Covert Operations, Suspicious Deaths, And Intelligent Substances: Is An Alien Liquid Invading Our Planet?

Marcus Lowth
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April 5, 2022
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The conspiracy of the strange deaths of several scientists who all worked for the Marconi group was thought to have a connection to the United States Strategic Defense Initiative, otherwise known as the Star Wars Program.

Blended picture of black liquid, a scientist, and a soldier

Is there really an alien substance “loose” under our feet?

However, in recent years, an even stranger conspiracy has emerged – one that suggests the deaths were indeed suspicious but that they were connected to top-secret work involving an intelligent alien substance, one that the Falklands War helped to cover up its discovery. This extraterrestrial liquid became known by those researching the claims as the Black Goo, and those claims stretch in several intriguing directions.

The Black Goo conspiracy sounds like science-fiction. Indeed, what we are about to examine are some of the most bizarre but unsettling claims of recent times. We just might find that, in this case, fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

Before we get into that a little further, however, we will begin by examining the Marconi conspiracy.

The Suspicious Deaths Of The Marconi Scientists

Beginning in 1982 a string of highly suspicious deaths involving scientists that appeared to have a connection to the Marconi as well as the Strategic Defense Initiative, otherwise known as the Star Wars Program. In total, between 1982 and 1990, over 20 scientists were discovered dead in more than mysterious circumstances. [1] What follows is a brief summary of just some of those deaths.

In March 1982, for example, 45-year-old Professor Keith Bowden of Essex University was driving his car when it went off a bridge, landing in an abandoned rail yard and killing him instantly. Perhaps bizarrely, his death was listed as accidental, with police asserting that he had been drinking alcohol on the night in question and had lost control of the vehicle. His family, however, rejected the suggestion, as did many of those who had been with him on the night of his death, all of whom stated he had not consumed alcohol that evening.

Even stranger, when Bowden’s family hired a solicitor to investigate Bowden’s questionable death, it was discovered that the tires on his vehicle – which were almost always new or recently replaced – had seemingly been swapped with a set of tires that were worn and past their best.

A picture of a DNA strand

Many Marconi scientists died in strange circumstances

Just over a year later in April 1983, 49-year-old defense expert, Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Godfrey, who was the head of the work-study unit at the Royal Military College of Science, simply disappeared into thin air. Despite repeated search efforts and attempts to lure him out of hiding with huge financial reward, he has not been seen since.

In March 1985, 49-year-old radar designer, Roger Hill, for reasons unknown, took a gun to himself and ended his own life, at least officially. Eight months later, in November 1985, 29-year-old digital communications expert, Jonathan Walsh would seemingly fall from a hotel room while working on a British Telecom project in the Ivory Coast. What perhaps makes Walsh’s death even more questionable is that he had expressed concern for his safety in the weeks leading up to his death, and furthermore, he was involved in secret research for his employer. Walsh’s death remains a mystery.

A similar death occurred in August 1986 when 24-year-old computer software engineer, Vimal Dajbhai, who worked for Marconi Underwater Systems, was discovered dead underneath Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge – a fall of over 200 feet. Interestingly or not, the death was not ruled a suicide and remains open. What made Dajibhai’s death even stranger was the fact that he was found with his trousers around his ankles and a “needle-sized puncture would” in his buttock, perhaps suggesting some kind of incapacitating drug had been administered.

Only two months later in October 1986, another computer analyst, this time for Marconi Defense Systems, 26-year-old, Ashaad Sharif, was discovered decapitated in his car. From the scene that greeted investigators, it is claimed that Sharif had tied a rope to a nearby tree and the other end to his neck and then drove away resulting in the horrific, fatal injury. His death was ruled a suicide.

However, when a relative was asked to identify Sharif’s body, they noticed that there was a metal rod on the floor of the vehicle right next to the accelerator. It appeared to them that the rod had been used to press down on the pedal, causing it drive forward with the (likely) unconscious Sharif inside.

A Sudden Surge In Strange Deaths

Several months after that, in January 1987, Richard Pugh, a computer consultant with the Ministry of Defense, was discovered dead with rope wrapped around his body, including four times around his neck. Bizarrely, despite the obviously suspicious nature, his death was ruled accidental due to a sexual experiment that had gone wrong.

In the same month, another Ministry of Defense employee, John Brittain, was discovered dead in his car as it sat parked with the engine running in his garage. As opposed to suicide, as we might expect, his death was ruled as accidental.

