Cold Explosions And Wormholes: The Light Apparition Experiments Remote-Viewed By The CIA

Marcus Lowth
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March 5, 2024
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Almost all of the declassified, if still heavily redacted, files of the CIA’s remote viewing projects of the 1970s and 1980s make for interesting reading. Some files, however, are more compelling and captivating than others, and that is certainly the case with several remote viewing sessions during the summer of 1984 that appeared to show advanced weapons experiments of the Soviet Union that resulted in “cold explosion” and even the creation of wormholes.

It is claimed, as we will explore, that these experiments resulted in a huge, orchestrated explosion and even distortions of time, that gave access to our realm of existence to an intelligence from elsewhere. What’s more, on the alleged day in question, a bizarre and officially documented mushroom cloud appeared off the coast of Japan – an event that remains unexplained to this day, and could very well be proof that the revelations in these intelligence documents are entirely accurate.

These alleged experiments with waves of energy that resulted in strange “light apparitions” remain a topic of debate today, and could very well offer proof that authorities, behind closed doors, have access to far greater technology than the vast majority of the general public are aware of.

Project Stargate – The CIA’s Remote Viewing Program

Before examining the Light Apparition Experiments, we need to briefly reexamine Project Stargate, the CIA’s remote viewing program. This program, at least officially, was begun in the early 1970s, with many seemingly successful experiments conducted. There is, for example, the famous remote viewing mission of Ingo Swann to Jupiter, which revealed facts about the gas giants that were not known until a year later.

There were, though, many other much more secretive remote viewing missions – some of which involved Swann – that were geared toward events even more mind-blowing. Some of these missions involved exploring apparent bases on the Lunar surface while others saw remote viewers describing ancient civilizations on Mars millions of years ago. Without a doubt, some of the most interesting sessions were a consequence of the Cold War, which was in full ideological swing at the time. These missions involved looking at the apparent top-secret weapons experiments of the Soviet Union and other potential “enemies” of the West.

By 1995, authorities officially brought the project to a close. Over time, the true reality of the program became public knowledge as increasing numbers of CIA documents were released into the public arena. And some of the revelations were shocking and thought-provoking in equal measure.

Bursts Of Energy And Temporal Disturbances

Of all the documents eventually released by the CIA regarding the Stargate program – either declassified documents or those released through Freedom of Information Act requests – were those concerning apparent light apparition experiments – experiments that appeared to study the very fabric of our reality.

Although the techniques, methods, and technology utilized remain unknown (they were not included within the declassified documents) what is in the documents seems to hint heavily at the use of an advanced device or procedure to create and then control massive bursts of energy. And these bursts of energy would, according to the files, result in bizarre temporal disturbances. Even more intriguing, it would appear that this technology also assisted in manipulating time itself.

Joe McMoneagle

Joe McMoneagle

Given what we know about Project Stargate, it should come as no surprise that this information was arrived at by the CIA through remote viewing. Some of the most startling revelations came from a remote viewer referred to only as “Source 01”, a person many people believe to be Joe McMoneagle, without a doubt one of the most accurate remote viewers of the entire Stargate program. [1]

A T-Shaped Building With Domes

The remote viewing session in question took place on June 19th, 1984, with the remote viewer (Source 01) asked in on April 9th of the same year. He began by stating that he could tell he was on the ground but was looking up on a “swirling mass of (what) looks like very low clouds”. He was asked to look around and see what was taking place, responding that he could “see some people off to one side” and he could see that he was looking at some kind of building.

He continued that the building was “in the form of a ‘T’”, elaborating that “it’s got twin domes on each end of the crossbar”. He could also see a large set of doors that had an “inverted ‘V’ over them”. What’s more, as he was standing there, he felt as though he was “inside an energy field”.

At this point, he was told to go inside the building, specifically, to one of the domed sections.

Sketch of the T-Shaped building the witness saw

Sketch of the T-shaped building the witness saw

Upon entering the room, he described seeing a table that had been pushed up against a wall, as if to make space in the middle of the room. He could see distinct “indentations” on the walks and pillars of “up and down lines”. He could also see multiple colors in the room and, interestingly, he could “sense flames of some kind”.

He was told to make his way to the other domed room and state what he saw there. He described very much the same room, although in this room there was “like a mushroom shape” and a “pedestal of some kind” with “very ornate gold handles on the base of something”. When he was asked to describe this pedestal further, he offered that it was “a little bit longer than wide” and that he was “getting an impression of feet somewhere”, adding that he could sense some form of art or statue connected to it.

