Bizarre Fake Interviews – A Little-Known Detail Of The Alien Abduction Phenomena

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July 1, 2023
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Three alien abductees investigated by the late Budd Hopkins are intriguing, not so much for the abductions themselves, but of a seemingly trivial detail involving bizarre interview scenarios that each woman experienced. As Hopkins investigated these curious setups further, he arrived at the conclusion that they are seemingly another layer of the alien abduction phenomena.

A depiction of an alien wearing a suit in a dark room

Are “fake interviews” used by aliens to target abductees?

Of particular concern is the notion that these truly strange encounters are suggestive of an end goal of a hybridization program being directly connected to alien abductions. And that the people themselves were alien-human hybrids, carrying some part of the mission to this concerning agenda.

Of course, what the end goal of this alien-human hybridization program might be is another topic of debate. Are they looking to invade Earth discreetly without us even being aware of it? Or might they simply leave and venture elsewhere once this program’s goals have been achieved? These questions will perhaps have to wait for another time. For now, we will concentrate on the three encounters mentioned above.

The cases we are about to examine are documented in the book Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility, and Transgenic Beings by Carol Rainey and Budd Hopkins (although the investigation was carried out by Hopkins).

A Letter From “Terry Winthrop”

After preparing a 25-point questionnaire on alien abduction for the December 1987 edition of Omni magazine, Budd Hopkins – as the questionnaire had requested – began receiving correspondence from people who believed that they had indeed been the victim of alien abduction. One such response came from a New Jersey 32-year-old housewife and mother of three, who Hopkins gave the false name, “Terry Winthrop”, and for whatever reason, it stood out to him.

In it, Terry details an account that took place 14 years previously, around 1973 or 1974, when she (who was three months pregnant at the time) and her ex-husband were driving home following a visit to the Jersey shore. It was late afternoon, and the sun was still bright and high in the sky. Then, however, something truly strange happened.

In the letter, Terry states that:

…the next thing we both knew we were sitting in the parked car and it was dark, and we were in a place we’d never seen!

As they grappled with what had happened, they came to the conclusion that there were around two to three hours that they couldn’t account for. And what’s more, they had the feeling that when they found themselves in the parked car, they had only “wakened up” moments earlier – almost as if they had been brought out of some kind of bizarre trance.

A depiction of man and a woman sitting in a field with a UFO overhead

Just what happened to Terry and her husband one night in the 1970s?

They could also see that they were in a “barren sort of field” with absolutely nothing at all around them and with no memory of how they had arrived there.

Eventually, after gathering their sense somewhat, they put the car in motion and slowly found their way back to the road. However, even when they did, it was a road that they were not at all familiar with, and so, they were uncertain of which direction to set off in.

Ultimately, they eventually found their way back to the road to take them home, and once there, the pair pretty much put the incident out of their mind. However, when Terry read the article that accompanied the alien abduction questionnaire, she had a sudden flash or memory about the incident, which eventually led her to contact Hopkins.

An Otherworldly Object Outside The House

In the same letter, Terry also went on to detail a strange event that occurred much more recently, in the summer of 1986. She would state that it was a “very warm, clear, beautiful night” and she was outside sitting at her picnic table and looking up at the stars. As she did so, she noticed a strange star that appeared to be “throbbing” and “pulsating” making it appear as though it was “going forward and backward”.

She watched this strange star for several moments, almost going into a relaxed state from its glow. Then, for reasons she couldn’t explain, she decided to turn her attention to her right. There, just above the next road, was a “very large vehicle” that was “just hovering perfectly still” somewhere between 20 to 30 feet above the ground.

She sat up a little so she could see the object a little better through the trees that surrounded her garden, all the while thinking to herself that “this can’t possibly be real”. She described the object as being “pentagon-shaped” with red, blue, green, and white lights along the side.

A depiction of a UFO over a housing estate

Terry witnessed another UFO in 1986

In total, she watched the object for between three to four minutes before it moved forward, slowly and up with a gradual incline. Then, it “suddenly took off real quick”, disappearing from sight in an instant.

In a further twist, although the witness didn’t sense any missing time (as she had done with her husband a decade and a half earlier), when she returned inside the house and checked her watch, it was much later than she thought it was, although she consoled herself that she was simply outside longer than she thought she had been.

