Taken From The Mountainside: The Klissberget Alien Abduction

Marcus Lowth
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February 7, 2023
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The alien abduction encounter of an anonymous man in Sweden in early 1944 is not only interesting as it occurred more than three years before the infamous Roswell crash of 1947 that ushered in the modern UFO era, but it took place just short of two decades before alien abduction cases began to increase dramatically in the early 1960s.

As we might imagine, it is also an encounter that has a certain mysterious feel to it, and, as such, is slightly controversial. Indeed, as there is only a lone witness, and an anonymous one at that, there is no certainty that the whole affair was nothing more than pure imagination. That said, many of the details coincide with other details from alien abduction cases, some of which details were not widely known to the public at large at the time of the report.

The account first appeared in the publication Hemmets Journal after they received a letter from the anonymous witness in 1985. In more recent years, a comprehensive examination of the case was written by author Fred Andersson.

A Strange Object Halfway Down The Ski Slope

The incident in question occurred in the opening month of 1944 near Sundsvall in Sweden. [1] It was around 6 am when the anonymous witness awoke. Almost immediately, he dressed in his skiing attire and headed toward the forest mountain of Klissberget which was around two and a half miles to the top.

It was as he was making his way down the slope that his day took a most intriguing and harrowing twist. There ahead of him was what he described as a strange craft, and something that he was certain had not been there when he had made his way up the mountain, meaning it had only very recently appeared.

He further described this object as being perfectly spherical and resting on four legs. It also had what he described as a transparent quality to it and was approximately 25 feet across. He estimated he was around 60 feet away from the object when suddenly things changed.

He recalled that he suddenly “felt hypnotized” and “drawn towards the craft”. He felt his skis becoming unstrapped and was “sucked up through an elevator”. The next thing he realized, he was in a strange room with three strange entities standing next to him, each around four feet. Each was dressed in clothes that appeared particularly baggy and were a beige color, and each wore what appeared to be a glass dome on their heads that obscured their faces somewhat.

He quickly glanced around him and surveyed his surroundings. He could see strange devices and technological dashboards, all of which were completely unfamiliar to him and highly advanced. He asked himself, in his mind, just where this equipment came from. As soon as he had done so, an answer entered his head telling him it was “from the outside”. This same voice then assured him he wasn’t in any danger and that he simply wished to “take samples”.

Bizarre And Painful Procedures

It appeared he had no control over his actions or those of his abductors as they proceeded to strip him of his clothing and then placed him on what appeared to be some kind of bench. They then went on to attach various wires and strange tubes to his body, while one of them forced open his mouth and took scraping and saliva samples from him.

He continued to struggle but it appeared as though he was paralyzed as if he had no control whatsoever of his body. Then he felt a terrible pain as something was attached to his groin, presumably taking a reproductive sample. He then felt a sickening “pumping” sensation in his abdomen. Then, everything went black.

The next thing he knew, he was fully dressed and able to move, the tubes and wires now removed from him. The pain in his abdomen and groin reminded him that the brutal encounter had indeed taken place.

One of the creatures walked over to him and helped him up from the bench and guided him to the floor of what appeared to be an elevator. This then lowered downward and, in a moment or two, he found himself standing back on the ground. The voice then entered his mind once more, assuring him that he would be left with no scars or aftereffects of the procedures.

He stepped back from the object, as if instinctively, and watched as it rose into the air and then took off into the sky, disappearing into the distance.

A Sudden Revelation

In the years that followed, despite the promise the apparent aliens made to him, he did appear to suffer some repercussions from his encounter. He would often suffer from bouts of intense nausea, as well as sudden high fever. Some of these episodes were so bad that he often had to take time off work to recover. Over two decades after the incident, a medical examination discovered a defect in his left eye, although whether this was connected to the encounter or just a coincidence is now known.

It was, however, an encounter that happened on the morning of 24th October 1984 that suddenly caused him to come forward and tell of the encounter publicly, even though he remained anonymous.

It was a little after 9 am on the morning in question, and the witness was at home reading the newspaper in his living room when the television suddenly turned on of his own accord. When he turned to the screen, he could see a forest on a slopping mountain in the snow. Even stranger, he could see himself on the screen on a pair of skis.

Then, a voice appeared in his head, the same voice as he had heard on that morning in 1944. It said to him to “look carefully, do you recognize this?”. He continued to watch the screen as his abduction was shown in real-time as if it had been captured by a camera crew as it had happened. He saw that after he had lost consciousness, they had performed some kind of x-ray of his entire body. Following the procedure, he could see that his abductors had particular difficulty in dressing him, seemingly confused with how they fit onto his body. As he watched him, he recalled that after the craft had left him that morning, he had discovered his skis boots were each on the wrong foot.

Then, as he watched the screen, the voices inside his head returned.

“We Will Be Back!”

The voices fired questions at him. Such questions and statements at him, saying:

We want you on our side…Do you want to come over to us?…We can multiply your life expectancy…There are more of your kind here, and no one shows any regrets…

Before he realized it, he was stating “No” back to these strange entities who were somehow communicating with him from elsewhere. A moment after this, the voices offered one last statement, telling the witness, “We will be back”.

It was shortly after this bizarre experience, that the witness made the decision to contact Vera Norling of Hemmets Journal. After sending the letter, he called Norling and spoke directly with her, insisting that he wished to remain anonymous for fear of himself or his family being ridiculed.

Even during this conversation, there was a strange twist in the events. As the anonymous man was telling of his encounter, a sudden crackle appeared on the phone line before it went dead. A moment later, the witness called back, and quickly finished his tale, before the crackling returned and the line was again severed.

He didn’t call back after that, and Norling never heard from him again. Whether he had more to tell remains unclear, as does whether the interference on the phone was a coincidence or more purposeful.

