The 1933 Lombardy UFO Crash: The True Origins Of The Technological Era?

Marcus Lowth
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May 7, 2024
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Many people point to 1947 as being the start of the Modern UFO Era, the beginning of UFO and alien encounters as we still know and perceive them today over three-quarters of a century later. However, claims continue to surface of UFO crashes – and recoveries – in the 1930s in pre-Second World War Europe, with one of the most intriguing, and detailed, offering that a vehicle from another world crashed in northern Italy in 1933 and was recovered by Mussolini’s military.

Documents between the Italian regime and the Third Reich that appear to refer to advanced technology of some kind and vast sums of money that crossed hands between the two authorities during this time perhaps corroborate these claims somewhat. Indeed, while it might be tempting to dismiss such claims unreservedly as outlandish nonsense, the claims perhaps deserve more serious study than many are willing to give them.

What makes these claims even more interesting – and relevant – to the contemporary era is that information and documents regarding the alleged events continue to surface while statements continue to be made referencing the events in relation to the Pentagon UFO hearings. Indeed, there could be many more revelations about these incidents just waiting to enter the public arena.

Just What Happened?

According to files leaked to researcher Roberto Pinotti in 1996, [1] on June 13th, 1933, a bell or cigar-shaped object of unknown origin crashed to Earth in the Lombardy region of Italy, with the wreckage being quickly confiscated by the Italian authorities.

As a direct consequence of the crash, Cabinet RS/33 was created shortly after. The newly formed department, whose headquarters were based at La Sapienza University in Rome, was shrouded in secrecy from the start. The only direct controllers were the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, Mussolini’s son-in-law and Foreign Minister, Count Galezzo Ciano, and Airman General, Italo Balbo.

Cabinet RS/33 was said to have had strong connections to both the Fascist Secret Police (OVRA) and the Agenzia Stefani – the regime’s news agency, who, among other things, controlled their propaganda efforts.

The Leaked Documents

Several of the documents (some of which have been authenticated as written in the 1930s) were, in fact, telegrams dated June 1933 and appear to confirm this, with threats of arrest and orders to suppress reports of the incident.

One telegram, for example, stated that on the orders of Mussolini himself that there would be:

…Immediate arrest (for) diffusion of news related to aircraft of unknown nature and origin…

It also ordered that:

…Immediate recasting of any leads from the newspapers bearing said news is ordered (to) stop…

The document ended by clearly stating there would be “maximum penalties” for anyone failing to adhere to the orders.

Another telegram stated that:

…Absolute silence is ordered on presumed landing on national soil of unknown aircraft…

A third telegram issued orders that reporting on the incident should conclude that the object in question was a “meteor” as per the releases of Agenzia Stefani – essentially, a cover story was being put in place.

Several of the other documents referred directly to the secretive Cabinet RS/33. They offered that various top-level scientists performed secretive studies and research under the project of Cabinet RS/33, including Guglielmo Marconi, who is known to have believed that radio transmissions could communicate with intelligent life on other planets.

Whether any communication took place or not in perhaps open to debate, but it is interesting to note comments by Mussolini in a speech made on March 23rd, 1941, in increased anticipation of the Americans entering the Second World War. that they should. He stated that:

…It’s more likely that the United States will be invaded by unknown but war-like inhabitants from the planet Mars, who will come down from the starry space on unimaginable flying fortresses, than by soldiers of the Axis…

Was Mussolini merely being flippant? Or might he have been privy to such genuine possibilities, even if he was being presumptuous that such an alien race came “from Mars”?

It is also interesting to note the similarities between Cabinet RS/33 – in terms of their goals and agendas – and the alleged MJ12 group in the United States during the late 1940s and 1950s.

In the years that followed, eyewitnesses to UFO sightings – of which there were many – continued to face arrest, and the censorship orders continued to stop the newspapers from reporting on such sightings. Following this, an active campaign of suppression of all UFO encounters unfolded, something which Pinotti and his fellow investigator, Alfredo Lissoni, uncovered evidence of in their investigation.

Detailed Documentation Of 1936 Sighting Over Venice

Many other sightings occurred over Italy in the years that followed, one of which unfolded three years later on the afternoon of August 17th, 1936, and appears on another of the documents, this one dated August 22nd of the same year, and written by an Italian secret agent using the name “Andrea”. [2]

According to the report, multiple people observed a metallic, cigar-shaped object moving over the city. Even more alarming, witnesses observed an open section at the back of the object from which two disc-shaped aircraft emerged.

