The Berwyn Mountain Incident – The Earthquake That Wasn’t!

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The events of 23rd January 1974 over the Berwyn Mountains in Wales were nothing more than an earthquake, that just happened to coincide with a meteorite landing at the same spot as the epicenter – at least according to the military. To anyone who is local to Llandrillo, there was no doubt a UFO crash occurred and the military covered up.

UFO researchers and investigators would treat local people’s claims seriously. When declassified documents finally found their way into the public domain in the early 2000s, it would seem that they were correct.

Berwyn mountains.

Berwyn mountains.

The incident is even more remarkable in terms of how it fits with other sightings in the area. Perhaps even more so when you include the sightings happening today. If UFO investigators were correct about just what happened that night in the Berwyn Mountains, then perhaps, they are also correct with their theories as to just what is happening over the mountains of Wales today.

Before we look at the incident in detail, check out the video below. It gives a good outline to the basis of that cold January evening in 1974.

VIDEO: Berwyn UFO Incident (Alleged UFO Crash)

One Cold Night In January 1974

At a little past half-past eight in the evening, the ground around the Berwyn Mountains shook. It sounded very much like an explosion. The orange glow on the mountainside would suggest that was exactly what it was.

The “official” explanation would state that an earthquake, measuring 3.5 on the Richter scale, had hit the area. The epicenter – as stated by the British Geological Survey – was likely to be Bala Lake. This was incidentally, the same spot where local residents would report seeing the aftermath of an explosion. The “explosion” – according to military reports – was the result of a bizarre meteor shower. One meteor went crashing into the mountainside.

Police switchboards would go into meltdown with reports from concerned residents. Strangely, however, the initial public report would leave out these sightings. Only years later, in 2008, did leaked documents reveal this to be true. What’s more, many of the reports to police that evening would state clearly that residents believed they had seen a UFO in the sky before the “earthquake” struck.

One resident statement read they had seen “a bright red light, like coal fire red” on the mountainside. They could also see “light above and to the right” as well as “white lights moving to the bottom!”

One particularly interesting note in the leaked documents is one recorded by a police officer on duty that evening. It reads, “There’s been a large explosion in the area and there is a large fire in the mountainside. I can see the fire (from) where I am!”

Despite what the military was offering as the official version of events, it was obvious to anyone with an interest in the incident, that their version was far from the truth.

Unpicking The Earthquake Theory

Despite the official explanation, various other reports would come from members of the public. In fact, some people got a lot closer than the military would have liked.

Nurse, Pat Evans, upon request of local police after hearing of her profession, would attempt to attend the site in case her skills could be of use. As she was heading towards the site in her car, she noticed strange lights going up and down the mountainside. At first, she thought these were rescue teams. However, she soon began to realize how difficult the terrain would be to negotiate, in the darkness no less. Besides, these lights appeared to move in a very strange manner. She would also state to seeing a “pulsating orange glow” from a stationary position on the mountain.

She would state in 2010, that the object “couldn’t have gotten there any other way apart from being flown there!” To Evans, there is no doubt “it had to be a UFO of some sort!”

Evans quickly realized that whatever sat on the mountainside, it certainly wasn’t the scene of an aircraft crash. Her two teenage daughters, who were in the car with her, were beginning to become uneasy and scared. Taking a last look at the bizarre scene, Evans turned around her car and headed for home.

One of the first experienced UFO researchers on the scene was Margaret Fry, whose house sat close to the area. It was her initial investigations and collecting of witness statements that would form the core of what happened that evening.

Before we look at some of her findings, check out the video below. It features Fry speaking at length about her UFO experience.

VIDEO: UFO research, UFO stories in Wales

“Unofficial” Witness Statements and Leaked Information

Newspaper reports at the time made little mention of earthquakes, despite the official explanation offered to them. One of the first articles concerning the incident stated, “There was a huge explosion” and a “shaking of the ground!”

Fry would speak to several local residents, who would paint a far different picture than the military.

One of the more interesting were the statements from a local hotel manager. She would state to Fry that in the hotel bar each evening following the incident, the conversation was increasingly about the military “sealing off the area”, and ushering anyone who got close to their perimeters away without explanation. There were also reports of an American military presence.

In the hours leading up to the event, two long-haul lorry drivers were driving back from Lincolnshire to the area. Their hopes were to arrive back in time to at least catch “last orders” in their local pub. On their way, each would notice a strange cigar-shaped object apparently hovering over Bala Lake. They continued to watch the object as they drove. Upon arriving, they would find the pub shut. They banged on the door, wondering why the pub had shut their doors early. Only when they looked at their watches did they realize it was after 1 am.

In the days after the event, a family were driving along a quiet road around twenty miles from the Berwyn Mountains. A strange humming sound suddenly filled the air. Out of nowhere a saucer shaped object passed in front of them, just above the tree tops. It then vanished out of sight.