A month later, in February 1987, another engineer employed by Marconi – David Skeels – was discovered dead in his car from alleged carbon monoxide poisoning. In the same month, two more suspicious deaths were reported. One of these was Victor Moore, who died from an apparent overdose. Another was Peter Peapell who, like Skeels, was reported to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning. His death, however, appeared to his friends and family, as well as to the police who arrived that morning, to have been far from a suicide.

On the night before his body was discovered, Peapell had spent the evening with his wife and some of their friends. When they arrived home, he left his wife in the house while he went to put the car in the garage. The following morning after she realized that her husband had failed to come to bed, Peapell’s wife discovered his body “jammed” under the car, his mouth close to the exhaust pipe. The way the body was caused police to suspect he had been placed there as opposed to having positioned himself there.

Several weeks later, another Marconi employee, John Whiteman, was ruled to have accidentally drowned in his bathtub after taking a mixture of medication and alcohol (both of which were found scattered around the bathroom). However, autopsy reports showed no signs of drugs or alcohol in his system.

In March 1987, yet another Marconi scientist met with a sudden and tragic end. David Sands was driving his car – which, for reasons unknown, was jammed full of cans of petrol – when he suddenly turned his vehicle and drove into an abandoned roadside café. The car exploded immediately leaving Sands to be identified by his dental records only.

The following month, 24-year-old Mark Wisner was discovered wrapped in plastic bags with clingfilm wrapped tightly around his face. In a similar way to Richard Pugh, it was determined that Wisner had died through “sexual misadventure”. In May and June of 1987, two scientists from Plessey – recently purchased by Marconi – when 22-year-old Michael Baker and 60-year-old Frank Jennings were discovered in questionable circumstances respectively.

The following year in mid-January 1988, 23-year-old, Russell Smith went missing from his home where he lived with his parents. [2] His car was eventually on a clifftop with a note inside it. His body was discovered at the bottom of the cliff. At the time, details of the cause of death, as well as what was written on the note were not disclosed.

Several months later, in August 1988, two more strange and particularly horrific deaths occurred. Firstly, 50-year-old computer engineer, Alistair Beckham, spent a Sunday afternoon attending to his garden. Following this, according to the official version of events, he then went into his garden shed and attached a series of electrical wires to his chest. He then is said to have pushed a handkerchief into his mouth and switched on the power, apparently electrocuting himself to death.

It was Beckham’s wife’s opinion that her husband had not taken his own life. She would state that not only had he become increasingly secretive about his work in the weeks leading up to his death, but in the hours following his discovery, several men who claimed to work for the Ministry of Defense arrived at his home. They insisted on searching the shed and left with several documents belonging to Beckham.

A similar but even more grotesque death awaited 60-year-old John Ferry, who proceeded to attach electrically charged wires to the fillings in his teeth before switching them on and electrocuting himself.

Truly Suspicious Circumstances

The deaths of these scientists, then, are without a doubt suspicious, and amazingly strange. Can they all be explained away as mere conspiracy theories? And if that, just what was the dark hand that seemingly orchestrated such apparent killings? None of the scientists had any (known) contact with each other, and yet some deadly piece of string connected them together. [3]

It was noted by many who researched the case that several of the men had allegedly committed suicide in particularly violent ways – certainly using methods that were out of the norm from those who choose to end their lives. Furthermore, it was highlighted how the deaths that were explained away as sex games gone wrong were a favorite of the espionage world, and certainly suspicious here within the context of the other deaths.

Even more concerning was that many of the men had complained to their families and close friends of the unrealistic and “unscientific” nature of their work tasks. Perhaps even more alarming was that several of the scientists had officially left their respective jobs and were working out their notice periods when they died.

Picture of a spiral with a sphere rising out of it

Just what were the Marconi scientists working on?

There were also several questionable deaths of scientists in West Germany who also had connections to the Strategic Defense Initiative, with one scientist being killed by a bomb planted in his car. Even stranger, several scientists with similar connections to the SDI program in Italy and Sweden also died in suspicious circumstances.

For their part, British authorities shrugged off and dismissed the notion that something untoward was taking place, with one Defense Ministry spokesperson saying the idea was like something “straight out of James Bond”. And while there was little press coverage at the time, and certainly little that would connect these mysterious deaths, when viewed retrospectively (as we have highlighted above) a very worrying picture builds up. By the late 1980s, when many of the killings had already occurred, though, several investigative newspapers – both national and international – began questioning the deaths, and highlighting such connections as the Strategic Defense Initiative. [4]

Was it their work with the SDI that resulted in their untimely deaths? We should note that there are many who have claimed that the technology of the Strategic Defense Initiative was the result of reverse-engineered alien technology. This would undoubtedly have put those who worked with it in a precarious position. Marconi has always refused to publicly comment on the strange deaths, which, rather than distancing themselves from the allegations of foul play, has almost tied the company to them even tighter.