Andrea stated in the document that these smaller objects were “a metallic disc, polished and reflecting light”. The Italian Air Force scrambled two fighters to intercept the objects, but they were unable to match the speed with which they were traveling. He further offered that the object “didn’t emit any sound” – a detail that would show up repeatedly in UFO reports in the decades that followed.

Andrea also provided copies of drawings from an “informant” and descriptions of the two types of objects. The first, larger object is described as being:

…like a kind of aerial torpedo with very clear windows…and with alternating white and red lights…

The smaller objects, on the other hand were described as being like:

…two hats like those used by priests…They were wide, round with a dome in the center, metallic and followed the torpedo (shaped object) without changing their relative positions…

Whether there is a connection between this sighting in 1936 and the object that crashed in Lombardy three years earlier is unknown. It is, though, clear to see the similarities between the larger object over Venice and the object that crashed to the ground in Lombardy.

We should also take note of a section in the document that reads:

…The Duce (Mussolini) has expressed his worries, because he says that if it was an English or French aircraft, his foreign policy would have to start all over again…

This is interesting because it tells us, rather than just assuming the object over Venice was an alien vehicle controlled by extraterrestrials, either:

Mussolini is not fully aware of the apparent nature of the recovered craft three years previously and is still contemplating if it might be an advanced craft of terrestrial origin, or Mussolini is fully aware of the nature of the object that crashed in the north of his country, but suspects that other nations had recovered their own alien technology and had successfully reverse-engineered it

Of course, what is certain, is that Mussolini was being kept fully up to date on such matters as they happened.

Recovered By American Forces After The War

Ultimately, Pinotti and Lissoni’s research led them to conclude that the 1933 wreckage was taken to SIAI Marchetti in Vergiate – an air base in Magenta near Milan – where the Americans eventually recovered it towards the end of the Second World War.

It is interesting to note here, the statements of whistleblower, David Grusch, who claimed that:

“In 1933, a bell-like craft, around 10 meters in size, was recovered in Magenta, northern Italy. It was kept by Mussolini’s government until 1944 when it was recovered by agents of the Office of Strategic Services.”

The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was, essentially, the forerunner of the CIA.

It is further worth noting that the air facilities at Magenta also avoided any significant damage during the many bombing raids during the Second World War. If there is any truth to the claims of secret dialogue – either directly or indirectly – between the leaders of the Axis Powers and the Allied Forces in the run-up and perhaps even during the Second World War – then we might suspect that the whereabouts of the recovered craft was likely known to the Office of Strategic Services, and as such, the location could very likely have been ordered “off-limits”.

The Claims Of Marco Negri

Also of interest are the claims of long-time Lombardy resident, Marco Negri, who claims his great-great-grandfather had told stories to his father who, in turn, told them to him of a “strange metal plane that crashed somewhere between Vergiate and Magenta in 1933. [3] Negri would state in a recent newspaper interview that:

…I was told there was a big censorship around this crash. The fascist secret police were sent to the surrounding cities to keep people silent about it…

Negri also offered that as well as the wreckage, two “bodies” were also recovered.

George Filer also made claims of two occupants being recovered from the crash following his research – occupants who he described as “tall blond Nordic” aliens – reports of whom were particularly rife throughout the United States and the rest of the world during the 1950s.

Whether the two bodies were also transferred to the United States along with the wreckage of the craft is not known. However, it is interesting to note, not only the number of alleged encounters with such entities in the 1950s, but also of an apparent top-secret meeting between President Eisenhower and representatives of this Nordic race in February 1954.

Sudden Advances In Italian Aviation?

Although it is speculative, we should also highlight further considerations of Roberto Pinotti, specifically, the sudden advancements in Italian aviation in the second half of the 1930s. Writing in his book UFO Contacts In Italy, Volume Two, Pinotti offers that:

…just before the Second World War, the Italians were able to produce the prototype of the firs jet airplane in history (the Campini Caproni 1). But we also know that the aviation industry in Italy was the last in Western Europe at the end of WW1. So the question is: can it be that the study of the UFO stored in hangars near Milano gave the Italians the needed technology?…

Is it really possible that these developments in Italian aviation were a consequence of reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology. While it should perhaps be treated with caution, it is not completely beyond the realms of possibility.

