Beyond Roswell: Secret Off-Planet Programs And Black Budget Projects

Marcus Lowth
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May 15, 2024
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Very recently the Pentagon officially recognized leaked military footage of a UFO as being authentic. And while this apparent admission didn’t tell us anything more than we already know, it is an important point for those in the UFO community. Such an admission of authenticity is huge coming from what is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense and essentially the government. However, whether officially recognized or not, the Pentagon has a long history of seemingly outlandish claims from whistleblowers and leaked information regarding UFOs and visitors from other worlds. And interestingly or not, they stretch back to the start of the modern UFO era.

While there might be a debate as to their credibility, claims of discreet meetings between alien races and President Eisenhower have swirled for years. The meeting is said to have taken place in February 1954 at Edwards Air Force Base in California. Officially, Eisenhower had to have emergency dental surgery, although, as we might imagine, some believe this was nothing but a cover story for his sudden public absence. What’s more, the result of this meeting was an apparent exchange of alien technology for limited access to members of the American public for discreet experiments – what we would refer to as alien abduction today.

As we shall see, Eisenhower and his alleged connection to extraterrestrial representatives would surface again several years after this apparent clandestine meeting. Perhaps even more outrageous, at least to some, are the rumors that the real reason for the assassination of John F. Kennedy in November 1963 was a result of his intention to reveal information about such secretive meetings and deals between the United States government and extraterrestrials. Indeed, recently rumors have swirled that the death of Marilyn Monroe was also connected to her knowledge of such things, passed to her by Kennedy. While we are perhaps better served to treat these claims and rumors with a relatively large helping of salt, they are intriguing, nonetheless.

A Conspiracy Decades In The Making

It would perhaps be wise to briefly remind ourselves of the basis of the alleged circumstances that would lead to such top-secret and otherworldly programs. The widely accepted beginnings of such secret projects based on recovered and then later “gifted” technology go back to the summer of 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico, and the infamous crash that occurred there.

However, as we looked in our article exploring The Battle of Los Angeles in 1942, as well as the many rumors of alien technology retrieved by the Nazi regime in the mid-1930s, these roots might stretch further back than even many in the UFO community think.

There are claims, for example, that a crashed UFO was recovered by Mussolini’s regime as far back as 1933, while rumors surfaced in the wake of Operation Paperclip of a crashed and recovered UFO in the Black Forest in 1936. Indeed, if we assume for one moment that the rumors were true, it is from such postwar programs as Operation Paperclip that such alien technology first entered the United States.

We have examined before, for example, the apparent claims of the highest-profiled of those transplanted German officers, Dr. Wernher Von Braun, who would state to UFO researcher Allen Greenfield in response to a question as to why the Third Riech was so far advanced at the start of the Second World War than the rest of the world. According to Greenfield, Von Braun, while motioning upwards to the sky, would state, “We had help! From them!”.  When Greenfield pushed Von Braun as to whether he was referring to extraterrestrials, he simply and matter-of-factly replied, “Yes”.

Perhaps, as speculative as this suggestion is, it wasn’t only scientists and their work that made the journey from war-ravaged Germany across the Atlantic Ocean in the summer of 1945.

Roswell: The True Story?

Back In the United States, though, there are several claims and apparent whistleblower reports of UFO crashes in the early-1940s. And what’s more, not only were these crafts recovered by the US military, but so were their apparent extraterrestrial occupants – some of them alive. How much truth resides in these claims is difficult to grasp. What is more certain, however, is that there was much more of a UFO presence in the skies of the United States in the years before the Roswell crash than we might think. Regardless of what those UFOs might one day prove to be.

Perhaps lesser known, however, are the apparent claims passed on by alleged whistleblower Victor Martinez, one of which would claim a slightly different version of events at Roswell. The events were passed onto Richard Doty in November 2005, who would report on them. And it would seem, as have suggested before, that the “messy” way in which the military dealt with the press regarding the Roswell crash may have been more purposeful than not.