However, some researchers have since suggested that it was not the Star Wars project that connected these unfortunate scientists, but rather their involvement with something that has never officially been acknowledged.

The deaths of the Marconi scientists are without a doubt, suspicious. However, whether they connect to the SDI program is open to debate. According to some, the truth of the matter is a lot stranger, and even more ominous. Indeed, their work with the SDI program may have been a cover to the real nature of their work. And it is to those claims where we will turn our attention next.

The Black Goo Conspiracy – What Happened Behind The Scenes Of The Falklands War?

The connection that some researchers have highlighted is an apparent alien substance discovered, coincidentally or not, in 1982, the same year that Marconi conspiracy began.

According to the basics of the conspiracy, the real reason for the Falklands conflict – or certainly something that was going on behind the scenes of officialdom – was the discovery of an intelligent alien substance. The substance was said to be a deep black color and has since been dupped by researchers and investigators and the Black Goo.

One UFO researcher who has investigated the Black Goo conspiracy is Miles Johnston, who actually used the name Black Goo for the first time in relation to the claims, after which, it stuck. He claimed in a television interview in 2014 that the black Goo was a “sentient liquid that responds to electrical stimuli”.

British soldiers on the Falkland Islands

British soldiers on the Falkland Islands

He would elaborate that this alien substance has been on Earth for millions of years, dormant and waiting to evolve once more. It is unclear if this trigger came from afar, whether it is preprogrammed into its genetic structure, or whether interaction with humans and the outside world will be the catalyst. What is clear, though, at least according to Johnston, is that while the Falklands War raged, the British military discreetly took control of this extraterrestrial liquid and returned it to the United Kingdom.

It is claimed that several of the world’s intelligence agencies and militaries had looked to get their hands on the substance, but the British military simply arrived and secured it first. It is claimed that the bulk of this was discovered on Thule Island, and it is to this location where we will turn our attention to next.

The Mystery Of Thule Island

Thule Island, the southernmost of the South Sandwich Islands – is perhaps one of the most important locations of the black goo conspiracy.

It is claimed that it was here that an extraterrestrial race – referred to as The Blues, whose appearance was essentially like the Grey alien but with a blue color instead of grey – had set up a secret base of sorts deep under the ground just after the First World War. And according to some sources, some high-ranking people in the Argentinian military were fully aware of this alien presence.

According to whistleblowers, as well as researcher Alec Newald – who claims to have had direct contact with these blue aliens – they were attempting to deactivate this oily alien substance in the years leading up to the outbreak of the Falklands War. They had specifically chosen Thule Island due to its freezing cold climate, something which kept the black goo in a dormant state.

Whether this was connected to the Argentinian government’s decision to set up a scientific military base there in 1976 or not is open to debate. Some, though, very much believe it is.

According to one witness, Juan Garcia who served in the Argentinian Air Force, when Argentine reestablished a military base on the island in 1976, it was more than just flexing of muscles on the international stage. He would tell UFO researcher, David Griffin, that from 1976 until the outbreak of the Falklands War in April 1982, “there seemed to be an unseen force or agenda leading the darker sides to policy”. It is also believed that both the United States and the United Kingdom were aware of this extraterrestrial aspect of the base.

The base on Thule Island

The base on Thule Island

What is known for certain is that British forces attacked the base, using specially trained SAS units to do so. Furthermore, it has also been said that an underground facility was attacked and destroyed at the same time – a facility that would appear to be the extraterrestrial base.

What is also interesting to note is that of the many papers relating to the Falklands War, only those concerning activity on Thule Island remains classified, even though it should have been released to the public several years ago.

Perhaps adding a further dimension to this, admittedly outlandish conspiracy, are the claims that this alien substance, or certainly something connected to it, resides in Antarctica. It is interesting that the largely off-limits continent of Antarctica is easily accessed from the Falkland Islands.

Experiments That Went Wrong

Once this substance was in the hands of the British, they returned it to the United Kingdom where it was transported to a secret laboratory location. Their objective was to have scientists study this alien liquid, learn from it, and possibly, figure out a way to weaponize it. It is here where some researchers have suggested the Marconi scientists enter the frame.

One such researcher who has investigated the Marconi deaths and the potential connections they might have to the Black Goo conspiracy is the previously mentioned David Griffin. It is his belief that they were likely working on the top-secret alien substance in their run-ups to their deaths.