An early Italian fighter jet (c) The Black Vault

What’s more, we see this trend continue across the Atlantic in the United States in the late 1940s, the fifties and beyond, coincidentally or not, around the same time of alleged recovered UFO craft such as that at Roswell.

Moreover, we can also seemingly see this sudden advancement elsewhere, around the same time as the Italian’s aviation achievements, in the scientific and engineering advancements of the Third Reich. And it is there we will turn our attention next.

Connections To Advanced Research Of The Third Reich

Of further interest are some of the comments by the previously mentioned Alfredo Lissoni, specifically, allegations of apparent communications between Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich and the Mussolini region regarding the recovered crash.

Lissoni claimed that an Agency Stefani message documented the meeting, which took place in 1938 and was described as “extremely private” and “dedicated to the RS/33 Cabinet”. Furthermore, it was alleged that significant funds changed hands, suggesting these were “black funds” made available to Cabinet RS/33 – similar to the alleged “black budget” of the United States intelligence departments following the end of the Second World War.

Ultimately, Lissoni put forward that these documents “demonstrated the existence of agreements between Hitler and Mussolini for the study of alien technology”. Roberto Pinotti, while cautiously offering that many of the rumors are “unabashed neo-Nazi propaganda”, he also asserted that “undoubtedly there is at least some truth to the matter”.

With this last point in mind, it is perhaps worth mentioning that around the same time as the 1936 UFO sighting in Venice, it is claimed that another unidentified disc-shaped craft crashed in the Black Forest near Frieberg in Germany. According to various reports, SS troops quickly recovered the craft and transported it to Third Reich headquarters at Wewelsburg Castle.

German scientists were said to have begun reverse-engineering the recovered craft, and not long after, coincidentally or not, the Haunebu disc was developed – a saucer-shaped craft said to have utilized anti-gravity technology.

We should also note there are rumors that many who worked on the Haunebu project would be transplanted to the United States in the summer of 1945 at the end of the Second World War as part of Project Paperclip, that saw numerous Third Reich scientists and engineers – including Wernher von Braun who would develop the technology that took the Americans to the Moon – taken to America to continue their research.

What Should We Make It Of It All?

While almost everybody knows the alleged Roswell UFO crash, and it is now a part of pop culture, the accounts of downed UFOs in Europe in the 1930s, perhaps specifically the Lombardy crash in Italy, are not so well known, even in UFO circles. However, they could prove of significant importance, not just to the UFO timeline of the twentieth century, but to the behind-the-scenes goings-on of world governments and regimes as the world headed towards the Second World War, out of the ruins, our modern world is built. Could some of those foundations be connected to technology by visitors from other worlds?

While we should treat the claims of UFO crashes in pre-war Europe in the 1930s with a pinch of salt, they are intriguing, nonetheless, and certainly not at all outside the realm of possibility. We might ask if there were attempts to reverse this technology in order to aid in the war effort against the Allied Forces and how different our modern world might look if the Italian or German regimes of the times had been successful in the speculative aims.

What we should also keep in mind is that there are several claims of crashed UFOs in the United States shortly after the ones in Europe, perhaps the most well-known, and one of the most interesting being the apparent crash in Cape Girardeau in 1941, an incident that was said to result in the recovery of several dead extraterrestrial crew members. Might we put forward that these other claims of downed alien vehicles corroborate those in Europe and perhaps could be proof of an alien presence here on Earth years before the crash at Roswell?

Ultimately, the claims of the Lombardy UFO crash – like many other similar assertions – remain in a permanent state of flux in the bigger picture of the UFO and alien mystery as further investigations into such claims continue and more evidence is sought.

The video below explores the mysteries of the Italian UFO files a little further.


1 The UFO Files Of Mussolini: Fascist UFO Files by Robert Pinotti, John Greenewald, The Black Vault
2 The Truth About The UFO In 1933 Italy, Researchomnia
3 Italian researcher shares extraordinary evidence files of world’s ‘first’ UFO crash – 14 years before Roswell – and the secret department set up by Mussolini’s government to study the craft that was later captured by US forces, Daily Mail

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