Identical Twins Abducted By Aliens? The Audrey and Debbie Hewins Encounter

Marcus Lowth
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January 20, 2023
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What perhaps makes the alien abduction claims of Audrey and Debbie Hewins all the more intriguing is that the abductees are identical twin sisters. Furthermore, the encounters were multiple and took place over the course of many years since they were very young.

In fact, before they even realized what to make of the strange incidents invading their lives, the two girls would often plead with their parents not to send them to their room at bedtime due to the “bald men” that terrorized them in the middle of the night. They would further describe these men to their parents as having large heads and huge, black eyes.

Of course, twins have fascinated humanity at large since the beginning of time. And this is very much still the case in our contemporary era, with many scientific studies undertaken on all manner of aspects of twins’ lives, including potential supernatural abilities, as well as unique telepathic bonding. Indeed, if we are interested in twins and their apparently unique existence, then why wouldn’t visitors from other worlds who are already seemingly looking to study humanity? Whether that is the case or not is open to debate. That the case is thought-provoking most certainly isn’t.

Strange “Bald Men” Appearing In The Middle Of The Night

There have been several written accounts of the Hewins sisters’ case over the years of the Internet. However, one of the most detailed can be found in the book The Alien Abduction Files by Kathleen Marsden, who dedicates an entire chapter to the affair. [1] As well as the details about “bald men” with large heads and large eyes mentioned above, Marsden documents how the two young girls began to keep notebooks of their encounters from the age of five. Initially, the pages were filled with sketches of the strange men. However, when they learned to write they began to keep much more detailed notes.

According to the diaries, these strange “bald men” would often appear in a brilliant blue light and a fog that glowed unnaturally. Furthermore, there was often a strange sound “like a swarm of bees” that often accompanied their presence.

For all of their notes, however, these initial encounters – compared to their later accounts – were rather vague and disjointed. However, on one occasion the twins had the sudden realization that they were above their house, and it was at this point that they also both realized they were dealing with entities that were not merely strange men, but from another world.

While most of the time the two sisters were abducted together, one particularly harrowing incident happened to Audrey when she was seemingly on her own. Her first memory of this encounter was of realizing she was alone inside a strange room, apparently a room inside the aliens’ vehicle. However, as soon as she came to this realization, her surroundings appeared to melt away. Suddenly, it appeared to her as though she were simply standing in space. Even stranger, she was looking down at Earth.

These experiences, though, were about to take a much more drastic turn.

Missing Time

It was when they were 11 or 12 years old when some of the more detailed, and harrowing encounters unfolded – encounters that the two girls would recall and record much more clearly. [2] And these encounters were much more than mere visitations, but quickly progressed to abductions.

The two girls recorded that these apparent alien entities would undertake “all kinds of experiments” on them, experiments that took place onboard the creatures’ spacecraft. Whenever they would wake from these experiences, their memories of these encounters, while disjointed and hazy, were more prominent.

They also had apparently specific windows of “missing time”, which made the girls contemplate the notion that their alien abductors had the ability to target specific memories of the encounters to ensure the girls could not remember them. This is an interesting detail that has been suggested by several other researchers into alien abduction cases.

Although the encounters were undoubtedly of a bizarre nature, the girls, by and large, took them in their stride, even accepting the events as just being something that was a part of their lives. However, as the years progressed, they began to encounter other strange entities – specifically, reptilian entities.

Encounters With Reptilians

If we return our attention to the work of Kathleen Marsden for a moment, the encounters with entities from other worlds continued – even when the two sisters had moved from their home state of Ohio to Massachusetts. These entities were unlike the gray, bald, large-eyed “men”.

These were lizard-like humanoids that would appear in the girls’ bedroom – essentially, reptilians. While they would perform all manner of experiments on the girls, on at least one occasion, both sisters claimed they were taken to an underground location and raped by a large, reptilian humanoid. And while this claim might sound preposterous to some, it is a claim that has been made many times by many people all around the world.

