Whistleblowers On The Activities And Programs That “Don’t Exist!”

Marcus Lowth
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June 4, 2018
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September 23, 2021
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There are several claims of secret space programs, many of which we have mentioned before. There are also several “whistleblowers”, from varying backgrounds, who have stepped into the public arena, at times with very little to gain and everything to lose, with claims of what the “shadow government” of the world are working on, towards, and who with. Such people as Steven Greer, Boyd Bushman, or Paul Hellyer, for example, are on record in no uncertain terms about the certainty of alien life and, particularly so in Bushman and Hellyer’s case, regarding the contact that has already been made with humanity.

Depiction of a secret space mission on an alien planet

Depiction of a secret space mission

This contact very well might have been made with President Eisenhower in 1954. His great-granddaughter, Laura Eisenhower, certainly thinks so. And she is another high-profile person to make such claims of secret projects beyond what most of us could imagine. There is no doubt that some of the more outlandish claims raise suspicions of monetary incentives. Some of these claims are almost so bizarre one wonders if they could be anything other than true. Perhaps, as we have also stated before, the truth will lie somewhere in the middle of the outright denials and the wackiest off-the-wall assertions.

One such whistleblower who would fall into the latter category for many would be Corey Goode. Perhaps the main accusations leveled at Goode and those around him are the constant claims of “upcoming disclosure” that never seem to arrive. It is easy to see why some believe these promises of revelations are just a way to keep the interest alive. On the other hand, if there is any truth to Goode’s claims of a Secret Space Alliance, then the reality of the world’s population may take a strange turn in the near future.

Corey Goode, “Jacob”, and The Rothschilds Family

Corey Goode first began to make waves around the UFO and disclosure communities in 2015 amid claims of his two decades spent in an ultra-secret space program. According to Goode, this program comes under the US Navy. What is interesting here are the number of claims over the years that state the US Navy and not the US Air Force is behind such secret space projects.

Goode was “recruited” into the secret program while still a teenager and was age-reversed following his “tours”. Again, it is interesting to note the claims of age-reversing as made by multiple other such whistleblowers. [1] And the casual way each more often than not refer to their services as “tours”. While this is standard enough jargon for military service, the way people use it to describe such mind-bending events might suggest at least some sort of authenticity.

Goode, like many other researchers in this area, also makes assertions that ancient ruins lie below the ice of Antarctica. Furthermore, this race was once the “rulers of the planet” who interbred with humanity thousands of years ago.

It is an interesting notion. Perhaps even more so when the claims of “Jacob” are examined. Otherwise completely anonymous, Jacob claims to act as a liaison for none other than the Rothschild family and “extraterrestrial civilizations”, of which, he has interacted with over 400 such races. According to Jacob, using portal-type technology beyond society’s comprehension, he has gone to over 200 planets to conduct “telepathic trade deals” with races from other worlds. What the details of these apparent intergalactic trade deals was, remains a mystery.

It is certainly an interesting claim, though. Especially when you consider the equally intriguing conspiracies of such powerful families having an alien-human hybrid bloodline stretching back to Ancient Egypt and beyond.

Mark Richards – About To Tell The World About Aliens?

We have written before of the account of Gary McKinnon, who claimed in the early-2000s to have hacked into top-secret files in the US government’s computer systems. In there, he would find not only several “unbrushed” pictures of UFOs and apparent moon bases, but he would locate a folder entitled “Non-Terrestrial Officers”.

While most would disregard such claims, the US government didn’t. In fact, they pressed for several years for his extradition to the United States from Great Britain. The extradition was eventually blocked by (then) Home Secretary, Theresa May.

Although the reaches of the United States government were not successful in securing McKinnon, this wasn’t the case with Mark Richards – at least according to his wife, Jo Ann. She is a regular speaker at UFO lectures and seminars, and her claims against the US authorities are unwavering. According to Jo Ann, her husband was imprisoned (where he was when she married him) because he had found proof of secret space programs, [2] as well as established contact with extraterrestrial races.

According to the records of the 1982 trial, however, Richards was found guilty of first-degree murder. The records show that Richards’ friend, Richard Baldwin, was discovered weighted down in the waters of San Pablo Bay, California. According to the trial, Richards planned the murder, and then disposed of the body. Jo Ann, however, maintains that as well as secret space programs, which her husband claimed to have once been involved with fifteen years after starting his sentence in 1997, but also the alleged “Battle of Dulce”, at which he was also present.

There is very little to back up the claims, however. Whether that is due to falseness of the account, or because a thorough “background” job has gone ahead, is open to debate for some.

The Claims and Sudden Disappearance of Arthur Neumann

Arthur Neumann, better known to some as “Henry Deacon” was a leading physicist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He would speak privately about the use and knowledge of “free energy” and how ancient civilizations had very likely utilized such energy. Furthermore, and perhaps disturbingly, this knowledge of free energy was actively suppressed [3] by what many call “the elite”. The reason for this, besides the profits made in the oil and energy markets, is to maintain the “mass enslavement” of humanity.

As “Henry Deacon”, where he would make claims from the safety of anonymity, he would claim to the UFO community of portals that transport people to Mars (himself included). He would also further mention the “elite” who controlled all of these projects from the shadows.

After several years of such private talks, Neumann made the decision to speak to a much larger audience and would appear at a talk on exopolitics in Barcelona. He would not only speak of the free energy conspiracy, but of bases on Mars in what was a thriving human colony. Further still, like many others, he would state unreservedly of the contact that had already happened between secret shadowy members of a world government and extraterrestrial races.