According to the report, two crafts would come down that summer evening in 1947, although one of them would lay undiscovered until 1949. The Roswell crash of 1947, though, was much more eventful than “just an alien craft” that crashed in the desert. When the US military arrived at the Roswell site, there were several dead alien crew members in and around the wreckage. There was, though, a surviving alien pilot, who the military would discover “hiding behind a rock”.

While it wouldn’t accept food from the soldiers, it did take a drink of water. It was then, along with its five dead crew members, transferred to Los Alamos Air Base. The dead crew were placed into deep freeze storage.

An Extraterrestrial Communication Device

According to Martinez’s claims, the alien crew member would survive for several years until 1952. During that time, it would manage to communicate with its hosts, assisting them in reverse-engineering the ruins of the alien crafts they possessed. By the time of the creature’s death, US scientists had learned so much that they could continue with the reverse-engineering project.

Here, we begin to get several alternative claims and theories possibly crashing somewhat. Martinez would state that the reverse-engineering programs would continue, including the repairing and utilizing of an alien communication device.  According to Martinez, this would result in contact with an extraterrestrial race known as “The Ebens” in early 1964. This meeting would take place at an undisclosed military base in New Mexico.

The Ebens wished to collect their dead but also offered to enter into a strange “exchange program”. This would, if the theories are true, result in twelve Americans returning with this alien race to study them and their world. At the same time, a single Eben would remain on Earth to assist the American government – or at least the shadow element of it.

And if we accept this event did indeed occur, where would that leave the claims of an apparent meeting between President Eisenhower and an alien race most agree to be “The Greys”. While both claims are exactly that, events that would unfold on Earth, namely the plethora of alien abductions that would seem to begin from the early 1960s onwards, would make the Eisenhower meeting the more likely of the two. And what’s more, several respected UFO researchers have voiced their belief of the credibility of the accounts.

Or might it be that both encounters took place? After all, many researchers suggest there is more than one alien race on Earth.

The UFO Encounters Of Ronald Reagan

Without a doubt, one of the US presidents most associated with UFOs and secret space research is Ronald Reagan who served two terms in office in the 1980s.

What’s more, Reagan also had two up close and direct UFO encounters before he became president, one of which is a suspected alien abduction case. The exact date of the suspected abduction encounter is not known, other than it happened at some point between 1967 and 1975. Reagan served as the Governor of California at the time but still had many contacts in the Hollywood scene. In fact, it was while he and his wife were on their way to attend a party with many in the film industry in attendance that the incident occurred.

The couple would arrive at the party around an hour later than expected. According to the many reports of the incident, Reagan would state that they had witnessed a strange object in the sky on their journey. Moreover, they had even stopped their car to watch the strange craft, but only for several minutes. Might it be that after stopping their car, the craft came much closer than merely moving through the sky? While this is pure speculation, many people who claim to have been victims of alien abduction often experience missing time.

When the would-be president witnessed a UFO for the second time (in 1974), he had another corroborating witness with him, his pilot, Bill Paynter. The pair witnessed the strange object from the plane that was taking Reagan back to Bakersfield, California. Paynter later recalled how the object went from “cruising” to reaching “fantastic speed instantly!”

Might this speculative and potential abduction have occurred due to Reagan’s political position? Perhaps when we consider the many space-age projects that took place during Reagan’s time in office and the many, albeit ambiguous, suggestions of having inside knowledge on the subject, this idea takes on a little more weight.

What Was Taking Place During The Final Years Of The Cold War?

Anyone who remembers the two terms of Ronald Reagan as President of the United States also likely remembers the Strategic Defense Initiative – otherwise known as the “Star Wars Project”. It was officially a defense program designed to track and destroy missiles headed toward America or its allies by using satellite technology. As the Cold War was still very much in full swing in the early 1980s when the program began, it was obvious to the world that it was potential Soviet missiles that would be tracked.

While there is no solid proof or evidence, many researchers in conspiracy circles claim that the so-called Star Wars project was not interested in missiles, Soviet or otherwise, but was looking for incoming danger from further afield – essentially intelligently guided threats from outer space.