Terry would return outside for another cigarette a short time later, this time to the front porch. Amazingly, the same object (or at the very least an identical one) appeared from over her house, remaining silent as it moved, before disappearing into the distance.

A Credible Witness Who Most Likely Was Abducted

Hopkins immediately sensed from some of the details in the letter that Terry was a credible witness, not least as she at no point in her correspondence insisted that she was a victim of alien abduction, and questioned several times if there was a more rational explanation. She also questioned her own version of events several times, asking if was “her imagination” or that she couldn’t be sure about certain details. Furthermore, it was also clear that she feared Hopkins himself would believe her to be a “crackpot”.

However, more than that, Hopkins picked up on certain details that suggested to him that not only was the missing time episode in the 1970s likely an abduction encounter, but the incident outside her home in the summer of 1986 most likely was too.

Budd Hopkins

Budd Hopkins

Hopkins highlights how quite often in alien abduction cases, the abductee often find themselves “doing something new or unusual immediately before their abductions”, with Hopkins even suggesting that this is “as if the UFO occupants were somehow able to compel behavior that facilitated the abductees capture”. We might recall that on that evening, Terry felt a sudden urge to go outside and look at the stars. Was this something that was instilled in her by her abductees?

In fact, it was her description in her letter to him about that second sighting that also drew Hopkins to Terry as a credible and genuine witness. As he highlights, even though she had memories of that strange evening with her ex-husband in the 1970s, she hadn’t even entertained it could have been connected to UFOs, much less alien abduction.

However, upon seeing the strange object from her yard just short of a decade and a half later, she suddenly recalled that evening once more. As Hopkins writes, “one might is tempted to suggest that she did so because, subconsciously, she knew the two incidents were real”.

Another detail that Hopkins picked up on was the fact that, despite the highly unusual nature of the events in her yard, Terry felt no fear, something which surprised even herself.

Ultimately, Hopkins would meet with Terry, and eventually, she would undergo hypnotic regression sessions to unlock the memories of these strange encounters. And as we might imagine, these sessions brought forward some remarkable revelations.

A Drive Home That Takes An Unusual Turn

To begin with, Hopkins would focus on the evening in the early 1970s when Terry and her first husband were returning home after a day at the Jersey shore. The journey home had begun as normal. However, at some stage, Terry’s husband had suddenly turned off the main road and headed down several quieter side roads.

Terry recalled that although he didn’t appear fully himself, her husband made several purposeful turns as if he knew exactly where he was going. Even stranger, Terry recalled how not only did she not ask her husband why he had suddenly taken them off the main road, but both remained completely silent, as if nothing out of the ordinary had taken place.

A depiction of a couple sitting in a field with a UFO overhead

Just what happened in that field?

Then, this strange behavior turned even stranger when Terry’s husband suddenly brought the car off the road and proceeded to drive into the middle of a field. Once there, he calmly brought the vehicle to a stop and turned off the engine. The pair remained inside the vehicle, neither saying a word to each other. It was clear to Hopkins from Terry’s description of the moment that both were in some kind of catatonic state.

The next thing Terry could recall is that several “small grey aliens” appeared from somewhere and took the pair out of the car, leading them to a strange object that had seemingly landed in the field nearby. A ramp protruded from this craft, which the aliens led Terry and her husband up. Once they were inside the craft, Terry and her husband were then separated.


Terry was taken to some kind of examination room where she was relieved of her clothes and then placed on a table in the middle of the room. Although she didn’t understand how she knew, she sensed that her unborn baby was the focus of these alien creatures. This, of course, is something that comes up a lot with repeat abductees, and something we will examine briefly later.

These procedures and examinations went on for an undetermined amount of time, after which, Terry was led back to the ramp. There, her husband, still seemingly in the same trance-like state as before, was waiting for her. They were both then taken back to their vehicle.

The next memory Terry had was of realizing it was suddenly dark, and of feeling confused as to why they were sitting in the car in the middle of the field. As her husband started the car, himself equally confused as to how they had arrived there, Terry began to ask him what had happened. Her questioning irritated him, likely due to his own confusion, and he ignored her, making it clear he wished her to be quiet.

