alma mater, University of New Hampshire. And while they wouldn’t seek out publicity from the media (although they would talk about their experiences if approached) they were particularly keen on sharing information with UFO groups and researchers. Again, actions that simply don’t point to purposeful deceit.

Just South Of Lancaster, New Hampshire

It was a little after 10:30 pm on the evening of the 19th September 1961 when husband and wife, Barney and Betty Hill, were driving back to their home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire from Niagara Falls where they had enjoyed a vacation. According to Betty, somewhere just south of the town of Lancaster, she noticed a strange “point of light” [1] moving. First from below the moon and across what was Jupiter in the night sky. Barney, who was driving, continued on along US Route 3, leaving Betty to contemplate this strange aerial glow. She reasoned that it must be a falling star or a comet. However, when it moved vertically and then began to grow larger, she dismissed this notion. She would persuade Barney to bring the vehicle to a stop, so she could take a closer look.

Realizing that their dog, Delsey, could likely use a little walk, he stopped the car near a picnic area at the base of Twin Mountain. While Barney walked Delsey, Betty would grab a pair of binoculars from the car and examine the strange light in front and ahead. She would almost let out a gasp when she witnessed an “odd-shaped” craft through their magnifying lenses. As this craft passed in front of the moon, she could clearly see different colored lights, each flashing at different times across the exterior of this bizarre vehicle. She would call to her husband and pass the binoculars to him, asking if he thought it was a “flying saucer” much like her sister had claimed to see several years previously.

Barney looked for several moments. He would insist the object was simply a commercial plane. However, when the craft suddenly changed direction and came towards their location, he would reevaluate this.

It “Was A Plane That Was Not A Plane!”

What’s more, this object moved with absolute alacrity. He would later describe the object as “a plane that was not a plane”.

The Hills, along with their dog, quickly got back inside the car. Both were now a little unnerved. They would take the car onto a lonely stretch of road toward Franconia Notch. The object continued to follow them, and while still a considerable distance, was getting closer to them by the second. By this time, the object was so close that Betty could see it rotating as it moved. She would estimate it to be around forty feet in length. On occasion, it would disappear behind the mountain ranges that lined the road before coming back into full view. All the while, this strange, flashing object wouldn’t make a sound. Then, after several minutes, the craft would suddenly descend directly in front of the Hills car in the middle of the road. Barney would hit the brakes bringing their vehicle to a stop.

Although it was still around 100 feet above the ground, the craft was so large that it filled the pairs’ field of vision. Even at this close proximity, not a single sound came from this “pancake-shaped” craft. Checking he had his pistol in his pocket, Barney stepped nervously from the car. Just as cautiously, he began to approach this strange behemoth of an object. Every now and then, he would stop and raise the binoculars to his eyes. He could make out a row of windows along the front of the craft. To his absolute amazement, he could see between eight and eleven humanoid figures seemingly stood looking outward from these windows.

Then, aside from one who remained at the glass, the entire group of humanoid figures would move.

They’re “Not Human” And “Are Going To Capture Us!”

From Barney’s view, there appeared to be a panel at the back of the craft. It was here that all but the one lone entity at the window now gathered. As if in some kind of anticipation. This lone entity dressed like the others in a “glossy black uniform” continued to look directly at Barney. Then, a voice appeared inside his mind. It would state “stay where you are and keep looking”.

Suddenly a burst of activity began to unroll. A large structure began to emerge from the underside of the craft. At the same time, strange “red lights” connected to what appeared to be wings began to leave the huge object and began to make their way down to the ground where he stood. He would later recall it was at this point that he realized these “beings were somehow not human”. He would turn and run back toward the car, screaming at Betty as he did so “They’re going to capture us”.

Barney would turn the ignition key and fire the engine into action. As he did so the object moved to directly over their car. Barney pressed down hard on the accelerator and sped away as quickly as he could. Betty would turn around to see if she could observe the frightening object. She would wind down her passenger window. As soon as she did, both she and Barney could hear bizarre and unnerving “beeping and buzzing” sounds. A strange sensation ran through each of their bodies, while the car appeared to “vibrate” in sympathy to the strange noises from outside.

Suddenly each of them began to feel a strange “dullness” come over their senses. Their minds and concept of their surroundings were also dulled. They had the feeling they weren’t entirely in control.

Betty And Barney Hill

Betty and Barney Hill

Missing Miles And Missing Time!

