A Message From The Future In A Cave In New Mexico?

Marcus Lowth
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February 15, 2024
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Although it is perhaps an account that should be treated with a certain amount of caution, an alleged discovery in a remote desert area of New Mexico in the early 1970s, a discovery that was said to have aroused the intrigue of a secret branch of the National Security Agency (NSA), could prove to be one of the most significant finds in human history. One that would force all of us to alter our perception of the world and our collective reality.

Furthermore, there is a distinct possibility that more of these discoveries – said to be time capsules built into ancient stone settlements inside caves and caverns around the world – have also come to light. And with them, apparent messages not from the past, but from over 700 years in the future.

If there is any accuracy to these claims, then it not only gives us reason to believe that time travel does exist in the future, but it also gives us cause to question our past, and the true origins, and indeed purpose of the human race.

A Mysterious Settlement In The Remote Deserts Of New Mexico

According to most sources, in early 1972 somewhere in the wilderness of New Mexico, several students, who were hiking in the remote desert, came upon a large canyon. [1] What’s more, this canyon appeared to have once been a settlement of some kind. Immediately intrigued, the group ventured inside the canyon, where they would make some remarkable and, if true, reality-altering discoveries.

As well as pieces of pottery and several pictographs that one might expect to find at an ancient settlement location, the group discovered a mysterious futuristic-like compass that was covered in hieroglyphic-type symbols and markings – a device which, although they referred to it as a compass, was something that none of the students had seen before.

The realization was not lost on the group that the location, and more specifically, the artifacts and images within it, were something far from ordinary, and potentially history-altering. They decided to take the compass-like device with them to an archaeologist at the University of New Mexico and asked him to examine it, which he duly did.

Needless to say, he was more than impressed with the find, as well as completely baffled by it. He would also comment on the strange symbols, as well as stating that the device appeared to be technical in some way. Like the students, the archaeologist realized the discovery could be of importance and asked the students to take him there.

The Attention Of The Authorities

Upon his arrival at the settlement, he initially stated that it was likely once home to a Native American tribe from prehistoric times, elaborating that it was likely a temporary settlement to a tribe that was either nomadic or migrating. The pictographs, however, were unlike anything he had seen before, and even more puzzling, many of the items appeared to be from around the 700s, long after prehistoric times. [2] At this point, he was more certain than ever that the location was one of profound interest that likely had more revelations to come. And it turned out he wasn’t the only one who thought so.

Not long after the discovery, the United States government became aware of it, and a team from a discreet department of the National Security Agency – the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) – soon began their own equally discreet and secret investigations of the settlement. It is perhaps interesting to note that, at least according to some sources, the main thrust of this department’s work was to track down and retrieve objects and technologies of extraterrestrial origin, before back-engineering such technologies, mainly for weaponization.

According to information that has surfaced since, many of those employed in this clandestine department are scientists whose contracts are around half a million dollars a year, which shows how valued their expertise is considered by the authorities. Of course, the identities of these scientists are not known.

An Even More Remarkable Discovery Two Decades Later

By 1973, a team comprised of ACIO employees and agents of the NSA was organized to work on the discovered settlement which was code-named, Ancient Arrow, or the Ancient Arrow Project. And they would immediately descend on the location for prolonged and extensive studies.

They initially made further discoveries of pottery, and pictographs and symbols. However, despite their best efforts, they were unable to decipher any of these symbols, so they remained meaningless. And they certainly didn’t find any further devices like the compass-like object discovered by the students the previous year. After their initial inspection, the project was shut down. The settlement ruins, though, were put off-limits to the public. Two decades later, however, things changed.

Following several rockslides in 1994, further underground sections of the settlement were uncovered. Perhaps showing how tightly the location was monitored, almost immediately, a team directed by the NSA arrived at the settlement in order to investigate these previously underground chambers, of which there were over 20.

They quickly discovered that each of these chambers was intricately designed, and each of them led to a central point inside the underground location. Inside each of the rooms were further pictographs and symbols, each seemingly unique and specific to each chamber, suggesting that each one had its own specific function or purpose. Even more amazing, though, was the discovery of various technological devices, all of which, it must be presumed, were seized by the unit as little information exists as to specific finds.

The unit reported their findings to the one-time overseers of the Ancient Arrow Project, resulting in the project’s reactivation.

The 23rd Chamber

There were 23 different chambers in total, and investigators concluded that not only was each one seemingly designated a specific function, but their design and layout suggested an advanced intelligence. It also appeared, though, that whoever these advanced people were, they shared the location with many native tribes of America – and did so for thousands of years judging from the various pieces of pottery and such that were also discovered there. It was, however, a discovery in the final chamber that was most revealing.

