The Conspiracy And Science Of Weather Control And Modification

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As another “big freeze” takes its grip on much of Europe in the opening weeks of 2017, a story appeared – albeit in arguably the tabloid of tabloids – claiming that the current cold snap was in fact the result of US government weather experiments. These experiments were geared towards controlling the Earth’s environment as “World War III” was about to be unleashed, so giving the United States a potentially decisive advantage.

While the story has to be treated with a pinch of salt (and a large one at that), it is an interesting, if sobering thought, particularly when you realize that weather control and modification is very much a real science.

As the aforementioned article speculates, having the power to “freeze” an enemy’s soldiers in a predetermined position, or strike them with a “natural” disaster such as large scale flooding or even an earthquake, would put those in control of such a power on an almost undefeatable plateau.

HAARP facility


There is more to weather control, and the methods utilized to achieve this than just wild speculation and crazy science-fiction plots. The short video below is a light-hearted look at the theories and basic science behind efforts to control the weather.

Cloud-Seeding Prior To The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

As crazy as weather control is to some people, there is no denying that it is very much a reality. Of course, to what extent the weather and weather-inspired events can be manipulated is still very much a talking point.

In the run-up to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese government openly operated “cloud seeding” programs. These programs are designed to ensure that there is, or isn’t, rain on a given day or period in time. In this instance, authorities are said to have fired over one-thousand specially designed “weather rockets” into the skies over Beijing in an effort to disperse the clouds that were threatening to drench the opening ceremony. Incidentally, the opening ceremony did indeed have clear skies as it played out, but grey clouds were very visible to interested onlookers. They appeared to be trapped behind an invisible barrier that stretched around the outskirts of the city.

The Chinese government didn’t just use this program for the much anticipated Olympic Games either. They regularly ensure that important days in the Chinese calendar will not be solely at Mother Nature’s mercy.

So is this a bad thing? If used purely to ensure a “nice day”, leaving aside any after-effects of such operations for a moment, then most would agree these are preferable actions. Some conspiracy theorists however believe there is evidence of weather control being utilized with much more sinister intentions than making sure everyone stays dry at public events.

Before we get into those, however, we will take a look at the history of weather control. First, though, the short video below looks at the claimed cloud-seeding that took place prior to the 2008 Olympics, including the science behind it.

A Brief History Of Controlling The Weather

Before we move on to examine some of the alleged conspiracies connected to weather control, it is perhaps worth our time examining the history of it. And while the most significant achievements have occurred from the 20th Century onwards, the idea of controlling the weather goes back at least several centuries.

For example, if we turn back to the 1700s around many parts of Europe, we will find that many people of that era believed that firing empty cannons toward the sky would prevent hail from falling. And this was done many times (although how effective it was is debatable).

Perhaps the first steps toward the scientific thinking that rolls out weather control programs in our modern era came during some of the wars throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, in particular the ways led by Napoleon in the early 1800s and the American Civil War around half a century later. Soldiers would begin to notice and report that heavy rain appeared to fall following large battles.

A diagram of early weather control

A diagram of early weather control

One particularly freak rainstorm actually came during the War of 1812, two years after it began in 1814. On that day, which was freakishly hot, the American forces were essentially a step away from defeat by the British. The stifling hot conditions not only helped weaken the American forces but also made it all the easier for fires to take and spread much faster than they would normally. It was as the British forces were literally burning Washington to the ground following the battle that things suddenly changed.

Suddenly the bright blue skies turned dark and the rain-soaked the scene. The fires were suppressed almost immediately, consequently saving the American capital from complete destruction. However, not only that, a tornado suddenly appeared and decimated what remained of the British troops. Those who survived the killer wind quickly retreated.

Rainstorms Noticed After Heavy Battles

Was the storm that essentially saved Washington DC a result of the intense fighting on the battlefield below? Such instances were certainly studied by the United States Department of War following the American Civil War, resulting in the book, War and Weather, released in 1871.

In the last decade of the 19th century, General Robert Dyrenforth (then working for the Department of Agriculture) would purchase over $9000 worth of high-explosive gunpowder and travel from the capitol to Dallas, Texas. And what’s more, this was done with the complete backing and financial support of Congress.