This, however, was not the only change in her husband’s behavior following the strange incident. As the weeks went by, he became increasingly aware, even paranoid, about the security of their apartment. So much so, that he would check and then recheck all doors and windows several times each day. Once more, this is an interesting detail that often shows up in other abductees, often before they are even aware that anything untoward has taken place. Betty and Barney Hill, for example, each experienced this following their abduction encounter, long before the abduction itself was clear to them.

However, when Terry gave birth to their child, her husband’s behavior grew even more intense.

A Sudden Change In Behavior

One particular day, not long after the birth of their first child, Terry heard the sounds of tools and chains outside of their second floor apartment in the hallway. When she ventured into the hallway to investigate, she was shocked to see that her husband had fitted the door with several sturdy bolts and a chain lock – only these were fitted on the outside.

When she questioned her husband on the matter, he informed her matter-of-factly that when he left for work he would chain the door and then lock it with a heavy padlock. This, of course, would mean she was, essentially, locked in the apartment while he was away, something that was, her husband claimed, for her own protection. Needless to say, the pair quarreled over the matter, with Terry insisting that his reaction was extreme, to say the least.

Ultimately, Terry would later inform Hopkins, it was this behavior that, as it progressed, led to the couple separating, and then divorcing. However, now, years later, she could see where this change of behavior came from, and why her husband changed so much, so quickly.

As Hopkins continued to investigate Terry’s abduction encounter, other strange details emerged – details that Terry had not at all connected to the strange occurrences. Perhaps one of the most intriguing of these, was her memories of “the man who knew too much”. And it is to those revelations that we will turn our attention to next.

The Strange Man In The Pizza Parlor

At his request, Terry began to tell Hopkins of a time when she was 16 years old and still in high school. On this particular day, she was sitting in a pizza parlor with several friends when a man approached their table. He was in his 50s or 60s and dressed in a neat suit and tie.

The man asked Terry if she would like a summer job, and if she would like to interview for one. Terry, wanting to earn some extra money, said she would very much like to interview for a job, and gave the man her details so that he could pick her up the following day.

The following day, as he said he would, the man arrived at her home. At this point, Hopkins highlighted how strange it was that both Terry and her mother, were perfectly at ease with the situation. After all, this gentleman was a complete stranger, who offered no proof of who he said he was. Nevertheless, Terry left her house and got into the car without even considering that she could be putting herself in danger.

A man wearing a suit standing outside a car

Just who was the strange man that approached Terry?

However, almost immediately after getting in the vehicle, Terry began to feel a sense of trepidation, and even fear rising within her. The man began asking her questions, revealing that he knew details about her that almost no one else did.

For example, he would inform her bluntly that although she was happy now, she wasn’t happy when her father left – something that she couldn’t understand how he knew about. He then offered that she had liked living with her grandparents, which caused Terry to ask if he knew her family. He replied that he didn’t, he merely knew her.

He went on to reveal further startling details of her life, even of the previous day. Despite this truly bizarre turn of events, when they arrived at the location, Terry followed the man into what was, ultimately, an empty office space to conduct the interview.

An already strange situation, though, was about to get a lot stranger, and darker.

An Ominous Turn

The interview began innocently enough, with the man telling Terry that the business would be open in two weeks’ time and that, although she couldn’t recall the specifics of the business, she did recall that it involved “trucks and people”.

He led her to a desk that he said she would be working from – basically, answering the phone, as well as taking messages and keeping records. Then, however, the man’s demeanor changed.

He began making advances toward her, even placing his hands around her waist. She pulled herself away from him, attempting to make it clear that she was uncomfortable. Undeterred, the man then stated that the job depended very much on her reciprocating his advances. To this, she responded that she no longer wanted to job and that she wished to go home.

Rather than flying into a rage, which she fully expected him to, the man backed down, and began leading them back out of the room, saying simply, “All right, but you are the one I want”.

The pair walked to the car and they set off, both remaining quiet. However, rather than taking the route back to her house, the strange man took a turn down roads that Terry didn’t recognize. When she asked where they were going, the man replied that he had to stop off somewhere to quickly see a friend.

The further they got “into the middle of nowhere” the increasingly scared she felt. Eventually, the man brought the car to a stop outside a small two-story house. He went to get out of the car, asking Terry to wait in the vehicle for him. Rather than making a run for it, as the man walked to the house, she simply “slumped” down in the seat and watched him approach the front door.

The House That Wasn’t A House!