Suddenly, the unsettling beeps and buzzing sounds snapped the Hills back to their senses. Barney’s hands were still on the wheel of the car, but they had no idea where they were. They would later discover they were around 35 miles south of their previous location in the Ashland area. What was even more unnerving, neither of them could recall how they had gotten here. The last memory they had was of winding down the windows and the strange noises filling their ears. The only solid memory each of them had was of making a sudden turn in the road. There, they would encounter a roadblock. And a “fiery orb” in the middle of the road directly in front of them.

Even more unsettling and confusing to each of them was why by the time they arrived home it was just after dawn. Over two hours later than they should have arrived there. Not only could they not, then, remember over thirty miles of their journey, they couldn’t remember a full two hours of it. And this was simply the start of bizarre behaviors and memories that would plague the Hills over the next ten days until they finally sought the assistance of UFO investigators.

Each of their watches had stopped working, for example. In fact, the watches in question would never work again. Betty’s dress was torn, and a strange pink powder was present on it. The leather strap on the binoculars that Barney was using to view the object through was completely torn. He did, however, have no memory of how the damage had happened. He also noticed how the toes of his shoes – his best dress shoes – were scraped significantly. There were, though, even stranger and darker behaviors.

Strange And Confusing Behavior

Even stranger was the need each of the Hills had to take repeated showers. As if they were “contaminated” somehow. Barney, although he wouldn’t find anything untoward, had the constant urge to check his genitals. It was as though some type of injury he couldn’t recall had taken place there. Betty, meanwhile, was in a constant state of quiet anxiety. She would leave the Hills’ luggage – packed – near the back door of the house. So that, for reasons she didn’t understand, if they had to make a quick and sudden getaway, the bags were ready to throw straight in the car outside.

The car itself would present further mysteries and questions. On the trunk, for example, there were several concentric circles, each of which shined rather brilliantly. Both Betty and Barney were adamant they were not there before the strange drive home. Barney would note that when he held a compass close to the strange circles, the needle would spin wildly. As soon as he moved the compass away, the needle settled down to normal.

As the days went on, with the pair increasingly confused and frustrated at the lack of recall of their experience, they would attempt to reconstruct their journey on the night in question. However, as soon as they came to the moment Betty wound down the window and the strange beeps and buzzing noises, each of their memories would suddenly go blank. Try as they might, they simply couldn’t remember what happened next. It was as though a mental block was purposely in place in their minds. It was ultimately because of this apparent mental block that the Hills experienced that they would keep pushing for answers. This would eventually result in revealing hypnotic regression therapy. Perhaps the first in a UFO case.

Initial Reports To The Military

By 21st September, two days after the sighting, Betty would make contact with nearby Pease Air Force Base. Although she wished to report the incident, she feared she would be mocked or labeled “crazy”. Because of this, she would initially withhold certain details. However, the following day, Major Paul Henderson would contact the Hills and arrange for a more detailed account. By 26th September, their findings were that the Hills had likely misidentified the planet “Jupiter”. Over the years as numerous UFO investigations would proceed and conclude widely the authenticity of the Hills’ account, the military would change the misidentified object several times. Perhaps the most telling of these was the conclusion of “insufficient data”. The initial report, though, would eventually find its way to the military’s UFO research group ‘Project Blue Book”.

On the same date that Henderson would release his conclusions to the Hills incident, Betty Hill, after reading a book on the UFO subject by him, would contact Major Donald Keyhoe. She would relate the incident in as much detail as her memory allowed. She would also state that both she and her husband, in their desperation to recall just what had happened to them, were considering undergoing hypnotic regression. This letter would eventually arrive with UFO researcher, Walter Webb.

Webb would arrange to meet Betty and Barney Hill. The meeting took place on 21st October, around a month following the encounter. The interview would last six hours. Like the Hills, Webb would state his belief that a purposeful “mental block” was preventing them from recalling the encounter in full. Although there was still much to reveal, it was Webb’s belief that Betty and Barney Hill were “telling the truth. And the incident probably occurred exactly as reported”.

Barney Hill pointing to a picture of the incident

Barney Hill pointing to a picture of the incident

Intense, Frightening, And Revealing Dreams

Around ten days after the encounter, and still several weeks before the Hills’ meeting with Webb, Betty began to experience intense and frightening dreams. What is particularly bizarre about them, aside from their surreal and intense nature, was that they would continue for five straight nights before suddenly stopping again. She would never experience them again. Might this suggest some type of “outside control” and the “planting” of such dreams? Or might it simply be that once the subconscious mind had sorted through such bizarre memories it would lock them away for good?

