The “Secret Six” And A Discreet Alien Agenda?

Marcus Lowth
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February 2, 2024
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The Georgia Guidestones are already controversial before we begin to contemplate the question of whether they are connected to apparent contact events between extraterrestrials and a limited number of human beings. The fact is, though author Paul Blake Smith in his book President Eisenhower’s Close Encounters, makes a compelling argument that such a suggestion should be taken a little more seriously than many would like to think.

If there was any truth in such speculation, then not only would it perhaps make us reexamine the contents of the Georgia Guidestones from a slightly different perspective, but it would also offer proof that not only does intelligent life exist outside of our own planet and possibly solar system, but contact, albeit limited, has been made with at least one extraterrestrial civilization. And if that contact had been made, then what might the unknown consequences have been for humanity? How much of our technology today, for example, might be the result of these speculative meetings? Could it even be possible that further advanced technology and know-how exist locked away in top-secret government locations, kept out of the public arena for a variety of potential reasons?

Indeed, what at first appears to be a bizarre notion could very well spark a mind that will reexamine both the alleged meetings between presidents in the 1950s and secret messages placed in such monuments as the Georgia Guidestones, and perhaps seeing something that has been previously missed that will shine a light on both mysteries.

Before we move on to Smith’s speculations and theories, we will first turn our attention to the Georgia Guidestones themselves, a structure that is without a doubt one of the most mysterious monuments of recent times.

Where Did They Come From, Who Built Them, And Why?

Usually when the kind of questions as the above title are asked, we are speaking of a megalithic building that is thousands of years old (at least) and has hazy if intriguing, and enticing origins. However, those questions were asked by people near and far as soon as the Georgia Guidestones appeared on the morning of March 22nd, 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia. Standing at just under 20 feet tall the monument was the creation of “Robert C. Christian” who claimed to represent “a small group of loyal Americans”.

Just under nine months earlier, Christian had the monument commissioned, claiming that the group of people he was representing had been planning the structure for over 20 years. He also claimed that while they were happy to fund the project, they wished to remain unknown. In fact, an interesting side note here is that when Christian had told the Elbert Granite Finishing company of his plans in order that they should undertake the project, the president of the company, Joe Fendley had believed he was not quite mentally stable and, as such, issued a quote for the work that was much higher than the actual costs, thinking this would cause the strange gentleman to abandon his planes. [1] To his shock, Cristian accepted the figures quoted and asked him to proceed. It is claimed the overall cost of the project was around $100,000 – almost $400,000 in today’s currency.

Ultimately, there were ten guidelines (a twist on the Ten Commandments?) in no less than eight different languages – English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. [2] The languages, the mysterious creators (or Robert Christian) claimed, were chosen as between them they represented the biggest overall collection of humanity. It is also claimed that those who created the Guidestones had done so as they believed that nuclear war was imminent and these guidelines were to act as instructions for any potential survivors, or even the next civilization that might not arise for thousands of years after life, essentially, began again.

They read:

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

Unite humanity with a living new language.

Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

Balance personal rights with social duties.

Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

Be not a cancer on the Earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature. [3]

On the day the stones were revealed, statements had been issued to be read on behalf of the mystery organizers of the project. One of these statements was that the Georgia Guidestones had “a simple message for human beings, now and for the future. We believe our precepts are sound, and they must stand on their own merits”.

Eventually, Christian would transfer the rights of the land to Elbert Country, who agreed to protect and preserve the monument. A short time after this, a fence of barbed wire was put up around the monument in order to prevent cattle from causing damage to it. It is perhaps this sectioning off of the Georgia Guidestones with such a fence that lit the slow-burn fuse of what became some of the most ominous conspiracies of the early 2000s.

Conspiracies  And Eventual Destruction

As we might imagine, the mystery that surrounded this suddenly appearing monument would eventually morph into several conspiracies, some of which, as we will explore in a moment, would eventually take on a life of its own.

Almost immediately were rumors of devil worship and satanism connected to the monument, with one local minister warning that “occult groups” would be drawn to the structure. Other conspiracies suggested that the monument was a tool of the “New World Order” and a sign of their plans to take over humanity in the imminent future.

At around 4 am on July 6th, 2022, after some of the wilder conspiracy theories had seemingly boiled over, the Georgia Guidestones were severely damaged in an apparent purposeful explosion. The slabs that contained the Swahili and Hindi languages were completely destroyed, while there was also significant damage to the capstone. [4]

Ultimately, largely due to safety reasons, and not least in case those responsible returned to finish what they had started, the crippled monument was dismantled by the authorities shortly after. As a part of this dismantling, the proposed time capsule buried beneath the stones was not located – although as we might imagine, some would offer that this was likely discreetly retrieved by authorities (we should stress that there is no evidence for this).

In the weeks that followed the explosion, CCTV footage that captured a vehicle leaving the scene just before the explosion was analyzed and investigated by police. However, investigators were unable to establish any leads as to who might have been responsible. Even stranger, given the brashness of the act, no organization claimed responsibility for the act, nor did an individual under the cloak of anonymity state they had carried out the explosion for one cause or another.

Despite plans to rebuild the monument in an alternative location, at the moment, the remains are in the hands of the Elberton Granite Association.

The short video below is a news report on the stones’ destruction.

Were The Stones The Result Of Extraterrestrial Contact?

Perhaps of all the theories put forward to explain the Georgia Guidestones and what their purpose might have been, those put forward by author Paul Blake Smith in the book President Eisenhower’s Close Encounters are certainly some of the most intriguing, and potentially accurate. He would suggest that the mystery group could have been comprised of several of the men who had close connections to Eisenhower during his presidency, and who very likely discreetly attended or were at least privy to what was discussed during his alleged meeting with extraterrestrials in 1954 and could be behind the stones.