Once in the Lone Star State, Dyrenforth would set off the explosions with the sole purpose of inducing rain. This was arguably the first official and purposeful research program looking at weather control. While it wasn’t the explosions themselves that Dyrenforth believed would cause rain, rather it was believed that shock waves from the explosions would cause the clouds to release any moisture.

Suddenly gathering storm clouds

Suddenly gathering storm clouds

This is perhaps a progression from the theories of James Pollard, who in 1841 wrote the book Philosophy of Storms. In it, he claimed that rainfall could be induced through large fires, particularly forest fires, during which heat rose into the air and warmed the clouds forcing them to drop any moisture. And while there is some truth in Pollard’s theories, it is not something that would happen each and every time.

Dyrenforth’s results themselves are far from conclusive, though. It did rain sometimes following the detonation of such high explosives. However, there was no way of definitely saying the explosions had definitely caused the rain. It could, for example, have been nothing more than pure coincidence.

Early Attempts At Cloud-Seeding

It was also around this time, in 1891, that Louis Gathmann offered that shooting liquid carbon dioxide into the clouds would essentially produce rain. This is perhaps the first step to the modern weather modification methods, we see today – basically, cloud seeding.

There were several such experiments with this way of thinking in the first decade of the 1900s. However, none of the experiments were financed appropriately and ultimately no solid conclusions were reached. Furthermore, many of these early experiments with liquid carbon dioxide intended to “cool” clouds by cooling the air around them. This required huge amounts of liquid carbon dioxide to achieve – something that was not really known at the time.

Modern cloud seeding, for example, doesn’t look to cool the air (and ultimately the clouds) but rather seeks out clouds that have already naturally cooled, and then simply looks to push them to release the water within them.

Storm clouds over a wheat field

Storm clouds over a wheat field

It can be argued that the first person who performed “modern” cloud seeding experiments was Augustus Veraart. In Holland in 1930 Veraart would fly an airplane into the target cloud area and then deploy large amounts of frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) as well as “supercooled ice crystals”.

What is perhaps interesting about Veraart’s work is that it appears he was genuinely on to something. However, his excited presentations of his work resulted in many not taking him seriously. So much so that the Royal Dutch Ministry of Agriculture would distance themselves from him. When the Royal Dutch Meteorological Society followed suit, Veraart was almost universally passed over, as was his research.

The First Significant Steps Toward Cloud Control

Others were reaching similar conclusions around the same time, however. For example, only three years after Veraart, Tor Bergeron – a meteorologist from Sweden – would make almost identical claims that ice-crystals released into clouds would force them to release rain.

In 1938, a German physicist, Walter Findeisen, would make further similar claims. However, Findeisen would go further when he asserted that while introducing ice crystals into clouds would work to produce rain, the clouds themselves would have to be “naturally supercooled” in order to produce the desired effect. While the work of Veraart and Findeisen was relatively solid, it would be a further decade in the years after the Second World War when the first truly large leaps were made in weather modification and cloud seeding.

Example of weather control

Example of weather control

Working for General Electric, Vincent Schaefer and Irving Langmuir were researching how aircraft became iced while in flight, which is a very real danger to aircraft and can result in loss of control and crashes. It was while they were carrying out this research that they essentially confirmed the theories of the European scientists in the 1930s. It was while the two General Electric employees were researching the mechanics of gas mask filters that led them to airplane icing.

In short, they began creating “smokes” and then seeing how these different compositions reacted with different weather conditions. It was they were experimenting with “cold weather conditions” that they began looking at icing on aircraft. What they would find – while experimenting in controlled laboratory conditions – that dry ice did indeed create “supercooled clouds”.

In November 1946, having gone as far as they could in the lab, Schaefer and Langmuir decided to test their theory in the sky itself. When these ice crystals were released into the air the result was that rain did fall from the affected cloud.

Getting Closer To Modern Cloud Seeding Procedures

Only weeks after the experiments of Schaefer and Langmuir, one of their colleagues, Bernard Vonnegut – an atmospheric scientist – would perhaps make the leap to the cloud seeding procedures we see today in the contemporary era. And he would do so off the back of the research of Schaefer and Langmuir.

One of the “smokes” created by the pair contained solver iodide crystals. Vonnegut’s experiments suggested that this was far more effective and changing the composition of supercooled clouds more so than dry ice alone.

It was around this time, having seen that weather really could be manipulated, and possibly even controlled, that many departments of the United States government began to take a serious interest in cloud seeding. And this would begin to happen in various countries around the world as the decades went on. And it is there where we will turn our attention next, to one of the first documented military weather experiments.