As Hopkins asked her to view these events further, it became clear that the house was not a house at all. The more she looked at the house the more it began to change. She realized it wasn’t a two-story house at all but one “one level” with a smooth roof. The more she concentrated the more the house looked “funny”, elaborating that “it keeps going back and forth…it looks like a house then it looks like not a house”.

Then, she made a particularly revealing claim. She offered that the house “looks all metal” and that there were “little windows along the bottom”. When she looked at the door it also looked strange, “like an awning, but it’s not an awning”.

She also had some startling revelations about the overall scene, specifically, just who the mystery man was meeting. She recalled that there were several “other ones”, and that they were “smaller”, and all looked the same, with “no hair”. By comparison, the man looked like “a giant” standing next to them.

She also recalled that these smaller creatures appeared to have a great interest in her, as they all turned their attention to the car, staring intently inside at her. Then, one of them approached the side of the car and opened the door.

Not In Control Of Decision Making

As soon as the door was opened Terry stepped outside, unsure why she was doing so, almost as if she wasn’t fully in control of her own decision-making and movements. She further recalled that she was “feeling scared but I’m not doing anything”.

Although the following details were sketchy and a little disorientated, Terry recalled another of the creatures approaching them, and then walking with her. She recalled that there was no apparent destination to the walk, simply that they walked down a dirt road and then walked back again. The next thing she realized, she was back inside the car. We have to imagine that something occurred during this walk.

A depiction of a man standing near a car on a dirt road

Was something else controlling Terry’s actions?

Clearly, what Terry was describing was some kind of meeting between the man and several grey alien creatures. Furthermore, the house – at least what she perceived and recalled as a house – was, in fact, an apparent disc or oval-shaped object – ultimately, a UFO.

Following these revelations, Terry recalled how the man simply returned to the car and drove her home. Indeed, there are many details in Terry’s account that resonate with other UFO and alien abduction encounters.

Advanced Mind-Manipulating Technology?

Perhaps the best place to start with these details would be the bizarre behavior of both Terry and her mother in light of this unusual meeting with the mysterious gentleman. Terry would state that in normal circumstances, not only would she herself of been wary of putting herself in such a potentially dangerous situation with a complete stranger, but her mother would have almost certainly not been so easy with the situation.

A depiction of an alien using telepathy

Did the mysterious man use technology to read Terry’s mind?

This would, then, suggest some kind of mental control over targeted individuals (we might recall that during the first alien abduction encounter with her first husband, Terry recalled how they appeared to be in a trance-like state, even as her husband drove the car). Not only is this concerning in that a person could have their actions and emotional responses not only manipulated, but overtaken and controlled, but it also suggests a purposeful targeting of individuals as opposed to randomly abducting a person who just happened to be in the vicinity.

Just how might this controlling of a person’s mind work, and how is it achieved? Is it purely some form of telepathy, or might it involve advanced technology?

Whatever the truth of the matter, there are many examples of people who claim or elude to carrying out actions during close contact encounters with alien entities that they are not fully in control of, or of feeling a sudden urge to go to a specific location, even though they don’t understand why.

Taking Information From A Person’s Mind?

As well as this apparent ability to manipulate a person and their actions, there is the fact that this person had a huge and extensive knowledge of Terry – once more, something that shows up with regularity in other alien abduction cases.

There have been several suggestions to explain this, with one of the most likely being that abductees, particularly repeat abductees, are the subject of record-keeping, much like human scientists would keep meticulous records of their experiments.

There could, though, be another explanation – simply that the knowledge these apparent alien entities have acquired comes from the person themselves, essentially, that the information is extracted from the depths of their own mind.

We know, for example, if we accept the claims of many abductees and people who have had close encounters with these alien entities, that the use of telepathic communication is prevalent. If these extraterrestrials are able to use telepathy to communicate, then it stands to reason that they would also be able to extract the memories of a person, even their subconscious ones, so that they might know everything about them.

Hopkins also highlights how the man had an apparent awkwardness to him, suggesting that he wasn’t aware of etiquette and how to act in certain situations. It is interesting to note that some researchers – including Hopkins himself – have suggested that the reason behind alien abductions is some kind of alien-human hybridization program. And, of interest to us here, many of the alien-human hybrids possess such awkwardness in terms of human interaction.