These seemingly outlandish claims perhaps take on a slightly more intriguing tone, however, when we consider some of the public musings from Reagan. One of the most interesting came in December 1985, a year into his second term in office. Speaking of a discussion he held with Mikhail Gorbachev looking to repair relations with a view to ending the Cold War, Reagan would state how easy such talks would be “if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside the universe”.

Was Reagan merely using such a scenario to highlight his point? Or did he perhaps know more than he should have let on?

Gorbachev himself would appear to corroborate the statement in 1987 when he said that he and Reagan had discussed a course of action in the event “the earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials”. The two countries would, he said, join forces if such an event happened. Gorbachev would further state that he would not “dispute the hypothesis, though I think its early yet to worry about such an intrusion”.

Once more, while it is a pure interpretation of the words, should we be alert to the fact that Gorbachev appears to take the notion that an alien invasion could actually happen pretty much in his stride as opposed to commenting on how “extreme” the scenario was – especially given the official stance of the majority of the world’s governments, not least the United States?

Black Budget Projects Researching UFOs And Extraterrestrial Life

It is also worth our time examining some of the many technology-driven defense projects funded by the “black budget” – money set aside with no detailed declaration of how it will be spent, or on what. Of particular interest is an article in the New York Times from December 2017 that would claim a total of $22 million was allocated for the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program between 2007 and 2012 when the program came to an end.

The aim of the program, which would include the one-time owner of Skinwalker Ranch, Robert Bigelow, was to study unexplained aerial phenomena – essentially UFOs. In fact, one of the contracts put out to tender was snapped up by Bigelow (officially by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Studies) only months after Skinwalker Ranch was closed to the public in 2008, which would result in an almost 500-page report on worldwide UFO sightings (a report that still remains out of the public domain).

It is perhaps interesting that the project was not made public until five years after it shut down – and even then, many researchers have suggested that the program has continued to operate behind closed doors. It is also intriguing to note that the US government-funded the secret program, despite placing no credence in claims of “flying saucers” and intelligent entities from elsewhere in the universe.

One of the people who ran the program, Luis Elizondo, would very publicly continue to investigate the project, with eventual connections to the controversial (to some in the UFO community) Stars Academy of Arts and Science. Might it be a coincidence that the revealing of the secret program to the wider public came in December 2017, only two months after Elizondo had resigned from the Pentagon, claiming that there was too much secrecy? Elizondo would also state that from the research he had done under the program there was “very compelling evidence” that there was life elsewhere in the universe.

Just How Far Advanced Is Space Technology And Research?

It is perhaps also interesting to note a paper that came to light several years ago via KLAS-TV titled Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions. The paper was dated April 2010 and was concerned with secret Pentagon-sponsored studies dating from 2007. And as the title of the documents might suggest, exploring the deeper reaches of outer space was very much at the heart of the studies. What’s more, the documents claimed, given the scientific advancements, “faster-than-light (FTL) travel”, at least in theory, was possible.

The documents speak at length of “connecting two potentially distant regions of space,” which would result in the craft in question “instantaneously being transported” from one point in space to another. Even more intriguing is that these “wormholes” are brought into existence through “manipulation of the fabric of space”, which then creates “an asymmetric bubble” around the spacecraft. The craft “remains stationary inside the warp bubble” while space itself moves back into its original position, taking the craft with it.

What is also interesting is that several whistleblowers have made similar claims of the propulsion methods of UFOs, perhaps most famously, Bob Lazar, who claimed to have worked in just such government-sponsored top-secret programs in the 1980s.

We might turn our attention again to Ronald Reagan’s words in the 2007 release The Reagan Diaries. One entry from April 1985 states that he had “lunch with five top space scientists”, a lunch he would describe as “fascinating” before continuing that “space truly is the last frontier and some of the developments there in astronomy, etc. are like science fiction”. Reagan then claimed that he had learned at the lunch that the United States’ “shuttle capacity is such that we could orbit 300 people”.