Griffin also highlights how many of the scientists’ death were not only suspicious but highly strange. It is said by some who have researched the black goo substance that it has the ability to affect the emotions and thought-process of people it is near to – essentially, it potentially has the ability to take over a person’s mind and decision-making process.

This extraterrestrial fluid is said to have somehow escaped its environment. It is not clear if this was literally the case, and it used its own intelligence to flee, or whether it was somehow released, whether unintentionally or otherwise. What is clear, though, is once it was outside the confines of the laboratory, it took to the sewer and water systems, examining each germ and bacteria, and “learning” and “evolving” by the second.

Might this apparent leaking of this alien liquid into the wider world have been the catalyst that resulted in the Marconi scientists’ deaths? Might they have been looking to break the story to the world or were their deaths simply insurance to maintain absolute secrecy on the alleged experimental activities?

Top Secret Projects And Programs

One of the consequences of the black goo conspiracy was the creation of several top-secret programs that fell under both the United Kingdom’s intelligence department and those of the United States, in particular the National Security Agency (NSA). The activities of this elite and ultra-secretive agency is not fully known, but it is believed that they were ultimately a clean-up assassination squad, and unwitting assassins at that, with claims of mind-control being used on those who were “recruited” into the project.

Were these apparent assassins used to neutralize those involved with the program who were considered a risk to the project’s secrecy?

One of those said to be connected to one of these programs – Project Mannequin – was the late conspiracy theorist and researcher, Max Spiers, who we have examined previously. Although many believe it to have been nothing more than a tragic accident, including his family, there were certainly some suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. Perhaps not least the claims that he vomited a “black liquid” in the hours before he died.

Whether Spiers was connected to the black goo conspiracy, even perhaps without his knowledge, is open to debate. There were rumors that he was on to “something big” before he died, and he also sent texts to his mother asking her to investigate his death if something was to happen to him. Only days after those texts were sent, of course, Spiers was indeed dead.

Some Things To Consider

It hasn’t escaped many researchers that tales of “black goo” are one of the many story arcs of The X-Files, at times being the focus of entire episodes. And what’s more, the backstory of this black goo, and indeed its qualities and agenda, match almost exactly to the claims of black goo connected to the Falklands War.

Might the writers, directors, or producers of The X-Files have been trying to get information into the public through the fictional television show? Perhaps such an influence was more discreet and indirect. Maybe a person close to the show, or the writers, planted such an idea and gently encouraged such a story to be written.

We might also consider that claims of the black goo, at least in part, be disinformation. And that is not to say that the people making such claims are untrustworthy, but rather that there is the possibility that sources that should be trustworthy may have, in fact, passed on purposely wrong information.

We might recall the UFO researcher from the 1950s, Frank Scully, who was a remarkable researcher, as well as genuine and credible. However, perhaps because of this, he was targeted with disinformation from people he had reason to trust. In short, anyone who has spent any amount of time researching or investigating any aspect of the UFO and Alien Question is more than aware that paths are littered with purposeful disinformation. And because of this, we should treat most claims with a certain degree of salt.

That said, there is more than enough reasons here to investigate the claims further and with a serious mindset.

A Bizarre And Disturbing Prospect

Without a doubt, the Black Goo conspiracy and the apparent connections to the suspicious deaths of the Marconi scientists have to be treated with a pinch of salt. And they are outrageous in nature. That said, there have been many conspiracies and claims that have appeared equally as preposterous, to begin with, that have proven to have had at least partial truths to them. With that in mind, we should perhaps not be in such a hurry to completely dismiss them as nonsense without at least further consideration – if only what any partial truths might actually have been.

Why, for example, do the files on Thule Island remain classified when all others are in the public domain? It is clear that something happened there or is located there that the British military and government consider a security risk, at the very least. Might it be that there is something altogether stranger being covered up than most of us would be prepared to imagine?

If there is any truth to the bizarre but disturbing conspiracy of the black goo and its potential connection to the Marconi scientists, then we need to evaluate just what is going on around us at any given time. As well as where this apparent alien substance might be today, and if an alien invasion is already taking place under our very noses.

The video below features David Griffin speaking about the Black Goo conspiracy at length. It is certainly intriguing listening.


1 Computer Magazine Says Scientists’ Deaths Don’t Add Up, Leslie Shepherd, AP News, April 14th, 1988
2 Mystery of the Dead Scientists: Coincidence or Conspiracy?, Marcus Eliason, AP News February 6th, 1988
3 Scientists’ Death Mystify British, Howard Writt, Chicago Tribune, April 17th 1988
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