Altering Of Perception

Without a doubt, one of the most thought-provoking details of the Terry Winthrop case is the fact that she perceived what was eventually revealed to be a futuristic vehicle (a UFO) as a strange house in the middle of nowhere. This is a detail that shows up more than we might think in alien abduction and close contact encounters. Numerous people, for example, recall an encounter where they are seemingly talking to a person near a large vehicle, only to recall, often through hypnotic regression, that the vehicle was, in fact, a spacecraft of some kind.

It is also worth noting, at least in some cases, where this illusion seemingly works the other way around – that what the witness perceives as a UFO is actually a helicopter or even a large military truck, as well as what a witness might perceive as the inside of spacecraft actually being some military base. This illusion is said to be achieved through the use of mind-altering drugs, and is seemingly a branch-off of the MK Ultra experiments, if, of course, we accept them to be true for a moment.

Could it be that discreet intelligence agencies are using the same kind of technology that these alien entities seemingly use to distort a person’s perception in order to cover up their futuristic vehicle and even their appearance, in order to have a person perceive something that is no more unusual than an ordinary vehicle as a craft from another world? And if so, how did such speculative agencies obtain such a technology?

Perhaps of even further interest, in the same book, Hopkins would explore two other alien abduction cases that featured the seemingly throwaway but intriguing detail of the “fake interview” in an almost abandoned office building. And it is to those cases that we will turn our attention to next.

The Remarkably Similar Encounter Of Lisa

The first of these cases is another New Jersey resident – Lisa – who had contacted Hopkins at some time in 1986 following her scattered recollections of a UFO encounter as well as episodes of missing time. What’s more, like Terry (and many other abductees), these encounters appeared to stretch back to when Lisa was a young child.

A depiction of a UFO over a housing estate

Was Lisa abducted by aliens as a child?

One of her earliest memories, for example, is of being with her mother in the car when she was around 7 years old. They had gone to collect a pizza and were returning home. Suddenly, for reasons she didn’t understand, both she and her mother felt suddenly confused and scared. They continued on their way and were a little shocked to see her father at the door asking why they had taken so long, clearly worried about them. Even stranger, Lisa, and her mother realized that they no longer had the pizza with them.

Hopkins would regress Lisa, and it was revealed that they had encountered a strange object on the road and were, ultimately, abducted and subject to several examinations and procedures at the hands of alien entities.

What interested Hopkins, however, in light of the Terry Winthrop case, was an encounter that happened when Lisa was 20 years old, something she had discounted as strange but not connected to her apparent UFO encounters.

Physically And Mentally Uncomfortable

Lisa would offer that she had noticed a job in a local newspaper. Although she couldn’t recall the specifics, she remembered it was some kind of security job. After telephoning the number, she was given directions to the company’s offices and asked to attend an interview the following day. Strangely, although she drove herself to the location, she struggled to remember anything about the journey itself.

She eventually found herself in a similar run-down sparsely furnished office space – so sparsely furnished that only a single desk with a telephone on it was visible. A woman greeted her and passed a form to her to fill out. Lisa recalled, however, that when she asked if there was a bathroom she could use, the woman appeared confused, as if she had no knowledge of how to respond, which, ultimately, she didn’t (remember the awkwardness that Terry described the man who conducted her apparent interview – this would appear to be a similar display here).

Instead, the woman quickly led Lisa into another room, again very sparsely furnished, where a gentleman awaited her – presumably to conduct the interview. Before they began he offered Lisa a drink of water, which she accepted. However, rather than letting her speak, he simply continued to talk, seeming to repeat the same things in slightly different ways. Even more amazing, she recalled that she fell asleep at some point while the man was speaking. She was, she recalled, in shock that he seemingly didn’t notice.

Bizarrely, within moments of her “waking”, the man simply offered a thank you for her time and stated that they would be in touch. Moments later, she was ushered out of the room, and the building.

As she was leaving, she immediately had a bad and ominous feel about the situation.

She couldn’t shake the feeling that something didn’t feel quite right – both mentally and physically. Not only was she struggling to fully recall just what had happened in the building, but she became aware that her underwear didn’t appear to be on correctly. Of course, given the suggestion that Lisa somehow blanked out during the “interview”, then the implications of this are harrowing, to say the least.