Given that, at least according to public information, there were less than ten space shuttles operational at the time Reagan wrote that entry in his diary, each of which held only eight people, this is perhaps a strange and intriguing thing for the former president to have written. Was this evidence, tentative as it was, of a secret space program? And a highly advanced one at that. And if there is any truth to be taken from the notion of highly advanced secret space programs as far back as the 1980s (at least), then what should we make of the claims of studying (and perhaps utilizing) “warp drives”, “dark energy”, and the “manipulation of extra dimensions” in order to achieve interstellar exploration?

Does this highly advanced technology exist? And if so, is it the result of human ingenuity, or might the be a certain amount of truth in the notion of secret deals with extraterrestrial intelligence? There is perhaps another seemingly bizarre encounter worthy of our examination here. It is there where we will turn our attention to next.

The Intriguing Claims Of Valiant Thor – The “Stranger At The Pentagon”

According to the book Stranger At The Pentagon by Frank Stranger, an extraterrestrial being secretly spent several years at the Pentagon. The claims go back to an apparent UFO landing encounter in March 1957 in Alexandria, Virginia. The only witness to this landing was a policeman who was on patrol at the time.

As he stood there in disbelief, a tall, human-looking figure emerged from the craft and began in the policeman’s direction. He would speak to the bemused officer in perfect English, claiming his name was Valiant Thor. What’s more, he had been sent to Earth by the “High Council” in order that he could speak to President Eisenhower. The same Eisenhower, we might recall, who allegedly met alien representatives in a California aircraft hanger in 1954.

According to the account, the policeman in question would lead the apparent alien to the Pentagon, where he would indeed meet with the president and other high-ranking government and military officials. Perhaps even stranger, it is claimed that Thor remained a guest of the Pentagon for three years, enjoying VIP status as he did so.

Thor would claim that he had arrived to discuss concerns that the council had over the recent developments in nuclear technology – specifically, nuclear weapons.

As we might imagine, many people treat the claims with a pinch of salt, with some outright dismissing it as nonsense. However, despite the outrageous nature of the claims, no official response of the pictures that allegedly show Thor, or that the claims themselves are inaccurate or false have ever surfaced from the Pentagon. Furthermore, at least one person would step forward to corroborate the account – Harley Byrd, the nephew of Admiral Richard Byrd.

A Drip-Feeding Of Revelations Of Disinformation?

As we have seen, then, there are plenty of reasons to believe that many high-ranking officials in the background of successive United States governments have knowledge of events that are, for the most part, hidden away from the vast majority of us. Perhaps the confirmation of the UFO from the military jet gun cameras video was part of a drip-feeding of information to the general public. Or perhaps it was an attempt at appeasement following the leaking of the video several years previously.

Or might it be an attempt to distance themselves from many of the claims we have examined here? Almost like a double bluff. By “admitting” to this piece of footage, we might immediately discount previous claims as false and unreliable. Such claims of secret deals for alien technology that we could then develop and present to the world as our own.

Or might the technology on display in the video, much like the technology described in other leaked documents and brought to us via whistleblower testimony, not be of extraterrestrial origin, but the results in advancements that the vast majority of us believe reside only in the science-fiction movies. After all, many mainstream commentators will tell you that many world governments are decades ahead of where the general public believes they are in terms of technological advancements.

Perhaps the overriding idea we should take from these leaks of information, some of which are selectively confirmed as genuine, is that should we ever get to the heart of the UFO and alien question, then it will most likely shine a light on many other aspects of our collective reality – some of which we likely don’t yet know exist. And that brings us to one of the most interesting and unsettling aspects of UFOs – aliens, and specifically, alien abduction.

Is There Really A Hybridization Program Behind Alien Abductions?

While many people outside of UFO circles find even the idea of alien abduction to be preposterous, even those in the UFO community find the notion of an alien-human hybridization program to be equally outlandish.

However, that is exactly the conclusions of many UFO researchers, that these apparent systematic abductions are part of a long-term “breeding program” with an end goal of creating a hybrid race. Perhaps two of the most prominent names to have put forward such claims are David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins, both of whose ideas we will examine shortly.