Project Cirrus – The First Official Military Weather Experiment

On 13th October 1947 – a little under a year after the discoveries of Schaefer and Langmuir – the United States military took part in Project Cirrus. And it was a research mission that involved not only the Air Force but also the Office of Naval Research, the Army Signal Corps, as well as General Electric themselves. Whether the experiment was a success or not perhaps depends on your perception.

Having spotted a hurricane that appeared to heading away from the United States toward the sea, those behind Project Cirrus looked to manipulate the force of nature. A military plane was flown directly into the hurricane and then dropped around 80 pounds of dry ice into the region. However, whether it was a pure coincidence or not, shortly after something changed.

The hurricane would suddenly change direction. And instead of heading out to see was now fast approaching Savannah, Georgia. The damage that was caused was extensive, to say the least. More importantly, though, the American public put the blame squarely on the weather experiment. What’s more, the pressure was so great from the public – with several threats of lawsuits and legal action – that the project was postponed indefinitely.

Depiction of planes with silver iodide strapped to their wing

Depiction of planes with silver iodide strapped to their wing

Interestingly or not, the American authorities would experiment with similar technology for two decades from the early 1960s until the early 1980s. Under the name Operation Stormfury they would look to artificially create a small hurricane next to the approaching one. This, in theory, would reduce the strength of the hurricane. The results, however, while not a complete failure, were seen as being insignificant to take forward. There are many researchers, though, who insist that Operation Stormfury was intended to learn how to “weaponize” the weather.

However, the American military now had active proof that they could control the weather and if they could control it, they would indeed, in theory, weaponize it. In fact, we will quickly leap forward several decades and look at claims that this was done during the Vietnam War.

The Beginnings Of Weather As A Weapon

According to a climatologist from Rutgers University, the CIA actively attempting to manipulate the weather over the conflict area in Vietnam over a period of five years during the conflict. And it would appear they were relatively successful. What this achieved, aside from given the American troops the advantage of advanced knowledge of changes in the weather, was that it made monsoon seasons – already brutal in themselves – significantly longer.

The program was named Operation Popeye and is believed to have been active between 1967 and 1972. The specific targets of the program were around regions that the North Vietnamese used as supply routes.

Operation Popeye in action

Operation Popeye in action

The program might have run for much longer, perhaps to the eventual stalemate-end of the conflict. However, an American journalist, Jack Anderson, would obtain a leaked memo with President Johnson’s signature on. What was perhaps particularly damaging about the memo – which Anderson would reveal to the general public – was that Johnson had seemingly given permission for the cloud-seeding programs to continue after previously successful operations.

The revelations would eventually lead to several UN members bringing a binding treaty into place in 1976 that would forbid the use of weather altering technology during wartime. Of course, whether these promises are kept by those who signed the agreement behind closed doors is perhaps up for debate.

Is Weaponizing The Weather Still Taking Place?

It wasn’t just in Vietnam where the CIA allegedly attempted to use manipulated weather to its advantage. Some research suggests that they regularly flew similar missions over Cuba in order to increase the rain. The goal of these missions against Castro’s communist regime was to ensure a poor sugar harvest – something which, in turn, would cripple the Cuban economy. How successful these missions were is perhaps open to debate.

We perhaps can only imagine how many other conflicts over the decades since these missions have gone ahead, and how successful they might have been. Furthermore, the knowhow and technology are far greater today in the 21st century than it was in the 1950s and 60s. Indeed, although it is speculation, we might consider how many of the freak weather occurrences of the last few years might actually be down to weather manipulation by any number of governments and militaries around the world.

Picture showing monitors watching the weather

Weather monitoring

Perhaps it is also worth examining, albeit briefly, the claims of the Iranian authorities, who have accused both Europe and Israel of “stealing the clouds” to prevent rain in the country. There is little to back up the claims but as we might imagine, there are some who believed more readily than others. What future research makes of the claims perhaps remains to be seen.

We will come back to the idea of the weather as a weapon a little later as there are a whole host of other alleged secret weather programs operating around the world.

Other Weather Control Projects Around The World

Weather modification experiments and programs take place in multiple countries around the world. And they do so for a variety of reasons.