The session guide then issued further instructions.

The 24-Hour Time Window Known As 9 April 1984

Source 01 was instructed to “examine the 24-hour time window known as 9 April 1984” – and here is where the transcript takes a strange turn.

The remote viewer, after at first struggling to relay the bizarre events he was witnessing, stated that the events had “something to do with time”, adding a moment later that he had a “perception of a broadcast of energy that’s very finite but it is not, that’s very localized”, adding further that it was like an “energy ball”. He could also see the people in the room were also focused on this “event” and that he sensed they were uncertain of what they were looking at also.

He was asked to describe in as much detail as he could the “event” he was watching. He responded that he felt he was looking at some kind of portal, stating it appeared “like a hole drilled through nothing”. He then elaborated that it was like looking at the “connected tissue of reality” that was “twisted around in a corkscrew-like fashion” that made a “very strange light effect”, clarifying that it was “not reflective light, it’s just light” with an “iridescent outline of some kind”.

Then, his descriptions turned stranger still.

He claimed that, suddenly, it appeared “very much like something popped in our reality” and he could see a “hazy outline of light is like defining an area where there’s a whole different energy format”. He continued that whenever he tried to focus on this energy he experienced “a whole surge of different frequencies” that was “really strange, like thousands upon thousands” of frequency waves.

He was asked where this energy came from or was going to, to which he simply replied it was “from somewhere else, like, it just appears there”.

His guide then asked him if this event had a connection with the pedestal he had mentioned upon entering the room. Source 01 responded that it was, but only because it just “happened to be the localized place that was targeted”.

An Instinct To Both Run And Worship

The monitor then asked Source 01 to focus his attention on the people who were viewing the event. The first thing he noticed was that all of the individuals present – whether intentional or not – had dark hair. They were also all wearing the same kind of black and white uniform. At random, Source 01 then selected one of the people and focused his attention directly on them. He immediately noticed a feeling of fear in the individual. In fact, when he focused on the entire group once more, he could sense that all those present were afraid. And their fear was focused on the bizarre events they were witnessing.

He could sense that they collectively wanted to turn and run, although none of them did. He sensed that “something” was stopping them. However, as well as this apparent desire to flee, he also sensed that wished to “throw themselves down and worship this light”.

The monitor then asked the remote viewer to focus his attention on an individual who didn’t appear as emotional as the rest. He quickly found someone who fit the bill. He offered that this particular individual thought that the events they were watching were “an effect from another location…like a broadcasting of a focal point”, adding that this was “just a side effect to the real objective”, whatever that objective might be.

An artist's impression of what the witness saw

An artist’s impression of what the witness saw

It was at this stage that the monitor directed the remote viewer to look at the actual experiment that was taking place and the “mechanics” of it.

Although struggled to fully articulate what his monitor asked – simply because he had a limited understanding of it himself – he claimed that he was watching some kind of coming together of “wave formats” that were “overlapping and colliding with each other”. These collisions then produced extremely high peaks and equally extreme lows.

His monitor continued to prompt him, stating that they needed to “know the mechanics of what happens”, particularly in terms of the “machinery that makes this happen”. The remote viewer responded that he could see “sets of coils” that were “protected by shields”. Furthermore, these were connected to a bar magnet, which was very similar in shape to the T-shape of the building itself. These coils, Source 01 continued, produced “extremely low frequencies”.

At this point, the monitor ended the session.

An “Awesome Explosion” That “Measured In Miles”

Although this particular session was brought to a close, there were further revelations to be discovered in other declassified documents featuring other remote viewers who were asked to view the same date and location.

One of the most intriguing of these was recorded as Source 63. [2] This session actually took place several weeks before the session with Source 01, on May 30th, 1984. They reported some kind of “manmade explosion”, elaborating that they could sense a “muffled boom” and a “powerful light”. Even stranger, they could sense “whining, ripping, and water sounds”. Stranger still, follow this the remote viewer reported seeing a “large, dome-shaped object (that) rose out of the water”.

They also commented that the events seemed to be connected to a “one-story, fenced-in building” that had a “strange secretive, quiet electric feeling” to it. Even more intriguing – much like Source 01 – Source 63 commented that all of the people involved with the building had black hair and wore white and black uniforms.