Sally – Another Fake Interview Encounter

Hopkins goes on to highlight yet another case of a person who was seemingly in the middle of a repeated spate of alien abductions when she had her own bizarre fake interview encounter. The woman in question – Sally, from Ohio – contacted Hopkins in 1987. Like the previous women we have examined, Sally was also experiencing what was revealed to be several alien abduction encounters. However, during his investigation, Hopkins stumbled onto yet another bizarre interview scenario. And what’s more, this encounter would also appear to have been a targeted one.

One day, out of the blue, Sally received a phone call from a woman who, rather than asking Sally if she wished to interview for a job, instructed her that she “had to” go to an interview. She then proceeded to give the young woman instructions on where to go the following day. Bizarrely, even though she found the instructions “complicated” and couldn’t now recall them, she made the journey with no trouble at all, eventually arriving at her destination.

Much like the previous women we examined, Sally would find herself in a rundown office with no furniture at all. She recalled seeing several men who all seemed to wear the exact same suit, and a woman, who greeted her, presumably the woman who called the previous day. Then, another man entered the room. This man starts talking to Sally, at which point, things turned even stranger.

Sally recalled seeing a strange flash from somewhere inside the room, even though there were no windows. The man continued to talk to her, telling her that the company sold perfumes, before stepping forward and asking her to smell a sample. When she did so, the chair began to spin – at least that is how it felt – and she fell to the ground.

Unlike the previous woman, Sally recalled that bright lights began to appear above her, and the next thing she realized, she was lying on her back on a table. Multiple examinations and procedures were carried out – ones that mirrored the encounters she had experienced during her alien abduction encounters.

Then, when these were finished, she was returned to her car. Despite being in a daze, she managed to drive herself home.

What Is This “Fake Interview” Scenario For?

Just why might this interview process be used? As Hopkins highlights there are several intriguing connections between these encounters. All of the women involved were young women at the time of these interview encounters.

The buildings in which these interviews took place were almost always the same – sparsely furnished with a rundown appearance. Certainly not the premises one might expect for a legitimate business. Furthermore, the interviews themselves appeared to be very sketchy, and appear to be more concerned with incapacitating the women involved, likely to carry out some kind of medical procedure.

Of further interest, despite the women recalling the interviews themselves – if only in part and in a disjointed fashion – none could recall specifics such as traveling to the location, or any specifics of the jobs themselves.

Although there is no question about the similarities of these encounters, it is uncertain if any other people – women and men – have experienced these scenarios. It must surely be the case that they have. And if not, what makes these three women so unique?

It is also worth highlighting Carol Rainey’s comments about the three women highlighted above – or more specifically, the strange men and interview scenarios they found themselves in. Ultimately, it would appear the people involved in these bizarre interview scenarios were from a “recently bioengineered species – essentially, alien-human hybrids.

And it is almost certain that these hybrid creatures are involved in the alleged hybridization program that many researchers believe is the main goal behind alien abductions. And we should note that many researchers, including such people as Hopkins and David Jacobs, have arrived at the conclusion that the reason behind alien abductions is the desire on the part of this alien race to create alien-human hybrids. Of course, what the goal might be after this is fully achieved is open to debate.

Another Layer Of Complexity Added To An Already Nuanced Phenomenon

As we can see, then, the three cases we have examined here certainly add another layer and level of complexity to the UFO and alien question, and specifically, cases of alien abduction. Might we find that these kinds of encounters are much more widespread than we currently know? Have you yourself ever experienced a strange and curious encounter involving a bizarre job interview that has left you with a sense of confusion? After all, a person couldn’t be blamed for keeping such incidents to themselves – especially if they had no inclination that they were a victim of alien abduction.

Of course, that is pure speculation, and barring people coming forward with details of such encounters, we have to conclude that the three accounts we have examined here are rather unique. We should also stress, that even though the same investigator looked at these cases (Budd Hopkins), the three women themselves had no knowledge of each other or their respective experiences (although they did meet following Hopkins’ completion of their cases).

If these encounters are unique, then we have to ask, why these three women? What makes them special in terms of the alien abduction phenomenon? And how many times did these types of encounters occur? Just once, or might there have been multiple other similar incidents that have not been recalled?

These accounts certainly give us a lot to think about. Perhaps above all else, the fact that there appears to be much more of a purposeful targeting of certain individuals as opposed to random incidents involving people who simply happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The video below examined the alien abduction phenomena a little further.

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