His talk was so well received that many believed he would become a key speaker at such events. And his background certainly lent him a little extra credibility. Perhaps the “shadow government” thought so too. Shortly after giving this public speech, he vanished into thin air. [4] Nobody has seen or heard from him since.

Mark McCandlish is another “insider” who claims that “silencing” those who promote, and especially who master the arts of free energy to be of utmost importance to this cabal-like regime.

Dan Sherman and Clifford Stone “Targeted” Before Birth?

The account of Dan Sherman is particularly disturbing. Both in the apparent long-term planning of his recruitment into the secret realms of the US military [5] and because of the information he would reveal.

According to Sherman, the military’s interest went back to when he was a boy around the age of ten. He would claim a “Major Roberts” would often visit his family home. He would spend time with Sherman, all the while, planting the seed of his signing up for service. Roberts would soon gain the boy’s trust. As soon as he was of age, Sherman would indeed enlist in the United States Air Force.

As his “career” in the services progressed, specific roles would lead him into specialist electronic intelligence. Ultimately, he would communicate telepathically with extraterrestrial entities. He was part of “Project Preserve Destiny” that would conduct this telepathic communication in an attempt to “swap data”. Only certain individuals could do this, and as Sherman would find out, he was “genetically engineered” before his birth while still in the womb by the US military for this very task.

A similar claim would come from Clifford Stone, who would receive very similar visits to his family home from “Captain Brown”. Like Roberts, Brown was also a member of the US Air Force. And he would also encourage Stone every time he saw him to enlist in the services. Much like Sherman, Stone did this as soon as he could.

Although he believed the military was not aware of it, Stone had had an extraterrestrial experience as a small child. When they led him to a room with a “grey alien” he wasn’t so sure. The military wished him to “interface” with such entities, something he would “intuitively” be able to do.

Emery Smith Performed Test On Thousands Of Alien Samples!

While he didn’t have any direct one-to-one meetings with extraterrestrials himself, Emery Smith claims to have performed detailed tissue and skin samples on over 3,000 species of alien life.

Smith would claim that he was working as a scientist for the US Air Force. During this time an opportunity required him to make himself available each night after his day-duties. Realizing the “opportunity” was more an order, Smith did so. He would venture deep under the Air Force Base to an underground research facility, off-limits to all but a few.

He would receive various skin and tissue samples, which although only a small speck to the eye, were of compositions “alien” to him. And to humanity in general, it would seem. The sample sizes became larger over time, likely as a sign of trust in his abilities and demeanor. It was also easier to make out distinct “body parts” such as a limb or a finger.

Although he didn’t explain how he knew, he believed that many of the samples he tested were part of “a secret exchange”. One between humanity and an extraterrestrial society. Smith would eventually make the decision to covertly disclose information. He did so under the false name of “Paul” to researcher, David Wilcock. However, an out of the blue, military-style raid on his home would change his mind. This would include the locating and emptying of documents from secret locations known only to him. Shortly after he would reveal his identity for his own safety.

Philip Corso and the Alien Influence On Modern-Day Earth

Philip J. Corso would do most of his whistleblowing through his 1998 book, The Day After Roswell. [6] In it, he would state that not only was the alien crash at Roswell exactly that. The US military recovered a wealth of extraterrestrial technology. And the “military-industrial complex” back-engineered this, so giving them cutting edge technology. Much of this high-tech remains concealed from the general public, though.

It isn’t just military crafts, weapons, or devices that came about as a result of the recovered alien technology, however. Many of the technical devices, including the microchip, were a direct result of the Roswell incident of 1947. Just to put into perspective how huge an invention the microchip is, a whole range of devices from personal computers and televisions to smart technology, mobile phones, and digital storage devices, owe their existence to this one “invention”.

Many other everyday things such as food wrap (clingfilm) stem from the recovered alien craft. LED, lasers, and fiber optic lights all also come from back-engineering parts of the recovered ship.

Most controversial, however, are the claims that the technology would ultimately take humanity deep into space. Secret fleets still reside there, and equally secret missions still take place. The energies and propulsions used for these space flights mostly revolve around anti-gravity technology and free-energy. However, much like several of the people mentioned above, Corso also states there is active suppression of this free energy.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, this suppression of “free energy” appears to be very real. As does the efforts to cover up any detailed analysis or presentation of it. Perhaps, ultimately, we should listen a little harder to such claims.


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  • tom miller says:

    Corey Goode is full of it, as he openly admitted in his own latest legal deposition that it’s all made up and his “trademark” when he thought it would be kept secret. He even called other people’s claims that they were in any secret space program or in contact with the alients Corey mentions “mad” because he said he made them up from his own imagination.

  • Bug says:

    Corey Goode, Mark Richards and anyone else who claims to be a SSP veteran are just utter liars. There’s plenty of good, reliable people in ufology. But their hard work is often undone by people like David Wilcock who are just in it to con people out of money.

  • Bug says:

    Bushman and Hellyers opinions are no more worthy of recognition than mad old uncle Bob in my opinion. Bushman showed photos of a toy alien and Hellyer has, on numerous occasions referenced unreliable books as fully factual. The man never had any hands in experience with the subject when he worked in government. As far as I’m aware he was told by a general he’s never named that the day before Russell book is all true. Which it isn’t. It was rewritten to sell more copies with many parts changed. Greer has also pushed a number of people as legitimate witnesses. Clifford Stone springs to mind. A man that had a desk job and never once went out recovering craft. He just realised he could make more money at conferences than he could be his FOIA speeches.

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