Another remote viewer – Source 02 – also had some intriguing revelations. This session also took place before the session with Source 01, a week after the session with Source 63, on June 7th, 1984. [3] Once more, the remote viewer was asked to focus on April 9th, 1984. They also reported seeing an “awesome explosion” which “produced a brilliant white flash containing colors and rainbows”. What’s more, this explosion “produced tremendous qualities of heat” and “measured in miles”.

Even more intriguing, and once more, similar to Source 01, the remote viewer offered that this explosion was “an energetic, electrostatic event producing static, humming, popping, and roaring sounds”.

Source 02 would go even further, stating that the explosion “produced a column rising up” and “dirty, layered clouds”. Expanding out from this explosion were “shock waves, upheaval, and earth tremors”. He further described buildings that were similar in shape to the T-shaped buildings described by Source 01, as well as equipment with coils.

What is interesting, if we search through history to see of any such happenings on the date in question, we find one that would, coincidentally or not, fit almost completely.

A Strange Explosion Off The Coast Of Japan, April 9th, 1984

On the same day, at around the same time, around 200 miles off the coast of Japan, a truly bizarre event occurred – one that is still without satisfactory explanation today. [4] On the day in question, residents along the Japanese coast reported seeing a huge mushroom cloud rising above the horizon.

Needless to say, given the Cold War was still in full swing, many people immediately feared the worst. Indeed, many of those witnesses stated that the shape and expansive nature of the mushroom cloud were typical of those associated with nuclear explosions. As this was happening, and over the coming hours, multiple planes – cargo planes and commercial airliners – had to change course to avoid this mushroom-shaped cloud.

Artist's impression of the mushroom cloud witnessed off the coast of Japan

Artist’s impression of the mushroom cloud witnessed off the coast of Japan

One of the planes that had to change course was Flight 36 of Japan Airlines, whose captain – Charles McDade – not only changed course but began an emergency descent and immediately radioed a distress call to flight controllers in Alaska. [5] He would inform them that they could see something strange that “looks like a nuclear explosion, only there’s no fireball”.

Other airliners also changed course, including aircraft from Flying Tiger and KLM. Upon landing in Anchorage, they underwent immediate tests for radioactivity, but nothing out of the ordinary was detected.

There have been several proposed explanations for the truly strange events of that day in April 1984 – none of which have proven to be conclusive by any stretch of the imagination. Some people, for example, have stated the events could have been a consequence of the natural world, specifically, an eruption from one of the many underwater volcanoes in the region. This would, some people have put forward, result in mushroom-shaped clouds of ash that would resemble those associated with nuclear explosions. However, there appears to be no data confirming any such volcanic activity on or around the day in question.

Experiments With Scalar Waves?

As we might imagine, this lack of a solid explanation from the authorities allows speculation, and indeed, suspicion, to grow. And some of that speculation began to contemplate if some kind of military experiment or accident was responsible for the bizarre mushroom cloud that morning in April 1984. And when we consider the declassified CIA documents that we examined previously, such considerations might not be that far off the mark.

Before we explore this possibility further, it is perhaps wise to get to grips with the very basics of Scalar Physics – the use of which can, at least in theory, result in “cold explosions” and even the creation of wormholes or portals.

In its most basic form, scalar physics revolves around the theory of scalar waves – a hypothetical type of longitude wave different from electromagnetic waves. Of more interest in light of the documents we have explored here, scientists have proposed that these waves would have the ability to influence and even interact with the matter of the universe – or the fabric of reality. These hypothetical scalar waves would have the ability to carry information over great distances and would do so at great speed, almost instantly.

What is also interesting about scalar waves is their potential, in theory, to create portals or wormholes. We might recall, for example, the details offered by Source 01 of some kind of rip in the fabric of reality – was he, in fact, describing a wormhole? And if so, does this indicate some kind of experiment by a foreign (to the United States) government or military with scalar physics?

There is also, another theoretical side of scalar physics to explore. And once more, these theories resonate nicely with the information in the declassified files, as well as the events that April day in 1984 off the coast of Japan.

The Creation Of A Cold Explosion?

As well as the creation of wormholes, another speculative potential of the manipulation of scalar waves would be “cold explosions”. Unlike traditional explosions, which release huge amounts of heat and energy, which, in turn, result in the destructive effects we are all familiar with, it is suggested that cold explosions would release huge amounts of energy with the intense heat – ultimately, a non-widespread destructive explosion.

