Just What Do They Know? – Military Knowledge Of Aliens Here On Earth?

Marcus Lowth
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September 30, 2023
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The question of just what militaries, intelligence agencies, and governments around the world know about UFOs and extraterrestrial life is not a new one. But if it was to be proven that they were fully aware of an alien presence here on Earth then it would cause a complete re-evaluation of just how much certain authorities know.

Furthermore, we would have to reexamine claims that not only do certain intelligence agencies and authorities know about this alien presence but are complicit in maintaining its secrecy, and even collaborators in top-secret projects at equally top-secret locations. If there was any truth to such claims it would turn everything we know about the UFO and alien question on its head, much like it would for our understanding of reality.

Indeed, as bizarre a notion as it might be that government agencies are working secretly with alien visitors, many researchers have made such claims, as have many alleged whistleblowers who claim to have seen such operations with their own eyes.

The Intriguing, If Bizarre, Claims Of Commander X

According to a recent article by researcher Brent Swancer, an “anonymous Intelligence officer” using the pseudonym “Commander X” offered that not only is there an alien presence right here on Earth, but it has already infiltrated human society largely undetected. [1] And while we perhaps should take such claims with a pinch of salt, they are intriguing nonetheless.

It should perhaps also not surprise us that many of these claims are connected to the controversial location near the Colorado-New Mexico border and the alleged underground base in Dulce, New Mexico. Indeed, the sheer volume of claims and conspiracies about this apparent subterranean facility could fill a book in its own right.

It is claimed that not only is there a military intelligence presence at the base, but that it is a joint human-alien operation.

According to the claims made by Commander X, not only is there an alien presence at this base, but many of these extraterrestrial entities have the ability to morph their appearance into human form. Further according to the revelations from Commander X, many of the people who work at the base do so in complete ignorance of the activities taking place.

In fact, just such an encounter with an unsuspecting private at the base is where we will turn our attention next.

A Face That Morphed Into Something Else!

The anonymous witness would eventually detail his account to Commander X. On the day in question, the anonymous private was going through his regular duties when a mechanic at the base approached him with an urgent welding job that needed doing. With him, he had a detailed print and informed the witness of a very specific way that the job had to be carried out. As they were proceeding with the job the witness happened to “look directly into his face”. And what he saw changed his life forever.

Right in front of him, the mechanic’s face “suddenly became covered with a semi-transparent film or cloud”. He continued that the man’s “features faded and, in their place, appeared a ‘thing’ with bulging eyes, no hair, and scaled for skin”. The witness could do nothing else but stare at the bizarre face for around 20 seconds, all the while, it simply looked back at him.

Then, the “strange face seemed to fade away” and then “recede into the ordinary face of the young man” who had first approached him. Even at this stage, the witness was so shocked that could do nothing more than simply stare at the mechanic open-mouthed. Even more shocking to the witness, the man simply carried on speaking to him as if nothing out of the ordinary had taken place. The witness did his best to compose himself for the duration of the conversation with this mysterious man.

For the next several days, the witness attempted to convince himself that he had suffered some kind of illusion. However, the more he thought about it, the more he realized that what he had seen was very real. And several days later, he found himself at the center of another truly strange encounter.

An Almost Identical Incident Several Days Later

This time, the witness was at a guard house near the front gate, and it was early night and the witness was on his way to report for duty and begin his shift. It was as he was going to the guard house to retrieve a package that the night turned decidedly strange.

He handed the guard on duty his paperwork for the package. However, the guard began to look and examine the package strangely, as if he had not seen anything like it before. This went on for almost a minute before the witness turned to the guard, ready to ask what the hold-up was. Before he could get the words out of his mouth, however, he happened to look directly into the guard’s face.

The witness recalled that the guard’s “face began to change” to the “face of a strange creature”. He would continue that he “could see through the imposed face for a few seconds and then it became the only one visible”, elaborating that the best way to describe this second face as being “solidified”. This second face remained visible for around 20 seconds – just like the previous encounter – before it morphed back into a human face.

At this point, the guard went to hand the package to the witness. And once more, just like the previous encounter, the guard acted as if nothing strange had happened – almost as if he was completely unaware of his face morphing into that of a strange being and then back again.

A Top-Secret Operation To Track And Capture An Extraterrestrial Entity

In light of the claims of a known alien presence here on Earth, it is very much worth our time examining the research of Victor Martinez, who made claims of a military operation to hunt down and capture one of these extraterrestrials-in-human-form. [2] Martinez was given the information by an alleged former employee of the United States Defense Intelligence Agency, who himself obtained it from an anonymous source in the intelligence services. According to his source, in early 1980, a top-secret project – code-named Operation Tango-Sierra – went into action with the objective being to track down “an alien being living among us”.

The source also informed Martinez that he had not previously heard of this ultra-secret operation and that the information he had passed to the researcher was very “highly classified and extremely difficult to obtain. He further elaborated that, with the exception of “former presidents Carter, Reagan, and Bush (Sr.), most presidents since then have not been briefed on this specific operation”.

Martinez would examine this information, and through other contacts on the outskirts of the intelligence world, received new revelations from another anonymous source – an apparent colleague of the original leaking of information to Martinez. And this new source also stated that the drive behind Operation Tango-Sierra was the “tracking and eventual capture of an extraterrestrial entity”. Indeed, these further revelations were as startling as they were intriguing.