For example, if we go back to the mid-seventies, local authorities in Illinois looked to manipulate the weather in order to aid the farming industry – something, like other states in Midwest, is particularly important to the local economy. A paper written by Stanley Changnon of the Weather Modification Society urged residents of Illinois to accept weather modification instead of simply by at the mercy of the elements.

In the paper, Changnon would write that being able to manipulate and control the weather is “in the public interest”. Not least as by being able to increase rainfall as and when it was required would “offer obvious benefits to farmers” and, in turn, the economy of Illinois. He would continue that Illinois was a relatively unique part of the United States due to the sheer variety of weather conditions it experienced.

For example, the summers were often stiflingly hot, while winters often brought brutally cold, sub-freezing conditions. Even the spring was not exempt from the mercy of the weather, with hailstorms and even some tornadoes often hitting the region.

We should perhaps also note that Changnon was also looking to the future and possible consequences years later of using such technology now (in the 1970s).

Cloud Seeding Has Gone On For Decades

It isn’t only in the United States where weather modification has been turned to due to the impact of the natural elements.

In Mexico, for example, following several severe droughts in the late 1940s, authorities there would turn to weather modification experiments in order to prevent the country from, essentially, shutting down. Not only did the drought have an effect on harvests in the country but also led to a reduction in industrial production, largely due to the reduced ability to produce hydroelectric power.

Putting the findings of the previously mentioned General Electric scientists into action, the Mexican authorities would send planes loaded with silver iodide and then “burnt” them in the atmosphere.

A Tornado

A Tornado

The Canadian authorities in Alberta, Canada regularly use such silver iodide loaded planes to cloud seed over the region of the country. The reason for this is the severe hailstorms that hit the region regularly. As a result, the Alberta Hail Suppression Project was set up to oversee the deployment of planes carrying silver iodide into these hailstorms. Once there, they then offload their cargo and let it go to work in lessening the severity of the storm. These missions are, for the most part, successful, even clearing the storms entirely in some cases.

Israel was also actively using cloud seeding technology as far back as the mid-1970s. In fact, they had experimented with such programs for several years before finally putting one into action in 1975 in order to increase what little rainfall they had naturally. And these continue to be refined and put to use today.

One particularly interesting find in the Israeli program was the clouds over the Sea of Galilee were seemingly much easier to seed and had a greater success rate. This was, in part, due to the sea salt they would take in from the sea spray.

Cloud Seeding Projects Of Recent Times

There are several other cloud seeding projects of recent times that demonstrate excellently how the improvement in technology in turn improves the success rate of such programs. And, in some cases, in parts of the world that can be severely affected by the weather.

In South Africa, for example, the South African Rainfall Enhancement Program would experiment for five years in the late 1990s and early 2000s looking to drastically increase rainfall so as to increase their yearly harvests. And rather than merely firing chemicals into the sky, they would use the most up to date radar and satellite technology in order to target specific areas.

Furthermore, after identifying these preferred targets they were refined further. By studying the data available, they would seek to continue to seeding process only with the clouds that had the highest chance of success. They would find that in all of their finally selected targets the rainfall at least doubled from what it would usually be.

Radar view of weather systems

Radar view of weather systems

This is perhaps important as it almost (not entirely) removes the coincidence aspect of the end result.

The United Arab Emirates is another country that has recently made use of the most recent technology available. And furthermore, rather than merely targeting selected areas and running the program for a limited amount of time, they monitor the weather around the entire country constantly.

Also making use of radar and satellite technology, the authorities in the United Arab Emirates then make a decision on where cloud seeding will be most successful and then deploy their treatments accordingly.

Further to this, the United Arab Emirates also use their program to predict their harvests, as well as to detect other invasive weather or even natural disasters. In short, the technology to understand the weather is perhaps at its most cutting edge in this part of the world.

Man-Made “Natural” Disasters?

Several seemingly natural disasters of the early twenty-first century have been targeted by conspiracy theorists as having been the result of top secret military weather experiments – usually involving the US governments, although not exclusively.

On 26th December 2004, an earthquake measuring a mammoth 9.0 on the Richter scale shook the coastal areas of the Indian Ocean. This resulted in a huge tsunami that swept over these coastal towns and cities. Over 300,000 people were killed in the disaster and the chaotic aftermath that ensued.