In the dreams, she and Barney would be walking through a forest somewhere near the now-abandoned car. She was in front and Barney behind her. Each had one of the strange entities on either side of them. Each of these entities wore shiny, dark uniforms and similar colored caps. They were, much as Barney had described seeing through the binoculars. They were shorter than she and Barney, around five feet high. Their skin, though, was a strange grey color and their eyes extremely dark.

She would often recall walking up a large ramp that extended from a huge disc-shaped object which towered over them. She and Barney would be separated. Bizarrely, a figure Betty would often refer to as “the leader” would inform her that to keep them together would take longer to perform the examinations. She would recall walking around the room. At one point she would pick up a book that had strange symbols on its pages. Upon her asking, “the leader” would also produce a detailed star map showing where they came from.

Then, there was a disagreement. The Hills were taken back to their car. According to the leader “the other men” wished them not to remember the incident.

Finding A Place Within The UFO Community

Although the eventual hypnotic regression sessions were still several years away, Betty, in particular, would suffer persistent ailments. Moments of anxiety that would spring from nowhere. As well as a feeling of alertness that would force her to keep the packed bags by the door of their home. Both Betty and Barney Hill would take regular drives to the location where they first witnessed the strange craft. They hoped such visits might unlock their memories.

In November 1962, over a year after the encounter, the Hills would meet Captain Ben Swett, who had talked of hypnosis at the Hills’ local church. They would speak with him of their encounter and asked whether hypnosis might be able to unlock their apparent hidden memories. Although he agreed that it might, Swett would state he was unqualified to perform such hypnosis on them. He would also warn against using charlatans or amateurs. He would, however, remain close to the Hills over the coming years. Swett would prove to be quite a key figure in the setting up of the eventual hypnosis sessions of the Hills.

While Betty was eager to go ahead with hypnotic regression, Barney wasn’t as certain. He did, though, believe it would help his wife. It would seem she was struggling much more than he to adjust to the bizarre and life-changing experience. In fact, he would initially put little credence in her dreams.

Around this time, in the second half of 1963, Betty and Barney Hill would make several talks regarding their encounter at local UFO groups and gatherings. By December 1963, they would meet with Benjamin Simon. After several initial meetings, on 4th January 1964, the first of the regression sessions would begin. They would last until June of that year.

Betty Star Map

Betty’s star-map

The Hypnotic Regression Sessions

Simon would perform all of the hypnotic sessions on the Hills privately and separately so as to not influence the other. Although Barney was initially nonchalant about the sessions and the encounter in general, Simon would suspect that this outward attitude masked a deep concern that he felt underneath. With this in mind, he would regress Barney first.

The results were immediate. When recalling the strange entities through the binoculars and of them looking back at him, genuine fear and terror broke out in Barney. He would recall that he was so terrified during the encounter that he had kept his eyes tight shut throughout much of it.

He had claimed that after turning to run for the car, the strap on the binoculars had snapped as he ripped it from his face. Barney could recall clearly driving away from the bizarre craft, and of seeing it in the distance behind them. Then, his recall became intriguing and unnerving.

For reasons he didn’t know, he suddenly had an urge to take the car off the road and take it into the woods and onto a “dirt road”. He would drive along this quiet track for some time before “six men” appeared in the middle of the road. Before he could bring the car to a stop, though, it stalled and came to a stop just in front of the group. Three of the men approached the car. In his mind, he could recall a voice telling him not to fear them. The leader of the men would tell Barney to “close his eyes”. While he did this, he would recall that “I felt like the eyes had pushed into my eyes”. He would claim this stare from the men had a “mesmerizing effect”.

“Those Eyes! They’re In My Brain!”

As a testament to just how frightening Barney would find the strange eyes these equally strange men had on their face, throughout the hypnosis sessions whenever the issue would come up, he would cry things such as “Those eyes! They’re in my brain”, and “all I see are those eyes…they’re just there”. Perhaps most unnerving, “They’re just close-up, pressing against my eyes”.

Like had taken place in Betty’s dreams, he and Betty were led up a large walkway that extended from the huge disc-shaped craft. Once onboard, would come their separation. At this stage, while laying on an examination table, Barney would keep his eyes mostly tightly shut. Consequently, he would take in a lot less detail than his wife. He would recall that a “cup-like device” was placed over his genitals which would retrieve a sperm sample. He would also feel skin scraped from his arms, while they would peer intently into his ears and mouth. One particularly interesting detail was the feeling that someone was working their hands over his spine. He got the impression that they were counting the vertebrae.