Audrey would state to Marsden that these reptilian entities “have no sympathy (and) no feelings at all”. They would continue that launched “vicious attacks” against her and her sister, and when they are near you can “feel their energy” as though they are “sucking the energy from you”. Once more, this is an interesting detail. Many people who claim to have had experiences with reptilian entities, or to have researched them, have put forward that these creatures feed on energy, particularly negative energy. It is certainly worth taking note of.

She would further describe that these reptilian entities were at least six feet tall and often had a “sci-fi-type demon voice”. They also wore a strange cape that was tied with a string that had a metallic quality to it.

The Bizarre Encounters Of January 2007

Marsden also detailed several accounts from years later when the two women were adults. One of these happened to Audrey on the evening of 3rd January 2007.

She explained to Marsden that she had an increasing feeling of anxiety, largely because she could sense that something was going to happen, and these curious entities were set to return.

She would elaborate to Marsden that the feeling was like a “magnetic sensation – like I’m attracting something”. She admitted, it was hard for her to explain fully what she felt like, it was a feeling that she had known since she was a young child, and it was one she had always associated with the “bald men” who visited her and her sister in the night.

Then, her memory became hazy somewhat. She did recall, however, of waking on a table with the feeling that something was “scraping my left ovary”. As soon as this realization came, she blacked out, most likely, she suspected, due to something being administered by her abductors.

Marsden also notes that, based on Audrey’s notes, these visitations often occur either just after or just before the full moon. The January 2007 incident occurred the day before the moon was at its fullest. Audrey herself provided an explanation for this – it happens to be the time she would be ovulating, which she suspects is “the best time for (her abductors) performing their reproductive experiments” on her. Once more, this notion is something that has been put forward by other UFO investigators.

Taken From Her Bedroom

Audrey would inform Marsden of another more recent encounter a short time after the above events. On this occasion, she suddenly found herself awake in her bedroom. It was late – the middle of the night – and she had a strange “tingling” sensation running through her body. A few moments after, she felt her muscles going into a strange spasm. Within moments, her entire body was paralyzed, and she was unable to move. The only part of her body that she could move was her eyes.

She would continue that her room suddenly “filled with the light pale bluish light” that announced the arrival of the reptilian entities. She recalled that the “light shimmered and moved like a pool reflection on the ceiling”. She forced herself to keep her eyes open so she could see her potential abductors.

She continued that there was a tall iguana-like reptilian humanoid suddenly standing in the light with two smaller entities on each side of him. She further described this entity as wearing a black cape and with “almond-shaped black eyes and (a) ridge over his brow” that was “much like an iguana or a Neanderthal might have”. This creature appeared to be giving the two smaller entities instructions, which they duly carried out.

As they approached, Audrey found that she could suddenly move, and she immediately reached out toward one of the creatures, grabbing it by its throat. As this was happening, she could hear several voices in her head, almost as if she could telepathically hear the strange creatures talking to each other. At one point she heard one of the voices state that they should “watch out for the mother”.

The struggle between her and her potential captors continued. She managed to temporarily free herself from their grasp and ran to her bedroom door. When she opened it, however, there were more of the smaller, gray creatures standing in the hallway outside her room. Before she could contemplate anything else, a sudden burning sensation took over her body. Then, she lost consciousness.

Floating In A Strange Fluid

The next thing she recalled was “hovering in the center of her room” and “passing through the mirror on a dresser”. Before she knew what was happening, she was outside of her house, floating in the air, and looking up at the night sky. She could also see amber and blue lights coming from above her, and when she looked down, she noticed her home getting steadily smaller.

Her next memory was of being inside the spacecraft in a strange room. Even worse, she was inside some kind of cocoon-shaped device and surrounded by a strange, thick gel. Strangely, despite this gel completely surrounding her, she could still breathe with no difficulties. After several moments, she realized that she was “floating in a viscous, pale, greenish-gray fluid” in a room with around half a dozen other devices containing other people. She further noted how the room was seemingly round and contained three separate doorways.

She continued to look around, noticing that there were many of the grey-skinned bald creatures moving around the room and into the respective doorways. They appeared to be pushing hospital-like tables from one place to another, all of which appeared to contain people.