Some researchers though began to believe the incident was connected to top secret military weapons experiments carried out under the waters of the Indian Ocean. Incidentally, strange aerial sightings were also reported by several fishing vessels in the days before the tragic events. Even the largely mainstream BBC posed the question as to whether the US military had prior knowledge of the impending events, given that their Diego Garcia naval base was largely unaffected and seemingly prepared in advance.

Strange lights and “sounds” were reported in the weeks and days leading up to both Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The latter hurricane in particular had a flurry of reports of people hearing a “metallic hum” in the days before. NBA star, Deron Williams even claimed to have witnessed strange green flashes over the sky of the city following the raging storm passing through.

These strange sounds have actually been reported all over the world, and to some there is no doubt whatsoever that they are connected to weather control projects. Before we look at some of these secret projects however, the short video clip below claims to feature the strange sounds that many reported to have heard prior to Hurricane Sandy impacting the north east coast of the United States.

HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

While the US government do not deny the existence of such projects as HAARP, nor the electromagnetic wave and pulse technology they utilise, the reason they give for their actions differ greatly from those spoke about in the conspiracy community.

Although sometimes connected to such claims of mass mind control, these projects are generally said to be aimed towards gaining control over the weather and the environment – both at home and elsewhere. It is claimed that these projects are able to trigger hurricanes, tornados, and even earthquakes simply by altering the frequency output from established bases in key locations.

As far back as 1997, former US Defense Secretary, William Cohen, stated that both they, and “others”, were using the weather as a superweapon of sorts, claiming that they could “alter the climate (and) set off earthquakes and volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves!” If that was the case twenty years ago, just imagine for one moment how far advanced they might be now.

Even the European Union expressed concern about HAARP and its potential effects on people and the environment. So much so that in 1999 they passed a resolution, pressing for more information and transparency concerning the project.

The short video below features an official “Q&A” session from the Murkowski Committee regarding HAARP. Following that, the documentary “What HAARP Is” is worth watching for a fuller look at the project and just how far its reach is said to extend.

Increase In Earthquakes And Tectonic Activity?

Whether it is an unintended consequence of their actions, or whether it is the ultimate purpose of such projects as HAARP, it has been noted increasingly that there appears to be a dramatic increase in earthquakes around the planet.

There are numerous theories as to why this increase is happening, including that it is likely linked to general climate change, or even activity connected to the Sun and/or the Moon. For some though, particularly given that this increase began approximately at the same time as HAARP began in 1994, and is still being experienced today, is a link too big to ignore.

Subscribers to this theory believe that light anomalies that are often reported prior to such deadly earthquakes as the ones in Christchurch, Chile, Haiti and Japan, combined with “punch-holes” visible in clouds above the affected areas, is evidence of wave technology being used.

Over a period of several days in December 2016, it was claimed that there had been a total of 257 earthquakes that measured at least magnitude 5 on the Richter scale. During this period a large unknown wave of energy was picked up by the MIMIC TPW microwave background imagery. The website hosting this imagery claimed that it was down to a glitch in the satellite. As you might imagine, that explanation was met with more than a little suspicion by some.

The video below looks at the increased earthquake activity in general and just how strange it really is, regardless of what the cause may or may not be. The second video looks more closely at the apparent connection between HAARP and this increase in tectonic activity.

Why Would Anyone Want To Control The Weather Anyway?

While many people would flippantly say they would love to be able to “clap their hands” and have their preferred weather waiting for them outside their homes each morning, when the idea of governments doing it is mentioned, it seems a little far-fetched. Why would they be concerned with something so trivial as to whether or not it rains or is bright sunshine for example?

The fact is if a government was able to control the weather, it would hand them a power that is almost divine. It isn’t just something to exploit in times of war either. Even in “peace-time”, having the weather at your mercy presents some “opportunities to be exploited” – and make no mistake about it, big business, which so often influences political decisions, will do exactly that with little remorse.

If a country’s produce is weakened for example by unpredictable or unstable weather, while at the same time another country is able to ensure a perfect environment for their produce to thrive, it puts the latter country and its businesses, at an economic advantage, while at the same time dramatically weakening the opposition. The “knock-on” effects from this would be plentiful – on both sides of the coin.

As much as new warfare will undoubtedly take place in cyber space and via the Internet, geo-engineering is seemingly the new “warplane” of the modern world. The video below is an in depth look at such sciences, and just how advanced those that engage in such projects actually are.


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