Smith points to (and we recommend you read Smith’s Eisenhower book in full) what appears to be a group of six mystery Georgia police officers who appeared to act as a secret-service protection group for President Eisenhower, not just in Georgia, but out of state, specifically, in California in February 1954 when the famous alleged meeting with extraterrestrials took place. Smith highlights several clues that suggest this is true, not least a note discovered in the official appointment logs. On February 12th, 1955, the notes state that at a little after 4 pm, “The President autographed a group picture taken February 19 1954 showing members of the Georgia State Police who assisted the Secret Service in setting up the security on that occasion”.

Of course, the date of February 19th, 1954 is the exact date of the alien meeting. And, as Smith asks, why would a photograph have been taken with this specific group of men unless they had been a part of a truly life-changing event? What’s more, that photograph was signed by Eisenhower just short of a year later in Georgia at what was officially a “hunting vacation” – a vacation that included the same “secret six” security team.

Further Revelations Of The “Secret Six”

Smith relays the research of Art Campbell, whose source offered to him that during that vacation, there was a “covert middle-of-the-night trip somewhere out west”. It would appear, if such claims are true, that a second meeting between Eisenhower and an extraterrestrial representative took place in mid-February 1955 and that these mysterious six individuals from Georgia were, once more, in attendance at this meeting, if only as onlookers.

According to Campbell’s research, at around 3 am on February 11th, Eisenhower was taken by this security team to Spence Air Force Base where he boarded a flight to Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico – a location that had, and still has, more than its fair share of UFO reports. Further, according to Campbell, the plane touched down at the base just short of 9 am and proceeded to make its way to the furthest point of the runway, quite a distance from the barracks and any onlookers.

Perhaps strangest of all, though, radar controllers were apparently ordered to switch off the equipment (although other smaller devices were left on). According to Campbell’s source, several moments later, two shiny disc-shaped objects were seen hovering over the base, with a third object apparently in the distance. After several moments, one of the discs landed gently on the ground, a short distance away from the plane that contained President Eisenhower. The second descended a little lower and then circled around near the hangars of the base in an observatory manner.

The anonymous source claimed that many of the soldiers on the base watched the events from their barracks, some with binoculars. Several moments after it landed, an opening appeared in the side of the disc, followed by some kind of silver ramp extending from it. Then, while most people waited for a strange alien creature to emerge from the entrance, the steps of the plane carrying the presidents appeared, and a moment later, President Eisenhower walked from the plane and to the ramp of the strange disc. He proceeded to walk up it, a hand emerging from inside the opening which Eisenhower shook in a friendly and welcoming manner before stepping inside.

In total, Eisenhower was in the craft for around 45 minutes before he emerged once more, walked down the ramp taking calm, unconcerned steps, and back onto his own aircraft.

If what Campbell’s source says is true, then it would appear that the “secret six” agents did not accompany the president onto the alien vehicle. They very well could have, though, been present at briefings both before and after this speculative meeting, especially if they were present at the meeting in California almost exactly a year earlier.

A Hint At The Consequences Of Alien Contact?

If the mystery group had been planning the Georgia Guidestones for over 20 years, then this would take us back to the mid-to-late fifties – exactly the correct time of the alleged alien meeting. Could it be possible that they preserved what they had learned from this extraterrestrial, and with most of those involved in that meeting now passed away and realizing their own mortality, decided to have this monument built in an attempt to discreetly get this potential cosmic message out to the rest of humanity?

If this is the case, what should we make of lessons themselves? It certainly speaks of an almost controlled population, and one could even argue there are undertones of selective breeding. Again, the notion – however honorable it might be – that one should “balance personal rights with social duties” could very well be taken as a hint toward a controlling and coercive state. It is perhaps easy to see why those who suspect their government of “working against them” and of shadowy elites who pull the strings would see the messages of the Georgia Guidestones as a foretelling of a controlled state.

Overall, the messages appear to be measured and balanced, and looking to create a more harmonious existence for both now and future generations. If there is one thing that is certain it’s that the Georgia Guidestones divided opinion.

With that in mind, then, if this apparent ideological wisdom was passed to this mystery group by extraterrestrials – even indirectly – what might the divisive reaction tell us of ideology that comes from another world? Might fears that large portions of the world’s population would react badly to a confirmed extraterrestrial presence, especially one where certain deals and treaties might have been arranged, be closer to the truth than we might want to believe? Might we find, as bizarre as it sounds, that aliens that come in peace might pose as much danger to the mechanics of human society as those who might come here aggressively?

Of course, all of this is just speculation, and wild speculation at that. It is, however, extremely thought-provoking.

Two Intertwined Mysteries

What should we make, then, of such intriguing if, at least to some, outlandish suggestions? While, as Smith himself says, there is no solid proof that the stones were erected by the six security agents as a way of passing on knowledge and wisdom from entities elsewhere in the universe, it is, circumstantially at least, not that unlikely.

We might remind ourselves that even though the claims of the first 1954 Eisenhower meeting undoubtedly grew with the arrival of the Internet in the early 2000s, rumors of them were swirling in the growing UFO community of the 1950s almost immediately after. This should, at the very least alert us to the fact whatever it was, something out of the ordinary took place around this time.

Whatever the truth of the matter and whether the stone monuments are ever erected in their original location, both they and their purpose and the alleged meeting (or meetings) between an alien race and President Eisenhower remain two of the most debated subjects in UFO and conspiracy circles.

The short video below examines the Georgia Guidestone conspiracies in more detail.


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