It was at this point that she realized a group of these strange creatures had noticed she was awake. Within moments, although she didn’t understand how, they had forced her to lose consciousness once more.

Further Experiments And Procedures

Her next memory is of waking up on a metal table in a large round room. She was completely naked and could see several different strange entities around her – as if she were in the presence of several different races of aliens, just one of whom was seemingly human-like with blond hair and blue eyes which appeared to be glowing. She also noticed the reptilian entity that often appeared in her room.

After gathering her thoughts, she suddenly attempted to leap from the table and run for the doorway. However, she simply fell to the floor. Her next memory was of hovering around a foot from the ground. In front of her was a bizarre-looking creature that had a “worm-like body” and a “parasite-type mouth”.

She would recall that she reached out for the creature, seemingly injuring it temporarily before it scurried off away from her. A moment later, she found herself floating up and being positioned back on the table, laying her on her front. She then told Marsden how a “big machine came down and attached to the back of my spine”. She then noticed a “burning sensation” run up and down her back.

She asked them what the purpose of the machine was, and she was told that they were “altering or activating her DNA” which would lead to some kind of enlightenment. Before she could contemplate these strange goings-on any further, she was suddenly turned around, so she lay on her back. Then things turned even more harrowing.

A claw-like device came down from above and completely removed her eye. As it held her eyeball aloft, a needle-like device inserted something into her eye socket before replacing the eye in place. She recalled that she didn’t feel any pain during this bizarre procedure, but that she did feel a strange fear. Her eye, incidentally, would be irritated for days after.

Information “Lying Dormant” Waiting To Be “Activated”

From there, she was taken into a room that resembled some kind of strange classroom. She could see multiple desks, all lined up facing a strange chalkboard. In each of the desks was another person, facing forward. She was seated at one of the desks. She watched as a human-looking person walked to the front of the room, seemingly a teacher, and addressed them.

This teacher-like entity told them that everything they need to know was “lying dormant in them” and would “activate” when needed in due time. According to Audrey’s memory, she asked what the point of all of them learning this knowledge was, if none of them could remember it after the respective encounters. She was simply told that everything they needed was inside their mind and, once more, that it would automatically activate when required. This is an interesting detail, suggesting that multiple people are being programmed in some way and that this programming will activate and become live at some later, unknown (to us) date. This suggests a very purposeful and real end goal to these strange extraterrestrial encounters.

The next thing she realized, she was waking up in her bedroom with no idea how she had gotten there. To the best of her knowledge, the encounters continue still today. She did, however, begin to notice strange black, unmarked helicopters flying around her house on a regular basis. This itself perhaps suggests that there could very well be some kind of behind-the-scenes, dark agency government organization that also plays a part in these strange affairs.

Further Suggestions Of An Alien-Human Hybridization Program?

The bizarre and sometimes harrowing encounters experienced by Audrey and Debbie are without a doubt some of the most intriguing on record, not least as they are twin sisters who have seemingly experienced a lifetime of alien abductions and, in turn, invasive and strange procedures and experiments.

The fact that they are women should not be played down here. Many UFO and alien abduction researchers have pointed out before that a larger proportion of alien abductees – particularly repeat abductees – are female. And furthermore, these abductions almost always begin in childhood and appear to stop only once the respective woman has reached the stage in their life when they can no longer conceive. This would suggest that there is indeed an aspect of studying human reproduction.

Going a stage further, the idea of some kind of hybridization program being at the heart of these alien abductions can also not be discounted. Indeed, as bizarre as it sounds, many researchers have arrived at just such conclusions – that aliens are abducting human beings for some kind of project that will see the creation of alien-human hybrids. And the reasons for this remain unknown. And while that notion might sound truly bizarre to some, it is one that we should perhaps not discount without further investigation. After all, if there is any truth to such notions, then the fate of humanity could reside in our understanding of such ideas.

The short video below examines this most startling and thought-provoking case a little further.


1 The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human Alien Contact Ever Reported, Kathleen Marsden and Denise Stoner, ISBN 9781601 632715
2 Close Encounter: Audrey and Debbie Hewins, CJ Lynch, The Morbid Library

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