In another similar detail to Betty, he would claim their language to be nothing more than strange mumbles. However, at the same time, he could understand them in English when that language was directed at him. Both of them would also recall that the mouths of the entities appeared not to move. Barney, specifically, would describe their method of communication as “thought transference”. This is a minor but perhaps important detail. It is thought that this phrase was used as the idea of telepathy and what it was, was unknown to Barney. In short, it is perhaps a detail that lends the account towards credibility.

You can watch the Barney Hill regressions below.

Betty’s Sessions Match Her Dreams

Barney was taken to his car where he watched the ship leave. Many of Betty’s regression memories would match her husband’s. In fact, many of her revelations would mirror those of her intense dreams from that bizarre five-day period following the episode.

She was, as in her dream, left with the leader of the group. He would inspect under her arm pointing a large lens at it and taking skin samples. They would also remove samples from her ear, nails, and her hair. She would further recall a long needle being inserted into her navel. The leader would inform her that this was a “pregnancy test” and was surprised at the pain it apparently caused Betty. Apparently, when the leader placed his hand over her eyes the pain stopped immediately.

It was during these episodes in her regression sessions that Betty would become increasingly emotional and upset. During one particular session, she would become so distressed that Simon would end it early and bring her immediately out of hypnosis.

Also, during Betty’s hypnosis sessions, she would recall the star map from her dreams. During her examination, she had asked the entity where they came from. It was then that the leader produced a “three-dimensional” (likely holographic) star map. According to Betty, the leader would tell her that the twelve glowing dots were stars and the lines that connected them were routes or directions from their star system to others.

While she was under hypnosis, Simon would suggest to Betty that when she came out of the session, she should draw this star map. She would do just that. And, to some, it is another key piece of evidence as to the authenticity of the Hills’ claims. Before that, though, check out the video of Betty Hill speaking below.

The Zeta Reticuli Connection And Marjorie Fish

Some researchers speak of the case as the “Zeta Reticuli Incident”. And that is because of the aforementioned star map produced by Betty at the suggestion of Simon.

What would prove to be remarkable about Betty’s star map is that it would look almost identical to the Zeta Reticuli system. Many UFO researchers state we were unaware of this star system at the time, and the discovery would come from this drawing. This is not quite true. Knowledge of the Zeta Reticuli, or at least its general location, go back to the mid-1750s. And it obviously has always been visible before Betty Hill’s sketch. However, that being said, and despite Betty Hill’s higher-than-average education, it is highly unlikely she, as someone with not even a passing interest in astronomy, would have been aware of it. Certainly not in the detail which she would depict it.

In 1966, following the wide circulation of the sketch in ‘The Interrupted Journey’, schoolteacher, and amateur astronomer, Marjorie Fish from Ohio would contact the Hills. It was her belief that the glowing dots that Betty was shown inside the craft on the holographical model might be able to be matched to an actual star system. She would embark on a project that would take six years to complete, and result in what is now referred to as “The Fish Model”.

Before we look at that, however, the Zeta Reticuli system has come up several times in UFO and even conspiracy reports. Perhaps most notably the Serpo Project – an apparent exchange program between the human and an alien race. As a side-note, some claim that the reptilians come from this system. Might that be why the word Serpo (serpent) masks this top secret mission? Is there a connection to the seemingly bizarre Reptilian Agenda?

The Fish Model

In 1972, three years after the unfortunate death of Barney Hill, and representing six years of work, Marjorie Fish would produce what is now referred to as “The Fish Model”. She had produced over twenty three-dimensional models searching the star systems neighboring Earth to a distance of 65-million light years. She would also spend literally hundreds of hours searching and photographing the night skies. From these, she would view various star systems from various angles. Eventually, she would settle on the aforementioned Zeta Reticuli system. Even the most ardent sceptic had to admit the similarities were remarkable.

What Fish would find particularly eye-opening was the fact that only this particular star system matched Betty’s drawing. By her own admission, she had expected to find several likely candidates. The fact that there was only the one unique match, to her, suggested Betty and Barney’s account, as they told it, was likely accurate and genuine. Even stranger, Fish would suggest that each of the twelve stars were thought to have planets around them that could potentially support life. Furthermore, all such stars in the region thought to contain life-supporting planets were included in the map.

If we assume Betty’s star map to be accurate, and furthermore that the Hills’ captors were really aliens from this star system, then it would also appear that at least twelve planets exist within this system that potentially support life. Might these planets each harbor life unique to their respective environments? Or might the aliens involved with the Hills inhabit them all? It is also perhaps shameful that Marjorie Fish’s doesn’t receive the recognition for the groundbreaking achievement it is.