If we accept for a moment that alien abductions are definitely real and have been happening for decades (at least), then it would make sense that there is a long-term plan behind them. In fact, when we consider the reasons put forward for arriving at these conclusions, the theories and claims of a hybridization program begin to begrudgingly make sense.

The Realizations Of Many Researchers

Perhaps it is best to start with the late veteran researcher Budd Hopkins, who not only investigated many cases of alien abduction but released several books on the subject, perhaps most notably Missing Time.

He noticed how many alien abductions had an aspect of record-keeping, particularly ones that occurred repeatedly over many years. He also noticed how many abductees began experiencing such incidents at very particular ages of their lives and then were seemingly abducted at specific intervals.

Once more, this suggests not just random abductions down to pure opportunism but preplanned missions with a very specific objective in mind. Hopkins would further notice how many female abductees suddenly stopped being abducted in their mid-to-late 40s, suggesting that this may indeed have been in line with when they stopped being able to conceive.

We might be wise to examine a short paragraph from another of Hopkins’ books, Intruders: The Incredible Visitations At Copley Woods, in which he examines the experiences of three different women who had told him of their encounters and who had no knowledge of each other or the individual incidents. He would write:

…all three women have either had “dreams” or normal recollections of having been shown, at later times, tiny offspring whose appearance suggests they are something other than completely human…that they in fact hybrids, partly human and partly what we must call, for want of a better term, alien!

Hopkins elaborates that while these ideas are “unthinkable and unbelievable” it is clear “the evidence points in that direction”. Essentially, that these women, and likely many others, were abducted, experimented on, and used as human incubators (if only temporarily) in order to produce offspring that were half-alien and half-human.

Something Truly Ominous At The Heart Of The Alien Abduction Phenomena

The main subject of Intruders is Debbie Jordan-Kauble – whom Hopkins gave the name “Kathie” in his book before she decided to reveal her identity. Debbie would reveal to Hopkins during his investigation that, although she had two sons who he knew of and had met, she also had a daughter and that “they (the alien abductors) showed her to me”.

She would eventually reveal more under hypnotic regression. Essentially that she was in an “all-white” room with “little gray guys” around her. She then states that “a little girl came into the room (who was) escorted by two more grays”. She would elaborate that this young child of around four years old “didn’t look like them, but she didn’t look like us either”.

Ultimately, she would describe this apparent alien-human hybrid child as having particularly pale skin and with a “head (that) was a little larger than normal”, while her eyes were also slightly larger than one might expect.

Debbie also recalled that a “man” was in the room with them during the meeting. And while it isn’t certain, there is an insinuation that this person is a hybrid himself and most likely the “father” of the hybrid child. Debbie recalled that this mystery man informed her that she couldn’t take the child with her as it “wouldn’t be able to live” and that Debbie “wouldn’t be able to feed her”. Although she was very much “a part” of Debbie, “she has to stay here with us!”

Another intriguing detail revealed by Debbie was that there was an apparent lack of knowledge of how to act human, even how to comb or brush hair (the child’s hair was particularly unkempt, for example). This is an interesting detail, as at least one researcher believes that part of the alien abduction phenomenon is not only to produce hybrids but to train them, something we will look at a little later.

Many Other Cases Suggest A Hybridization Program

There are many other claims from women who have discovered they have been victims of alien abduction and then gone on to discover they have seemingly been used to produce an alien child.

We might be wise to briefly examine the case of Lynda Jones, for example, who, after witnessing a strange light and realizing she couldn’t account for several hours of time, turned to hypnotic regression to discover just what had happened that summer evening in 1979 in Manchester, England. Not only did she recall a disc-shaped object approaching her, but she spoke of a floating sensation before waking in a round room. There were several figures around her, each with large, black eyes.