With this in mind, given all that we know of the bizarre events that day off the Japanese coast combined with the remarkable revelations of the remote viewers in the declassified CIA documents, could it be possible that a government or agency somewhere in the world, possibly close the Pacific Ocean, were experimenting with scalar waves and triggered a cold explosion, whether intentionally or not?

According to information in a CIA document written on April 24th, 1984 by T.E. Bearden, this was a distinct possibility. [6]

Evidence Of A Soviet Weapons Test?

The document, titled Star Wars Now! The Bohm-Aharonov Effect, Scalar Interferometry, and Soviet Weaponization, not only dealt with scalar physics and the possibility of experimentation of it by the Soviet Union, but it also appeared to highlight the strange events of April 9th off the coast of Japan and details that seemed to corroborate the reports of the remote viewers that would take place several weeks later.

According to the document, at 5:14 am on the date in question, in a known weapons test area of the Soviet Union a little over 200 miles off the coast of Japan, a vast and powerful explosion occurred. This resulted in a mushroom cloud that rose out of and almost 60,000 feet above the sea in only two minutes. What’s more, the diameter of this mushroom cloud was at least 150 miles.

Incidentally, official records do show weapons tests scheduled for the Soviet Union that day, they were not due to take place until 9 pm – over 12 hours later. Had they been brought forward? Or was this time purposely placed into the public arena to allow for further secrecy?

The report also documents the five commercial airplanes and two military planes that found themselves caught up in this mushroom cloud. The two military planes were sent through intentionally to gather data. It was found that the cloud was made up of solid particles of ice, and of further interest, the cloud itself was far colder than the atmosphere surrounding it. It is also worth mentioning that the report states that there was no sign of any volcanic material within the cloud, further ruling out a volcano eruption being responsible.

A Real Experiment With Unintended Consequences

It was determined that the events and the subsequent explosion were “man-made”, very likely caused by a Soviet scalar weapons test – almost certainly, efforts to achieve a cold explosion.

Bearden would put forward that if scalar waves were crossed at a targeted location, it would result in something very similar to a nuclear explosion – a cold explosion. What is also of interest here, as well as the icy mushroom cloud, one of the consequences of this explosion would be the presence of rainbow-like lights, something that was reported by one of the remote viewers.

If claims of a secret Soviet weapons test are correct, then what should we make of the descriptions from Source 01 of the light phenomena that appeared in the domed room that housed the pedestal – events that those present appeared to be cautious of, in some cases, frightened – that whatever the experiment was and what the aims were, it had ultimately led to some kind of unforeseen and unexpected consequences.

What’s more, it would appear these consequences were the creation of some kind rip in the fabric of reality that allowed some form of energy, possibly even intelligence, into our world from a place unknown.

It is also worth mentioning that a Large Scalar Interferometer Transmitter – a proposed device required to weaponize scalar waves – looks almost identical, at least in dimensions, to the T-shaped buildings and the coiled machinery described by Source 01. Is this also just a coincidence?

If Accurate, What Advancements Have They Reached Today?

So, what should we make of these claims? Is it really possible that not only was the Soviet Union experimenting with scalar wave technology, but did this result in a cold explosion off the coast of Japan? And is that still being covered up today? Perhaps of further interest, did this experiment result in the creation of some kind of wormhole that allowed an unknown intelligence access to our world? And if so, is that intelligence still present in our realm of existence today?

We might contemplate just what other revelations might reside in documents still to be released into the public – documents on both sides of the (then) ideological divide of the Cold War. Furthermore, might the CIA – or some other discreet government or military agency – have conducted their own experiments with scalar waves and how to weaponize them?

One thing is certain, if there is any truth or accuracy to what we have examined here, the knowledge of such things as scalar waves, cold explosions, and possible interdimensional technology will still exist somewhere. And we can only imagine how ahead authorities and departments might be today closing in on half a century later.

The video below explores these extraordinary claims a little further.


1 Transcript – HU-1088/8407/01, CIA Declassified Transcript Document
2 Document HU-1087/8407/63, CIA Declassified Document
3 Document HU-1089/8407/02, CIA Declassified Document
4 Kaitoku Seamount and the Mystery Cloud of 9 April 1984, Daniel A. Walker, Charles S. McCreery, and Firmin J. Olivei, Science, Vol. 227, No. 4687, Feb 8, 1985
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6 Star Wars Now! The Bohm-Aharonov Effect, Scalar Interferometry, and Soviet Weaponization, T. E. Bearden, April 24, 1984

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