The short video below looks at the connection the Zeta Reticuli star system might have to one of the most famous alien abduction cases on record.

The Grey Alien – A Genuine First Encounter? Or A Memory Of A TV Show?

There is no doubt, at least to most, that the entities Betty and Barney Hill were describing are what we would now call grey aliens or “The Greys”. However, at the time, such a description was not automatic of these alien encounters. Does this, then, lend another slice of credibility to the Hills’ account? Some believe it very much does, and we will look “The Greys” a little more shortly. However, some sceptics would argue that an episode of “The Outer Limits” named ‘The Bellero Shield’ had aired around a fortnight before the Hills’ apparent abduction. One of the characters of the episode featured a bald, grey-skinned alien. Many believe this influenced, likely without them even knowing, the eventual perception of whatever they saw that evening in September 1961. You can view a frame below.

Bellero Episode depiction of a grey alien

This alien creature featured on television only weeks before the apparent abduction

As we mentioned in the opening, the interracial nature of the Hills relationship in the 1950s and 60s is to some an indicator of the genuineness. Why, supporters of this argument ask, would they draw unwanted attention to themselves? Others, though, would state the fact they were an interracial couple was a major factor in the incident. The general argument around this statement was that the couple would suffer a bizarre and unique hallucination due to the pressures of such a relationship in a country that was, in places, still struggling with racial inequality.

Betty Hill herself would dismiss this notion. She would state the couple received no animosity from their local community or their families. And, while the northeast of the United States undoubtedly still had its problems with racism at the time, it was a far world from the deep segregation still prevalent in the American South. Benjamin Simon would also dismiss their interracial marriage was of any consequence to the incident.

The Start Of A Speculative Fuller Picture

While there is no doubt that the Hills would establish “the template” of alien abduction encounters, this charge at them and encounters that would follow it is an unfair one at best. For example, there is no doubt that at least a small proportion of the many claims of abduction that would follow over the years would have “borrowed” from that of the Hills. However, for the vast majority of the more authentic subsequent accounts, the fact they provide the same thing surely adds authenticity. For example, you can only describe what you see and/or remember. So, if we assume the same extraterrestrial race is behind the surge of abductions since the 1960s onwards, it would make sense that people would describe the same entities, craft, and scenario.

Even the alien abduction accounts that are on record as have happened before the Hills encounter in 1961. The grey aliens only generally appear towards the mid-to-late-1950s. Which we might take to be another indicator of the authenticity of the alleged Eisenhower meeting. Many encounters with apparent aliens prior to this are often of a mutual meeting nature. And often involve more humanoid-type aliens. Again, going back to the connections to the Eisenhower meeting, there was an apparent “other” meeting with a different alien race. While these are all speculative theories, with many dependent on assumptions and claims rather than facts, if there is any amount of truth to them, a fuller picture might be starting to form.

In short, that two alien races had approached the President of the United States with offers of a deal for technology. A deal with “The Greys”. And sightings and indeed alien abductions would begin shortly after. And, it would seem, they continue to occur, all over the world today.

Alternative Explanations Don’t Hold Water?

Betty Hill would insist that she had not watched the show in question. Much less, she hadn’t even heard of it. And while there is undoubtedly a resemblance, it is hardly a perfect match. It is, though, a reasonable point to raise. Perhaps another point might be where the idea for the original television character came from.

Another claim to explain what the Hills had “really seen” came from New Hampshire resident, Jim Macdonald. He would retrace the route the Hills’ had taken and felt sure that what they had actually witnessed was an aircraft warning beacon that resides on the nearby Cannon Mountain. [2] Macdonald would claim that both the angle the Hills would have witnessed the beacon from and the timing of it matched their account exactly. While this might sound reasonable on the surface, it loses a little of its credibility when the rest of the incident, including the alien abduction scenario, is explained as nothing more than “sleep deprivation” and “false memories”.

While we will look at Simon’s conclusions in a moment, to say the Hills were simply mistaken and tired doesn’t really hold water. If the account was merely a sighting, then perhaps such an explanation could be accepted more readily. However, such a detailed account, one that would occur repeatedly by people all over the world, would appear to be a little too precise in their shared nature to simply be some type of hallucination due to exhaustion.  And while even the most stable of minds is prone to a temporary breakdown in perception, the Hills were both particularly mentally strong people. For them both to react in such a way at exactly the same time is surely unlikely. Perhaps impossible. In short, it doesn’t hold water.