Perhaps the most remarkable revelations occurred, though, during a medical exam due to changes in Lynda’s menstrual cycle. It was discovered that she had recently suffered an ectopic pregnancy, something which surprised Lynda more than anyone else as she hadn’t been pregnant. However, the medical examination clearly showed that Lynda had been pregnant and had somehow lost the baby. Might the “baby” have been taken during the apparent abduction? If this was the case, that would suggest that Lynda had almost certainly been abducted before.

There is also a particularly intriguing case from Las Vegas in 1987 in which not only did Brett Olden and Diane Swanson claim they were abducted, but their abductors took the couple’s unborn baby from Diane’s womb during the incident. Following the apparent abduction and after seeking medical advice, the couple was informed that Diane was no longer pregnant and that it appeared as though the baby has been “surgically removed”.

These are just two examples in many that suggest the possibility of a hybridization program. However, if these alien visitors are producing hybrids, what are their plans? It is to work of David Jacobs where we will turn next.

Hybrids Already On Earth?

Not only does David Jacobs state that there is an alien-human hybrid program taking place, he also claims that alien-human hybrids are already on Earth. Like Hopkins, Jacobs has written several books on the subject and, also like Hopkins, his argument is perhaps surprisingly convincing. One of Jacobs’ books is Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan To Control Humanity and it details the apparent abduction of several people who are then used as “trainers” for alien-human hybrids.

Jacobs states that after studying multiple alien abduction cases he began to hear “multiple descriptions of the same phenomena” and that eventually “patterns emerge”. And these patterns eventually began to paint a picture that while seemingly bizarre, there was no escaping from.

Ultimately, Jacobs states that many of the abductees he has studied, often find themselves in situations where they are to train hybrids – of various ages – on anything from how to eat, how to act in a supermarket, to how to stock a refrigerator. And what’s more, these abductees do these tasks willingly, but against their own will at the same time – as if these alien entities can exert some kind of mind control over them. Furthermore, they rarely remember these encounters following their return, with many remembering only pieces of them during such procedures as hypnotic regression.

Jacobs discovered from the many files and pieced-together bits of information that these alien creatures are almost emotionless and have a kind of hive mentality. According to Jacobs, they “come from a collective society in which individuality and personal lives are virtually nonexistent” and have “limited and narrow emotional ranges.”

Consequently, they are genuinely confused by the complexity and intricacy of human existence. Essentially, Jacobs writes, they wish to understand the “rules” of humanity so they can blend in and one day become the domineering force on Earth.

How close or wide of the mark Jacobs might be in his conclusions is perhaps open to debate. However, if there is even some truth to such claims, it should perhaps be of concern to all of us.

Other Connections Between Alien Abductees

It is probably wise to examine the many other details offered by those who claim to have suffered alien abduction – details that, despite being offered from different parts of the world across many decades, appear to match almost exactly. After all, if those claims match and so give such claims a little more credibility, then we are forced to at least contemplate that the claims of human-alien offspring and the systematic training of them to “blend in” on Earth might also be credible.

For example, many apparent abductees speak of waking in a round room, often brightly lit but with no obvious source of light (there are no light bulbs or light strips, for example). Many claim the light appeared to seep from the walls themselves. Also of interesting, although many people report a “floating sensation” when they are seemingly entering the craft, they are unable to recall how they got into the room, only waking there, often on a stone-like table. Budd Hopkins would suggest that this might be down to the abductee being intentionally incapacitated before the examination.

Many abductees also describe the same type of creatures, with a large head and large eyes, and that they seemingly communicate among themselves and with the abductee through telepathy. What’s more, these telepathic abilities often continue in some abductees long after their encounters.

Many also speak of finding themselves in strange, glass-like tubes, often accompanied by regular flashing lights. Some researchers have suggested that these could be similar to X-ray machines and may possibly be recording the bodies of the abductees. Of course, if there is a record-keeping aspect to alien abductions, then this alone would suggest a very specific purpose and end goal.

While many might find the claims of an alien-human hybridization program outrageous, they are suggestions that we might be wise to study further, lest it become too late for us to collectively and adequately react.

The video below examines just what the Pentagon might know about UFOs and UFO technology through an interview with two US Navy pilots.

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