When scientists and investigators from the Ancient Arrow team explored this last, 23rd chamber, they found a mysterious optical disc, very similar to a modern compact disc in terms of its appearance and size. Initially thinking it could be some kind of digital version of the Rosetta Stone, the team concentrated their efforts on using it to translate the meanings behind the symbols and pictographs. However, after extensive study over several months, they were no further forward in unlocking the artwork on the chamber wall.

Then, it was suggested by two of the scientists that rather than using the disc to translate the ancient artwork and gain its meaning, they could use the symbols and pictographs to unlock the disc itself. The two scientists were promptly tasked with testing out their theory, although they did so in complete secrecy, even from the rest of the team, and as such, an exact replica of the location – including the artwork and symbols – was recreated at an unknown location.

Digital Data That Ran To Over 7000 Pages

Although progress from the two scientists in question was initially very slow, in early 1996, one of them suddenly saw similarities between some of the symbols and those of ancient Sumer. From this realization, the two scientists eventually worked out that each of the chambers was representative of a specific word. And once these words were deciphered – they put forward – they would be able to unlock the disc.

Eventually, a team of computer programmers was brought into the project in order to write a program that would use the scientist’s discoveries and workings out to accurately break the code and access the disc, something they eventually achieved at some point in 1996. They found that it contained over 7000 pages worth of data which was in 23 different sections or chapters, representative of the 23 chambers. And the data, if alleged leaked translations are true, made for remarkable reading.

The people who were responsible for leaving behind the settlement and disc contained within it were not extraterrestrial, but human, although they offered they were often mistaken for the angels of human ancient myths and legends. They referred to themselves as the Wingmakers, and rather than being an advanced ancient civilization, or representatives thereof, they came from 750 years to our future, setting them in the 2700s.

The Wingmakers, the writing continued, had found a way to “exist outside of time’s focus” unlike both humans and extraterrestrials, who were all “bound by the principles of time”. Although they were most definitely human, the Wingmakers were able to “operate independently of time”.

What’s more, the settlement that had been discovered was, in fact, a time capsule of sorts, with six other similar time capsules awaiting discovery around the planet. The data continued that these time capsules had been left in the hope that upon discovery, the information contained within them would assist humanity in evolving into a true, global society that looked to explore science and the arts as opposed to their often-warlike tendencies.

The Realization Of Indefinite Secrecy

Research into the Wingmakers and the information they had seemingly left behind continued behind closed doors. However, as it progressed, one scientist began to take the information increasingly seriously. What’s more, he realized that those in charge of the project – ultimately, the government – appeared to have no intention of making this information known to the public. He decided to take action.

He would approach his superiors and offer to them that he had constructed a communication device that could contact the Wingmakers. Further to that, this device allowed the Wingmakers to monitor what was taking place in the present, and perhaps of more concern to his superiors, what their plans of action actually were. Of course, whether this communication device did exist or whether the scientist concerned was merely attempting to guide his superiors toward more transparency remains unknown.

What is known, though, is only days after the scientist’s revelations to his superiors, he was suddenly removed from his position and taken off the project. What’s more, he was warned in no uncertain terms that he was to remain silent about what he knew of the project, as well as the apparent messages from the future they had discovered.

Thought-Provoking But Divisive Claims

Of course, we know that the scientist in question did leak information out into the public arena, as it is from this leak of information that we know of its alleged existence. He did, however, go into immediate hiding following this, and his identity remains unknown.

Did the Ancient Arrow Project really exist, and might it still be in operation today? And does the NSA, or at least a secret branch of them, know about time travel and the true origins of humanity? And, if we return to the original directive of this branch of NSA – to “weaponize” extraterrestrial technology – might they have found a way to weaponize their discoveries in New Mexico, and possibly other locations?

As we might imagine, the claims are certainly controversial, and divisive, to say the least, with many researchers concluding that the apparent leaked information is either disinformation or part of an outright orchestrated hoax. It would appear, barring any further leaks of information, that only time will tell what the truth of the Wingmakers and their claims is.

The short video below is just one of many available regarding the Wingmakers and the Ancient Arrow Project. This one explores Chamber 23.


1 The Ancient Arrow Project (introduction to the Anunnaki), Steemit https://steemit.com/aliens/@ibata11/the-ancient-arrow-project-introduction-to-the-anunnaki
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