The Conclusions Of Benjamin Simon

Incidentally, Benjamin Simon would state in his conclusions of the case that the Hills witnessed an experimental and unidentified military vehicle. While this is a bit of an ambiguous conclusion, he would further state that Betty’s confused state of mind that resulted in the five nights of strange dreams had gone on to influence Barney during his hypnosis sessions. Admittedly, Simon would concede the incident to be an extremely unique situation. Although one that resulted in a “singular psychological aberration”.

The Hills, however, would reject Simon’s ultimate conclusions. And while all three of them would agree that the sessions had ultimately worked (in that the gripping anxiety had since ceased), Betty and Barney Hill now felt sure that their encounter was one with visitors from another world. They didn’t, though, have an understanding of the reasons for their abduction. Or what it might mean in the “big picture” of everything.

Following the sessions, the Hills planned to return to their normal pre-sighting lives. However, freelance reporter, John Luttrell received a tape of a talk given by the Hills at some time in 1963. He would carry out further research on the pair and their encounter. On 26th October 1965, United Press International would pick up Luttrell’s story and shortly after most of the planet knew of their encounter.

The following year, the writer, John G. Fuller, would approach the Hills, along with Simon, and would eventually write the book ‘The Interrupted Journey’. The book would become a huge success. Along with the many details of their encounter, this book would contain Betty’s star map. A sketch that would, as we have seen, certainly pass the test of time. And perhaps may prove to be one of the key details of the incident.

A sign marking the spot where the apparent abduction took place

A sign marking the spot where the apparent abduction took place

Further Points Of Interest And Possible Connections

Might there be a genuine connection to the Zeta Reticuli system and secret missions like Project Serpo? Is it just coincidence that this particular mission, if we accept for a moment that it went ahead, occurred in 1964, just three years following the Hills encounter, and at a time when UFO sightings were rife and seemingly increasing by the year? Might such a mission – a decade after the alleged meeting with the Ebens and President Eisenhower – have been the reason for the dramatic increase in such sightings? It is worth reminding ourselves that, if the account is true, part of the agreement of that meeting was the authorized abduction of human citizens. Of which, the abductees would have no memory. Might this explain the line that Betty heard in her dreams that “the other men don’t want you to remember”? This apparently came after a “disagreement” of some kind.

Another controversial figure in the UFO community, Bob Lazar, also claims a connection between alien visitation and the Zeta Reticuli system. Among the many things that he would claim when first entering the public domain in the late-1980s were of top-secret documents that he had seen during his time working in the black-budget environment of the shadow government. These documents, according to Lazar, would state that extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli had not only been visiting Earth, they had been doing so for at least 10,000 years. Furthermore, they had an active hand in the history in the events of the Earth and humanity.

As a further point of interest, Lazar is another researcher that claims there is very much a joint alien-human secret project operating from various secret locations around the planet. Furthermore, this presence and these secret projects share a connection to the alien abduction phenomena.

Betty And Barney Hill – Credible Through And Through!

Were Betty and Barney Hill the unwilling victims of alien abduction? Or might they have been unknowing participants in some kind of top-secret military experiment? Or might the explanation be more dimensional or supernatural in nature? It is certainly a case that still, over fifty years later, is as layered as it is intriguing. And it is one, that despite the odd sceptic, many believe is genuine. At least in terms of the lack of falsehood on the Hills’ part. Their character is not in doubt.

Perhaps it is worth noting the number of respected people, in and out of the UFO community who speak repeatedly highly of Betty and Barney Hill. Just one of the many people to speak highly of the Hills might be nuclear physicist, Stanton T. Friedman, who has studied the UFO phenomenon extensively for some time. He would spend considerable time speaking in detail with the Hills. He would state that, “by no stretch of the imagination could anyone who knows them conclude that they were nuts”.

Incidentally, Barney Hill would pass away from a cerebral hemorrhage on 25th February 1969, aged only 46. His wife Betty would never remarry following her husband’s death. She would live until the age of 85 where she died from cancer on 17th October 2004. Whatever did happen to the Hills that night in New Hampshire in September 1961, it is an incident that remains open to investigation to future UFO researchers and investigators. Only through their future efforts will the Hills face vindication in their continued assertions of their experience. And at the same time, providing another key piece of the puzzle that is the UFO and alien question.

The video below looks a little further at this most fascinating incident.


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  • john ventre says:

    Barack Obama’s birth was the result of this alien encounter

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