The Repeat Alien Abductions Of A Mystery Government Employee

According to what the anonymous informant told Martinez, Operation Tango-Sierra “began in early 1980 when an Earth female was identified by US intelligence as a so-called ‘alien abductee’”. The source continued that this unknown woman had undergone her first abduction experience three years previously in 1977 at the hands of a “male non-human”. Further details offered were that the woman was an employee with the United States government, was 23 years old, and was a reliable and “trusted” person.

The insider continued that this apparent alien showed the anonymous woman “projections of alien life on another planet”. These visions came from a “small, triangle device”. The woman later described these images as being “displayed in a three-dimensional ‘holographic’ view”. What is interesting about this detail is that it often shows up in other abduction and close contact cases.

There were, though, further, thought-provoking revelations to come.

The source stated that these abductions would continue regularly for the next three years. Typically, the woman was taken by the extraterrestrial “through a ‘veil of light’ to another place” that the woman would describe as “being a ‘light bubble’”. She later stated that she would “sit inside the bubble and view these holographic projections”.

On one particular abduction, her apparent alien guide introduced her to another male, although not a human. The woman recalled this male as “a creature” but with intelligence. This creature would go on to perform a medical examination of the woman, seemingly upon the abductor’s orders. Although the woman struggled to remember specifics, she could recall that she was paralyzed during the procedure. Following the examination, the woman was returned to her home.

The Apprehension Of An Alien

This already strange and ominous tale took another strange turn when the abductee confided in a colleague about the often harrowing abductions she had been through. The co-worker, however, would contact and relay the account to office security, who, in turn, informed intelligence officials of the woman’s claims.

Almost immediately, intelligence officials arrived to speak with the woman, spending hours upon hours interviewing her, while also conducting extensive background checks on her. They would even put the woman through several lie-detector tests.

Ultimately, they would determine that the woman was indeed telling the truth. At this point, Operation Tango-Sierra was actioned in an attempt to capture this alien entity seemingly posing as a human being. The operation involved several agencies, predominantly the 7602 Air Intelligence Wing, Section III. In total, over 60 intelligent agents were utilized and the operation lasted around five months.

According to the informant, a “non-human entity was quickly identified” near Landover, Maryland. The unit would keep a regular watch on the apparent alien entity, eventually apprehending him “near a shopping mall” close to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

The apparent extraterrestrial “voluntarily complied” with his captors, and it was “quickly determined that this male alien had no special power nor abilities”. He was, though, placed in “custody”, according to the informant, at Fort Belvoir Army Post in Virginia.

The interrogations would go on for several weeks. And the revelations that came from were remarkable, to say the least.

They Look Human But They’re Not!

According to what this extraterrestrial told his questioners, his home star system was Delta Pavonis, which resided around 20 light years from Earth. His home planet was approximately the same size as Earth and was the fourth planet out from its sun.

Even more amazing, the alien entity claimed that it took 18 years to reach Earth from his home planet “using a very complex propulsion system”. Furthermore, they had no desire – or ability, it would seem – to cause any harm to human beings, rather they just wished to “study Earth humans and obtain the basic structure of the human body, anatomy, and social interplay”.

Ultimately, late in 1980, President Carter ordered the release of the alien entity so he could return to its own planet.

The informant, however, would have further revelations for Martinez. He would state that although these otherworldly visitors “possessed the human shape, form, and basic anatomy, they were not human beings”. He would continue that their real form was “that of a hideous-looking creature that would most certainly scare, frighten, and terrify a normal Earth human”.

Although he wasn’t certain, the source offered that he was sure there were other similar operations that took place in other parts of the United States, and possibly further afield. Indeed, intelligence agencies could be tracking more alien entities here on Earth than we think.

Do Such Claims Contain Any Truth?

As previously mentioned, we must take these accounts with a considerable pinch of salt. That said, they are just some of many that made their way into the public arena. Could it really be possible that not only is there an alien presence here on Earth with extraterrestrials living right under our collective nose, but that authorities are fully aware of such a presence? While that might sound bizarre to some, it is a conclusion that many researchers have independently arrived at.

If there is any truth to such claims, if only in part, then we have to ask just how much more governments and intelligence agencies actually know. And furthermore, if there is knowledge of alien life living right here on Earth, what should we make of the information coming from the Pentagon UFO hearings right now? Will they eventually lead to such revelations? Or might they be nothing more than disinformation to further cloud the already murky waters?

For now, claims of an alien presence living among us undetected remain in the grey areas of speculation and tentative confirmation. And while we shouldn’t be quick to believe such claims wholeheartedly, we shouldn’t dismiss them unreservedly either.

The short video below examines the notion of shapeshifting alien entities a little further.


1 Truly Bizarre Accounts of Shapeshifting Alien Infiltrators Amongst Us, Brent Swancer, Mysterious Universe https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2023/06/Truly-Bizarre-Accounts-of-Shapeshifting-Alien-Infiltrators-Amongst-Us/
2 Human-Looking ETs secretly in US, Biblioteca Pleyades https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/vida_alien/esp_vida_alien_18zzi.htm

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