Declassified Documents

Looking at other UFO reports from the time, a large bright object was likely visible all around the United Kingdom. At least five classified reports came to light in the eventual declassified documents, showing the Home Counties had three separate reports, with reports also coming from Sussex and Lincolnshire.

UFO investigators would liken the site to that of the famous Kecksburg crash site in Pennsylvania in 1965. There, like now, the military would seal the area off, and deny what residents had seen with their own eyes. And further leaked documents would prove investigators were right to draw comparisons.

The declassified files would essentially prove many of the dismissed and crazy theories completely correct. And what’s more, the government seemed to be complicit in actively covering up the events.

The military were carrying out activities at the location that evening. It would seem a UFO had crashed in the Berwyn Mountains, and the UK and American militaries had retrieved it. What’s more, it would seem, given how quickly they were at the scene (remember the lights seen by Nurse Evans?) that they were expecting the arrival of the craft.

There are even reports of another UFO seen hovering over the area shortly after the initial crash. Some have theorized this to be a top secret military vehicle, while others believe it to be another alien craft. Whoever the craft belongs, it would seem the only reason it was there, would be to retrieve bodies!

Check out the video below. It features some of the original witnesses to the events as they marked the fortieth anniversary of the incident. There are some interesting perspectives.

VIDEO: Berwyn 40

Transportation Of “Live” Cargo?

A whistle-blower who claimed to have been a part of the operation would speak to UFO researcher, Tony Dodd. The conversation would take place over two decades after the events in 1996. Although Dodd ensured the man’s identity remained a secret, he has spoken and written about the information passed to him many times, as well as stating his own background checks on the whistle-blower all check out.

According to the soldier, his unit were stationed at an unnamed barracks in the south of England. Several days before the incident in the Berwyn Mountains, they received orders to move out and head for Birmingham. From there they proceeded to Chester, and they finally reached Llangollen, and were under instruction to set up base there. To wait. They knew orders were coming, and the entire unit believed they were taking part in a live drill.

They went into action almost as soon as the “earthquake” occurred on the evening of the 23rd January. Within hours, orders came to proceed to Llandderfel and they were not to stop under any circumstances until reaching their destination.

Once there, still expecting a training exercise to begin – especially given all the “activity on the ground” – his small five-person unit placed two oblong crate-like boxes on to their military truck. They received strictest orders to leave the boxes shut at all times. And to not stop until they reached their destination, Porton Down Facility, which we will look at in a moment.

Setting off, a little bemused, all five soldiers agreed to stop at a convenient location so they could obtain refreshments. Almost as soon as they vacated the vehicle, a plain-clothed man approached them, producing high-level military ID, and ordered them to carry on with their journey without stopping.

Porton Down – Chemical and Biological Research Facility

Porton Down is a top-secret facility in Wiltshire. Chemical and biological experiments take place there. They include work on decontamination, biological warfare, radiation treatment, and management. Of course, that is all we know, such is the absolute secrecy of the facility. Perhaps not surprising then that the military units were to transport their cargo to such a base.

Upon reaching Porton Down, the whistle-blower revealed to Dodd the most remarkable part of his account.

Although he and his men would view events from behind “screens”, they were transparent, and no effort came to stop them peeking through the gaps. Scientists opened the boxes, and inside each was a “gray alien” type creature. Each lay in decontamination chambers, presumably done at the site of the crash.

When the creatures were removed from the chambers, it became obvious how frail they were. It also became apparent how “not of this world” they also were.

In the days that followed their journey and transportation of the two crates, rumors began to swirl among the units that some of the cargo contained “live” aliens. All units received strict instructions not to talk about the incident – even among themselves.

Other Sightings

If we are to believe the whistle-blower in this particular instance – and other statements and eventually declassified documents appear to corroborate his version of events – then we might ask what is going on at some of these secret military bases?

And what of the claims of alien bases, and even alien-human “agreements”, put in place decades ago by people in the highest of political positions? Further to that, what of the claims of human cattle mutilation? Many of the alleged incidents have involved top-secret military units from various countries. Apparently operating on a moment’s notice and with prior knowledge of UFO and extra-terrestrial activity.

We have written before on how “active” the area over the Welsh mountains, and along the Welsh coastline is. And the strange activity continues today, further fueling theories of alien bases being present in this part of the world. Just one of these incidents occurred in 2015, where a strange object was hovering over the Berwyn Mountains. It remained in the gray Welsh skies for around forty seconds, before descending and vanishing from view.

Sightings continue on a regular basis, and many insist, so does the interaction between alien races and “top-level” human beings. A bizarre notion to get your head around perhaps. But also one that is acquiring more and more credibility as reports and incidents such as this one, continue to prove to be all but complete fact.

The video below looks at the Berwyn incident in a little more detail, as well as considering the information that has come to light since.

VIDEO: 1974 Berwyn Mountains UFO Crash

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