The Further Research Of Fred Andersson

As mentioned in our opening, author, and researcher, Fred Andersson examined the case extensively decades later. One of the things he tried to establish is whether or not any other similar encounters had been reported in the same area. However, the only account he did uncover had no solid details in terms of exact location or date.

According to this account, at some time in the late 1960s in the same approximate area, a family was driving along a quiet road through the forest when they suddenly became aware of a bizarre glow seemingly coming from the trees. As they turned their attention to this glow, they could see that it was coming from some kind of advanced aerial vehicle. It appeared that something was extending down from the craft toward the electrical wires that crisscrossed above the road. The craft remained in view for several minutes before it finally disappeared. One last detail unearthed by Andersson is that the surrounding area suffered a power failure in the hours that followed the sighting.

Andersson then goes on to ask if the encounter might have been in the mind of the witness as opposed to having taken place in reality. And that is not to say that the witness manufactured the event – he genuinely believed it happened – but that it only unfolded in his own mind. It is certainly a fair question.

There are several other interesting details to examine in the Klissberget abduction. The samples and x-ray of his body, for example, are clearly details that have been offered by other people who claim to have undergone abduction encounters. However, of more interest, x-rays would suggest record-keeping of some kind. And record-keeping would suggest a purposeful, sustained program of sorts as opposed to random abductions.

We might ask if there is any truth to the assertions of some researchers that a highly advanced and predetermined program is behind the alien abduction phenomena, quite possibly a breeding or hybridization program.

One thing that is certain, the Klissberget alien abduction case is one of the most interesting on record.

Other Sightings Around The Same Time

It is perhaps worth not only looking for UFO sightings around the same region as the one that unfolded in early 1944, it is also worth highlighting other sightings that may have happened elsewhere on the planet around the same time. [2] Late one evening in December 1943, at around 10:30 pm in Oslo, Norway, four local women driving along a road witnessed an orange bell-shaped object rising into the air at the roadside. At the same time, the engine on their car stalled and they came to a stop on the road, noticing two other cars had seemingly suffered the same interference. Incidentally, when the ground where the object was seen to have risen from was examined, a round area of melted snow was discovered.

There were sightings of similar objects in Edmen, Germany, and Naples, Italy on the 11th and 14th of December respectively, while another orange-colored object was spotted somewhere over California towards the end of the month. Further glowing objects were seen over Halberstadt on the 2nd of January 1944, and Kiel on the 5th of January in Germany, while a glowing red light was witnessed over France on the evening of the 28th of January.

On the other side of the world, at around 2:30 am in the early hours one early February morning, a “dark shape” suddenly appeared alongside a bomber plane that was traveling at 4500 feet. The object maintained the plane’s pace and stayed with it for around 20 minutes. As they watched it they noticed that one end of the object was a flickering light. The crew further noticed that while the object was at its side their radio and navigation equipment all malfunctioned. After 20 minutes, the object suddenly shot off into the distance.

Back in Germany, in Frankfurt on 4th February, a stationary silver object, shaped like a “tear-drop” was witnessed hovering overhead, while on the same night, another stationary object was reported just off the coast of the Netherlands. Four nights later back in Frankfurt, an almost identical object was seen.

Glowing cigar-shaped objects were witnessed in multiple areas of Germany on the 19th of February, with one witness claiming to have seen what appeared to be windows running along the underside. Five nights later in St. Quentin, France, three silver objects were reported to be moving against the direction of the wind.

Is There A Connection?

As we can see, then, there were certainly many other sightings of strange objects in various parts of the world around the same time as the encounter in Klissberget. We might ask how many of these sightings were connected to other potential abduction encounters that have simply gone unreported. We might remind ourselves that the witness in the 1944 case took over four decades to speak of his encounter.

Are these sightings somehow connected? And were they part of a predetermined abduction program taking place while humanity was at war with each other? Indeed, we might speculate that this covert abduction program may have continued had it not been for the Roswell crash that, according to some researchers’ timeline of UFO history, ultimately, forced this alien race into the, albeit restricted open to the apparent meetings between Eisenhower and at least one alien race.

We might also speculate for a moment on just what alien race was behind the Klissberget abduction. While most of us think of grey alien entities when the phrase alien abduction is mentioned, the witness recalled that he couldn’t see the creature’s faces as they were covered with a glass, domed helmet. Their actions, and procedures, however, indeed suggest of the behavior of grey aliens.

More Suggestions Of An Alien Abduction Program

While we should take the Klissberget alien abduction encounter with a pinch of salt, we should also not dismiss it entirely, not least due to the many details that resonate very nicely with other encounters from around the world and across the decades. If there is any truth to these particular claims, it is further proof that there was very much an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth – a presence that went well beyond strange lights and objects in the sky – long before the start of the modern UFO era.

What is also clear, if we assume this account to be accurate, is that whatever abduction program is behind the alien abduction phenomena was seemingly also in place long before the world’s population began to report UFO sightings regularly. We might ask, just how long before that fateful summer of 1947 was this alien presence here and how long have such predetermined abductions been taking place for?

Only further study and reexaminations of such cases as the Klissberget abduction will shine a light on both that particular case and the UFO and alien question, in general.

The short video below examines some of the best cases of alien abduction.


1 We Will Be Back: The 1944 Alien Abduction at Klissberget, Medium, Fred Andersson https://fred-andersson.medium.com/we-will-be-back-the-1944-alien-abduction-at-klissberget-a90e4e8436d8
2 UFO Sighting Chronology 1939-1946; The WWII Years & “Foo-Fighters” http://www.ignaciodarnaude.com/avistamientos_ovnis/Casos%20OVNI%201939-1946,NICAP.htm

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